tagIncest/TabooMaking a Slave

Making a Slave


Originally this story is Dutch, I did my best translating it to English, but it’s hard for me to ‘play with sentences’ in English. I hope you like it. I also left out the characters age.


Michelle is Klara’s best friend, her neighbour who has a sister called Zoë.

They all have a nice body, Michelle is a brunette with short hair reaching her chin. Klara has beautiful, long blond hair and her sister is a beautiful, long haired redhead.

All three of them are also fond of clothing, from Buffalo’s to collared sweaters, from platform boots to soft ‘n shiny bodywarmers and jackets.

It’s going to be a hot summerday. Michelle and Yoeri’s parents are away for a day and asked the three girls to watch eachother and Yoeri. It’s only morning and the girls are already giggling on Michelle’s room, looking through catalog’s.

“Hey, you ripped out some pages.” Klara noticed.

“Yeah, my brother did that.”

“Why would he do that?” Asks Zoë

“Follow me” Michelle says while leading the others to her brother’s room.

“Yoeri is taking a shower now, so it’s safe.”

Michelle reaches under Yoeri’s bed and shows the others the ripped out pages, the pages are showing model’s wearing bodywarmers, platform shoes, spandex shorts, etc.

“I saw him jacking himself off with this!” Michelle laughs

“No way!”

“Yes way, but I didn’t let him know about it ‘cause I’m still figuring out a way to blackmail him or something. Must be fun to have a little household-slave, now doesn’t it?”

“Oh yes” the others smile.

“Oh shit! The showers stops!” Michelle puts everything back and the girls leave the room quickly, in the hallway they see Yoeri with a towel round his waste. Michelle tells him she’s going to be at the neighbours for a while.

“Hey I got an idea” Zoë whispers in the living room. “Aren’t we going to that small private beach dad has bought? Couldn’t we tease him in some sort of way? We do wear those clothes he likes so much” she winks.

“Yeah, great idea” Michelle laughs.

In the meanwhile Yoeri has laid himself naked on his bed convinced he’s home alone, he starts to play with his dick watching some porn magazines and his ripped out pages. After a while he closes his eyes and start jacking off.

The girls decide to quietly open his door and watch him. Zoë closes the door softly. “Does he still have that tight swimming pants from last year?” she asks “Yes, but he has got a new one, more like a bermuda in the closet in the hall. Why?”

“I suddenly get an evil little plan, such a small swimming pants must be very uncomfortable when you’re excited, not? He’s probably going to find us ‘interesting’ when we’re on the beach” Zoë smiles. The girls giggle.

“I understand, I’ll hide his new swimming pants.”

“Ok, shall we change?” Klare suggests.

“Allright, I’ll see you right back” Michelle says while the other two leave.

Michelle goes into her room looking for what to wear and hides her little brother’s swimming pants under her matras.

‘Hmmm, let’s see’ she thinks while taking her black platform shoes. She also grabs her new bikini and chooses to wear her black trainingpants with it, because it’s also soft and shiny off course. As finishing touch she takes her silver-grey bodywarmer, it’s warm outside but she very much wants to tease her little brother with it.

When Klara and Zoë arrive Michelle is already waiting for them in the hall. Klara’s wearing a white trainingpants, matching white Buffalo’s and a white jacket. Her hair is hanging free while her sister is having a long ponytail wearing black knee-high platform boots. She’s also wearing a very short black satin skirt and off course, a black bodywarmer.

They arrive just in time to see Yoeri shoot his load over his belly and shut the door. Michelle knocks on the door “Yoeri? Put on your swimming pants, we’re going to that private beach Klara’s dad bought in a minute.” “Yeah... I’ll be right there” Yoeri yells back.

The girls are waiting in the living room while Yoeri’s trying to find his new swimming pants in the closet in the hall, he can’t find them and decides to wear his pants from last year, although it became a little to tight but he doesn’t have an other choice.

It’s weird the girls are dressed like that to go to the beach when he finds them that way in the living room, but he doesn’t really care much and all four of them leave off in Zoë’s car.

When they arrive at the little beach they spraid their towels on the soft sand and take their clothes off. After a few minutes of splashing around Yoeri feels a tingeling in his penis from seeing the beautiful body’s from his neighbours in bikini and comes out of the water to lay on his towel, trying to think about something else.

The girls also come out of the water. “We’re going to swim with our clothes on, aren’t you gonna join us?” Klara asks. But the only answer she gets is a denial gesture.

Hidden under their towels the girls remove giggling their bikini’s and put on their pants and bodywarmers. In the meanwhile Yoeri gets a little bulge in his pants from the thought that those girls are naked under those exciting clothes.

They jump back into the water and ask Yoeri if he really don’t wants to join them. ‘Actually, they can’t see my bulge grow’ Yoeri thinks and follow’s them into the water.

Zoë stands up and opens her bodywarmer, Yoeri sees her half covered breasts and this makes his little pants really small. A little confused he looks around and is surprised by by Zoë’s bodywarmer pulled over his head, he also feels her breasts against his back and this doesn’t make it any easier. Klara uses the opportunity to quickly caress his dick, Michelle gets a little horny by this and suddenly Klara takes her hand to caress it over her little brothers pecker.

Zoë takes her bodywarmer away and puts it on very quickly. The other two act like they didn’t do anything. “Now, wasn’t that scary? You didn’t see anything anymore” Zoë smiles to Yoeri.

“N… no” Yoeri stummers. “Ooohh, grouphug!” Klara yells and presses herself against Yoeri, followed by his sister while Zoë’s watching. Yoeri feels the wet clothes and hands over his whole body, he also gets a knee or a thigh in his crotch, ‘by accident’.

“I think I’m gonna dry up in the sun” he says and goes to sit on his towel. Not much later Klara and Michelle join him, they sit on each side of Yoeri. “You don’t mind we tease you a little, do you?” Michelle smiles when she puts her arms around him.

“Oh look! Do you have a hardon you pervert?!” Klara shouts while grabbing Yoeri’s bulge. “Hey, what are you doing!?” Yoeri protest and sweeps her hand away. The girls push him on his back and sit on his chest and belly, their legs on each side. Klara is sitting on his chest, pinning his arms above his head. “Get off!” he yells. Zoë comes over standing over his head, boots on again and smiling. “Ooohh, how cute” she says, walks on and laughs softly about his very uncomfortable bulge. She sits between Yoeri’s pulled up legs, kneeding and caressing his crotch to prevent he’s getting soft again.

“Stop whining” commands Klara and sits with her wet trainingpants over his face “Now, that’s better”. Yoeri now moves his head around, kicking his legs. “Be calm” his sister shouts while Klara tighten her grip and Zoë puts on a booted foot on his crotch. “Now he’s calm” Michelle laughs.

“Hmmm, actually this is pretty nice” Klara moans while she softly moves her hips.

While Michelle watches over her friend’s shoulder she gets a ‘feeling of power’ she likes and Zoë rubs her boot over Yoeri’s crotch. Klara’s breathing heavily and her hips are moving faster now, the two girls sitting on him feel his body move when Zoë puts on a little pressure with her foot. Michelle asks Zoë to remove his little pants and starts kneeding Yoeri’s balls and shaft softly, Zoë helps her by caressing his dick with her breasts once in a while. Klara opens her jacket and let it slide down over her shoulders, “Aren’t they beautiful?” she asks her victim while massaging her own breasts.

“Ooohh I’m about to cum!” She yells a little later and starts to move more aggressive on Yoeri’s face. Klara’s panting and moaning louder while Michelle squeezes harder in her brothers balls, followed by Yoeri kicking around.

Klara has cum, she moves back onto Yoeri’s chest but because off her wet pants you can’t see anything from her juices. Michelle’s brother on the other hand will never forget the smell.

Before Yoeri knows what has happened his sister already moved up onto his chest “No, no!” he shouts but he’s shut up fast by his sister’s crotch, his own SISTER! In the meanwhile Klara had put on her Buffalo’s and is sitting on Yoeri’s legs. Michelle wants to open her bodywarmer to give her breasts a nice massage. “Wait” Zoë says “let him lick your breasts” and takes his wrists above his head.

“No, no, please don’t!” he yells and faces away in every direction he can, but stops immediatly after Klara has kicked him in the balls and gives a little kiss on every nipple from his sister’s breasts. Zoë smiles to her sister and gets a wink in return. While Michelle commands her little brother to let his tongue play with her nipples and lick her breasts Klara starts to squeeze Yoeri’s balls and pumps his shaft. Michelle gets more excited and goes sitting on his face now. She rubs her covered pussy over his nose and mouth while Yoeri cums. Klara lets him shoot his load and continues pumping! “Mmm, mmmmmm!!!” More than that Yoeri can not bring out, except from what moving around. His eyes beg to let Klara stop. “Hold on for a minute sis, we don’t want him in a surgery room” Zoë laughs.

Michelle starts to moan, sometimes she allmost squeeze his nose tight with her pussy! She bents over and her hips move now really fast over her brothers head, she cums heavily. “Oh oh oh oh…” she squeels and slows down, she came. “Hmmm, this is just heaven, you can’t just imagine something more satisfying”

Zoë takes Michelle’s place, Yoeri is too exhausted to beg while she commands him to lick her pussy while she let her skirt caress his head. Even before Zoë sits down Michelle takes her brother’s pecker and starts to jack him off, Yoeri squeels something but he’s shut up quickly. Now this is not very pleasant for Yoeri ‘cause he actually just came and it will take a long while before he’ll cum again. “Shall I help a little?” Klara smiles to Michelle and sets her foot against his balls while her friend is jacking him off. She rubs her foot against his balls and sometimes puts some pressure against it. Zoë spinns like a cat, but before she’ll cum she wants her breasts licked off. She’s strong enough to keep Yoeri’s wrists at their place while she’s moving backwards, but she still keeps room for her sister and her friend and their ‘little game’.

After a while and some squeeling from Yoeri Zoë sits back on his face, she can feel his nose and lips again on her nice, full pussy, hmmm.

Yoeri finally cums but there isn’t more than some small transparant ooze to see. Not much later Zoë cums too and forces him to drink her juices.

Zoë stands up with legs like jelly.

“On your knees little brother” Michelle commands. Yoeri crawls exhausted on his knees and looks at the three girls standing in front off him on a row. “And now you’re gonna kiss our feet” Klara commands. Yoeri bends over softly and kisses Klara’s Buffalo’s, he looks at his sister but she doesn’t offer him a smile untill he has kissed her feet. Zoë’s boots are next.

“Very good” Michelle says when she stands in front of him “and now you’re gonna give sweet kisses on my bum” she laughs while dropping her pants. She grabs her brother with his hair and pushes his head against her beautiful round butt. Yoeri gives his sister soft kisses, worshipping her.

After a while she turns around and caresses Yoeri’s hair, “Yes, also here” she smiles. Carefully Yoeri kisses Michelle’s thighs, right next to her pussy. She’s spinning like a cat. Slowly he kisses a way to her crotch, followed by kissing her sweet lips. “Hmmm, now lick”, Yoeri does what he’s command and let his tongue slide over her lips. After that his tongue slides inside and Michelle closes her eyes.

She’s not comfortable enough to cum, standing up, so Klara’s next.

“Come on, let’s go home, we can play more with our new toy when we want to.”

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