tagErotic CouplingsMakeila is a Witch

Makeila is a Witch


Makeila had come back to my place for a drink after training at the circus school. Nothing untoward was planned, at least by me! - She was so much younger than I that however much I might dream, I knew that the only joy I was going to get that night was from my right hand, thinking about her or one of the other partners, (in a training role only) that I worked with.

The phone rang, it was Charles. I don't have in-laws I have out-laws. However he was a good sort and having lost my wife, his daughter and Barbara, his wife in the same car crash about two years ago I couldn't just leave it to the answer phone.

I apologised to Makeila before picking up the phone, "No problem." She replied, looking again at the video of ourselves on youtube, thinking about how we could improve our act. "Can I just check my emails?"

"Sure." I replied. I didn't have anything dodgy on the computer anyway, not even in my browsing history like a few of those whose computers I had fixed over the years.

Half an hour or so later and I was just putting the phone down. That was a short conversation with Charles. He had always been able to talk the hind legs off a donkey and that hadn't changed any. Pushing ninety and he still hadn't given up work though despite his complaints about the state of the market etc. I think it was his need to be doing something, especially since Barbara died that kept him at it.

That thought was interrupted by a call from Makeila, "Where did you get that picture of me?"

Not having a clue what she was talking about, I answered, "What picture?"

"This one!" The picture on the screen did indeed look like Makeila, sporting a very sexy black bikini. A state of dress I had never seen her in. "Besides, I don't have a black bikini!"

I grabbed the mouse, minimised the picture and looked at the folder she had gone into. It was the one where I kept my digital art work. All the pictures in it were completely digital, created using a tablet to draw with and some clever use of, "The Gimp" an open source image manipulation program. I vaguely remembered producing the picture, set against my memory of a pool in a highland river in Scotland.

Now it was my turn to feel weirded out. - That picture had been produced three years before I ever met Makeila and I probably hadn't looked at it since a year or more before we met.

"I drew it on the computer, more than six years ago. "Check the file creation date." Makeila duly right clicked on the file and then clicked on, "Properties." Sure enough, the file was actually last modified over four years before we met.

Makeila stood up and lifted up the bottom of her t-shirt. "Look, even my belly button piercing is the same." I looked between the picture and the reality, comparing face, hairstyle and colour, trying to make sense of what I was looking at when Makeila lifted the shirt over her head and after folding it, laid it on the back of the chair. The birthmark below her extremely perky left breast was identical too. I was suddenly glad that I had never been in the habit of drawing nudes on the computer. I was also becoming painfully aware that whatever I thought of my chances my body was making it very clear what it thought!

Out of nowhere, a snatch of overheard conversation between Makeila and Rachel another of my training partners came back to me, "How many brothers and sisters do you have?" Rachel looked at me as if I really had gone mad. "Three of each, my grandmother, mother and myself are all seventh chil...."

Her voice tailed of and some of the colour drained from her face as she realised the implications of what I was asking. "Are you calling me a witch?" She asked, a touch of mock irritation in her voice.

"No, just that many traditions say that the seventh child of a seventh child is gifted with psychic abilities."

"Hmm, my mother always was able to predict when some people would visit her in fact she still can. Last Monday on the Bank Holiday, I phoned her to tell her I was on my way round and she said, "I know, I got your favourite Greek yoghurt in." Makeila continued, "But you must be sensitive too. I can just about remember trying on some bikinis and wondering what I would look like in a black one." She grinned, "Would you like to see me in the one I did choose?"

I needed to keep focussed, "What do you mean, I must be sensitive too?"

"Well, if all it took were for me to imagine myself wearing a black bikini, there would be artists all over the country with pictures of me! Hey, do you think that is why there are half a dozen Mona Lizas all claiming to be the real one?"

I was failing miserably in my attempts to stay focussed. I was imagining Makeila not in whatever colour bikini she had bought years ago but without any clothes at all and if the bulge in my sweats had been noticeable before it was getting to be unmissable now.

Makeila, knowing me well enough to be sure I would not try anything without her say so was enjoying my predicament. "Why don't you modify the picture, and do one of me naked? If I like it, you can have a look at the real thing."

I looked at her, still naked from the waist up, save for a white bra which only served to make her nipples a bit less obvious under a t-shirt and wasn't needed for anything else. "Ok, do you want to grab a beer from the fridge or I have some home made mead in the wine rack. Makeila chose the mead, technically a melomel, as it was flavoured with blackcurrants. She sat down on the sofa as I opened up The Gimp.

I started by changing her pose slightly from the original. Now she was bending her left leg a little which made it just a tad more suggestive. I also made her gaze a touch more direct and intense. I played about a little bit with skin tone as well. Some of this was so that the amount of tan matched what I had seen of her belly. Other areas were either helped by some psychic connection of guesswork. Somehow as I put in erect nipples, and skin tones on her breasts with just a hint of colour from increased blood flow, I knew this was going to be accurate. I put in the tattoo of Chinese characters at the top of her left thigh before adding a bush, trimmed just enough to not be visible, poking out from the bikini. The colour wasn't quite right.

Makeila's shoulder length hair was a light brown, slightly bleached by the sun. I made her pubic hair a little darker and then got to work on tidying up small details. It must have been gone one in the morning when I finished and called Makeila over to have a look. I knew, without knowing how I knew that I had got it absolutely perfect. Better than I could ever have done with a nude model in front of me.

Makeila didn't say a word, but reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes before reaching down and sliding my sweats and briefs off in one go. I removed my t-shirt as I felt her lips around me. Her tongue circled my engorged head as I ran my fingers through her hair.

Seconds before the point of no return she stopped and stood up, locking our lips together. My hands pulled her close to me and I felt her hard nipples against my own which were equally erect. I needed more and picking her up, I carried her through the door to the bedroom before laying my witch on the bed before resuming kissing her.

My kisses made their way South. I flicked one erect nipple with my tongue eliciting incoherent moans from Makeila. I switched breasts, my fingers replacing my mouth and tongue on the other. After several minutes I continued my journey, enjoying the giggles that came when I tongued her piercing.

Finally, below the well trimmed bush I saw the lips that I had imagined but not drawn earlier. I kissed the inside of Makeila's thighs before teasing the skin outside her nether lips. As she opened up under my ministrations I ran my tongue up one side of her labia and down the other, giving the hood of her clitoris the briefest of grazes on my way past.

As the hood retracted I paid more and more attention to her clitoris and as her breathing got faster and faster I used my fingers as my tongue lapped up Makeila's freely flowing juices. When her moaning got louder I moved back up the bed and pulled Makeila on top of me. Seconds later, she was sitting astride my thighs, legs at one hundred and eighty degrees to each other in box splits and guiding my by now painful erection into her waiting love tunnel.

I reached up to take her breasts in my hands and give her some stability as Makeila rocked backwards and forwards giving me a wonderful view of my cock disappearing inside her pussy before reappearing slick and shiny with her sex juices which coated it.

My licking must have done some good because within the first few strokes I felt her muscles clamp down on me. This didn't make her stop though, Makeila rode me with an energy I had never seen before, her forehead slick with sweat. After her first orgasm, I felt the increase in wetness around me and started to thrust up to match her movements.

Makeila must have been able to sense when I was about to cum as three times she slowed down just before I was about to pump her sex full of my spunk. The fourth time she increased her speed and as I pushed my hips upwards I coated her insides with my cream seconds before I felt the rhythm of her cunt squeezing me even harder than it did with her first orgasm.

Finally spent, Makeila collapsed on me, our combined juices leaking out over my thighs, my cock now semi-soft still contained in her vagina.

If I had known sex with a witch would be so good I would have tried it a long time ago.

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