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Major League Night Out


I had been at a ballgame one afternoon and thought it the most unlikely place to meet girls. Myself and three friends were surprised to find the place full of hot young girls and managed to get chatting to three of them sitting close to us. We eventually moved seats and spent most of the game with them. They were all very nice and due to it being a very hot day, were all wearing very short shorts and loose clothing. After the game, one of the guys had to leave and we were paired up nicely and ended up going out for dinner with them.

They seemed like very sweet girls and we were not expecting too much until they suggested we then went out on the town for drinks. We didn't hesitate and ended up being out late and partying with them until early the next morning. We got a cab back to an apartment where one of them lived, but by the time we got there, it seemed like we were out of luck. Two of them called a cab and left for home while the three guys sat around chatting and were thinking about leaving for home also. The third girl had been gone for a while and just as we were about to leave, one of the guys went to tell her we were leaving. He came back a few minutes later saying, "Quick, come and see this, but keep quiet."

We went through to one of the bedrooms and there she was lying on her stomach on the bed with her top off and only her denim shorts and flip flops on. I guess she had planned to get into her bed, but never quite made it.

She was the nicest of the three and had a lovely full figure with big breasts and nice thighs and buttocks, but not fat. The three of us gazed at her smooth tanned back and the backs of her lovely thighs, then I said, "C'mon, let's get going, she's fast asleep."

I turned to walk out of the room, but Mike and Ryan didn't move. "Let's go," I said again, but they were just staring at her on the bed. I turned back into the room and Mike said, "Are you nuts, let's at least roll her over and get a good look at her."

I assumed he was joking, but then they both moved towards the bed and lifting her by the shoulder and hips, they rolled her carefully onto her side and then over onto her back. We all fixed our eyes on the open front of her denim shorts as she lay there. Her lovely tanned stomach blended so nicely down under the open front of her shorts and into the top of a nicely trimmed patch of dark pubic hair. Also her beautiful big breasts were heaving up and down as she breathed loudly.

By now her flip flops had both fallen onto the floor and she had turned her head to one side. I now knew what they were thinking and for the first time, I too was eager to see more. Ryan then asked, "Do you think we could get her shorts off without waking her?"

I was surprised and shocked, but as I looked at the glimpse of her pubic hair, I said nothing, knowing it was not the right thing to do.

"We can try," said Mike and they moved down close to her and started to pull open her shorts.

Once the fly was wide open, we could see where her trimmed hair ended and her smoothly shaven lips began and I think that was a turning point for us all. I then moved forward to assist and holding her legs together, I lifted them gently up off the bed as they started to pull her shorts down over her hips. Her neat bush was soon fully exposed and we kept pulling her shorts down her thighs until we carefully pulled them off her feet and left her totally naked on the bed. As I laid her legs down and let go of them, her thighs fell open slightly and we could see her shiny wet slit under her dark bush.

"Fucking hell," said Mike, just as I had been thinking it. Then without saying a word Ryan popped open his jeans, then taking hold of his cock he began pulling up and down on the shaft. Then Mike did the same and they were soon both jerking off at the end of her bed. My cock was certainly bursting to get out of my jeans and so I thought what the heck and got my cock out as well.

It was an odd scene to say the least as the three of us stood there jerking off as we gazed at her gorgeous naked body in front of us. We didn't ever think that maybe one of the other girls may come back or anything like that, but were just so focused on her lying there. Mike stopped jerking off and pulled his jeans off entirely, then sat down on the end of the bed beside her thighs and lay down alongside her with his cock hovering over her belly as he started jerking off again. It wasn't long before Ryan thought this looked good and was laying naked on her right side doing the same thing.

I was still standing in front of her looking directly at her pussy and jerking off slowly as they took her thighs and pulled them open, exposing her wet naked pussy to me between her lovely tanned thighs. She did move a little as they touched her and she turned her face around the other way, but soon settled back into a deep breathing rhythm. Now I was looking at her open pussy that did appear to be quite wet and glossy, but all I could think about was the possibility of their cocks blasting cum over her tanned belly and down over her pussy.

They were much bolder than I was and were now gently touching her breasts and letting the heads of their cocks touch her sides as they jerked off. I then decided to get involved and removed my jeans and underwear then knelt down between her thighs at the end of the bed and gazed up at her pussy. In a second my mouth could have been over her lips and sucking on them, but I was so scared she would wake up and quite rightly freak out. Just then Ryan slid his hand down over her stomach and over her dark pubic hair and I watched his flingers slip between her wet lips and spread them apart a little.

She was very wet indeed and as he rubbed her pussy, it became wet and shiny all over her smooth lips. I was so close and was so desperate to lick her, when she suddenly pushed her arms up in the air and stretched them back over her head and onto the bed. She let out a big sigh, and it seemed like the perfect time. I moved forward and putting my hands on the edge of the bed under her open thighs, I placed my tongue under her pussy and licked up between her soft damp lips.

Ryan pulled his hand away and they both watched as I started licking up and down her pussy and sucking gently on her smooth wet lips. This got them even closer to orgasm and I could hear them both smacking away at their shafts and pushing their cocks against her hips and into the sides of her belly. My tongue was sliding down between her lips more and more as I pushed them apart with my mouth and let my nose press onto her clit and nuzzle into her dark pubic hair. Just then I heard a muffled groan from one of them and the clear sound of spurting liquid. I quickly lifted my head up from her pussy to look at her belly and could see thick streams of cum being shot up over her stomach, reaching as high up as her breasts. Ryan then held his shaft tight as the last of his cum spilled out over her hip.

This was huge and made me reach for my cock and start to jerk off again as I got back down onto her pussy. Then seconds later I felt her right thigh being pushed down onto the bed and when I looked up I saw Mike jerking off like crazy and aiming his cock down at her dark bush. He was almost lying on her thigh and jerking off closer and closer all the time to her pussy as I was still sucking on it. Then when I heard his faint groan, I moved my head back out of the way and watched as he held his throbbing shaft down between her thighs. Seconds later, a huge blast of sperm shot right over her pussy and hit her thigh, spraying cum onto the bed before he pressed his shaft against her and the cum began shooting into her pubic hair and down over her pussy.

I was so close to the action and it was truly an awesome sight as this very large cumshot kept on splashing cum onto her tanned skin. The sperm sat thick on her dark hair, but was also sliding down both sides of her pussy and onto the sheets below. Ryan was now on his knees and had pulled her left thigh up the bed, spreading her pussy even wider. By now there was a lot of cum pooling down below her pussy and the smell of cum was a tremendous turn on as I was actually considering sucking her pussy again. Just then Mike lifted his shaft up and squeezing it tight, a few thick splashes of cum landed between her open pussy lips.

As he moved back the two of them took her thighs and held them wide open as I jerked off and thought again about eating her. Then I saw the thick load of hot cum slid right down the centre of her pussy and in between her lips. That was enough for me as I leaned forward and placed my hands on the inside of her thighs, then closed my mouth over her pussy and sucked down between her lips. The thick hot sperm filled my mouth and I knew I was about to cum. The taste, texture and warmth of the sperm were all a huge kinky turn on for me as I knelt up holding my shaft and started to jerk off with my cock right in front of her open pussy. I was so tempted to enter her, but was not going to, knowing how close my orgasm was. Then as they could tell I was about to explode, Mike said, "Go on, fuck her!"

As my cock strained and I tried to hold back my cum, I let the tip touch her between the lips and rubbed my aching head up and down between them. Instantly my cock head exploded and my first cum shot hit her directly between the lips and the cum sprayed up in the air and back down onto her belly. I then pushed forward and my cock head entered her tight pussy sending a few powerful blasts of sperm into her. I pulled down hard on my foreskin and took my cock out of her pussy, resting it on her lips as I slid the shaft up and down and continued to spurt hot cum up onto her belly. It had to be the best orgasm ever and will likely never be topped.

My cock softened between her lips and slid down between them and into the large puddle of cum on the bed. The three of us were happy just to be gazing at the wonderful mess between her thighs and I pushed her thighs back and upwards as they helped and we watched as her thighs raised off the bed and her buttocks opened to expose her lovely asshole. The cum had run down over her ass, soaking it and the entire bed under was wet with sperm, which had left her buttocks also wet and sticky. As they held her thighs back, her shiny wet asshole was very appealing and I leaned forward and gave it a couple of licks, tasting the mixture of cum on it.

Mike and Ryan had seemed surprised at me licking her ass and I was not sure if it was because it was her asshole or because of the sperm on it. Just then she pushed her arms back up in the air and this time as her thighs fell open, she placed both her hands down onto her belly and started to slowly rub her open palms around in the cum. We looked at each other, wondering if she was waking up, but she kept on circling her hands around her stomach and then finally up over her breasts, smearing the sperm up onto them both and squeezing them gently, like she was having the most wonderful dream.

This was a good sign for us and we saw her nipples stiffen and deepen in color as she rubbed our cum over them. Maybe she was enjoying this, even if it was in her sleep. After we were sure she was settled again, Ryan asked me, "Is that not gross?"

"Is what gross?" I asked, "You mean her asshole?"

"No, the cum," he said.

I knew what he meant, it must have looked weird me licking at the sperm on her pussy and ass, but it was the single kinkiest thing I had ever done and it had given me the best orgasm ever.

"Not really," I said, "It tastes amazing and will give you the hardest cock and best orgasm ever."

At this point the action seemed to have stopped as Mike and Ryan stood up and I began thinking we were all going to leave. Her hands were now still on her belly and she appeared to have fallen asleep again, but looking at her thighs still spread open, I was tempted at another taste. I bent down again as they got up off the bed and watched her lying there covered in our cum. Then as my tongue touched her between the cheeks she started stroking her wet hands up and down her stomach and over her breasts. I licked up over her asshole and back in between her cummy lips as they both watched me and saw her reaction.

Our three cocks were soft now, but mine had a feeling of coming back to life, which I was sure was due to my eating her cummy ass and pussy again.

"Why not give it a try," I said to Ryan and I moved to the side and helped hold her thighs apart with Mike. He cautiously got down between her legs and looked at her two wet holes.

"Fuck, it does look amazing," he said.

"Just wait until you taste it," I said, "it will make your cock rock hard again."

Leaning forward I knew the smell of the cum would make his cock jump and it did exactly that as we watched him get closer and closer to her ass. He closed his eyes and let the tip of his tongue slide up over her asshole and within a second he had pressed harder into her and his tongue was pushing up between her cum soaked pussy lips.

His breathing quickened and he took hold of her thighs, sucking feverishly at both her holes. Once again, she began to wriggle around on the bed and stroke her hands around her breasts, while letting out a lovely gentle sigh. I was pleased that he agreed with me and seeing this, Mike looked keen to get down between her thighs also. After a few moments, they had switched places with the same result. Now all three of our cocks were semi hard and we had no plan to leave quite yet. We looked at each other for a few minutes and back down at her on the bed.

"I'm not leaving until I fuck her," said Mike.

"Same here," said Ryan.

I looked at them both and thought for a second, then said, "Okay, let's roll her onto her front again."

We quickly rolled her onto her belly and slid her to the very end of the bed until her knees slipped off and were down on the floor. This would be perfect as she was now in a great position for us all to fuck her from behind. I wanted to be the last one to fuck her, just so that I could feel a couple of full loads of sperm inside her as I was fucking her, so I knelt up on the bed and pulled her lovely buttocks apart and waited for one of them to get into position.

Mike soon did and although his cock was not rock hard yet, it soon would be. He shuffled on his knees to the end of the bed and bounced his cock up and down on her wet buttocks a few times, then started to rub it in between her wet lips. Ryan got up on the bed opposite me and we held her buttocks open so that we got a great view of her being fucked. I looked at her asshole and wondered if anyone might try to fuck it, but I was keen to feel deeper inside her pussy. Just as we thought he was about to penetrate her, he pulled back and got his mouth back down on her asshole and licked around at some of the sperm on her and running down under her pussy lips.

Now with his cock looking quite hard, he pressed his tip between her lips and started to penetrate her. He slid in and out a few times, probably feeling some of my sperm inside her and within about 6 or 8 strokes, he was deep inside her pussy. He held her hips and started fucking her quite fast and hard with a wonderful slapping sound on her wet ass. The girl then stretched her arms up onto the bed as he started riding her pussy and I really began to wonder if she just thought she was with her boyfriend or had come home with some other guy.

We held her ass cheeks apart as he fucked her and it was great to see her cum covered asshole stretched open below us. So lovely was the view that I leaned down as he was fucking her pussy and licked at her asshole. With my tongue on it, I could feel it tense up as he penetrated her and then relax as he pulled out. Ryan decided to try it too and we continued to do this as he fucked her pussy and his orgasm drew nearer. The wet cum on her buttocks made them very slippery and as we held them open, our hands would sometimes slip off and her cheeks close together. Then each time we pulled them apart again, sticky strands of sperm could be seen stretching across her buttocks.

Mike fucked away at her pussy and I was amazed that she did not wake up, then suddenly he started to really hammer away at her, gripping her hips tight as we watched her buttocks shudder with each thrust into her. Seconds later Mike pulled her tightly onto his shaft and held very still, his face red and his neck straining. We were silent and let go of her buttocks and watched as they closed together, knowing that her pussy was being filled with a full load of hot sperm.

As Mike relaxed a little we reached down and spread her buttocks slowly, seeing that his cock had slipped out of her pussy over her asshole and up between her cheeks. His cock lay there still twitching and delivering a few more weakened spurts of cum high up onto her buttocks. It was an amazing sight as we once again spread her buttocks apart and watched the thick fresh cum being stretched across between her cheeks. Then as the sperm clung to her cheeks, Ryan moved in behind her and Mike took his place holding her buttocks. It was now very difficult to keep her cheeks spread open as they were so wet and slippery with cum, but we did the best we could to give us a good view of her asshole.

Thick cum was sliding down over her asshole as Ryan held his rigid cock under her pussy and his tip nuzzled in between her soaking wet lips, but did not enter her. His head was soon wet with the sperm that had begun to spill out of her and we watched as he raised his cock and pressed down hard onto her asshole. His head strained and hardened even more as it pushed through the thick cum and started to enter her ass. I was amazed at how easily her ass had opened up, but I guess with her being so relaxed and with a thick covering of cum, it was very well lubricated.

Ryan held his rigid cock firmly in his hand as it slowly penetrated her slick asshole, letting out a loud sigh as the head sank inside. It must have felt amazing, but rather than keep pushing into her, he pulled the head back out. We watched as her asshole closed tight and squeezed out a small amount of cum that must have gone inside. On seeing this, I reached down and getting quite close to his bulging cock head, licked the tiny ball of cum from her asshole as Mike and I held her buttocks apart. Then once again Ryan pressed his cock back inside. I fully expecting him to fuck her ass to the point of orgasm, but after doing the same thing a few times and Mike getting a taste of the sperm on her asshole, he slid his cock back inside her pussy.

Now he started to fuck her with more speed and the familiar and very erotic slapping noise of him banging against her wet buttocks. We held her buttocks as they shook delightfully with each firm stroke and waited for the inevitable to happen. Ryan plunged away with full long strokes into her wet hole until we noticed the rhythm change and become more erratic. Mike then took the bold step of leaning forward and licking around her asshole as Ryan continued fucking her, his face down very close to the action. It looked very kinky and so as Mike moved away, I did the same. I poked my tongue into her asshole and could taste the cum on it, but she was relaxed enough that I was able to push my tongue inside slightly.

We both licked at her ass as Ryan got closer to cumming in her pussy, then we felt him take a firm grip of her and start to push slower into her. He looked down at her buttocks as his orgasm began, but before the first blast of cum, he pulled his cock from her pussy and held it down onto her asshole. A jet of hot sperm hit her closed asshole and shot high up onto her back, then he pressed the tip down firmly into her and we watched closely as the shaft began to pump cum between her cheeks. After several spurts he slid his cock down out of her asshole and back inside her pussy, where he continued filling her pussy with more sperm.

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