tagErotic HorrorMaking a Meal of It

Making a Meal of It


Darkness descended like a blanket covering the fields and silent streets like a shroud. Time at last to free myself from my secluded hiding-place. Occasion with which to flit among the living once more with my own flavour of death.

I had a hunger within. A hunger that needed satisfying. A grotesque hunger that only the death of a mortal could satisfy. Someone out there had an appointment with destiny. Their fate and my survival were entwined. All I had to do was find them.

Rising quickly from my dark, damp resting place I slipped from the cellar out into the cold, crisp darkness of that moonless night. It was feeding time once more. My dark need was paramount in my thoughts. Time once again to feed my deepest, darkest desires away from the harsh glare of the sunlight. I was at home in the darkness. The darkness was made for me! I use that dark shroud like a cloak.

I paused and sniffed the night air. A rich mixture of aromas assailed my nostrils. The raw smell of burnt pipe-tobacco..... and the sweetness of aniseed confectionery. Another sniff told me that a dog had done something unpleasant nearby. I moved onwards quickly.

Pausing once more.... I listened. Another sniff. The aroma of alcohol and something else.... something that always excited me. One of my favourites...... a woman's perfume. A delicate flowery smell assaulting my nostrils. No-one in sight. Alone. A victim waiting to happen! The hunt had started!

I follow the trail of her exciting fragrance. Seeking her out, despite not being able to actually see her. Along the street flitting from shadow to shadow, moving quickly and quietly. Saliva in my mouth waiting for a meal. Alert! My senses tell me that my quarry can't be far away.

Ducking into a narrow walkway between two lockup garages. A small sound from the darkness! A footfall! A woman's footfall. The distinctive 'click click click' of her stilettos upon the concrete.

My own footsteps quicken. A movement in the shadows ahead. My first sight of her! My quarry! The one that my appetite seeks! The one that will satisfy my lust...... for blood!

Moving quicker. Narrowing that gap between us. My footsteps silent as I approach her. She pauses briefly before she continues further through the shadows, her footsteps a little unsteady, unsure. She's probably rather drunk having visited a night-club. A venue in stark contrast to where she now found herself. No matter! A little alcohol with a meal never hurt anyone!

Hearing my footfalls she turns slowly, leaning her back against the brickwork of the damp wall. She smiles as I take those few steps to stand along side her, the distant street-lighting making the sight of the pale flesh of her throat excite me further. Realising how vulnerable she is to my sexual advances she giggles nervously. Oh my curvy darling.... if only you knew! My intentions this night are far, far from honourable!

Her coat falls open a little further revealing her ample charms in a loose cotton top. My eager hands slip beneath her coat to gently hold her slender waist. Her hands touch my shoulders eager for my kiss. Her warm soft lips yield to my urgent demands, her full breasts pressing against my chest as we kiss in that dark alleyway. A kiss that was to be her last. Her final kiss. Her desirable lips pressed against mine and, yes, I could taste the alcohol as my tongue slipped inside her inviting mouth to tease her tongue.

My fingers move higher upon her curvaceous figure to cup her full, high breasts and gently squeeze. Her nipples hardening beneath the thin fabric of her top. She moans softly, relaxing into my embrace, her arms snaking around my shoulders to caress the nape of my neck. My kisses now touching the curve of her chin. She closes her eyes as my kisses move down to her white throat. Her rapid pulse only exciting me further.

As my fangs sink into the blood-vessels in her neck she cries out into the darkness, her body tensing in an all to brief moment of panic but it's too late. I'm already feeding on her life-force..... drinking her. She grips me tightly as though trying, so pitifully, to hold on to her very existence before her body slumps against mine and, having done the terrible deed, I allow her now lifeless body to slide downwards towards the cold concrete floor.

Now, fearing discovery I slip back among the black shadows as she lies there cold. As I make my escape I smile, knowing that I have not taken her young life. She is merely sleeping in readiness for an immortal life by my side.

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