tagIncest/TabooMake Me Man, Mum

Make Me Man, Mum


All started at the age of 18. I was a teenager just trying to explore his self and his sexual appetite. I can say my friend since primary school John; help me a lot on that. John is quite a feminine guy, he has light voice, and he moves his hands a lot. He never plays with the other guys, and I know I was the only friend he had at the time.

Well we were about to graduate and I was still a virgin. The bad thing was that I didn't have any interest in young girls, but neither in older.. You could say that I didn't like women.

I was talking about that thing with John, when he told me if I have ever thought the possibility of being gay!? Hell no, I replied and I left him alone. A week passed and I was thinking about my conversation with john. I actually found my self looking at other guys butt when I was in the gym and even my self having their cocks in my mouth. You might think it s crazy, but I liked the picture. So I found john and told him my thoughts. He said that he could help me to fin out. So we set up a meeting in my room on Saturday evening when my mother is out.

My mother has divorced with my father 10 years ago. We were living together alone. She was going out when she wanted to meet a date. She never brought a guy into the house, and that makes me respect her. I didn't know much about my mom's sex life, but I was sure she had an affair with a guy, and they for sure must meet every Saturday. Saturday after all is the only day my mom has some time for her self.

John came on time, mom would be out for at least 5 hours, so we have time to do whatever we wanted. After I took some sodas, we went upstairs in my room; I open the PC and put some mp3's to play. We sit on my bed and start chatting. After awhile John told me that no long ago has discovered that he was a gay and he could help me if I wanted to find out whether I am too or not. I hesitate a bit, but finally said ok. So he took all off of his clothes and asked me to do so. He had small dick, and he had shaved his balls. I couldn't resist I wanted to take his dick in my mouth. I asked him if I could suck it and he replied with a big smile.

So I took his dick on my hand and start licking his length, he moaned a bit, that encourage me to keep on. I sucked his balls and then I took him all in my mouth. Oh it was good, suddenly John asked me if I wanted to try it up in my ass. I said yes right away. He asked for some baby oil, and I brought some of my mom's from the bathroom. He asked me then to bend over, and spread my legs. I did as he asked. He put some oil to his cock and some more to my asshole. And he started fucking my ass. It was soooo nice, warm and wet. I start moaning really loud. When something happened and shocked me.

The door was open and my mom was standing there looking speechless his son to get stuffed by his best friend. Very slowly and very calm said: "take your prick out of my son and get the hell out of my house NOW!!!" John did as fast as he could, he took his clothes and then left.

"I think there is some hot water left, take a shower and get downstairs" she said and left from the room.

After 15 minutes I was downstairs sitting on the sofa ready to listen my mother, but not ready to apologize for anything.

"Well I'm here mom" I said.

She sat on the chair opposite of me.

"how long?" she asked

"how long what mom"

"how long have you been doing this?"

"That was the first time mom"

"You have a nice ass, you know that?" she said

I wasn't sure that I got the question right so I just said " what?"

"You've heard me, you have a nice ass. Unfortunately I didn't manage to see your dick as well" "show it to me!"

"show you what, mum,?" I said

"show me your dick now!, take off your clothes, and show me your useless dick son"

I got up, and remove all of my clothes. I was wearing just some shorts and a t-shirt, so it didn't take me long to get rid of my clothes. My mom was looking the whole time down my crotch. When I was completely naked she finally said:

"well, well, what we have here, you have so beautiful body son, and so beautiful dick, it is thick and big,mmm even your balls look like they can produce a lot of "milk" for thirsty mouths. But you instead prefer to have your ass fucked, isn't so baby?"

"I don't really know mom, as I said before, it was my first time" I said with courage.

"did you enjoy it baby?" mom continue "did you enjoy having your friend's dick up in your asshole?"

"Yes I did!" I said and I moved my eyes from her.

"So it is better to get fucked than actually fuck?"

"I can't say the difference mom, I never been with a woman"

My mom, stayed thoughtful for a minute, I could see she didn't like the answer I gave to her. Finally she said:

"Well baby, we have to do something for that." At this point she got up from the chair and undid her clothes. My mom was hot, she had nice boobs, at least 36DD, she was kind of heavy on hips, and she had a round ass. Short red hair and what I really like on her is her bared shaved pussy.

"do you like what you see baby?"

"I like it mom"

she spread her pussy lips for me and said " do you wonna fuck this pussy baby?"

"only if you fuck my ass mom"

"yeah son, I will fuck your ass, don't worry" " come over here now,boy, and lick that pussy"

I did as she asked, I got in my knees in front of her, and I started to lick her beautiful pussy. It was getting very wet, I liked the taste of her juices and I told her.

" I like how your juices taste mom"

'oh , keep on son, youre doing fine down there, keep on and there is more coming over for my little son, give me a couple fingers baby!"

I stuck two fingers in her vagina, she moaned even louder. It was good there, warm and wet, I don't know why, but I wanted to fuck her so bad. I got up and I placed my dick against her cunt

"oh yes son, she said, yes fuck mommy's tight pussy"

"do u like it mum?" I said

"yes baby I like it very much, oh your dick is huge my love, fuck me hard baby, fuck mummy….oh sooo good, god my son is so good"

'oh mommy is coming son, she is coming on your dick, oh! your dick, my love, my son's dick is good,yeah fuck, yeah fuck meeeee…" and with that my mom came on my dick. Immediately I placed my face down and started to drink her juices.

"Now my boy needs to comfort his self" said and asked me to lay down on her laps. For a second I thought she was going to spank my ass. My dick was between her knees, and she started to massage my ass cheeks

"Now mommy has to finger fuck bad son, spread your ass chicks for me baby, yes like that baby, your asshole looks so nice baby. Do you want mom to fuck it now?"

"yes mom please fuck my butt hole with your fingers, please mom"

"okay baby, lets see if my middle finger is good enough for this tight ass hole."

She used a bit of saliva as lubricant and she stuck her middle finger in one in my hole. I felt like I was going to die. It was soooo good, for my ass.

"oh the boy wants more?, yeah take another finger in your ass, mom is really going to fuck your ass now, baby"

she was really bad on my ass, she managed to put three fingers, and she was moving those fingers really fast. I wanted to cum right now.

"mom I wonna cum"

"then cum baby" she said and moved even faster on my ass.

"did u enjoy it baby" she asked me

"yes mom, very much, you fuck my ass very good"

"you too baby, you were excellent with my pussy, but now its time for bed!"

I kissed her on her cheek and I tried to wear my boxers and get up in my room.

"oh no, don't wear those boxers son, come in my room I will give you a G-string underwear and tomorrow we will renew all your underwear's wardrobe, your ass is so beautiful to be covered by all this fabric"

She gave me a red g- string and I felt really good wearing it, my mom smiled and said that she would like to fuck me once wearing this. I smiled back and I said that she could use me and abuse me in any way, because she was my mom and I love her too much.

I had a long sleep, cause I was off from school the other day. So I woke up about 10 o'clock. I heard my mother downstairs, I took a short shower and I hit down to have some breakfast. I thought to get dressed before I go down, but then I thought it was too sexy my mom's underwear, so I just drop a t-shirt on me and made my way down.

"good morning mom" I said with a smile and I kissed her on cheek as she was having her coffee at the kitchen's table.

"good morning my boy, she said, have you had a good night sleep?"

"yes mom, very good, thanks" and with that I turned to get a cup from the higher cabinet, exposing my ass to my mom's view.

"oh! I can see that you still wear my panties?» she said, and spank me light on the ass.

I smiled and said " yes mom, makes me feel sexy"

"well I have an idea, we will go down to the market and we find some good underwear just for you" " what do u say?"

I was so happy, me and mom, shopping underwear just for me! " Yes mom, I'd like that very much, but you have to say to the saleslady there, that you want the lingerie not I. I would be too ashamed to ask for female lingerie."

"oh! Don't you trust your mom boy? I have a good friend there, she will supply all the help we need, don't worry my boy, just make it quick, get dressed and we'll be there in no time."

I did as fast as I could, I put some jeans one and I grabbed my jacket. Mom was hot, she was wearing a long skirt made from jeans fabric and black net-pantyhose, black high-heeled sandals, a black see-through shirt, where you could see a great piece of black bra, and jeans-jacket. She had her nails both toes and fingers painted red. And that was for me a big turn on. I wanted to fuck her right there, I wanted to suck her feet!

"oh mom, you are hot mom," I said

"really baby, do I turn you on?"

"oh yes mom, you do a lot mom"

"okay, save it for later baby, I really want you to fuck me after we have done with shopping", she smiled and took me out of the house in her car.

The down centre was not too long from our house, so in about 10 minutes driving we were at the shop. Mom went in, holding me by hand, she found her friend Lisa and they started to chat about things. Lisa was the owner of the shop, she started this shop about 20 years ago, she was quite old, about 50, but she looked okay. She had blonde hair, average tits, and a big ass. She was wearing a white skirt and you could see the white g-string lost in her ass, and white t-shirt.

"well young man, lisa said, what can we do for you?"

"Lisa", my mother interrupt, "my son here needs some underwear, to give you a clue of what he needs, just let me tell you that right now is wearing the red g-string I have bought from here last week."

Lisa smiled with lust. She looked at me and licked her lips wet.

"ok, I see, so you want something sexy, please turn around I need to see your butt."

I turned around and I show me ass to Lisa.

"oh! That's a good ass, so let's try to find something nice for you." She started showing various panties to me. Till she found one, it was black in front, but transparent, and the back was invisible due to silicon strings.

"this is one of the bests, lisa said, if someone see you from behind she wont realize that you wear anything, do you wonna try it?"

my mum, node to me, and I took the panties and went to the dressing room. It was rather a big dressing room with three a big mirror, I took my jeans and panties off and I wore the new black panties. I felt so horny. I had my dick hard immediately

Lisa opened the curtain and took a peek of me.

"mm how you feel it, is it okay?" lisa asked as she looked from behind and added "please turn around to see the front of it"

on this point my mom came in

"oh it looks great, what you think lisa?"

"yeah your son looks great with that, but he needs to do some shaving down there, you have to shave his bikini line, his balls and his ass for sure."

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