Makes Me Hot


Who would have thought that she could be turned on by someone's words and a few naughty pictures . Yet here she was filled with such a desire to stick her hand into her little white panties and play with herself. Sadly she could not because she was still at work for another three hours. Had he known? Did he realize what he was doing to her? Had he done it on purpose knowing thoughts of his hard cock would drive her almost to insanity for the rest of her shift? She would never know.

Could she sneak off to the bathroom? No they would notice and wonder where she was and what she was doing. She would just have to suffer until she got home and was able relieve her ever mounting horniness.

The rest of her shift seemed to crawl by. Finally it was time to go home. She packed up her till and practically sprinted for the door. She jumped into her car. At the speed she drove home, she was honestly surprised she did not get pulled over for speeding. So her family would not ask any question, she realized that she had to act like it was a normal day at work. This meant making small talk with them even though she would much rather go right upstairs to her room.

After exchanging pleasantries with her grandma, she told her she was tired and was going to go upstairs to her bedroom. Then she headed up to her bedroom. The first thing she did was close the door. She did not want any disturbances. Then she laid down on her bed with her head on stack of pillows. Turning on her tablet, she went to the e-mail he had sent her earlier that day. As the pictures loaded, she could feel her pussy lips dampening once again. Her nipples felt like little pebbles as she stroked them through her shirt. She ran her hands down her body caressing every inch.

Pulling her shirt over her head, she could feel the fabric slowly slipping over her sensitive breasts. She imagined how good it would feel if it were his hands instead of her own. It would be amazing to feel his body pressed against hers as his hands roamed all over her body.

Her hands then slipped slowly down over her still pants clad legs. Running her hands up and down her thigh she could feel her body respond to her touch. Teasing herself she would stop just before her crotch. Then she lightly touched her incredibly sensitive pussy lips. This sent an electric shock that traveled the entire length of her spine.

Slowly sliding her pants down her legs, she reveled in the feel of her hands on her bare skin. The only pieces of clothing she was still wearing were her matching white lace bra and panties. I wonder what he would think if he saw me now she thought to herself. She even thought about sending him some pictures but in the end decided against it. She did not know who was around at this moment and their attraction to each other was supposed to be their little secret. As she thought about what his reaction might have been a huge grin came over her face.

She then reached around her back and undid the clasp on her bra. Her breasts lay heavily in her hands. Her hard nipples standing practically straight out. Taking her thumb, she gentlely caressed each nipples. Then she took each nippe in between her thumb and her index finger, she lightly twists each one. The mixture of pleasure and a tiny bit of pain caused her pussy walls to pulsate.

Slowly removing her soaked wet lace panties, she wished he could have been here at this very moment. Her body was screaming for release right that moment. She knew it would not be long before she would be coming all over her bed sheets.

Placing her fingers on her now aching pussy lips, she slowly moved them up and down. Caressing every inch of her wanton pussy. As she inserted her finger into herself, she could feel the walls of her pussy contract around it. Man did she wish this was his cock and not just her finger. She remembered something that he had wanted her to do. She took the finger soaked with pussy juice and stuck it into her mouth sucking on it as if it were his cock. After sucking it off she used that same finger to circle the little nub of her clit. Each time the finger brushed over the little nub, she could feel her pussy walls contract again. After a few more strokes, she inserted two fingers from her right hand into her pussy. Moving them in and out while at the same time circling her clit with the middle finger of her left hand. It was not long before her entire body convulsed and she came all over her sheets. She lay there for a few months enjoying the after glow and then got dressed and went down stairs to eat dinner with her family.

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