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Make a Wish


I'm thinking about you tonight and what I want to give you for your birthday. I have the perfect gift in mind.

I'll get the room ready with candles and a few bottles of your favorite. I'm waiting for you in a red silk kimono. I'm already so hot for you, I'm sweating. Your knock on the door excites me, and I tie the kimono loosely, reminding myself that it's your evening.

When I open the door, you look so hot, I can barely keep my hands off of you. You smile at me, and that's all it takes. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bed. I lie you down and start undressing you. The heat and scent of your skin is making it very hard for me to control myself. As I draw your shirt off, I can't resist lightly licking your chest. You catch my wrist in your hand. I pull your hand to my mouth and suck the tip of your finger. As you start to wrap your other arm around me, I gently bite the tip of your finger. I answer your look of surprise with,

"Tonight is all for you."

You relax a little as I kiss your stomach and slowly remove your pants. I lightly lick your inner thigh and say,

"Roll over."

I climb on your back and I can't resist nibbling the back of your neck before I begin kneading your shoulders, working the tension out of your muscles. I work my way down your back. You are so beautiful I just want to bite you, but I know if I get started, I won't be able to stop.

When I get to your lower back, I began using the palms of my hands in a circular motion as I draw your boxers down with my teeth. I slide my hands down, lightly running my nails across your ass to your thighs. I then begin working on the muscles in the back of your legs. When I get to your ankles, I run my tongue along your legs all the way back up to your neck. I let my kimono fall open, allowing myself a moment to lie naked on top of you and enjoy the feel of your skin against mine.

I sit back up and whisper,

"Turn over."

I close the robe. You are so hot, that it's all I can do to control myself. If you touch me, I won't be able to. So I move to your side and begin massaging your arm. I work both arms thoroughly and begin on your chest. I then skip ahead to your thighs, trying to ignore how hard you are.

When I finish your massage, I climb on top of you and kiss you softly. I run my hand gently across your forehead.

"You're sweating."

"So are you."

You start to slide your hands up my legs, but I'm not quite ready to give up control. I reach over and scoop up a piece of ice out of the bucket. You look up at me and smile.

"You think of everything"

" You have no idea."

You gasp as I run the ice along your forehead. I lick the moisture off. I suck on the ice, then suck on your earlobe. You clutch on to my thighs. I let you, but I won't let you pull me down. Not yet.

I continue, trailing the ice slowly across your chest, then licking you. I put the ice in my mouth to suck gently on your nipples. You bring your hands up to my shoulders and hold me tight. I draw the ice down your ribs.

The ice has completely melted by the time I get to your hip bone. I reach over for another ice cube and run it lightly over you then follow the ice with tiny nibbles. You arch your hips up against me. I breathe your scent in deeply and close my eyes to gain control so I can work on your other side. By the time I have covered both sides with my tongue, I can't stand it anymore and lower my head to take you into my mouth. You sigh as you feel my hair drape across your stomach and then you gasp sharply as my cold mouth covers your warm skin. I suck gently, running my tongue over you as you stroke my hair.

I'm reveling in the taste and smell of you as you moan deeply. I really love hearing that so I open my mouth wider and take as much of you in as I can, nuzzling my cheek against the inside of your thigh and caressing you softly with my fingertips as I move my mouth up and down, alternating sucking lightly and licking you. It's been such a long time, I can't get enough of you, and I have to have you inside me. I hold you in my hands and kiss the inside of your thigh. You sound a little disappointed so I lick my way back up your chest to your neck, pausing only to gently nibble at your throat and ear. I slide up and lower myself slowly on to you, feeling the full length of you deep inside me. The kimono, slips off of my shoulders and I sit up, running my hands over my breasts as I look down at you. Your eyes are half closed as I slowly began to lower myself up and down, enjoying the feel of you in me. You reach for me and place your hands on my hips. I stroke your chest with my fingertips. I let you guide my pace until I feel your muscles tense under me and you grip on to me for your final thrusts.

I lean forward a little and kiss you softly and whisper,

"Make a wish."

Happy Birthday. I hope all of your dreams come true.

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