tagInterracial LoveMakin' Lemonade Ch. 01

Makin' Lemonade Ch. 01


It all started the second semester of my sophomore year in college. I was on the football team, and finally a starter, but as luck would have it, I screwed up a couple of classes and got cut. Actually, it was a lot more than just “screwin’ up” a class or two. Me and two of my teammates, Carlos and Terrance, got caught cheatin’ on some exams.

They called us the “Rainbow Coalition”. I’m white, Carlos is Cuban, and Terrance is black. Carlos and I have been buddies since high school and we met Terrance at college. We were constant hanging partners: roomin’ together, drinkin’ together, in trouble together. The coach wasn’t too surprised when our little scandal broke out and didn’t make too much of stink about it when he called us into his office.

“Well, fellas” he said at the end of his speech. “As my daddy useta tell me whenever I fucked things up: when life gives ya lemons, better make some damn good lemonade!”

We went back to our room that night and drank ourselves into oblivion, because two days later we were gonna be expelled. We packed up our stuff and went back home: me and Carlos to Jacksonville (Florida) and Terrance back to Atlanta.

Our folks were pissed and disappointed, as expected. I bummed around the house for a month before my dad threatened to kick me out on the street. Carlos and Terrance got pretty much the same from their folks.

A few days later, I got a call from Terrance. His uncle Carl owns a small trucking operation in Maryland, just outside of D.C. He was willing to give the three of us jobs helping him out if we were interested. Apparently Carl had been a bit of a “hardcore fuck-up” in his younger days and was more than willing to see that the three of us were given a second chance. We talked about it, and two weeks later the three of us were moving into an apartment not too far from our new place of employment.

“Look here, boys,” Carl said to us on our first day of work, “I admire ya. Hell, I wish I was still you alls’ ages. That way I could still party and raise hell like you do. But sooner or later ya gotta be smarter about the way you go about it. Just do your jobs, keep the screw ups to a minimum, and keep all the hell raisin’ on the down low.”


We took his uncle’s advice to heart and did our best. We still hang out and party, but we make sure the work is done first, covering for each other whenever necessary. The “Rainbow Coalition” was back in business!

About a year later, Carl told us that he would be spending more and more time away from the office. He was interested in opening a new operation near Chicago. He was pretty sure that the three of us had earned our stripes and were capable enough to keep an eye on things.

Terrance took care of the overall day-to-day stuff, Carlos handled the books and I watched over the trucks and equipment. Carl didn’t have a thing to worry about.

One day at lunch Terrance hipped us to something. He’d found something in his uncle’s office that he wasn’t too sure we were supposed to find: a peephole in the closet that looked into the secretary’s washroom.

“I couldn’t believe this shit!” T (Terrance) told us, “and it’s obvious that my uncle is the one that drilled the damn thing. You can see all these bitches pissin’, and changin’…. damn!”

Los (Carlos) had a grin on his face that could only mean one thing: mischief and mayhem!

“So how you guys wanna play this?” he asked.

“Let’s check it out first,” I said. “Make sure everything’s on the up and up.”

Right after lunch we all went to Carl’s office. It was a slow day so there weren’t any more orders coming in. So we sat around laughing and giggling like a bunch of horny teenagers.

There were five secretaries in the company. Ramona, Lauren and Joannie were the only three secretaries that used that restroom. The other two worked out of the garage at the other end of the block.

Ramona is Carl’s personal secretary. She’s black, in her late 40s and divorced. She’s about 5’6”, dark complexioned, has short curly hair, and built like a small fire hydrant: not really fat, but thick and stocky. She’s also got a nice pair of 40DD tits that I’d definitely love to slip my cock between. Ramona’s the more outgoing and friendly of the three, sometimes “loud” and opinionated, but definitely fun to hang out with.

Lauren and Joannie are both white. Lauren is married and in her mid-30s. She’s also about 5’6”, a redhead with freckles and very skinny. She kinda has a body like a 12-year-old, no tits and no ass. Joannie is also in her 30s. I think she’s divorced, but she definitely lives alone. Joannie’s more of an “Amazon”, about 5’9”, long black hair, nice size tits and ass. Lauren is usually distant and standoffish, but Joannie’s a lot friendlier.

Terrance told us when we first got here that he thought his uncle had boned either Ramona or Joannie, may even both.

It wasn’t long before we heard someone going into the washroom. It was Lauren. The three of us took turns looking through the peephole. There really wasn’t much to see. We all agree that Lauren doesn’t “do it” for any of us.

A few minutes after Lauren left, Joannie went in. Bingo! She was wearing a black thong under her skirt and had one of the sweetest asses I’d ever seen on a white woman. We all agreed that we wanted to see more.

An hour before the end of the work day, it was Ramona’s turn. Her ass was round and thick and her thighs firm. I personally wanted to find a way to get between them!

Later that night at the apartment we decided that some how, some way we were gonna get into those panties (and thongs)!

T and Los had hard-ons for Joannie and I wanted to fuck Ramona. I decided to try the simple and direct approach: drinks and flirting.

The next day at work I invited Ramona to have lunch with me. We went over to the local bar & grill for burgers and brews. We talked, drank, flirted and had a really nice time. We did the same thing the next day and the day after that until it became a regular routine with us. The other ladies joked with her about me being her “hot, young lover”, which she seemed to enjoy. Little did they know that I was determined to make that all too true!

That Friday I invited her over to the apartment the next day to hang out and watch the game (our old team was playing). She agreed.

Meanwhile, T and Los had started putting things in motion with Joannie. They found out that she liked to hang out in a particular bar on Thursday nights and shoot pool. Just “by coincidence”, they showed up one Thursday and hung out with her. They’d already done it four times and it was now their routine.

The fellas left early the next day to give me some privacy, and Ramona came by earlier than I expected. I was just coming out of the shower and answered the door wearing only my jeans and a towel draped over my shoulders. I could tell she liked what she saw.

“Don’t go getting dressed on my account.” She laughed as I went to get a shirt.

We sat and had brews and pizza and watched the game. She was wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and running shoes and looked very nice. I put on a button-down shirt and remained barefoot. We were both very comfortable.

When the game was over (our guys lost), she peaked through our video collection.

“What, no porn?” she asked with a smirk.

“Oh that,” I shot back. “It’s in the cabinet behind you.”

“Oh really?” she said not believing me.

“Go on and see for yourself.”

She walked over to the cabinet and opened it (I guess she really thought I was joking), and her eyes literally popped when she saw our collection of 100+ tapes and DVDs.

“I’m impressed.” She smiled as she thumbed through the covers. “Seen it…. seen it…. seen it…. own it…. seen it…. own it…”

Now I was impressed!

“This is a new one.” She said taking out a tape in a clear plastic cover labeled, “Private Stash”.

“Oh, that’s some our own stuff.” I announced proudly.

“What?” she asked. “You mean YOU made this?”

“Not just me,” I admitted, “Los and T are on there too.”

“And just who are the lucky ladies on here?” she asked removing the tape from it’s cover.

“A few girls we met in school.”

“And did they all know that they were becoming ‘movie stars’?” she asked putting the tape into the VCR.

“Some did, some didn’t.” I shrugged.

The first image that flickered onto the television was of a young blonde (I think her name was Susan) giving Los a blowjob. Los was using a handheld pointed down at her face as she stared into the camera and sucked him.

Ramona was riveted to the TV as I went to the kitchen for more beers. Things were going much better than I expected I thought as my 10” schlong jumped around in my pants.

When I went back to the couch, Ramona was leaning forward, engrossed in watching a scene of me banging this cheerleader (can’t remember her name) doggie style back in our old dorm room. The little brunette was still wearing her uniform and although the audio wasn’t too good, her gasps and moans were quite clear.

“We were celebrating ‘cause we’d just won a big game.” I explained.

“Celebrating?” she smirked, “Is that what you kids call it these days?”

I moved in closer to her on the couch as we both put away two more beers. We continued to watch almost an hour of the “Rainbow Coalition’s” sexual escapades. Ramona was very much into it. I could see her nipples poking through her sweatshirt.

When the tape was Ramona looked almost out of breathe. There was a long pause between us.

“So,” she asked nervously, “are you boys really that…. ummm…. adventurous?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” I answered.

“Oh yeah, and what’s tha…?” she started.

But before she could finish, I leaned forward and put my tongue in her ear. She gasped and jumped slightly, but didn’t stop me. I slowly brought her back into the couch and moved from her ear to her mouth. Our tongues tangled and entwined as my hands slipped up under her shirt. I found her right breast and squeezed and kneaded it softly.

“Mmmm…. yeah baby….” She moaned as her hands fought my jeans to free my cock. She gasped again when she found it; I guess she was surprised by the size.

I stood up in front of her and let her remove my jeans completely. She took my cock in her hands and stroked it slowly before sucking the head up between her full lips. I ran my hands through her soft, short afro as I slowly pumped her face. Ramona was definitely no “first time” college chick; this lady knew exactly what she was doing. It took less than two minutes for me to shoot a load of jism down her throat. She grabbed my ass and continued to hold me in her mouth as she drained the last drops.

I plopped down on to the couch, light-headed, as she walked to the kitchen for more beer.

“I’ll give you a few minutes before round 2.” She smiled.


When she returned she was wearing only her panties, socks and a smile. Her tits were bigger than I had realized! They were large, firm and sagged only slightly over her small potbelly. The nipples were huge and stuck out almost an inch.

She shoved one of them into my mouth and I sucked at it hungrily. I removed her panties and fingered her wet pussy as my cock came back to life. I had three fingers pumping in and out of her sopping snatch when her thighs began to quiver and she called out my name.

“Oh Mitch…(my name by the way!)…. Oh Mitch, baby! I’m cummin’! Mona’s cummin’ for you baby!”

She came all over my hand and I had to grab her so she wouldn’t fall. I helped her onto the couch and we lay there a few minutes catching our breath.

“Which room is yours?” she asked getting to her feet. “I’m ready for round 3!”

I led her to my room and we fell into my bed. I rolled her over onto her stomach and she raised her hips, waiting for me to enter. I didn’t keep her waiting long as I shoved my rigid cock into her up to my balls. I gripped her ass with both hands as I pumped her with everything I had. My thighs smacked loudly against her ass.

“Fuck me, baby! Fuck meeeeee!” she screamed into my pillow.

After more than 20 minutes the sweat was pouring down my forehead and chest, and glistening on her ass and back. My back was beginning to ache and I could feel a cramp developing in my left thigh. I pulled out and flipped her over. She spread her legs wide and pulled me down onto her as I guided my cock back in.

Her thighs felt like a vise-grip as she wrapped them around my hips. Ramona held her tits out for me to suck as I banged her as hard as I could. I could feel her cunt muscles tighten around me as she had her second orgasm.

“Oh shit!” she moaned through clenched teeth.

I could feel her cum-juice literally squirt all over my cock. I didn’t last much longer and emptied another load into her.

We collapsed into a sweaty black and white heap of flesh. I slept for a few minutes and got up when I heard the fellas coming back in. It was about 8PM. I left Ramona sleeping in my bed, pulled on some shorts and joined the guys in the living room.

“Yeah, boy!” T smiled as he twirled her panties on his finger. He and Los high-fived me and passed me another beer.

“Omigod!” Los laughed as he stretched out her bra. “Is it true? Is she really ‘larger than life’?”

“Hell yes!” Ramona said stepping around the corner wearing only a smile. “You two up to findin’ out for yourselves?”

The evening was only beginning.


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