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Maisie's Halloween Trick


Hi guys! This is the first time in years I've written a story that wasn't as a second chapter or a second part to another saga. It was kind of exciting, the story just came to me and I went with it. It's for the Halloween Story Contest 2014, so please leave me a nice high-star vote, favorite it to make the votes count! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like it. It's different from my other stories in a way. Obviously, if you're not into incest and have a problem with naughty incest related name calling and ideas, leave now! It won't please you one bit. If you are into those things, you'll probably love it.


The thought came to me late one night as I lay in bed, not able to sleep, staring at my ceiling. It wasn't as though it was the first time I'd contemplated doing something similar. The difference was the pure genius of the plan that I came up with that late October night. It was the thought that truly got the ball rolling, the ball which would change things forever.

I think I need to rewind a bit. Hi, my name is Maisie. I just turned 21 years old and am currently attending college at UCLA in Southern California. I am every bit of a beach bunny as you see in the movies, although not the ditzy type like most of the sorority girl type they portray. I'm smarter than most people realize, which is probably why I've managed to stay single during my three years of college so far. I've dated here and there, but I've never had a real relationship since leaving high school. The guys are mostly looking for one thing, which is not the same as what I want. Not that I'm even sure I know what I want, but I know I don't want to end up like my roommate, who stumbles home hungover almost every weekend from some random boy's dorm, and has built quite the reputation for herself.

I'm about 5'2" and athletic. I didn't get either of my parents tall genes, like my brother did. I have thick, brown hair, and bright blue eyes. I grew up doing gymnastics, so I've taken fondly to yoga and other types of stretchy, flexible activities.

I'm just entering my senior year and the bills have been piling up, so mom made my brother and I move back home. I'm in my senior year and my brother, Jonathan, has been studying for his Masters. He's 23 and although he is very studious and intelligent like I am, he manages to fit in time for the gym pretty much every day.

You may be wondering how I know this... and well, it's because he loves to show off. Ever since I can remember, growing up, he loved to work out and show off his fit body by the pool and any other chance he got. When he went off to college, the constant barrage of photos online were a reminder of my oh so modest brother's constantly improving body. He's 6'4, with beautiful brown hair, blue eyes and muscle from head to toe.

When I joined him at UCLA, I got to see it up close and personal, as he joined the football team. And of course, his playboy reputation preceded him. From the conversations I had with him, he wasn't quite as active as the girls liked to say he was, but he never went out of his way to deny the accusations. Clearly, he was pleased with being known as a ladies' man. Growing up, my brother and I had a relatively normal relationship. We fought, of course, but nothing serious. We were never extremely close, although I didn't have much to compare to. Most of my friends didn't have siblings who were as close in age as my brother and I are. We tended to get along well for the most part, so that was a relief to my parents. The only thing that ticked me off was him constantly walking around the house half naked or having loud friends over.

Jonathan and I both returned to our childhood home when school ended in June. The move back didn't take too long, since we rented a U-Haul for both of our belongings. We had both been living off -campus, which is probably why mom decided to cut us off for a bit. (Not really cut us off, but you know what I mean.) I was only miffed because it meant it would cut into my social life, but I'd figure out a way around that. Our parents are pretty strict, so it's hard to get much by them.

The summer went by pretty quickly, and I didn't see much of my brother or my parents. I spent most of the time at the beach and staying with friends. I had a couple of friends who had graduated and moved to Santa Monica, so I cozied up and spent most of my summer free time there. I met quite a few cute surfer boys who I exchanged numbers with and went on a couple dates with, but nothing exciting to describe. Once they realized I wasn't about to put out, they moved on quickly.

I wasn't offended by the fact that guys didn't want to date me anymore after we discussed the subject of sex. There was nothing wrong with wanting a woman who desired the same thing they did, the same way there was nothing wrong with me wanting to wait. I sometimes wondered if my brother knew that I was a virgin. We never talked about my sex life, even as much as we talked about his reputation.

September came and school was back in session, and my brother and I discussed our busy schedules. We were both in the last year of our programs, so it was going to be the busiest year yet. I had taken on a lot of extra classes, so we wouldn't be seeing much of each other, much like we hadn't over the summer. Both of our parents worked, so the only time we saw each other was at dinner every day. The night in question, of my great idea, was October 17th, two weeks before Halloween. I had been seeing an awful lot more of Jonathan lately. Our days seemed to end around the same time, which meant he was offering me rides home nearly every day (I ride my bike to school) and after dinner, we spent most of our time together silently studying in the living room. The weather was as unpredictable as always, even for mid-October, so we would crack the windows and leave the front door open to get some air. If my parents weren't home, my brother would do his homework shirtless to cool off. It annoyed me that he would reach behind him and pull his shirt off his body, like they do in the movies.

Did he really have to show off, even when I was the only one home? Sometimes it made my stomach twist the way he sat back against the couch, his six pac and pecs on display. I mean, yeah he was my brother, but I'm a hormonal 21 year old girl, I can't help that my eyes twitch a bit when I look at his body on display like that.

The evening before the night in question, my brother and I were doing homework together after dinner. We had just finished a long discussion/argument with our parents about Halloween weekend. They were planning to go out of town and Jonathan wanted to throw a "small" party. We all knew exactly what that meant, and it didn't mean it would be small. Word had already gotten out around town, because my brother had previously thrown two masquerade Halloween parties at his old apartment.

My parents finally gave in, telling my brother and I that we could have a small get together, and to make sure no minors attended. They made us promise we would keep the noise down, so the cops wouldn't be called. After dinner, they went upstairs to bed, and my brother and I started in on our piles of homework. "You know it's going to get crazy, especially since it's so many kids senior year." I whispered, not sure if our parents had really gone to sleep yet.

"Yeah, but it's not like they're going to know. If any cops show up, I'll take care of it."

"A lot of minors are going to show up." I stated, raising an eyebrow as he fiddled with the bottom of his t-shirt, flipping it up over his hips.

"Well, I guess you can be in charge of booze control, Miss Buzzington," he teased, tousling my hair. He'd given me that nickname back in high school, when I would act like the practical older sister, instead of the naive younger sister.

"Johnnnny!" I pouted. I hated when he called me that. And he hated being called Johnny just as much. I started calling him that when I was little, because I couldn't pronounce his name, and I'd never stopped. He had gone from Johnny to Jonathan when he was fourteen, and I was the only one who wouldn't quit calling him that.

"Oh, that's it!" he said, a twinkle in his eye, as he caught me in a chokehold, laying back on the couch and pulling me backwards on top of him. I struggled to get out of it, clawing at his arm and trying to turn over, but he was too strong. I was starting to lose oxygen, and realized that my ass was rubbing against his crotch as I fought to get free, and it seemed like maybe he was kind of hard?

Before I could finish the thought, he had let go of me and pushed me off him. "Whatever, squirt. Do what you want. I'm having the masquerade party." and with that, he was back in the books, as I lay in the floor in a heap. I frowned and finished my homework, before heading up to bed. He didn't say another word to me the whole night.

Hours later, I was still lying in bed, not sleeping. I couldn't get our little wrestling match out of my mind. Why had he grabbed me and held me like that? And why had he gotten aroused, and let me go so quickly? Was he ashamed that he had gotten hard? It was only a natural response.

And since we were talking about natural responses, the whole thing had gotten me a little excited too. Between the wrestling, his aggression and strength, and the slight choking, how could I help but feel a little aroused? It wasn't because he was my brother. Right?

I knew even then that I was lying to myself, because over the past couple of months, my attraction to my brother had been growing. Growing up, I had always been jealous when my friends had crushes on Jonathan, which was frequent. I never wanted them to come over because all they would want to do was spy on him and flirt with him.

Over the past couple of months, I had noticed that my brother started to pay more attention to me. He averted his eyes when I came down the stairs in just a tank top and short shorts, or he hesitantly agreed when I asked him to put sunscreen on my back so I could lay out my the pool. An awkwardness had been forming for months and I had been in denial.

Every time he took off his shirt or came to swim with me, I was definitely paying more attention and appreciation to his body. I would tell myself it was just because I was single and still a horny virgin, but sometimes I would think about him when I was touching myself. And it was at that moment that I realized I wanted nothing more than for my brother to be my first. The thought floored me, and made me wet at the same time. Was that why I was holding out this whole time, so he could take my virginity? I reached down into my panties and felt the pool of wetness that had accumulated just at the thought of Jonathan being my first partner.

Of course the thought was ludicrous, right? I mean, it's not like he would even want to, anyway. Or maybe he did... but how would I even bring that up to him? If I was wrong, it would change our relationship forever. My mind started whirling at the possibilities and all of the consequences involved. Meanwhile, my body was aching for release. I had to give it what it wanted for the moment just so I could think clearly.

I pulled off my panties and my tank top, and lay back comfortably on the bed, closing my eyes. I dipped my fingers between my legs, enjoying the feel of my wetness on my bare pussy lips. Moaning out, I started rubbing my clit in circular motions. The image of Jonathan running his fingers down my pussy popped into my mind and I shivered. What would it feel like if he spread my legs and gave me a little kiss down there? My pussy felt like it was on fire as I rubbed harder and faster, imagining my brother between my legs, eating me out. I bit my lower lip so nobody would hear my moan, but I couldn't help it as I started to cry out. I put my other hand over my mouth, but as I got closer and closer to orgasm, my hand dropped to grab and pinch my nipples. I started to moan again, louder and louder, as I reached the brink of cumming. "Oh, fuck me, oh Johnny!" I cried, my body writhing on the bed as I came. A few minutes passed before I moved. I had just fingered myself to an orgasm thinking of my brother. There was no denying it anymore. I wanted him, and I wanted him bad. My mind whirled as I started to think up possible scenarios of how to make it happen. And then I realized I had the perfect plan that had fallen right into my lap. I had two weeks to test my theory that my brother wanted this just as badly as I did, and then on Halloween, I could take control into my own hands. A costume party would be the perfect opportunity to fuck my brother.

I let the weekend pass by without acting rebellious. But next Monday, I woke up to the sound of the shower. I quickly got out of bed and got ready. I needed to be out of the house before my brother came downstairs for breakfast. Running over to my closet, I put on one of the shortest skirts I owned, a little black one, and a yellow crop top. I quickly fixed my makeup and my hair, and ran out of the house. Fortunately, it was a cool morning, so my bike ride to school didn't make me sweaty. The day passed by so slowly, because all I could think of was my brother's face when I got in his car later. Like clockwork, he texted me around 4:30, asking me if I needed a ride home. I told him I would meet him by the parking lot. When I got into his car, my brother was texting on his phone and didn't look up at me. It wasn't until we were about a mile away that he finally glanced over at me, and did a double-take. "Shit, Maisie, what the fuck are you wearing?" I could see his hand twitch on the steering wheel, as though he wanted to touch me but stopped himself.

"What is that skirt? That thing barely covers your legs, and I don't wanna see it from the back!" was he being an overprotective brother or was he jealous? "What's gotten into you?" he snapped, his eyes travelling up my belly to my breasts. "And that top! Are you even wearing a bra?"

"Did you want to take a feel for yourself?" I teased him, sitting back in the seat and stretching my legs forward.

"You're gross." he averted his eyes and stared at the road for the rest of the way home. When I got out of the car, I noticed he was still sitting inside. Typical male, he wanted to see the rest of it as I walked in front of him. Well fine, I would give him a show. I waited until he had slammed his car door behind him and slowly flounced my way up to the front door, purposefully dropping my keys on the ground.

I had planned accordingly, and wore a pair of black boy shorts that perfectly hugged my butt cheeks, so when I bent over to pick up my keys, he got a little tease of the bottom of my ass. Quickly he was behind me, pulling my skirt down. "What the fuck, Maisie!" he pushed me inside and slammed the door behind me. 'What the fuck are you doing?"

"What do you mean? I dropped my fucking keys."

"Don't play stupid, why are you showing off your body like that? You're being weird."

"Why are you acting like such a jealous ass?"

"Jealous!? What would I be jealous of? Tim across the street staring out his window? He's like 10."

"Yeah, lemme go back outside and give Tim another show," I laughed, but my brother pushed me against the front door and glared at me.

"Don't be stupid. Whatever this is, end it now."

"You're just acting weird because of wrestling last night." I could tell I caught him off-guard, and he pulled back off of me.

"Whatever, Mais." he turned away from me and hurried up the steps, slamming the door to his room behind him.

I couldn't ever remember a time my brother had yelled at me like that. Why had he gotten so mad? I expected him to stare or maybe trip a little on his way in, if he was looking at my ass, but I hadn't expected so much anger. I waited a few minutes and slowly walked up the stairs to go talk to him. I put my ear up to the door, and I couldn't hear anything.

I went to turn away, thinking maybe he was studying, but then I heard the faint squeaking of his bed. When I pressed my body closer into the door, I could hear his heavy breathing and quiet moaning. I knew exactly what it sounded like, from the girls he had brought home over the years. My nipples hardened at the idea that my brother was jerking off, though he had probably done it thousands of other times before my revelation the other night.

I couldn't get any closer, so I just pressed my ear flat into the door and tried to hear anything else. I knew I couldn't see in, because I had tried in the past to get a peep of what he was doing in there, though not during his jerk off sessions. I wondered if he was jerking off because of me, because of me showing off my body and my ass to him. "Fuck, fuck yeah, like that," I heard him grunt, in his deep, gravelly voice.

My panties dampened, as he moaned out again, "Fuck yeah, 'm gonna cum all over that ass." I dipped my fingers into my boy shorts and started rubbing my clit, my ear still against the door, listening to him moan and grunt. "Give it to me, give me that fuckin' pussy," God, my brother liked dirty talking apparently, much like I did. Whenever I watched porn, I searched down videos where the guys talked dirty the whole time. Something about their disrespectful, but helpless tone got me so turned on.

"Fucking sit on this cock," my brother grunted, the squeaking of his bed growing louder as he pumped his cock. I whimpered, thrusting a finger into my little pussy over and over, as my other finger rubbed my clit in fast, slick circles. "Fucking ride me, you dirty little girl, bad fucking girl!" my brother exclaimed, as I simultaneously fingered myself harder. I wondered if he knew I could hear him. It was doubtful, as I wouldn't have been able to hear him if I wasn't completely invading his privacy with my head against his door.

I was so close to cumming, my fingers a blur in my panties, as I listened to him breathing and moaning. It took so much to keep myself from crying out, I could taste the blood in my mouth from where I bit down on my lower lip. Suddenly, I heard my brother cry out, "Cum, cummmm, cum on me, please, baby girl, cum, I'm gonna cum!!" It was like he had commanded me to finish, because my pussy convulsed on my fingers and I jerked against the door as my orgasm overtook me. I couldn't feel my legs as I slumped down onto my knees in the hallway. I could only hope that my brother was enjoying his orgasm just as much and hadn't heard the commotion right outside his door.

It took me a couple minutes, but I finally dragged myself to my room and got in bed. I no longer had the energy to do anything, especially study. It didn't take long before I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, I thought about the previous night's events. Although my brother had expressed anger over my outfit, it was clear that he was attracted to me. Clearly, my overt methods weren't going to work.

Over the next few days, he avoided me as much as possible. He still offered me rides home and studied with me, but we didn't have the same, comfortable conversations as we previously had. This awkwardness only lasted a few days, and by the next weekend, it seemed like we were back to normal. During the weekend, I spent most of the time at the beach and my brother at the gym, so we didn't see much of each other. Sunday night, when I returned home, my parents were out at a late dinner, and as soon as I got upstairs, I heard loud squeaking coming from my brother's room. This was not the faint squeaking that I 'd heard the other night, but the loudness I only recognized from high school, "Fucking take it," I heard him yell, followed by a girl's cry.

He must not have heard be come home. My heart pounded in my chest. It was kind of hot, but I couldn't deny that I felt a pang of jealousy, too. That was when I realized the door was open a crack. They must have entered the room in throes of passion and not closed it all the way.

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