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Making a Princess


Ever since I was a teen and I used to steal my dad's Penthouse magazines and read the Forum letters, I have enjoyed reading erotica. As a teen, I always assumed that the stories that I read in those magazines were bullshit. Every guy was hung, every wife had the body of a model, and the things that happened couldn't really happen.....could they?

In my early 20's, I began to have some experiences that made me realize that stuff like that did really happen. I've never written any of my experiences down, but after the night I had last night, I have to write it down, if for no other reason than to ensure that I remember as many details as possible in case it never happens again.

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up and are sure that last night was a dream? Only to realize that, no, it was not a dream, it REALLY HAPPENED. I have that feeling today, as I recollect last night, one of the most incredible nights of my life. My wife made my fantasy of being with her and another woman into a reality. Everything I am going to write is true and accurate, to the best of my memory. (There was alcohol involved, so some details are vague, but I will not exaggerate or embellish)

To set things up, I have to describe my wife, whom I'll call Donna. Donna is 34, 5' 6, and about 120 lbs. She had her breasts done about 5 years ago, and they are 34D. She is a dirty blonde with light blonde streaks through her hair, beautiful green eyes and a smile that can light up a room. Over the last few years, she has begun to explore her bisexuality, after always having fantasies, but never acting on them.

Her acting on those fantasies has made out for a lot of fun for me, with a few light threesomes or just getting to watch two beautiful women have sex together, which I am fascinated by. At the end, she always takes care of me.

During that time, we have both expressed the desire for me to fully participate with her and another girl. Isn't that every guys fantasy, two beautiful women? The surprise was that it had become Donna's biggest fantasy too, to watch me get a blowjob from another woman, and to fuck the other woman too!

We'd been close, really close. On my birthday 18 months ago, her and a friend spent the night with me in a hotel, with lots of playing, foreplay, kissing, rubbing and touching, but when it came down to it, it just wasn't quite right.

On a cruise, 2 years ago, she picked up a beautiful girl in the ship's disco, brought her back to our room and the two of them proceeded to do just about everything to each other for over an hour, while I watched and even video-taped some of the action! The last thing you see on the videotape is of them giving me the "come here" motion with their index fingers. Stupid me, I turned the camera off! But I spent the next hour or so, engaging in all sorts of oral sex and then ended up fucking my wife to finish. Again, close, but not quite.....

Both times, Donna later confessed that she had hoped I would end up fucking the other girl. There have been other times, similar situations, and I always get a "mercy fuck" from Donna at the end, so I'm happy and don't get blue balls. I can't complain, I love the spice in our sex-life, which is incredible in its own right, and I've always figured that when the right situation presented itself, we'd both know and it would happen. The right situation presented itself last night.

A couple months ago, one of our friends from high school, whom I'll call Allie, was in town visiting relatives. I bumped into her at a restaurant and we exchanged numbers. She was only in town for the week and Donna was out of town. The two of them had been on the high-school dance team together and both of them really wanted to catch up. Allie's flight was scheduled to leave early Sunday morning, but she still chose to go out clubbing with us on Saturday night.

It was a fun night, the club we were going to was having a "naughty schoolgirl" costume contest, and Donna had ordered 4 costumes because she couldn't choose between them, so she had extras for Allie to wear. We all had a lot of fun that night, and somewhere throughout the night, Allie guessed about Donna's bisexuality, and I confirmed. She also got a half of a lap dance from Donna, which seemed to excite her.

But, Allie also confessed that she was in a terrible marriage, and that her husband rarely touched her. (I think she mentioned that they had sex about once a month, when he wanted it and that it was very uninteresting) I felt bad for her, and mentioned slyly that she should consider playing sometime with a couple (us, duh!), where she could get the best of both worlds. She seemed intrigued, but it could have been my own wishful thinking. Nothing happened that night, and she flew home the next morning.

Now Allie......she is 5' 2, and probably about 110 or 115, her breasts appear to be about the same size as Donna's. She had a boob-job about several years ago. She has dark hair, also with blonde streaks and a great body.

OK, so now I've hit a cliché in erotic writing. The women are always beautiful and flawless.

Well, both Donna and Allie are extremely beautiful and sexy, but not flawless. They have both had children and recovered very, very nicely. Both, in their mid 30's have won best body contests or wet t-shirt contests in the past few years, if that's any justification of their beauty. Beyond that, they are nearly identical twins INSIDE. Both of these women are "pleasers," meaning that I think they would do ANYTHING to make someone feel good, not just physically but emotionally as well. They have the type of personality that makes a person feel good about himself, just by having them around nearby....that is why I love my Donna so much, and why I think Donna and I collectively fell in love with Allie when we re-connected with her.

Anyway, Donna, Allie and I exchanged emails and pictures, phone calls and text messages over the next month. The messages became more and more suggestive, until one night we were emailing nudes back and forth. Donna and I both began to discuss whether she was "the one." Allie was planning a trip back into our town for early June, and I began teasing her about making her feel like a princess.

Recently, I had surprised Donna with milk baths and rose petals, and began suggesting to Allie that I had a milk bath waiting for her. She seemed excited! She said "that would make me feel like a princess."

After all the flirting, she arrived in town, and a bunch of us, including her sisters, all went out to a couple local bars to see old friends and dance and party. After the night was over, everyone headed back to our house for hottubbing and after party.

It was a fun hottub experience, and especially for me. At some point, Donna started telling everyone how well endowed I am. I've never measured, but have been told that I am well above average. At some point, only Allie and I were in the hottub and she put my hand on her, as well as began exploring the inside of my shorts. After that, people came back and she pulled her hand away, but kept trying to get her sisters to feel my cock.

Later, again, we were alone in the tub and she kissed me. I had to put a stop to it, because I don't do things behind Donna's back and I don't want her to EVER think that I would sneak around. But it was very hard to stop. The next morning and later through the week, Allie claimed to remember nothing. Dammit, I guess I'm not very memorable.

OK.....so now we're caught up to last night. Donna and Allie discussed what we should do for Friday night, dancing, clubbing, whatever. Donna suggested that we should go out to a nice dinner, just the 3 of us, and come back to our house for a relaxing evening in.

Dinner was wonderful. We went to a small wine bar and had great meals, great champagne and great friendly conversation. Just catching up. After dinner, it was back to our house for some hottubbing and more drinks.

We had been hottubbing and drinking for quite some time, when Donna announced that she's ready to get out of the hottub, and gives me "the look" that told me it was time. We got out of the tub and the girls went to the living room and talked. I said I was going upstairs.

Upstairs, I ran a warm bath in our jetted tub and added a large box of dried milk to the bath, creating a milk bath for my two "princesses." I turned the jets on to mix the milk and then added a small layer of rose petals to the top. I made a trail of rose petals from the top of the stairs to the tub, lit several candles and turned off all of the lights.

When I went downstairs, Allie remarked about how I had taken such a long shower. I grinned inside. She thought I'd been in the shower the whole time....I wonder if she thought I was masturbating or something???? Maybe.

I told them that I had a surprise for them upstairs. When they got to the top of the stairs, Allie saw the rose petals and got all excited, following them into the bathroom to the milk bath and candles. She was very excited. They both shed their suits and got into the tub.

Being the good host, I refreshed their drinks, turned on the XM for some good music and lay down near the tub, in case they needed anything. Allie seemed to be in heaven, telling me how wonderful it was, how special she felt and how she felt like a princess. That reminded Donna that she wanted Allie to wear her tiara for the night. I went to the closet to get the tiara, when I returned; they were deep in a kiss. I didn't interrupt, I just sat and watched, then closed my eyes and listened.

Have you ever listened to two people kiss for the first time? The sound is very erotic, and I was highly aroused at this point. I made a remark about "pitching a tent" over here, I was told to take my shorts off since they were already naked, I should be too. I guess that secretly I was hoping for that, but it still made me a bit nervous. Not sure why.

I did as I was told, and removed my shorts. I looked over and saw two very different reactions from my two princesses. Allie had a look of shock, open-mouthed and amazed, Donna looked like the Cheshire cat, proud of her most-prized possession.

Allie said something like "How does it......? How can you.....?" (Great boosts for the ego!) "Its so big and fat" Yeah, so at that moment, me, Mr. Average-in-every-other-way is feeling like an Adonis! They had me dance around a bit, complementing my size and my ass, and both of them asked me to stroke myself, both saying that they loved to watch guys stroke themselves--so I did.

Eventually, I joined them in the milk bath, if for nothing else than wanting to be a little closer to them. Have you ever tried to fit 3 people into a standard-sized jetted tub? Doesn't work well, and we were all trying to figure out how to be comfortable. But there was lots of touching going on, my cock was fully erect by now, and Allie was lying between my legs with her back against it.

She never completely came to a rest, always seeming to move around just enough to continue rubbing against it. The fun was beginning. I began kissing her neck and back, playing with her breasts as well as touching Donna.

Quickly, Donna became more aggressive, kissing and touching. This went on for a while, but was very slow and sensual. Donna had to go use the restroom, and I asked with a grin if I could make out with Allie while she was gone...."you can do whatever she's comfortable with" was my answer.

Allie and I kissed over and over, and I made sure that we were still kissing when Donna returned, so that she could see. Shortly after that, I got out of the tub and went into the shower to rinse the milk off of my body. The girls did the same, only they showered together.

Donna shampooed and conditioned Allie's hair, and washed her body. I was giving them their space, trying not to intrude, but they called me back into the shower room to be near them. I watched through a foggy glass door as they embraced and kissed, rubbing and touching each other. As the glass fogged up more, it looked like a movie scene, all I could see was a hand pressed up against the foggy glass, tense in passion. I began rubbing myself through my shorts. We hadn't even begun to be truly sexual yet, and this was already more intense than some of those other experiences.....

When Allie got out, I was ready with a towel and dried her off, making sure not to touch any of her private parts, being totally respectful. I patted her body mostly dry, then Donna followed her out of the shower and I handed Donna the towel so she could finish drying off Allie and then herself.

While they had showered, I had gone into the bedroom, lit some more candles, turned down the bed and put more rose petals on the bed. I was rewarded with a hug and a big smile from both of my princesses! They lay naked in bed, and I still had my shorts on.

Next, I turned on the DVD player, which already had a disc in it. The disc contained a slideshow of nude and naughty pictures of Donna and I. We all laid on the bed, caressing and touching each other as the images went by. The slideshow is about 30 minutes long, but after about 20 minutes, the sexual tension was almost unbearable. At this point, I was rubbing Allie's back, legs and thighs while spooning against her with my shorts on. Allie was rubbing Donna much the same way, while nude. Occasionally, would run my hand across both of them, to make sure that Donna knew I was here, hers, and not only interested in our new playmate.

Donna turned to face Allie and their lips met, and again they embraced. Their breasts pressed together, forming one of the most tempting sights I had ever seen. I wanted to put both of their nipples into my mouth at once. I asked if that was ok, and they said yes.

I hovered above them as they kissed and caressed each other, and began kissing, licking and sucking their nipples. My cock was as hard as it has ever been, in my shorts and was rubbing against one or both of them constantly. The moans were beginning to fill the air and the kissing and caressing turned to kissing and rubbing frantically.

I moved back and asked if it was ok to take my shorts off. The both replied "Yes," so I did.

Instantly, Allie had a hand on my shaft, pulling it and exploring it. I moved back down and joined them in their kissing. Donna, then Allie, then all three of us locked tongues.

From here, the action began to move fast. I remember Donna moving down to Allie's breasts, playing with them, kissing and sucking them, playing with the nipples. Then she moved down, and by the loud gasp and moan from Allie, I knew that Donna had found her pussy and clit. Donna LOVES to eat pussy, and she was in heaven.

I remained above, kissing and rubbing Allie's body, exploring this new flesh that I had never touched before. I asked Allie how it felt to be a princess in my castle. She just moaned in reply.

For a while, I just watched and enjoyed and occasionally caressed or was fondled by one of them or the other. The girls wanted water, so I headed downstairs to get some ice-water. Somehow while I was gone, they ended off of the bed and onto the floor, with Donna in a sitting position, still going down on Allie and Allie standing up on her hands to keep her pussy high in the air. I moved in behind Allie to help support her.

I played with her breasts and she turned and kissed me passionately. She had a look of lust in her glazed eyes and I wondered if she even knew who she was kissing at that moment. I slid back a bit, and got the first real surprise of my night. Allie rolled her head and shoulders back, and did a backward roll, with her pussy coming to rest right on my mouth! She sat up and was sitting on my face. After adjusting myself so that I was comfortable, I went to work on the feast before me, licking, kissing and sucking all around her pussy. I ran my tongue up and down the slit, tasting her juice and smelling her scent. It was wonderful. At that moment, the second surprise happened. I felt one mouth on my balls and a hand, then a mouth sliding up and down my shaft. "WOW!" I tried to keep licking, but couldn't concentrate on it, as they tag-teamed my cock. I am not sure why they stopped, but eventually they did. I got up to get some water and Donna went back down on Allie.

This went on for quite a while until Donna asked me to get out her toys. I asked Donna which ones she wanted and she quickly answered: "All of them!"

I went to the nightstand where we sometimes keep Donnas collection of sex toys, and retrieved several toys....a vibrator, a vibrating jelly dildo, a hummingbird dildo and her newest toy, called the Rocket Chick, complete with two vibrating "bullets." Donna took the hummingbird and started to use it on Allie's clit, sometimes applying it directly and other times, teasing Allie with it by moving it around the clit without touching. I watched from the bed, as Donna changed toys occasionally and later when Allie began using the toys on Donna.

Eventually, Donna had to use the restroom and she took a break. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and asked Allie again how it felt to be a princess in my house.

"I just want to be fucked."

When Donna returned, I told her to ask Allie the same question. The reply, again, was that she "just wanted to be fucked."

Donna and I made eye contact.....so there it was, our fantasy, right in front of us. Allie, somewhat timidly, asked "How does it work when he's so big? I'm scared of that thing."

Donna responded that "you'll get used to it and that it feels wonderful once you do."

Taking charge of the situation, Donna stood Allie up, kissing her and told me to sit on the edge of the bed. With Allie facing away from me, Donna held my cock upright as she lowered Allie's body down onto it, rubbing the tip around to wet it and then, before I knew it, I was inside of a woman who wasn't my wife for the first time in many years.

I looked over at Donna, and her eyes looked like smoked glass, wide, glazed with lust almost as if she wasn't there. I mouthed the words "thank you" to her, but she didn't seem to notice. Her eyes were fixed on the sight of her husbands cock penetrating another woman. We began to get into a rhythm in this variation of the reverse-cowgirl position, and I laid back and closed my eyes. I felt breath and skin on my balls, and realized that Donna was again licking Allie's clit, this time while it was full of me!

Allie, although seemingly enjoying the experience was having difficulties with my size and every pleasured moan seemed to be accompanied by a shriek of pain. I suggested that we switch positions and Donna, coming back to earth, pointed out that she cannot do that position with me, that I was just too big. I moved my way back on the bed and Allie rolled around so that she was facing me and above me. Again, I felt Donna's hand help position my cock near Allie's pussy and again, Allie slid herself down the length of my shaft and began riding me slowly, growing more comfortable as she went. I felt Donna lick my balls and thought I was going to faint.

I remember thinking to myself that Donna is trying to make every aspect of my fantasy come true tonight.....and if that's what she was thinking, she was well on her way!

After some time, I felt Donna beside me and heard her say "My turn!" Allie stopped, and I rolled over atop my sexy wife and immediately thrust myself inside of her.

Another aspect of my fantasy, I wanted to just switch between the two girls freely, and here was Donna, taking charge to make it happen! FUCKING amazing! I was above Donna and thrusting into her. Allie began sucking on Donna's breast and kissing her and I think we all kissed again.

Kissing Donna passionately, I could hear Allie tell us how hot we look together and how she loved to watch us kiss each other. I could feel my body reaching heights of arousal and feel my orgasm start to build up, so I warned Donna, and we stopped.

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