tagIncest/TabooMaking a New Decision

Making a New Decision


Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional. Any resemblance to any person/place/thing is completely coincidental. This story is the original work of the author with permission given to Literotica to display on their website and should not be shared, copied, or redistributed in any way without the author's and/or Literotica's express permission. All characters in this story are of the legal age of consent (18 years) or older.

Author's Note: I received an anonymous e-mail about a month back asking me to write the next chapter in what I've come to call the Decision series. First of all, thank you to whomever you are for encouraging me to write again and for your wonderful feedback. Secondly, this is the third volume in the Decision series. New readers should probably first read An Earth Day Decision and Living with the Decision in that order, although I think each story does well enough to be read as a stand-alone (with the exception of possibly this one, which begins immediately after the end of Living with the Decision). Finally, I decided that I would fulfill my e-mail request and use this as my Nude Day story contest at the same time. Constructive comments and votes are greatly encouraged and appreciated, but please no flaming. Thank you.


Melanie and Maxwell Travers exited the driver's seat of their vehicle to the stunned expressions of Rachel Caldwell and her daughters Mindy and Marianne. By contrast, Melanie and Max's faces, which held broad grins of residual pleasure, seemed to infer no embarrassment or shame at what they had just been caught doing. Nor did it seem that the taboo of their incestuous behavior had any effect on their apparent feelings for one another.

Little did each shocked onlooker know about the other, but the display they just saw caused more than just a little bit of arousal in each one of them. As the newly arrived couple nonchalantly walked into the house, sex juices dripping from their groins, two impish grins grew on the faces of the just-barely legal girls behind their mother's turned back.

While Rachel advised Melanie and Max to get cleaned up in the shower, Mindy and Marianne made a seemingly unnoticed attempt to disappear for the time being. After about fifteen minutes, Max and Melanie came into the kitchen and joined Rachel at the table, where Rachel had already seen to setting out lunch.

"Where are the girls," Max asked as his took in the veritable feast in front of him. "I don't really know. They have a strange habit of disappearing at any given moment to do whatever it is girls do these days when they realize they're a legal adult now," replied Rachel off-handedly. What they didn't know is that the girls were peeking in on the scenario from their father's study, waiting for the right moment to make their clandestine entry.

"And what about John and Keith," asked Melanie as she began filling her plate full of food. "John is taking a year abroad, courtesy of Keith, before he goes back to college. Keith is on a business trip in China. He won't be back for another three months. He's already been gone for six."

Max and Melanie looked at Rachel in astonishment, "oh you poor thing. Here you are going without any kind of intimacy for six months and the first thing we do is let you see us humping away at each other. We're so sorry!" Rachel blushed deeply at Melanie's mention of her personal life, "well, it's not like I don't take care of myself when I need it. Speaking of intimacy, I'm really curious to hear how you two have managed to become so intimate with one another. I'm not trying to judge, but relationships like that between a mother and her son doesn't happen every day, what with the taboo and everything." Rachel said laughingly. Her sister and nephew joined in heartily and enthusiastically began telling her how their relationship evolved based on one little decision to live textile-free and the joy it brought them to this day. In the process of explaining things, Melanie and Max would delve into how Max had become dominant in their relationship and explain in graphic detail the sexual scenarios he had put them in. This had a very pronounced effect on arousing Rachel and both Melanie and Max took no small notice of how Rachel's nipples became outlined through her blouse and bra or of how Rachel began to wiggle and squirm in her chair.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the preoccupied conversationalists, Mindy and Marianne had chosen to secretly come back into the kitchen for a little mischief. They covertly crawled into the kitchen, seemingly unseen by anyone, and snuck their way under the table, crawling stealthily in between Melanie and Max's carelessly widespread legs.

"Yeah, so things between us have definitely heeeee-," Max squeaked in the middle of his sentence as he felt something that felt like a warm wet mouth engulf his cock, almost to the hilt in one swallow, and begin sucking it with the proverbial intensity of a vacuum cleaner.

"Darling what's wrooo-," Melanie groaned as she felt a warm wet tongue flick across her exposed pussy, swirling at her clitoris, then felt a hot mouth capture her clit and begin sucking with the same force that was sucking on Max's cock.

Both mother and son jerked ramrod straight and began their own dance of jilted squirming and wiggling as two mouths and four hands began sucking, fondling, stroking, and fingering cock, balls, and pussy furiously in an effort to surreptitiously bring the writhing couple to orgasm.

When Rachel looked bewilderingly at her writhing sister and nephew and asked what was wrong, it was all Melanie and Max could do to haltingly tell her that they were experiencing cramps from sitting so long and stifle barely concealed moans and groans. For Max, it was the tight wet mouth that took the entire length of his cock with every suck and the hand that gently but firmly fondled his testicles. For Melanie, it was the incessantly intense sucking mouth, intermingled with the swirling tongue, which was driving her crazy. Her position was further compounded by fingers which had burrowed their way into her increasingly soaked cunt. Two fingers soon became three, then four, curling upward to stroke maddeningly against her g-spot. They then began thrusting further back into her hot pussy, strumming against pleasure spots that Melanie didn't even know she had.

When saliva and sex juice-soaked fingers from two other hands penetrated the anuses of the sex-addled couple, their eyes grew wide as mind-numbingly intense orgasms rocketed through their bodies. They made an incredible effort to mask their grunts, moans, and shrieks with coughs and throat-clearing sounds. At the same time, they almost failed to stay in their seats as their bodies shook and writhed in ecstasy.

A thump against a leg of the table caught Rachel's attention, but before she could look underneath it, Max and Melanie shot out of their seats "we're going to go lie down to let these cramps pass. See ya." Fortunately, they hurried past Rachel's view fast enough that Rachel saw neither the remnants of sex juices and saliva covering their crotches nor the two mischievous girls crawling out from under the table, being covered from view by the couple's now sweaty backsides. Rachel was left scratching her head as she was left in the kitchen with three half-eaten plates of food still on the table.

When they were all safely out of the room, Max and Melanie had no hesitation in snatching up Mindy and Marianne "What are you trying to do? You could have gotten us in really hot water back there. You two are going to pay for that," Max whispered sternly. "Oh we certainly hope so," Mindy whispered back with a salacious grin "Ever since we caught you in the car, we've been so hot to trot to get naughty with both of you that we couldn't waste an opportunity like that. Mom doesn't know this, but we're no strangers to family loving. Marianne and I have been getting it on together for a long time now. We're trying to figure out a way to get mom involved, but we haven't come up with anything she'll fall for yet." "Well, maybe we can all go upstairs and brainstorm a bit. However, there is the matter of a little payback to attend to first,"

"Lead the way Max....and you two don't hold anything back. Marianne and I have done some pretty kinky stuff together, so we're not hesitant about much." With that, all four bounded up the stairs as fast as their legs could carry them. When they reached the guest bedroom set up for Max and Melanie, the girls wasted no time in shucking their clothes and lying submissively on the bed eagerly awaiting their "punishment." What ensued was an all-out (albeit somewhat subdued for fear of alerting Rachel to their shenanigans) fuck-fest that lasted until well after Rachel called up to tell the girls that it was time to go to bed. After everyone was finished and lay contentedly in the afterglow, Mindy suddenly shot out of bed with a look of revelation on her face "I've got it! I know how to get mom involved...International Nude Day!" When everyone looked at her questioningly, she launched into a story about how she had met a girl from Australia who introduced International Nude Day to her and how many people celebrated it worldwide. By sheer coincidence, International Nude Day fell on the very next day! Mindy looked at Max and by mutual unspoken agreement, they put their heads together and began talking about how to go about encouraging her mother to get involved sexually with the family under the guise of International Nude Day. Max, who had shown his dominant tendencies during their orgy, decisively took over the decision-making and a working plan was soon created. All four of them fell asleep with wide smiles on their faces, the thoughts of what tomorrow would bring playing in their heads.

The next day saw Rachel clad in just her robe in front of the stove, minding it while their breakfast cooked. She heard a chipper "morning mom" and, turning to see her daughter come down the stairs, dropped the spatula she was holding in her hand in shock as it registered that her daughter Mindy was completely naked! While the family was comfortable enough to be around one another in just a bra and panties or a t-shirt and panties, and even naked when it was just for a few seconds, to be so brazenly naked was something never done before in their house. "Mindy what on earth are you doing? Go back upstairs and put some clothes on right now!" "Relax mom I'm celebrating International Nude Day," Rachel sputtered before barely getting out "International what?" "International Nude Day," Mindy said enthusiastically. "It's today and it's a day where people celebrate by being naked. You should join in. Lots of people celebrate it," as if on cue, Max, Marianne, and Melanie came rushing down the stairs. Rachel gasped in astonishment as she noticed each one of them was similarly naked from head to toe. They all stood in a semicircle in front of Rachel (unknowingly to Rachel, cutting of any avenue of escape up the stairs or into another room) and Rachel felt a slightly disturbing pang of arousal as she gawked at all the beautiful naked flesh around her. In her stupor, she didn't realize that Mindy and Max were inching closer to her by the second and were quickly in front of her, hugging her and cooing encouragingly for her to join in. Max began ensuring her acquiescence by gently massaging her shoulders and neck in an effort to relax her into a state of non-resistance. Mindy meanwhile began by attempting to untie the sash of Rachel's sheer silk robe, distracting Rachel by taking advantage of her rapidly befuddled state and fondling her barely covered breasts and pussy. Melanie and Marianne were by no means idle during this process, engaging one another in a game of grab-ass where tits and pussies seemed to be fair game for groping and exaggerated moans of pleasure contributed to the quickly developing erotic haze that was overtaking Rachel.

"What are you all doing to me?" Rachel whimpered as Mindy untied the sash of her robe and strummed her now throbbing clit with two fingers. Her arousal had flared up the moment she saw her beautiful naked daughter come down the stairs and only increased when two sexy naked bodies had hugged her barely clothes body and began groping her. Although a part of her desperately wanted to stop this, she just couldn't lift herself from the fog created by Max's hyper-relaxing massage. Now, with Mindy's openly sexual touching and the erotic show being put on by Melanie and Marianne (which had by now progressed to aggressive making out and fingering each other's pussies), Rachel had no will left to resist the waves of lust coursing through her body.

"We're doing something that Marianne and I have wanted to do with you for a long time now," Mindy said as she finally removed the robe from Rachel's body, making her naked like everyone else. Despite the overwhelming lustiness she felt, Rachel fixed both of her daughters with a questioning stare. A nod from both of the girls confirmed what Mindy had just said. Little did her daughters know, but Rachel had always had her own secret fantasies and desires involving her own daughters. In that moment, seeing that their desires for each other were mutual, Rachel made her decision.

"Fuck taboo," Rachel spouted, surprising Mindy and Marianne, who giggled at language she had never used around them before. "Come to me, my darling girls. Let's all love on each other in the new family way." Mindy and Marianne wasted no time in jumping into their mother's arms as Max and Melanie likewise jumped into each other's arms. Rachel and her girls quickly found themselves in a three-way daisy chain while Max entered Melanie from behind so they could both see the hot action of the three women. A very lengthy and loud orgy ensued, with many different positions and many varieties of sexual activity performed and with each person being intimate with everyone else in some way, shape, or form. After it was all over, Mindy looked up lovingly into her mother's eyes.

"Well mom," she said contentedly "how do you like this International Nude Day? Shouldn't we celebrate again next year?" "Well, now that you mention it, and since the cat is out of the bag so to speak about our desires for one another, I think every day should be a nude day. Let's just do something extra special on this day every year to celebrate."

A chorus of "agreed" answered her proposition and everyone sought to lie about on the floor in the afterglow until the sound of crackling on the stove motivated Rachel to retrieve the food from the stove and everyone else to go about taking seats at the kitchen table to enjoy what looked like a hearty meal, fitting for people who had just finished strenuous morning exercise.

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