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Make Me a Woman Daddy


This night was my birthday. Daddy had bought me a beautiful lace & satin night gown. He liked to buy nice things for me .He used to buy them for mom but she died six years ago when I was 12.He made a promised to my mom to make me a lady when it was time.

“Happy Birthday honey,” He said smiling. He handed me a vanilla shake,( laced with a sleeping potion).He was sooooo nervous and didn’t want his baby girl to hate him, So he kept the promise he made to his dead wife but he would take her slowly.

“Go on honey it’s you birthday drink .. It has a bit of booze in it . you 18 now and you have bee such a good girl for me. No trouble at all! “ Lazily Micheyla drank it and enjoyed it.

“Daddy , thank you so much ,, stay here I want to try in on for you .” I jumped up and ran to my bedroom.

I had grown into a beautiful woman. Beautiful full breast that jiggled when I walked. My tits were beautiful 34 double C.

The nightgown, it turned out, fit me perfectly. My full tits looked full over the “V” neck of the nightgown.

It felt silky against my skin. I finished getting ready, and pranced innocently into the living room and twirled around to let my daddy see that it fit sooo nice.

“ Daddy see ,,,If fits so nice,! thank you! “

Joe’s cock twitched as he watched his daughter dance in front of him, her tits jiggling and just about to pop out .Joe grabbed the drink he had made for her and gave it back to her . “Drink up honey, It’s been a long day and I want to take you to town tomorrow.”

After I finished my drink and felt a little dizzy. Daddy helped me to my bed room. I climbed in bed and pulled the covers up. I fell asleep soon after. I started to have a strange dream later that night…….

I kept feeling something gently stroking my nipple through my nightgown. The feeling was awesome but I was dizzy with confusion and arousal. I felt all damp between my soft thighs. I soon figured out that someone's mouth was sucking on my nipple and a hand stroking me as it roamed over my stomach and down to my thighs...the hand then scrunched up my gown till it was above my pussy, which was hairless. My Mom taught me when I was very young to shave as it gave a terrible smell if you didn't she said. I didn’t know she was preparing me for what men loved the most ,, a bald smooth cunt!

It felt soooooo real. Sooooooooo gooddd. As the hand brushed my clit I groaned with pleasure, and pushed my cunt against it. The hand began to stroke the outside of my legs and then moved to the tender flesh of my inner thigh.

Joe looked down at his beautiful daughter. Up and down he messaged her, ignoring the one place he wanted to put his hand. Her moaning grew more frenzied and her hips began to move and thrust.

The bed sank as he climbed on top of me and pressed his huge cock head against the lips of my virgin pussy. Skimming along the bare skin of the outer labia. I bucked convulsively on his lap, my bottom hot against his cock. With the shifting around, his cock had become firmly wedged between my buttocks. Raking his eyes over my body, he rejoiced in the complete power that he had to make his child jump and hum to his fingertips, my innocence being taken from me willingly from my virgin body. my soft moans and sighs urged him on and he let a finger slip under my panties.

Finally,,,, what Joe was waiting for… the feel of the damp heat of her sex. His cock twitched.. The feel of his rock hard cock pressing against me filled me with longing and a strange sense of strength. Circling his cock around the outer edges of my labia, he slowly trailed up and down my slit. The moisture from my desire coated his cock in my sweet honey. With his thick cock, he touched my clitoris and rubbed it lightly up and down then back and forth. My body jerked and arched against his cock. My moans and sighs charged him with power.

He loved the feel of daughter helpless.

Joe moved his fingers to caressed and tweaked, pulled and stroked that nub of nerves that would make me his. Sensing the time was right, my wetness now soaking his lap, he inserted a finger into my tight virgin vagina. He listened to the grunting animal sounds I now made and felt another strong wave of lust.

I felt his wet finger slip inside me and sank into a strange but delightful dream. My cunt contracted instantly around his finger, sucking it, pulling it. His finger was hot and thick and felt so good. I was floating from the feel of it. His other hand was still fingering my clit making me senseless in another way. My body felt like it was weightless. Without thought, My fingers found my hard nipples and I began to pull them. First gently then harder as he increased the pace of his fingers on my clit . I Gasped, I felt him insert another finger into my vagina. I groaned with haunting pleasure .

I arched upwards, bowing My back and pressing my bottom against his rigid, throbbing cock. I felt my juices gush out of my cunt and onto his hands. He too full advantage of my open legs, he pulled and stretched my labia, rubbed and stroked my clitoris, finger-fucked my steaming vagina. Stroking and watching my virgin lips between my thighs, he brought Me to the brink of orgasm again and again.

He quickly spread my legs wider and knelt down between her thighs. He had his tongue on my swollen, throbbing clitoris, licking and sucking at it like a baby. He inserted one finger, then two, into my tight vagina. Not missing a beat, he continued to lick and suck My clit .

It was so swollen and red and sensitive Joe knew this succulent woman child would orgasm soon. He began to rub the head of his cock up and down my slit, letting me get use to the feel. He rubbed the head of his cock in my juices and ran it up and over, back and forth across my clitoris. He watched through hazy desire as I pulled her legs wider.

He placed the velvety mushroom head against my clit and rubbed me there until he could feel me throbbing. Seeing my bucking hips straining for him. Then, He placed his thumb on my clit, and placed the tip of his cock right outside my wet cunt.

Slowly He eased the head into my wet cunt. He watched the head push my labia in and pull them out until the head was all the way inside of my hot cunt. He felt a rush as his cock bumped against the useless barrier blocking his entry. He began to work my clit with his thumb. The tightness of my vagina slowly breaking down his composure and patience. He steadily pushed against my hymen, at the same time fingering, rubbing, and pinching my clit until I was moaning loudly.

All of a sudden I went rigid and then began bucking wildly. He gave a shout of triumph as he rammed his cock all the way into my tight tunnel, ripping past my hymen, and into woman hood. I flopped like a rag doll impaled on his cock, but my clitoris was so tender, my vagina so stuffed that I could feel the climax building again. It started slowly and then built more and more until I was Moaning from the pleasure and need for release.

I felt daddy’s cock jerking hard inside me and then felt the hot splash of his sperm. This sent me soaring and I moaned as my body danced on his cock, climaxing with him.

I woke up briefly. I snuggled deeper into the blanket, feeling the material against my naked skin. I liked the feel. I allowed myself to caress my breast and closed my eyes. I slid my hand down, cupping her moist sex. My trembling finger slid along my slit then dipped into my vagina. I felt the sticky cum inside of Me, brought my fingers to my lips and licked them. I smiled sleepily and snuggled back down into the blanket, my hand still dipped into my sticky wet cunt.

I woke the next morning with a strange feeling in my tummy.

“Did that really happen or was I dreaming?”

I slowly got up and wandered into the kitchen. Daddy was having his coffee.

“Morning precious!” he gleamed as she stood rubbing her eyes.

“Morning Daddy!”

“Ready for your day in town?” He acted as if nothing had happened .

Days went by and I always woke with a feeling that something happened but I couldn’t remember. I loved the feeling I was waking up with.


I walked into the kitchen.

”Every time You give me my Vanilla drink I have a strange wonderful dream.”

I was rubbing my eyes as I spoke.

“You are always in it, I’m not sure what happed but I feel so good when I wake up. My vagina feels wonderful & wet”

I stood at the kitchen door staring at my dad now.

“What does that mean? Does it mean I am in love with you?”

Daddy laughed a nervous laugh.” It means you are ready to be a woman.”

“Daddy”I slowly walked over to him and hugged his neck.

“I have that wonderful feeling right now” I pushed my tits into his mouth.

“Make me a women please!”

“ You have been a woman for a while now baby!”

Daddy leaned back and exposed his thick shaft of meat, stroked it up and down & smiled.

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