tagInterracial LoveMaj. Chang's White Beauties

Maj. Chang's White Beauties


The year is 2012. We're sweeping all your streets for your most beautiful women. Our occupation army of a million Chinese and other Asian soldiers has your populace well under control. We have successfully taken your nation intact. Capitalism is dead.

My name is Major Chang and I have been assigned to a project of utmost importance to the party. With a full company of men at my disposal, I prowl the streets of your decadent civilization, and when I spot a raving female beauty, I immediately arrest her on the spot. My men then take her away, lights flashing and sirens blaring, to an undisclosed location.

It's a large scale operation. We process hundreds of your most attractive women all day long. I'm assigned to the white woman division. I do the initial interviews...

"Because you are a beautiful blond woman."

"The Major has a wonderful sense of humor, but seriously, why are you detaining me??

Sometimes a direct approach is best. It's important to maintain control in these interviews.

"You have been selected for a special labor of love for the greater glory of the party."

She laughed insanely. I opened her folder as I couldn't remember her name. So many vixens are handled in this process, I can't remember them all.

"Hmmmmm, Kim...From now on, you will proudly serve the revolution as a hostess in the Sexual Service. Your job will be to entertain the most important men in the party. Do as you are told and everything will be okay."

"Yes, thank you Major. Can I go now?"

"Not just yet! I need you to take your clothes off so I can take some photos for our file."

"Does this mean I can relax now, Major?"

I like blonds that are easy. She smiled for the camera and was very cooperative. I got great girly shots from all angles. I think that she respected my rank, or dare I say she found me charming, but then again I was holding all the cards.

"Clasp your arms behind your neck."

"Is this what you want, Major?"

"Yes! Yes! Excellent! Now I need you to show off your beautiful teats for me. Smile!"

"Oh Major Chang how's this?"

The bodacious babe was on her back with legs in the air and a sexy look on her face. These kinds of moments can be difficult for me to stay calm, professional and focused.

I finished off the polaroids and added them to her file. My job is to assure the quality of female flesh that I deliver, not to indulge myself.

Later, I look her right in the eyes, as the beauty stands naked before me. I take her measurements for her slut outfit. Then I tie her arms behind her back with a rope and a soldier takes her to a cell. The latter is all for show, just to put some fear in them.

The whole routine is actually a test. If they did what I demanded, I knew they could comply with the program. If they balked, I'd turn them over to Sergeant Wong who convinced them that they should be more cooperative. He was a master of persuasion...

"Well! Well! Well! What have we here?" Sergeant Wong speaks in perfect English.

A resisting blond is tied naked to the chair. He pinches her engorged nipple hard.

"Ouch, that hurt!" She spits at him.

"Look Miss you've been remanded to me because you are not cooperating. Do you want to know what happens when you do not comply?"

She said nothing. She was hostile.

"Your impossible." He said finally.

He pushed a button on his desk and some armed men came in and took her away. He could hear the sounds of soldiers having some fun in the next room with the bitch.

"No! Please don't!" She screamed.

The soldiers roared with laughter.

"No!!! No!!! I'm not a whore!" She shrieked.

After an hour, they brought her back and sat her down on the chair. She was not bound but she was docile now.

"Would you like a chance to redeem yourself?" Wong asked.

"Yes! I'll do anything."

"That's much better."

"What shall I do?"

"Suck my cock!!"

She was very good. The whore relished Wong's yellow cock head, sucking on it eagerly, as he clutched her long blond hair in one hand and pumped the beautiful face with his meat. What a rare beauty the brute ravished as he spurted his semen into her sucking maw and she gulped it all down.

A woman such as she could be a potential problem. I made a note in her file that she had been uncooperative but seems to have recanted. We will keep a close eye. She will have to work 12-hour shifts as a nude waitress until she comes around to our way of thinking.

Weeks later, after medical exams and further indoctrination, we fly hundreds of them to the private brothel at what was the former Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. In well-appointed rooms, the most beautiful white skinned blond beauties in the world provide party elite with their sex.

They fly in from anywhere in the world and have literally thousands of blonds to chose from. The Brunette brothel was next door at what was formally Caesar's Palace. Across the street was the redhead brothel and casino.

I had visited these famous hotels in the days before our glorious victory and I believe we Chinese have come up with some definite improvements. Check out the new world order where all the dealers and cocktail waitresses are gorgeous naked sluts eager to serve the revolution, and the casino's winnings are divided equally amongst the people.

Party members, however, are sometimes a problem because they might poke their fingers into some waitress' private parts while she was bending over or something. Feathers fly sometimes but we have tight security here. The bitch is whisked away and a party member is chided for being out of line.

Over the years, I have witnessed many wondrous things while performing my duties. I think the most unusual was the party with General Tang. He had personally selected 20 beautiful white women and lined them up in a circle with their butts in the air. He slathered that legendary cock of his with lubricant and proceeded to take each one's anal virginity. Each in turn, gasped at his masterful insertion into her tender rectum. He went around in a circle and kept it up till he had 20 gaping holes begging for it.

He went down the line and slithered up each ass with a single stroke, until he was orgasmic and then he fucked with a fury, the beauty who drew his semen. He said he wanted that particular one and dismissed the rest. We closed the door and left the General with his slut.

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