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Mailgirls' Holiday


This is yet another tale in the Mailgirls's universe. It makes more sense if you've got some background in this milieu. I'm especially indebted to the works of Seahawk, LizStanton8181, and SliceReality which I have enjoyed tremendously.


Sunday Brunch

Sam couldn't take his eyes off the two smoking hot women staring down at the breakfast buffet. They were knock-outs: slim, athletic bikini-clad, a bit pale, but their entrancement gazing at the spread of breads, fruit, pastries, cheeses was positively orgasmic. He speculated that they might melt down on the spot when they noticed the omelet bar.

He hadn't seen them last night at the Meet 'n Greet kicking off the week at the Juniper Resort. The women there had skewed to older and plumper with few that perked his interest and those all in the company of obvious, if not down right possessive partners. He wondered if these two were a couple - that was all right, he was willing to entertain a threesome.

The somewhat taller brunette stepped up and ordered an omlette, her blonde friend opted for a Belgian waffle. From their fascination with the buffet he would have expected them to pile their plates high, but both contented themselves with small plates of fruit, and virgin mimosas, not that he was keeping track. They took their food off to a table on the veranda overlooking the beach and looked toward the mild surf rolling in from the ocean beyond.

Sam filled his own plate and walked over towards the girls. He overheard the blonde say, "I was never a breakfast person Five, but I just wanted it all - then I could hear Mistress V promise us a stroke for every additional ounce on our return and I was good. Temptation is a terrible thing."

The brunette chimed in, "It might be worth it. Between three meals of actual food per day, plus snacks, plus an open bar and then laying out on the beach or by the pool instead of racing up and down stairs for twelve hours a day I predict well-welted bottoms next Monday. We're going to have to do some serious running in the sand to have any hope at all."

Sam broke in to say, "Is this your first time at Juniper, ladies?"

The blonde turned and smiled, "I'm usually more a snowbunny this time of year, but I'm planning to enjoy the sun and sand this week."

Sam visualized the blonde in a ski outfit, but was just fine with the lime green bikini - what there was of it.

The brunette looked him over and asked "Are you offering your services as a native guide?"

"Not a native, I live and work in the D.C. area, but I know my way around this particular stretch of beach and I'd be glad to be of service. You're just here on a week's holiday, then?"

"Yes, we flew in yesterday and next Saturday it's back to the rat race and the corporate uniform."

"It looks like they're keeping you on a short leash, " Sam gestured to the smartphone snugged into a black mesh case on her upper arm. Sam noticed both girls wore the same smartphone in an armband arrangement and also sported near-identical metal mesh chokers. "I take it you're co-workers.

"I'm Sam Gehrety, by the way, a lowly analyst with the Department of Defense badly in need of some R&R. And you lovely ladies are..."

The brunette smiled and responded, "I'm Sarah Stevens, our would-be skier is Megan Brooks; we both work at Sloan Guaranty & Trust in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Sam sat down at the next table and asked, "What are you up to this afternoon?"

"We're planning a run on the beach and then both Megan and I are scheduled for tanning sessions on the roof. We haven't gotten beyond that as yet."

"Why the roof when there are poolside chaises and all that lovely beach to stretch out on?"

"Bikini lines. On the roof we can get an all-over tan." Looking at Sam's trim build she asked, "Are you interested in joinng us for a run after brunch has settled?"

Sam decided that he had hit the girlstakes jackpot, "I would love to, how ambitious are you ladies?"

Sarah said "Our exercise program calls for an hour of moderate effort. It's been a while since I've run in the sand so I don't think that we'll push too hard."

"Training for a marathon?"

"No, just trying to maintain fitness so that we'll be ready when we go back to work."

"How strenous is the banking business?"

"They don't call it a rat race for nothing. Meet you at the pool, ready to run in an hour?"

Sam said "Absolutely." He watched while the two girls rose, leaving their very clean plates behind. He did approve of women with a healthy appetite.

Saturday A.M.

Mailgirl 5 awoke suddenly when her Mailgirl Management Unit buzzed loudly and the lights of her dorm cubicle flashed on. Her phone chimed to indicate a delivery so she grabbed it from the charging station and read, "Report immediately to Loading Dock 2, do not take time to wash up."

She just had time to strap her phone to her upper arm when the grill to her cubby opened. She slid out onto the floor and hearing a thump to her right, saw Mailgirl 2 emerging as well. Five asked, "Loading Dock 2?"

"Yes, what kind of delivery shows up at 5 a.m.? - and I'm scheduled for the afternoon shift today!"

Two and Five were two of the original mailgirls in Sloane Guaranty & Trust's roster of 18. They spent their work days racing about SG&T's regional headquarters in suburban Maryland delivering parcels and messages while wearing only an armband on their upper arm which held a smartphone running the Mailgirl Management app and an ornamental choker from which dangled a disk inscribed with their Mailgirl Number. Two and Five had been "recruited" thirteen months previously from SG&T's junior professional ranks into SG&T's brand-new Mailgirls program. After six weeks training at Dumpster Dawg Enterprises, they began their new duties at STG.

Unlike some Mailgirl programs, SG&T's girls lived on-site 24/7 and neither had worn a stitch of clothing since their initial disrobing on Day One. They spent their leisure time in the Mailgirls Lounge and slept in the basement dormitory. The dorm comprised thirty 4' x 4' niches, 5' deep, closed by a metal grille during sleep hours. Breakfast and evening snacks were served in the Mailgirls Lounge; lunch and dinner were taken in designated spaces in the employee or executive dining rooms. They were fed a nutricious, if unappetizing, diet individually calculated to keep them at the peak of fitness demanded by their daily regime of running about the three buildings and multiple floors of SG&T's campus.

When SG&T had announced plans for an East Coast HQ, the courting by municipalities and states was fierce. Offers of tax breaks, favorable zoning, relocation packages, infranstructure improvements, et al accompanied the wining and dining of the study teams. SG&T quietly made known the requirement that their new locale be Mailgirl friendly. Maryland's pro-business, pro-family, governor with the enthusiastic cooperation of the leaders of the House of Delegates and State Senate quietly shepherded through an innocuous sounding bill through the General Assembly. Landing SG&T's presence transcended party lines. The architectural plans for the new campus had some interesting features. Squaring the fire marshall for the underground dormitory was a tricky hurdle, greased by significant pressure from the Statehouse. Middle of the night fire drills on the SG&T campus were overseen by a significant contingent from the local fire department and video images of naked women stumbling into the night had wide circulation in select circles.

Two had been a financial analyst at SG&T before her career change. Five was a junior associate in the in-house legal department. Both were beautiful - that was a prerequisite to be recruited as a mailgirl. The signing bonus was credited to their account after completing training, a completion bonus was promised at the end of their two year contract. What with a boost in base salary and no expenses for those two years, it promised to be a sweet deal financially for the short term; the long term consequences for their careers had yet to be seen. SG&T made regular payments on their student loans from their salaries; the bonuses would clear Two's debts and all but pay off Five's loans. A return to their positions at SG&T was guaranteed; the alternative to signing and completing the Mailgirl contract was instant dismissal for cause. They had signed.

Five's MMU started counting down from three minutes as the external door to the dorm swung open. She and Two raced into the corridor, hearing the door swoosh closed behind them as they dashed for the stairs. They had only one flight to climb for this run and no traffic to weave through at this hour, but launching into a sprint from a sound sleep wasn't normally required of them. Their MMUs triggered the door opener for Loading Dock 2 with seven seconds to spare. Two, whose business had been numbers, thought "seven - that's five plus two, a good omen?"

Two and Five braked to a stop at the sight of Bronwyn Barnes, the Mailgirl coordinator at SG&T, and Mistress V, the Mailgirl Supervisor, standing together in front of them. Ms Barnes was dressed to the nines as befitted a top executive - but at 5 a.m. on a Saturday? Mistress V was wearing her business casual dominatrix garb, crop dangling from her hip. Neither of them was normally present early on a Saturday.

Ms Barnes said "Knees" and the two mailgirls reflexively dropped into one of their two normal resting positions, kneeling with their knees widespread, feet together, arms clasped behind, eyes down presenting their breasts and pussies front and center.

"Congratulations. You two have been selected to inaugurate the Sloane Guarantee and Trust Mailgirls Holiday Program. In accordance with Maryland labor laws all full-time employees are entitled to two weeks paid leave after one year of continuous employment. So, you will be spending next week at the Juniper Resort. We are flying you there today and back next Saturday after your six days of fun in the sun."

Two and Five looked up and stared at Ms Barnes in total shock. Beach vacations did not square with 24/7 naked servitude. Two had been involved in the financial package negotiations between SG&T and Juniper Resorts, LLC and recalled the property as being presented as a luxury destination with no mention of naked Mailgirls.

Ms Barnes continued, "Juniper Resort is all-inclusive and for you two that will include appropriate attire for mixing with the other guests. We expect your behavior to be a credit to SG&T. This week will likely profoundly influence the future direction of the Mailgirls Holiday Program.

"Now, we have coffee and orange juice available on the counter over there to help you wake up and I expect you will want to use the facilities. Then we'll get you ready for your flight."

Shock piled upon shock for Five. She had not tasted coffee since Day One and a mailgirl's normal mode of drinking was by sucking on a nipple or lapping water up from a bowl on the floor. Both girls cautiously rose and went straight to the coffee urn. Two took hers black, Five added enough milk and sugar to turn the dark roast into a pale brown. Five had found the lack of coffee one of the hardest hurdles to surmount in her current morning routine, right up there with shaving her pussy while knowing that any number of people could be on the other side of the mirrored wall of the Mailgirl Locker Room watching.

Two was just finishing her second cup when she went pale and made a dash to the restroom. Five followed a few moments later and heard Two voiding her bowels in the next stall as Five frantically plopped herself down on the other toilet as her insides churned.

Ms Barnes laughed as the two mailgirls emerged from the restroom and said, "Now that you've cleaned yourselves out, I recommend orange juice or water as you'll want to hydrate yourselves for the flight."

As they sipped orange juice she continued, "I know that you'll be on holiday, but you will need to maintain your fitness. I understand brisk runs on the beach are quite good exercise. Mistress V has decreed that any weight gain over the next week will be paid for at one demerit per ounce for the first pound, two demerits per ounce for the second pound, and so on." As an accumulation of 25 demerits led to a paddling or worse, this was a serious concern.

An outside door to Loading Dock 2 opened and Ms Barnes said, "Here's your ride to the airport." Two burly security guards pushed in a flatbed carrying two oversized pet carriers and a medium sized carboard box. The two mailgirls flinched and Mistress V called out "Stand." They automatically spread their feet shoulder wide, hands clasped behind their backs, and eyes downcast.

One guard reached into the box and pulled out two sets of leather cuffs and proceeded to fasten the mailgirl's wrists in place. The second guard pulled out some plastic cloths of of the box which Five recognized as adult diapers and fastened them on the two mailgirls. This was not what Five had envisioned as appropriate resort clothing. The next item of the box was a mass, two masses, of black leatherette that were revealed as hoods that buckled over the mailgirl's heads leaving them blind and mostly deaf. Five resignedly opened her mouth when tapped on her upper lip and felt a large ball being forced between her teeth - she could still breathe through a hole in the ball and her nose.

Unseen by the mailgirls, the two guards then lifted up the tops of the pet crates before picking up the women and folding them into the crates. They then shut the crates, latching them securely, before draping shrouds over the top of the flatbed.

Blinded, deafened, laying on her side, Five couldn't know anything for sure, but from the motion of the crate and her within in she surmised that the flatbed was wheeled into a truck which drove for a while, then the crate were lifted out and briefly set aslant with Five sliding down to one end of the crate. After that she thought she recognized the force of an airplane taking off, though she'd never experienced as cargo before. The landing she definitely recognized. She had no idea of how long she remained folded up, gagged, and blindfolded except that it was too long and her diaper was disgustingly soiled.

Saturday P.M.

Some amount of crate shifting later, Five could feel the top of of the crate pull away from her, then she was lifted up and set on her feet. She trembled and began to collapse at the knees and was guided down into the familiar "Knees" posture.

A few minutes later the ball was pulled from behind her teeth and she took a gasping breath. She then felt someone unbuckling the strap at the back of her head and the leatherette was pulled up over her head.

"Well, you two are a proper mess, aren't you?"

The speaker was a striking woman nattily dressed in a striped shirt and navy blue pants. She stepped around Five and unlocked her cuffs, then did the same for Two. She handed both mailgirls an opened bottle of water and directed "Sip slowly, I don't want you getting sick in my office.

"Welcome to Juniper Resort, I know you'll enjoy your week with us. Take a few minutes to quench your thirst and then you can stand and stretch. Leanne will escort you to your room where you can clean yourselves up. I'll have a light meal sent up to you and then in an hour or so, I'll brief you on what to expect from your visit here."

Five had finished about half her bottle when a small, dark woman gestured for them to rise. Five rose unsteadily to her feet, reflexively spreading her feet to shoulder width and her hands behind her back. She rose onto her toes trying to stretch out her cramping calf muscles and hamstrings.

Leeanne said "Feet" and proceeded to drape light cotton cloaks over Two and Five. She buttoned up the front of the cloaks, pivoted, and said "Follow me." The three women exited into a sunny corridor, Two and Five still clutching their water bottles behind their backs. They turned left into a stairwell, climbed two flights, and exited opposite a door labeled "Authorized Personnel Only." Leeanne swiped a key card and pushed the door open.

It was a large, sparsely furnished room whose main feature was a king-sized bed against the back wall, slightly to the right of center, with thick corner posts on which multiple iron rings were fastened. Iron grilles filled the space between the bottom of the bedframe and the floor. To the left there was a rain shower with a drain beneath it, no shower enclosure, no shower curtain. There was a toilet against the wall, and a vanity with two sinks and a mirror. To the right there were two mats on the floor with the familiar SG&T logo.

Leanne broke in "I'm taking your robes now and leaving. Put your diapers in the bin by the toilet and take a shower. The towels are for drying off, not wearing. Perform your normal workday morning routine. Food will be delivered shortly; eat, drink, and be kneeling on your mats by 5 p.m. And girls, the bed is for sleeping and bed-sports, you will not sit or lounge on it."

Leeanne exited through the door; the door that had poster-sized enlargements of Two and Five's SG&T id cards on either side. Five's had a full length nude photo of here, the appellation "Mailgirl 5", a smaller image of the framed panties that she was wearing on Day One, and across the bottom "Property of Sloane Guaranty and Trust."

Five and Two's MMUs both pinged indicating a delivery to "Mailgirl Room, Juniper Resort" and began a countdown from 57 minutes.

The door swung open while Two was scrubbing herself under the cold shower. Five was seated on the bench by the shower shaving any stubble below her neck that had grown out since before work the day before. A young man pushed a delivery cart into the room, caught sight of the two naked women and blushed bright red. He wheeled the cart over to the two mats and put down four metal bowls. Unscrewing a liter bottle of water he filled two of the bowls, straightened up, and then with a furtive glance towards the shower area wheeled his car out of the room. Five heard the lock snick shut.

Five finished shaving her pussy, wiped herself off, and then padded over to the bowls. "Well, it's not Mailgirl Chow, looks to be some sort of stew. This holiday is starting out like a real bad day at work." She knelt down on one of the mats and leaned over to take a sip of water. "Yep, stew - looks pretty good, actually." Holding her brown tresses behind her with one hand, she bent down over the food bowl and daintily began to eat her dinner.

Two lowered herself to the other mat and remarked "And I suspect we'll accrue demerits as per Mailgirl protocol is we don't lick the bowl clean."

When the timers on their MMUs pinged "zero" the two mailgirls were kneeling on their mats, food bowls gleaming before them, faces licked clean of the residue of their dinner, discretely made up and perfumed. The towls were hanging from towel bars near the shower. Their only deviation from strict Mailgirl protocol was that Two's right hand was clasping Five's left, seeking support from each other in this new leap into the unknown.

It was a good 15-20 minutes later that they heard the door open and Leeanne and the other woman walked in the room, closing the door behind them. "You look much better now. I'm Ms Anderson, the General Manager of Juniper Resort and this is your personal welcome to to your week of relaxation and enjoyment.

"Brunch tomorrow is from 10-1 and on weekdays breakfast will be served from 7-10 on the dining terrace. Clothing will be provided each morning and you will come downstairs to eat and mingle with the other guests. I understand that there will be consequences for any unseemly weight gain this week, so I suggest you not overindulge. On the other hand, I also understand that you'll be on a strenuous exercise program so you shouldn't have to skimp too badly.

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