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Maintenance Man


It's been two months since our wedding and my husband Roger and I are just settling in our new apartment. It is a one bedroom apartment on the outskirts of town. We decided to live in an apartment for a year, so we could save up money get a house of our own.

We only been here a couple days and my husbands work is sending him off on a business trip for four days. I didn't want him to go, but he promised me it would help get him that raise if he did this trip. Roger worked for a marketing firm that required him to travel a lot, so I was kind of used to him leaving. I was currently unemployed, so I was going to be really bored with my husband gone.

I took Roger to the airport in the morning and came back home to finish unpacking. It was around noon when I decided to go to the store to get some groceries. As I was leaving the apartment I noticed the building maintenance guy staring at me as I walked down the hall towards him. He was on a ladder changing a light bulb. As I approached, he came off the ladder and reached out his hand for me to shake. I was not expecting this, but I didn't want to be rude, so I extended my hand to his.

"Hello young lady, my name is Leroy, Welcome to my building."

"Hello, my name is Sarah, my husband and I just moved in to apartment 302."

He was a massive man, at least six foot four 200 plus pounds and he was black as coal.

"Well if there anything you need, you just let Leroy here know."

Just as he said that, he gave me a wink and released my hand. That was definitely awkward I thought to myself as I walked on down the hall.

When I got back home from the store I unpacked the groceries and got dressed in my gym outfit to go down to test out the fitness room that was in the building. After my workout I passed by Leroy again. This time he gave me a quick smile as he passed by. When I got back up to my apartment, I was about to hop in the shower, when I heard someone knocking at my door. I quickly threw on a t-shirt and sweat short shorts on, and answered the door. It was Leroy standing there.

"Sorry to bother you ma'am, I just need to change out the air filter in your furnace."

"Sure come on in."

I could feel him staring at me in my loose fitting t-shirt. He followed me in and I knew he was checking my ass out in my short sweat shorts. He opened up the utility closet and had to lay down on the floor to change out the filter. I was about to walk away when he called me back over to him.

"Let me show you how to open this thing up to change out the filter," He said.

I walked back over to him were he was lying on the floor. He turned to look up at me and had a perfect view of my crotch. I tried to stand away from him as much as I could but the closet was small. He was showing me how to change out the air filter. The whole time he was staring up my ass standing over top him. I started to feel very awkward and tried to rush him to finish up and get out. But he was taking his sweet time. How long does this take, to change out a damn filter, I thought.

That's when I noticed a huge bulge in his pants. That couldn't be what I think it is. It looked like it went down to his knee.

"You like what you see," He said.

I was so embarrassed he caught me looking.

"What are you talking about," I said. Pretending like I didn't know.

"You ever seen a big black dick before?"

"What," I was so shocked he said that to me. Maybe I misheard him.

"What did you just say to me?"

"I said, You ever seen a big black dick."

He stood up and started to unzip his pants.

"Get out now," I screamed at him. "I'm a happily married woman and would never cheat on my husband."

I backed my way out of the closet before he could stand up. He walked around the corner and into the room where I was standing. I was starting to get scared. I didn't know what he was going to do to me. He then proceeded to slowly pull his cock out his pants. Holy shit, there is no way that thing could be real. That was the first cock other than my husbands that I've ever seen before. I couldn't believe my eyes. It had to be at least ten inches long and as thick around as a can of soda at the base. I tried to hold back any expression of shock on my face. But my eyes were wide open and locked onto his dick. I tried my hardest to look away.

"You need to leave now," I said.

He slowly walked towards me. My knees were shaking, I was so scared.

"Please leave now, my husband will be home any minute."

"You gotta touch my cock before I leave," He said.

"WHAT", I said to him.

I didn't know what to do, I just wanted this all to end.

"If I touch it, will you promise to leave."

"Yes," he said with an evil grin.

So my hand slowly reached out and grabbed the head of his cock. My hand was shaking, I was so nervous.

"That's it girl, pull on it a little bit."

I did what he said. I could feel it getting larger in my hand. My body was getting so hot, I couldn't believe what I was doing. I've never felt another mans cock before. It had to be at least four times bigger than my husbands. He looked down at me as I was stroking on his massive manhood.

"You know you want it, girl. That's a real mans dick there. I'll tear your hot little pussy up with this dick."

The more he talked dirty the hotter my body was getting. He had my blood boiling and my heart was racing.

"Alright, I've touched your dick long enough, you gotta leave now."

Surprisingly, he stuffed his dick back in his pants and started heading for the door. Before he left, he turned to me and said, "You know were to find me. You can't say no this." He left me his phone number and walked out.

I locked the door behind him and went and sat on the couch before I passed out. What did I just do? I've only been married for two months and here I was stroking another mans dick. That's when I realized my pussy was so wet. Why was I acting like such a slut to him? Why did I get so fucking horny?

I headed straight for the shower to clean up. I just couldn't get the image of his cock out of my head. It was just so big and hot with big veins running down it. I started to get really wet again thinking about Leroy's cock. I couldn't control myself. After I got out of the shower, I lay in bed and tried to think of my loving husband. But my mind kept picturing stroking on Leroy's massive dick. I started rubbing my wet pussy. For some reason I wanted to taste his cock so bad. I felt so naughty thinking of another man. But it made my pussy feel so good. I fingered my self to an amazing orgasm while thinking about sucking on his dick.

The next morning, I discovered the air conditioning in my apartment wasn't working. The first thing I thought was that somehow Leroy had something to do with this, so he would have a reason to come back. I didn't know what to do. I called my husband and he told me to let the building manager know and they would send someone out to fix it. But I knew who that would be. I had no choice, so I called the building manager and he told me he would send someone up to take a look at it. He also told me that it might be a while, because he was busy right now, and told me it would be later on in the day. So there I was in the middle of summer without any air conditioning, bored in my apartment.

I told myself that I would not let anything get out of control, and I would not repeat what happened yesterday. A few hours later there was a knock on my door. Sure enough there was Leroy standing there with his tools in hand.

"Listen to me, I called you out here to get my air conditioning. working only, don't you think for one second I called you out here for anything else, you understand me," I said to him.

He just smiled back and said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

He could tell I was nervous as I let him in. He went back over to the utility closet to do his job. A few minutes later he had my a.c. up and running again. I was sitting on the couch waiting for him to finish up. He then walks in to room and sits down next to me on the couch.

"What do you think your doing," I said in a very nervous tone.

"I gotta make sure the a.c. doesn't cut off again."

"Do you have to sit right next to me," I said to him.

"What, you do feel comfortable sitting next to big Leroy," He said as looked down to his crotch.

I couldn't help but notice the huge bulge in his pants. Once again I started to get very hot and heart was beating harder. I knew he could tell the affect he was having over me.

"You should probably go now," I said.

He then stood up, I was now eye level with his cock that looked like it was go to bust through the zipper of his pants. I was trying my hardest not look at it. He just stood there and started rubbing the length of cock. My mouth started to watering as I remembered the amazing orgasm I had dreaming about sucking on his dick. Leroy knew he was getting to me. Then he slowly started to unzip his pants. My whole body was shaking badly.

"Please don't do this," I pleaded with him. But my body was betraying me. I could feel my pussy getting wet. He slowly pulled his pants down until his dick sprang free in front of my face. It looked like a one eyed monster staring right back at me.

"Suck my fucking dick bitch."

"I won't do that, I'm a married woman,"

His dick was inching closer and closer to my mouth. My body didn't move as his dick slowly found its way to my lips. I could feel my pussy burning as I shut my eyes and kissed the head of his penis. I knew what I was doing was so wrong, but I just couldn't control my lust anymore. I slowly licked the head of his cock. I then opened up my mouth and let the head enter. I could hear him moan with pleasure as I sucked on his massive cock. I sucked harder and harder, my tongue was licking on his dickhole. I could taste the sweet precum . I looked up at him with my big brown eyes as I sucking him off.

"I knew you were just a fucking little slut, keep sucking my dick bitch," He said.

His degrading words were just making me hotter. I was a fucking slut. I slipped my hand down my shorts and started rubbing my soaking wet pussy. I was sucking on his dick like a fucking cheap whore. I was fingering myself to an orgasm.

"Mmmmm, Your fucking dick is so big, I said to him."

He then stood me up off the couch. His hands went under my t-shirt and was touching my bare belly. He started rubbing my titties under my shirt. My nipples were fully erect. He then pulled my t-shirt over my head. He quickly unhooked my bra. I tried to cover my breast with my arms.

"Please stop, I don't want to cheat on my husband," I said to him. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me to him. I felt his hard rod up against my hot pussy. My thin sweat shorts and panties were the only thing I had on. His hard dick grinding on my pussy felt so good. His hands were mauling at my exposed breast. I tried pleading for him to let me go, but my resistance was fading. He bent his head down and started kissing on my neck. Then he looked me in the eyes and ours lips met. I opened my mouth and our tongues collided. I could feel my pussy pulsating against rock solid dick.

Then he lifted up off the ground and carried me to my bed. The same bed I made love to my husband two nights ago. He pulled off his shirt and was standing there completely naked at the end of the bed. I slowly pulled off my shorts and panties, fully exposing my nakedness to this strange man I had just met. I spread my legs wide inviting him in to my body. He started licking the inside of my leg, slowly making his way to my wet pussy. I was moaning loudly as his tongue found my wet slit.

"You feel so good, lick my fucking pussy", I said to him.

He then inserted his big fingers up my cunt. I was bucking back at him as he fingered me to an incredible orgasm. His tongue slowly licked his way up my body. He sucked my nipples hard. I could feel his massive dick at the entrance of dripping pussy. He looked me in the eye and said, "I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll never want your husband tiny little dick again". I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth to mine.

I could feel the head of his cock inch his way in my pussy. The feeling was incredible. He slowly pushed more of his dick inside of me. I didn't think I would be able to take it all in my tiny little cunt.

"It soooo big, I cant fit it all in," I said to him.

But he kept pushing more and more in me. My pussy was getting so stretched out. He fucked me slowly at first, then he started rocking faster and harder. The pain quickly subsided and I was feeling the biggest orgasm of my life coming on.


I came so hard on his dick. He was now fucking me so hard and fast. His dick was so deep in inside me, It felt like it was touching my womb. My body was bucking underneath him. I was screaming so loud with pleasure. I never knew anything could ever feel so good.

"Maybe you should put a condom on, I don't have any protection and I'm so fertile right now," I said to him as I was losing all control of my mind and body.

"I don't have one, I'll pull out in time," he said to me.

He then told to flip over so he could fuck me doggy style. I listened to his command and put my nice round ass high up in the air. He licked my pussy from behind. Then I felt his tongue licking my asshole. He was fucking my asshole with his tongue. My husband never even touched that part of my body before.

"Your just a dirty white fucking whore. Tell me how bad you want my dick up inside you."

"Please fuck me, Fuck me hard."

He pushed his dick in so far up my pussy. He started to really pound it to me. I could feel another big orgasm ever coming on.

"Please don't stop.... I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK DICK.....You feel so incredible."

I came so hard all over his dick. Tears were running down my face. I felt like I was going to pass out. After about ten minutes of straight pounding from behind, he flipped me back over. I wrapped my legs around his back. He sucked on my nipples. He was pushing his dick inside me extra deep, all the way in my womb. I knew he wanted to cum. We then started kissing each other frantically.

"You belong to me now, you're my bitch, I'm going to fuck you whenever I want," He said."




I locked him in with my legs as he thrusted as deep as he could. I could feel his dick swelling up. I was having the most incredible mind blowing orgasm of my life. Then I felt him explode inside my pussy. He blew his load deep in my unprotected pussy. My orgasm was so incredible that I passed out.

I awoke to find Leroy gone. My pussy was raw and dripping his cum down my ass crack. I ended up fucking Leroy every night until my husband came home. Leroy stops in every now and then for a quickie when my husbands at work. I just found out that I am pregnant. I guess my husband will be in for a big surprise.

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Big surprise for me

My wife Nicole surprised the hell out of me when she told me she was pregnant with a black baby after she began an affair with Reggie the bar tender at a hotel she was staying at for business last month.more...

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You can lead your white wife to a black cock but she is almost always going to taste it.

My wife is a well educated, reasonably shy woman who learned in her 50's that strange cock fulfills her. One time I took her to a local hotel pub to set her up with another stranger. He turned out to bemore...

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