tagInterracial LoveMailman Gets Very Friendly

Mailman Gets Very Friendly


Damn, it happened almost everyday. Here he was again, walking down the sidewalk with a ten inch hard on inside the leg of his uniform.

She was there, waiting for him every morning and he knew she must be hot in bed. She said naughty things to him, and always came out into the hallway in her sexy pajamas. She was classy though, not at all like the slut in that last building, who had already sucked his hard cockmeat.

Yes, she had been easy right from the start and Shawn knew she was a cheap slut. On his second week she came out in a very sheer pajama top, hard, thick nipples poking through. He knew she was begging for a good time and he offered her one. He told her that he could arrange to spend his lunch with her the next day, and she said;" That will be great."

He made his rounds early and was glad for once to avoid the hot, classy woman in C- building. She was probably inside writing one of her naughty stories and touching herself;- oooh yeah, touching herself. He had fun trying to picture it.

Those full tits just hanging and begging to be touched.

Well; on his way... He had to get to the last building for some release. His cock always started to get hard at C-building and he made every effort to get it to go limp before he got to Lavinia's door.

She came out into the hall as usual, and he loaded up the other boxes and then slithered in her door. He hadn't even noticed her lowcut, sheer top yet, but when he looked he could see her full tits were hanging there, with hard brown nipples.

She let Shawn put his bag down and then threw her arms around his neck. He was tall and built nicely. She pressed her mouth to his and savored his full, soft lips on hers. She groped at his bulging crotch while she darted her tongue into his mouth. He moaned and sucked her tongue. His hands were working their way up inside her top, and he cupped her fat tits, rolling his thumbs over her hard nipples. She was cooing.

He was slow and seductive, and happy to feel her hands unzipping his pants. He had one hand around her waist in back now, as she reached into his slacks and took his stiff brown cock between her fingers. She had only had one black man before and that was in college, years ago. She had forgotten what large packages they had.

Lavinia was on her own now, with time on her hands, and had tried just about everything since her divorce 12 years ago. There had been 2 lesbians and about four men, but not one black man since college.

She looked down at his pulsing cock and led him to the sofa. She told him to wait and pulled his pants off before he sat down. Aaah, such big, swollen balls. He sat back and she knelt in front of him. She held his balls in her hand and juggled them while she admired the size of his growing cock. Mmmmm, this would be fun.....

Lavinia bent her head forward and began by flicking her pointed tongue over his oozing dick head. The precum was salty, but nice. She wrapped her lips around him and lowered her mouth over his cock. It would be impossible to take that much cock down her throat, so she gripped the shaft and stroked him while sucking. Shawn was enjoying it, but warned her that he was very close.

He told her he wanted to eat her pussy, and she led him to the bedroom.

He lifted her top up and bared her full tits. They must have been 36D's, and had long thick nipples. He bent and took one between his fat pink lips. She moaned and was reaching around cupping his firm, bare ass.

Shawn undid the button on her skirt, and slid it to the floor. Mmmmmmm; no panties! Just a soft damp mound of fur. Sweet, white pussy. He stood and reached down, dipping his middle finger between her wet cleft, while sucking her nipples again. He massaged her swollen clit with just one finger tip, and she moaned and lost her balance as she came. "Eat me Shawn; eat my pussy now", she said.

His ten inches of swelling cockmeat was hanging down and oozing onto the floor, but he sat her on the bed and laid her back. Shawn pulled Lavinia toward the edge, with her legs dangling over the side, and he knelt between her soft thighs. Lavinia spread her legs wide, like the slut that she was, and he began to lap at her wet vulva. Just the outside first, until she begged for more.

As he used his tongue and lips on her, she moaned and thrashed her pelvis up against him. His nose was full of her love juices, and the scent of her was intoxicating. He sensed she was getting frustrated, and used both hands to part her wet cunt lips. Her clit was big and puffy, and

Shawn took it between his teeth and sucked on it. She started to groan and moan now, commanding him to make her cum. He sucked harder and soon she was out of breath and smashing herself up into his face.

Shawn let her catch her breath, and then began to stand up and over her. He took her two hands and helped pull her up.

He said; "I wanna do your pussy from the back, baby." Lavinia said; "Alright, but do not put that thing in my asshole." He led her to a chair and bent her over the side. Her full, round ass was tilted up at him.

He gently pushed her legs apart, and took his hard cock in his hand. He rubbed it all over her wetness, and then slid it into her cunt slowly. Lavinia let out a pleasurable moan, and he held her firm ass as he thrusted in and out. It was amazing to him how a wet pussy could feel so good, and he felt like he was masturbating into her. Shawn didn't have to pump for long, and his balls were cool and shriveled. The first spurt was strong and hard, and the others that followed were just slow pumps into her wetness. He filled her so much that her inner thigh had cum dripping down it.He kept his limp cock inside her for a few minutes. He admired her firm ass. When he finally pulled out, there was a loud sound of suction and more of his cum oozed down her leg.

She turned to him and told him how good it was. He paid her the same compliment even though he was thinking;'A lay is a lay, and at least he didn't have to look at her the whole time.'

He told her he had to eat his lunch and get moving.She looked disappointed and asked if they could do this again sometime.

Shawn was thinking;'oh no; not a sex-starved slut clinging to me.'

He got out of there quickly and decided that he would stick to fucking classier women from now on. Like that hot number in C- building!

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by Anonymous03/12/18


So because she was white or non black that makes her "classier"??? I see what you're on...GTFOHWTBS...

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