Make Me Want It


"So." I began as Jacob walked out of earshot.


"Does this mean you are free for dinner tonight?" I asked, not really believing that I had just asked a client out to dinner.

"I guess it does, but it will either be super casual, or I am going to have to go home and get ready." she answered looking at me with the same smile on her face.

"Text me your address, I'll pick you up at six." I said quickly, so I wouldn't change my mind.

She reached for her phone then asked me for my number and after I gave it to her she sent me a text with her address. She began to gather her stuff up and picking up her bag she smiled at me, then rose up on her toes and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"See you in a few hours." she said, smiling and then blushing furiously to the round of applause and wolf whistles coming from ten cops who had probably consumed more ounces of beer than they had combined IQ points.

"Okay." I replied, smiling and adding, "Sorry about that but cops are worse than firemen. If you want to see either of them shed IQ points, bring a baby, a puppy or a good-looking woman into the area."

"Don't be." she said with a wink and a smile as she turned to walk away.

I stood quietly, watching her as she left, then I sensed someone standing beside me. I glanced to my right and saw Melanie standing there with a grin on her face. She looked at me for a moment before she burst out laughing.

"What?" I asked her, with a perfectly straight face.

"I always knew it wouldn't be a blonde with fake tits that landed you."

"Who says she has landed me? It's a dinner date." I said, trying to play it off.

"Uh huh, sure it is Honey." Then she placed her hand on my arm adding, "Don't ever play poker Chris, you will end up living under a bridge somewhere."

"Is it that obvious?" I asked, turning to look at her.

She was still laughing as she walked back to join the party.

I had just broken a Cardinal Rule. A personal one because we didn't have a policy against dating our clients at The Gym, but I had determined long ago that dating one could be hazardous to the business, so I swore them off like they were poison. Now here I sat, in Angie's driveway, picking her up for dinner. I remember thinking to myself, "Okay Chris, take her to the restaurant, eat, take her home, tell her you had fun and for the love of God, don't do or say anything stupid."

But when I got to her front door, a strange feeling of peace came over me and I realized that I was probably making more out of this than it was. It wasn't as though I had plans to seduce her; I was simply taking a woman out to dinner. I had done this before, numerous times in fact, over the course of thirty-five or so years. Why should tonight turn out any differently?

Angie stepped onto the porch a few seconds after I rang the doorbell; she locked the door behind her and then turned to face me. I stood there dumbstruck when I realized that I was seeing her with make-up and real clothes for the first time. She had always been attractive without make-up on but seeing her dressed to go out instead of dressed to work out made me look twice at her as a woman instead of a client.

"You look great!" I blurted out, a tad more enthusiastically than I wanted to.

"Thank you!" she replied, flashing me a smile and blushing slightly.

"Is Red Lobster okay?" I asked turning to walk to the car.

"Sure! I love seafood." she replied adding, "I just have to watch it, or I'll shatter my diet in one night."

"You've been hitting it pretty hard, you can afford a Cheat Night." I said as I held the car door open for her.

"If you say so." she said with a small laugh.

Dinner was filled with more small talk, none of it revolving around The Gym, her workout or her weight loss until the waitress asked if we wanted desert. I picked up the desert menu and glancing at it I ordered a slice of cheesecake with chocolate syrup. As the waitress walked away, Angie looked across the booth at me like I had just drop-kicked a puppy that had landed in the street, causing a bus load of orphans and nuns to lose control and crash into a hospice.

"Really? I've been a good girl all night long. I counted calories and everything and you are going to sit there and eat a slice of cheesecake in front of me?" she stated, her hazel eyes shooting daggers at me.

"No. It's for you because you were a good girl and counted your calories and everything. I told you that you deserved a Cheat Night and I meant every word of it."

"Thank you." she said, glancing over at the table next to us which was filling up with teenaged girls and chaperones, who were all wearing tee-shirts that said, "Kennesaw High School Mustang Cheerleader" across the chest.

Smiling as if she was lost in a pleasant memory Angie turned her attention back to me and said "I really have tried Chris. The last year has been hard on me and Jacob and I want so badly for him to be as proud of me as I am of him."

"When were you a cheerleader?" I asked.


"What high school were you a cheerleader at?" I asked again as I motioned for the waitress to place the cheesecake in front of Angie.

"How did you know?" she asked, cocking her head and looking at me strangely.

"From the look you gave them. You were smiling like you remembered what that was like so, what high school did you cheer at?"

She didn't immediately respond, instead she lifted her fork and cut the very tip of the cheesecake off, then lifted it to her mouth. Pausing as though eating it would set her back weeks on her routine she slowly placed it in her mouth and closed her eyes as she tasted it. Returning the fork to her desert she sliced of a larger piece and lifting it to her lips she smiled at me and replied, "Georgia Tech."

"Do what?" I asked, truly shocked. So much for her never having been in a gym before.

"I was a Georgia Tech cheerleader for four years."


"Yep! This is delicious by the way, thank you for letting me cheat. I have a feeling I am going to pay for it later." she answered, motioning to her desert.

"You were a Georgia Tech cheerleader?"

"I was on the Dance Squad too. What? The fat chick couldn't have been a cheerleader?"

"You're not fat." I said flatly.

"Sweetie back then I weighed one twenty five, and freaked out if I gained more than two pounds over the summer."

"You're not fat; stop saying that." I said, beginning to get annoyed with her.

"Compared to what I was back then I am." she said, pushing the cheesecake away from her and nodding her head at the teenagers sitting beside us.

"Finish your desert. It is a reward, not a punishment." I said, sliding it back in front of her.

"What are you going to do if I don't? Spank me?" she asked with a smile on her lips.

"No. I'll just work you so hard this week that you will wish I had spanked you because the pain would end faster." I answered, staring at her until she blinked and cut off another piece of cake.

"Now you are just being mean." she said, placing her fork on the table after she ate it.


"Yes." she said, looking down at the table.

"What size are the jeans that you're wearing right now Angie?"

"Ten. Why?"

"When is the last time you wore a size ten anything?"

"I can't remember." she said with a small catch in her voice as she answered, "Maybe right after Jacob was born? I gained a lot of baby weight with him and it never came off; then it invited friends to join it."

"You'll be in an eight by New Year's Eve."

"If you say so." she replied, looking at me like she didn't believe a word I was saying.

"I say so; now what say we go for a drive before I take you back home?" I asked as I signed the check and placed my credit card back in my wallet.

"Where to?"

"Everywhere and nowhere."

"That sounds like my kind of place. Let's go!" she said grabbing her purse and slipping out of the booth.

We drove around simply talking for another hour before we ended up back in her driveway. I walked her to her door and we stood there awkwardly chatting for a few seconds before I blurted out, "So, this afternoon at the lake?"


"Why did you kiss me on the cheek?"

"Because I could; I wouldn't dare do that at the gym though." she responded with an impish glint in her eyes.

"Just asking." I said, relieved and slightly disappointed that it was a spur of the moment thing.

"Just like I wouldn't dare do this." she added, standing on her toes and kissing me lightly on the lips.

When she stepped back, she looked up at me and said, "Thank you for today Chris, I really enjoyed it."

"You're welcome, so did I." I replied.

"Good night." she whispered.

"Good night Angie." I replied, smiling at her as she slipped inside her house and closed the door.

As I drove home I couldn't help but think to myself that I was probably doing something that I should not be doing with her. I was becoming personally involved on a level that I had never experienced before, and it scared me. It was one thing to motivate and coach, but I was honestly thinking about asking her out again and every fiber of my being was telling me to stay away because it would end badly.

As a cop, you never allow yourself to become involved with the victims and that was my guiding light when I entered the business world as well. Stay distant, don't get involved, be friendly to everyone but friends with no one. So far it had worked out well for me, but I had never met anyone like Angie before either. Little did I know that in the morning, Angie would say four words that would cause me to throw all of that out the window.

Tuesday began as Tuesdays will after a long weekend; like a Monday. By the time Angie showed up at ten, I was convinced that I had somehow offended Karma over the weekend and I was now paying a steep penance for my sins. By nine o'clock, I had already dealt with a burst pipe in the Men's Locker Room and had called an ambulance when a client started complaining about chest pains after overexerting himself on one of the elliptical machines. I was honestly considering running away from home and living in the mountains of Tibet as a hermit when Angie showed up.

"Bad morning?" she asked when she saw the look on my face.

"It was, but it's getting better now that you're here. I get to ignore the lunacy for an hour or so."

"Bye, bye lunacy. Hello Hot Mess Express." she said, smiling at me.

"Not even close Kiddo." I said, genuinely happy that she was there.

We walked to the weight room and as she adjusted the machine's bench to begin her leg routine she glanced over at me and smiled. Lying face down on the bench she slipped the backside of her knees under the rollers and then looked over her shoulder at me.



"Do you remember saying that I would be in a size eight by New Year's Eve?"

"Yes." I stated.

"Do you remember telling me that I would wish you would just spank me, so the pain would end faster?"

"Yes." I responded, not certain where she was going with this.

"Make me want it." she whispered, winking over her shoulder at me as she settled deeper into the position on the bench, flexing her thighs and glutes.

I stood there stunned into silence by those four words and the wink. Last night had been fun and I had really enjoyed our time together; but this? I had never dreamed that she would say something like that, especially so soon after what could only marginally be called a date. Staring down at her I saw her flex her muscles again; only this time she held it long enough for me to get a good look at the cheeks of her ass as they tightened up under the spandex leggings and running shorts that she was wearing. I felt my dick begin to harden as I stared at it and looking up at her I saw her grin widen into a sexy little smile that all but screamed "I win!"

"What?" I asked her, snapping back to reality and still not believing what she had said.

"Make me want it."

"Want what?" I asked, maintaining eye contact with her, "The size eight or the spanking?"

"You decide." she said groaning loudly as she made the first rep.

By the time we finished that workout I was convinced that I was shaking more than she was as she walked out of the gym and got into her car. The banter that we normally shared had turned from friendly and playful to sexy and erotic in the blink of an eye. It stayed that way from our first exchange on the weight bench until she left an hour later. The thigh machine was her killing blow; she looked at me as she spread her legs wide and as she began to close them against the resistance the machine was giving her, she mouthed silently, "Just imagine."

I sat at my desk, slowly drinking a bottle of water for at least ten minutes, waiting for my breathing to return to normal. I had just decided to get up and go back on the floor when our Angie walked into my office grinning at me like a bird fed cat. She laid a stack of paperwork on my desk then sat down in one of the chairs in front of me.

"So?" she asked.


"How long have you two been seeing each other?" she asked.

"Huh? What?" I replied, shocked that she knew something was going on; innocent though it might be at this point.

"Chris, this really isn't any of my business so I'm just going to say that of all the silicone injected bimbos and horny bleach blonde soccer moms that walk in here, I am really glad that you are going after a woman who is a genuinely nice person."

"But, I'm not. We aren't; I mean we went out last night but that is all. It was just dinner. No big deal really." I stammered.

"Then you need to buckle up because that woman is about to take you on the ride of your life boss." Angie stated, laughing at my discomfort as she rose to her feet.

"Do you think so?" I asked her, honestly wanting a second opinion at what I was thinking.

"Oh Chris! You are so sweet and naïve that it will be sinfully fun to watch this happen."


"Buckle up Buttercup!" she said, laughing as she left my office.

Picking up my cell phone I called Angie and when she answered I immediately regretted what I blurted out.

"That wasn't fair!" I said.

"If you want fair, it will show up in this month with rides, pigs and chickens." came the immediate response in my ear.

"Neither was that!" I said, grinning like an idiot and spinning around in my chair to look out the office window.

"Aww, poor thing. Oh, and despite your best efforts to fatten me up last night, I've dropped another pound since my last weigh in. I might be in a size eight by New Year's Eve after all." Angie stated with pride coming through in her voice.

"Really? That's awesome."

"I know! I'm standing on the scales right now. Wanna guess what I'm wearing?" she whispered.

"I'm going with a towel and a smile." I said, deciding to give in for a moment.

"Well, you're half right. I've got to go; I'll see you tomorrow morning. You get to stare at my boobs for an hour; it's Chest Day." she said, disconnecting the call before I could say anything.

A moment later my phone dinged and glancing at it I saw the text was from Angie. When I opened it, there was a picture of her feet on a set of bathroom scales with a towel lying on the floor beside it. The number on the scales read 154. I suddenly realized how proud I was of her and maybe the flirting and banter was simply her way of testing the water to see if the new and improved Angie could get a guy's attention. I made a mental note to ask her about that tomorrow, then I stood up from my desk and went to work.

The Gym was all but deserted the next morning, in part because it was a Wednesday morning but mainly because it was pouring rain outside. I stood in the door, sipping my third cup of coffee listening to the thunder roll when Angie's car pulled into the parking lot. As she stepped out of the car she threw a jacket over her head then made a dash for the front door. When she stepped inside she looked up at me and smiled.

"Morning." I said, lifting my cup toward her.

"Good morning."

"Do you have a minute? I need to ask you something."

"Sure." she replied, dropping the jacket down and shaking off the water.

"What were you trying to do yesterday? Was that to see if you could get a guy's attention or was it something else?" I asked her, turning and walking toward my office.

"Did I get your attention?" she asked with an innocent smile.

"Yes, you did." I responded honestly.

"Good. Honestly, I was just as shocked by my actions as you were. It has been ages since I have been able to tease a man like that. Once I started, it was too much fun to stop and your reaction was priceless." She answered, grinning at me as she walked along beside me.


"You looked like someone had hit you on top of the head. I know I can't be the first woman to hit on you here, so what is the real question Chris?"

"Do me a favor Angie." I said as I walked into the office.

"What?" she asked as she closed the door behind us.

"Just tell me what is really going on here. What are you trying to accomplish?"

She stood in front of my desk looking across it at me and as our eyes met a slow smile crept across her lips. She cocked her head and stared at me silently for a moment, then said, "Short term? I plan on working my chest and back in a few minutes. Long term? I plan on taking you to bed."

"Umm." I said, pausing to frame my next sentence.

"Three months ago, that hesitation would have caused me to run out of here crying." she said, with a small grin.


"Two months ago, that would have made me do it."

"Wow!" I said, not expecting this reaction from her at all.

"You started it."

"Do what?" I said, shocked by her accusation.

"You started it, so you get to reap the rewards." she said becoming serious.

"I didn't do anything!"

"You've given me back my self-confidence Chris. In April, I would have never been able to get a man to stare at my butt like you did yesterday, unless he was laughing at it. Come on, admit it; you enjoyed looking at my ass as much as I enjoyed teasing you with it."

Never breaking eye contact with me, she dropped the jacket she had covered her head with on the chair in front of my desk and reaching up to the zipper of the warm up jacket that she was wearing she slowly unzipped it until she had it open, well below her breasts. All I saw beneath the material was the smooth tan skin of her chest and top of her stomach. Reaching inside she cupped her right breast and squeezed it slowly, being very careful to keep it covered as she did so. She leaned forward and placed the palms of her hands on my desk, causing the jacket to fall open, giving me a glimpse beneath it. I couldn't help but stare at her cleavage while she looked up at me licking her lips as she exposed her tits to me.

"36D and all me." she stated in a matter of fact voice, "You probably don't want to know this about me Chris, but I used to love showing them off. Eighteen years ago, I could have rocked your world during Spring Break. It's almost criminal what a girl can get from a guy if she has a decent enough rack."

"Oh my God." I mumbled, feeling my cock harden beneath my shorts.

"Do you see how this game is being played now Chris? Do you want me to stop? If you do, just say so. But from now on, for every pound I drop, you get a reward." she whispered to me, as she stood up and rezipped her jacket.

I walked around my desk and stopping in front of her I realized that I was at a crossroad. If I walked away now, without ever having touched her in a sexual way, I could at least claim the moral high ground and say that I had kept my promise to myself about sleeping with a client. Then, for reasons that I can't begin to explain, I reached out and gently placed my right hand on the side of her face. Her eyes closed as she felt my fingertips come to rest on the side of her face. I gently began to massage her cheek and as her lips parted and a soft sigh escaped her mouth, I slowly leaned forward and kissed her.

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