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Make Me Better


I'll admit it. All I wanted that night, was pussy.

My friend Terrell told me all about this party that was going on at this club one night. The kind of party where guys take a male impotency drug, guys who don't need it, and spend the evening having endless, satisfying sex with strange anonymous women. Condoms were handed out like mints.

Sounded like my kind of party. So I went.

I dressed in baggy blue cargo pants, big white sneakers, and a white button down shirt, and quite literally walked down to the club. Seriously, dude, my photo studio was just three or four blocks away from the club.

Terrell Smith met me at the club. He was my boy, he knew how to get me in, knew how to hook me up. He would hook me up with just about anything. When I needed female company for my birthday, he got me a beautiful black girl. When I wanted to photograph my first black model, he hooked me up.

Like I said, he was my boy. He was my buddy. My partner in crime, sort of.

But I knew where I drew the line. I have never done illegal drugs. I've gotten this far in my photography career by being both scrupulous and choosy. I don't work with models who do drugs. It makes for poor photos. It also makes for fussy, moody models.

So anyway, on a still too warm summer night at the end of July, I arrived at the club, to find a long line that spilled into the parking lot.

Terrell came up to me, and we did the male handshake ritual. "S'up, man? How goes the photography biz?"

I looked him up and down. He wore all white, which set off his smooth gleaming chocolate skin -- white shirt, white tank top, white trousers, white sneakers. His bald head gleamed under the street lights.

I said, "Not bad. Could be better, though."

"Still can't find your model, huh?"

I moped. "No."

"Man, I done told you, go to the talent agencies. That's what they're there for."

I said, "And I have."

"And nobody has any ethnic models?"

I grunted. "No, that's the problem. Everyone has ethnic models."

"Just nobody has the kind of look that you're looking for?"


Terrell shook his head. "Man, you are just having one problem after another with this book, aren't you?"

"Yeah. Frustrating, to say the least."

Terrell put his arm around my shoulder. "Say no more. Listen, man. I have the cure for what ails you. Your boy will hook you up, dawg."

"You're always my boy."


"But what about this line? The club will be closed before we get in."

"Come on, man." Together, we went up to the door. The bouncer was as big as he looked from the street, six feet tall and ten feet wide, and dark as the night. Looked like he could play offensive line for the NFL.

Terrell went right up to him.

"Hey, what's up, Terrell?"

"Not much, my friend, not much, just keeping my game tight, you know what I'm saying, right?"

The two black men exchanged deep chuckles. My friend Terrell was a would be rapper. But he's had to settle for working as an agent in the music industry instead. But he's happy with it. Which is good, because I've hooked up Terrell a time or two myself, doing headshots for his talent, and on occasion, shooting the cover art for an album.

"So, you come for some action tonight, my friend?"

"For sure, player, for sure." Terrell put his arm around the bouncer's massive shoulders -- with an effort -- and turned to look at me. "But I brought a friend with me."

The bouncer nodded at me, in a friendly way. He extended one huge hand to me. "Thomas Mitchell."

I took his hand. "Ryan Cabrera."

Thomas looked at Terrell. "So, what can I do for your friend this evening?"

Terrell looked at the bouncer, then at me, with a pretend grave expression. "Dawg, we need to hook my friend up here. He is going through some serious issues right now."

The bouncer cracked a broad grin. "Not to worry, my man, not to worry. You gentlemen just come right on in." He lifted the velvet rope for me. "You have yourself a nice evening."

I said, "Thank you."

We entered the place, and I found myself being pleasantly surprised, that my ears weren't being assaulted by music played at extremely high decibels, sure to blow out the hearing of everyone in the room.

Instead, the music was at a comfortable volume. I could hear myself think.

Terrell grinned at my surprised face. "You were expecting something else?"

"Never mind. Let's find someplace to sit."

Terrell put his arm around my shoulder, and guided me towards the back of the club. "Come with me, dawg. I reserved a private room for us after I called you."

I let him guide me. "Tell me again, how is this going to help me find my model?"

"Listen, dawg -- this club, on any given night, is full of nubile, all too willing young women, willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to get into the modeling biz."

"And this helps me how?"

"All you have to do, man, is just say that you're Ryan Cabrera, the photographer, and you, my friend, are in like Flynn."

I laughed, despite myself. "It's worth a try, I guess."

Terrell mussed up my hair. "That's the spirit! Come on, man."

As we went through the club, I looked around, and what I saw was promising. There were girls all over the place -- hot girls, cute girls, pretty girls -- wearing barely there dresses of various styles. I felt an unprofessional stirring in my groin, that had nothing to do with photography. I felt vaguely cheap, at the thought of sleeping with any of these girls. But it was a two way street -- they knew what they were doing, too. That salved my conscience. A little, anyway.

We finally arrived, at wherever the hell we were going. It was roped off, and elevated from the rest of the club. There were several other areas like this around the back of the club, I noticed.

And, waiting for us, was another bouncer. He was less imposing than the dude at the entrance, but not any less impressive. "Terrell, what's up, dawg?"

"Freddie, this is my boy Ryan. I'm brought him here to hook him up."

Freddie nodded. "Yeah, Thomas gave me the word."

Terrell rubbed his hands together. "So, if you could send over your best waitress, and some girls over this way."

Freddie nodded again. "I am already on it, Terrell. We always take care of you."

Terrell cracked a grin. "Always."

Freddie said, "Although, I'm not going to be back here all night. I'm supposed to be up front with Thomas."

"Really? Who's going to be here?"

Freddie cracked a grin, then. "It's a surprise. But wait till you see her, man. You'll forget all about me, I assure you."

Terrell said, "Well, until then, we're lucky to have you."

Freddie lifted the velvet rope for us. "You gentlemen enjoy yourselves. Your waitress will be with you shortly."

I said, "Thank you."

Terrell and I climbed a short flight of steps, and went inside. I looked around for a second. The area was not only roped off, but glassed off, too -- nice and private. Inside was thick white shag carpeting, and lipstick red overstuffed couches, built in all along the wall, plus a smooth polished oval shaped black coffee table right in the middle of the room. It was even quieter in here than out in the club.

I said, "Wow. Nice."

"Isn't it, dawg?"

I nodded. "You weren't kidding when you said private room. Damn."

Terrell chuckled. "Have a seat, man."

Barely five minutes later, the waitress arrived to take our orders. She was an adorable little hottie, with a semi-Asian look, wearing a tight white t-shirt, an even tighter little black leather miniskirt, the kind that stayed in place and didn't ride up, and open toed black leather sandals with impossibly high heels, carrying a little round tray.

"Hi, gentlemen. My name is Marie, and I'll be your waitress this evening. What are you having tonight?"

Terrell ordered a beer. I got a wine cooler. Terrell laughed at me. "You call that a drink, man?"

Marie smiled at me, then glanced at Terrell. "Let him order what he wants."

I smiled back. "Thank you." I looked at Terrell. "See, she understands."

She took our orders. Then she placed two black ceramic bowls on the coffee table, and withdrew with a smile. "I'll be right back with your drinks, guys."

We said, "Thank you."

Then Terrell said, "Come on, man. Don't be shy."

I said, "What?"

Terrell cracked an evil grin. Then he reached forward, and tilted a bowl towards me. The bowl contained a bunch of little blue pills. "Come on, take one."

I said, "No way, man. You know I don't do drugs. No fucking way."

"Listen, dawg, you take one of these, and fucking is exactly what you'll be doing. All night long."

Then it dawned on me, just what the pills were. "I don't need that kind of help, Terrell, thank you very much."

"But that's the beauty of it, man! For guys that can get it up normally, you take one of these, and it's like super charging your dick, dawg. You'll do a girl, come, and right after that, boom, you're ready to go again."

"And this is where you tell me about how this will help me find my model?"

"I done told you, man, some girls will do anything to get their start -- including giving it up. And in the process, you might just find your model."

I found myself grinning, mostly for his benefit. "First I need my drink."

Terrell didn't say anything. He just sat back. "Told you I was going to hook you up, didn't I, dawg?"

It took just a couple more minutes for the waitress to come back with our drinks. "Here you go, guys. Will there be anything else I can get for you?"

I said, "Yeah. You ever do any modeling?"

She winked at me. "Sometimes, honey. Why?"

I took out my wallet and handed her one of my cards. "My name is Ryan Cabrera. You may have heard of me."

The girl's face went wide. "Oh my god, are you kidding? I have, like, totally heard of you! Everyone knows who you are!"

"Well, if you're interested in doing some modeling for me, just give me a call."

Marie squealed. "Thank you, I will! Oh my god!" And she left.

Terrell nudged me. "See?"

I chuckled. "Yeah."

Terrell reached for two pills, and handed me one. "Bottoms up."

Not believing I was doing this, I reached for one of the blue pills, put it in my mouth, and swallowed it, with a sip of my drink.

I said, "Okay. Now what?"

Terrell said, "Now we wait for the pill to start working. And in the meantime, I suggest you get ready for some beautiful females to come over."

I said, "Hold up."


I picked up the other bowl. It was full of condoms. "Nothing." I sat back.

"You didn't think people were having unprotected sex in here, did you?"

"I didn't know what to think." I watched the waitress walk towards the bouncer, watching her booty move under that tiny little skirt she wore. "It's too bad the waitress is off limits."

"Man, you got that one right. She is a cute little thing. She must be new, I've never seen her before. But there's lots more where she came from."

"Yeah, I suppose so."

I heard the bouncer say to Marie, "Hey, can you check on Elsa for me? She should be out here already."

Marie smiled at him. "Sure, baby. I'll go back right now and see what's up."


Just as it didn't take very long for the waitress to bring our drinks, it also didn't take very long for some girls to come over.

I started to wonder if maybe my name had gone before me. Or maybe Terrell had greased the skids in some way. Or maybe he was just a good frequent customer.

But anyway, three women came in. I was relieved that they didn't look like they had just graduated from high school. Two sat on either side of Terrell, and one sat next to me, practically in my lap.

I don't know what nationality she was, but I didn't care at this point. She was totally gorgeous. She had light brown, caramel colored skin, coffee brown eyes, and long straight hair like brown sugar. She wore a fire engine red slip dress with a keyhole opening that prominently displayed some impressive caramel cleavage. And of course, her lipstick was red, and so were her long fingernails.

She smiled at me. "Hey, baby. You looking for some company?"


"What's your name, baby?"

"I'm Ryan." I extended my hand to her.

"I'm Honey." She gently took it and held it. "I've heard you're a photographer."

I nodded. "Yep. Sure am."

Honey squeezed my hand. "Oh my god, are you serious? You're not Ryan Cabrera, are you?"

I grinned. At least she was smooth. "Guilty as charged."

"Oh my god, I knew it was you!" She kissed me, on the lips. "You know what, I have always wanted to be a model."

"Really? How old are you?"


I said, "You're a beautiful woman."

Honey blushed, and looked away. "Thank you, baby. That's so sweet."

"Have you done anything previously?"

Honey made a sexy pouting noise. "No. That's the problem -- I need an agent to get experience --"

"But to get an agent, you need experience." It was the same old story, the good old Catch-22. It was amazing how anyone managed to break in.

"Right." She made a frustrated noise. "You know what, I would do anything to be able to at least have some photos to show to an agent."

At least she was being reasonable. "Haven't you tried doing a test shoot?"

"Yeah, but I haven't found any photographers that won't charge."

I nodded. Again, the same old story. "Yeah. Unfortunately, there's not many photographers left in this town that won't charge, even for a test shoot."

Honey snuggled up to me. "Isn't there anything you can do to help me? I wouldn't need anything fancy. I'd bring my own clothes. I'd even do my own hair and makeup."

Through the corner of my eye, I could see Terrell crack a wicked grin.

"Well, even so, I'd have to charge you something."

Honey leaned in and put her arm around my shoulder, close enough that my arm was squeezed in between her breasts. They were large, but still natural looking, even though they had an unnaturally perfect shape, symmetry and fullness to them. I sighed inwardly. Another old story.

"I would do anything to do a test shoot with you. I promise you, I'm a natural. You'll love me, once you see me pose."

I tried not to grin. "And what exactly do you mean, anything?"

Honey looked down, then back up at me, in my eyes, as she lightly ran her long nails along my inner thigh. "Anything, baby."

I felt that stirring in my crotch again, the one that reminded me that it had been a while since I'd last had a woman. I said, "Well. Maybe we can work something out."

Honey boldly ran her nails very close to my cock. "I'm sure we can."

I cleared my throat. Ordinarily, I would have no patience for this. But I'm always on the lookout for new models, regardless. So I said, "I've taken one of these little pills."

Honey smiled wide enough to show her perfect white teeth. "Mmmm. So now we just have to wait for it to start working, right?"

"Right." I reached for my wallet. "In the meantime, would you like a drink? I could have the waitress come back."

Honey said, "A drink would be nice. Thank you, baby."

Terrell said, "We'll get the waitress back over."

I looked at Honey said, "Here's my card. Don't forget to stay in touch."

Once again, her nails strayed close to my cock. "I won't. You've been the nicest, sweetest man I've ever met."

Right then, the guilt really made itself known. But I smiled. "I'm happy to do what I can to start your career."

She put my card in her little red matching purse.


I sat and talked with Honey while we waited for the waitress. But I was in rapture. I stared at our new hostess.

"Damn, she is fine." Five one, beautiful figure, with lots of booty and nice full tits. Invitingly warm caramel skin. Sultry, lustrous dark brown eyes. Long dark brunette hair, worn past her shoulders, done in curls, shiny and pretty. She wore a black leather dress that fit her like a proverbial glove. Even worse, the reflection from the lights made her curves stand out even more.

In a word, she just what I was looking for. My cock got hard, just looking at her, standing there in that dress. And that wasn't the pill.

Although, the girl sitting with me, wasn't too bad herself. But not the hostess.

Terrell said, "Who's that?"

I pointed with my chin. "Dude. The hostess."

Terrell did. "Holy shit."

Honey said, "What am I? Chopped beef?"

I said, "Sorry. Just I like the look of leather." I couldn't believe I just lied like that. But the hostess had a quality that Honey or even Marie, couldn't match.

Honey nodded. "Maybe I could wear something leather for you at my shoot?"

I said, "Yeah. That would be cool."

"Speaking of which. How's that erection coming?"

"Not quite there yet."

"How long has it been since you took the pill?"

I glanced at my watch. "Should be any time now."

Honey whispered in my ear, "Why don't I help you along?"

"Uh ... why don't we wait for the drinks first?"

Marie, the waitress, had come into the room, and took orders from the ladies. "Wow, you guys are so sweet, buying drinks for the ladies."

Honey looked up at Marie. "Oh my god, isn't he? I could just eat him all up!"

Marie winked at me. "I'm sure you could."

We waited until Marie brought the drinks. Honey took a grateful sip of hers. "Thank you for the drink, baby. I was thirsty."

I said, "No problem."

Suddenly, Honey began running her hands all over me, and I mean all over me. She starting breathing heavily in my ear, which I thought was pretty tame, until she reached down between my legs -- and started to scratch my crotch with her long red nails.

My cock got hard. Seriously hard.

"Mmmmm. Someone's getting hard." She made it worse, or better, when she started stroking my cock through my pants.

I gasped. Her hands were soft. "Yep."

"Why don't I sit in your lap?'

"Okay." She did, and suddenly I had her too-perfect breasts right in my face.

"Do you like them?"

"Yes, I do, very much."

"Why don't you touch them? Have to pay for that test shoot somehow."

That was too much! While Honey stroked my cock, I reached up and cupped her tits through her dress.

Honey leaned down slightly and kissed me.

As we kissed, the one hand I used to cup her breast, stole down her tummy, slipped in between her legs, and felt for her pussy. I felt my jaw drop, as I felt only her pussy. Her wet pussy. I gently fingered her clit.

Honey inhaled sharply through her teeth. "Oh, yes, baby. Touch my pussy. Oooh, yes, you like that pussy?"

Then I slowly slipped two fingers inside her pussy.

"Hhhmmmm! Yes! Fuck it! Fuck my tight pussy!"

I did so for a few strokes more. "I think you're ready now."

Honey grabbed a condom from the bowl. "Why don't we get this party started?"

I swallowed. "Sounds good."

Honey reached for my zipper, to unzip my pants. She got down on her knees, and gave the most unbelievable blow job I have ever had. I groaned as she took my cock in her warm mouth.

"Now I think you're ready." She unrolled the condom on my cock. My heart started to beat real fast.

I said, "Well then, come here. Let's do it."

Honey straddled my dick, and held it gently in one hand. I held her by the waist, as she sank down on my cock.

God, she was wet. My entire cock went inside her pussy.

"Oooooh, yes, baby!"

And then she started to move!

I moaned. This girl was as smooth as her name. This had to be some of the top ten best pussy I've ever had!

"Do you like this pussy, baby?"

I gulped. "Love it!"

"It's been so long since I've had cock."

"Take what you can get!"

Shit, I could not believe this was happening! Here I was, in a club, having sex with some girl! The two girls sitting next to Terrell were all acting like it was no big deal. But it sure as hell was to me!

Honey's pussy was smooth, as, well, honey. It didn't take very long before her movements became passionate. "Oh god baby, I'm going to come!"

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