tagLoving WivesMaking Amends Ch. 01

Making Amends Ch. 01


My apologies to Troubador. I wrote this story several years ago before I read his similar story. His is much better than mine, so please read it.


"How far is Sally going to take this", Bill thought to himself as he watched the TV in his bedroom. He pulled again at the handcuffs and leg restraints that kept him spread-eagled on his bed.

The door to the room was open just a crack to accommodate the cable from the family's video camera. Obviously the camera was in their living room and the cable ran from there, down the hall, in the door, and into the back of the TV in the Master bedroom. The camera was high and looked down, showing almost the entire living room. Bill figured.

The camera must be on the top of the bookshelves that he had built for his wife shortly after they were married ten years ago.

He was a good husband and father. He worked hard, treated his wife and 6 year old son with love and respect. How had he ended up in this situation?

Thoughts swirled through Bill's head as he watched…..

On the TV he could see Sally sitting on the couch drinking what looked like a glass of wine. She was wearing the beautiful white nightgown that he had bought her last Christmas. He knew that under it she wore a lacy white bra and French cut panty set. She had looked so wonderful in it. Last year she had modeled it for him, after the guests left and after their son had gone to bed. After the exciting day of presents, parties and more than a little spiked eggnog Bill recalled the evening as one of the couples most romantic.

It was a memorable night because after ten years of marriage their sex life had settled into a predictable routine.

But there was true love between them, they were committed for life. To what Bill always thought was a wonderful family life.

If only he hadn't made that one stupid mistake while at a convention with his co-workers. If only he hadn't felt so guilty that he confessed to his wife. That's the kind of straight arrow Bill was. In college his friends had called him a "boy scout". He had a strong sense of right and wrong, and while he enjoyed a good time, he wouldn't lie, cheat or steal. Sally was like him, maybe even more so. She loved her family and saw herself as a Mom. She hardly ever drank and tended to be a bit of a prude. She was lovely and loving, but in a wholesome maternal way.

His wife and son were everything to him. But it was too late now for him to undo what he hadn't meant to do..

According to Sally it was time to make amends so that they could continue their life together without guilt and with her forgiveness.

It had been just last month when Bill confessed that he had gotten drunk at the convention. He was one of the five men from his company at the convention. One of them had had ordered a stripper as a joke.

Before the night was over the alcohol dazed brain of Bill, while being egged on and called a wimp by his co-workers, had been the last man to have his cock sucked by the stripper/hooker.

He had tried to avoid it, he loved his wife. But the alcohol and the macho ribbing finally got the better of him. The funny thing about it was that Bill didn't even cum. The alcohol and the guilt prevented him from loosing his load into the painted mouth of the whore. She simply mouthed his hard, condom covered member for a few minutes.

At the time he thought to himself "thank God I have a hard-on or my co-workers would never let me live it down."

Bill could only barely remember standing in the center of the hotel room. He was the last man in a line, with his cock hanging out of his unzipped pants. A middle-aged, silicone titted, bleached blonde knelt in the center of the floor in a sequined g-string.

Her face wasn't very attractive, but her body was good.

"$20 from each of you five," she had demanded of the drunken men before she went to work. Bill didn't even have the $20 in his wallet, so his boss Jim, gave the stripper/hooker the $20 for him.

After a few minutes of mouthing Bill's cock, the hooker said, "this guy ain't gonna get off. I gave him 20 bucks worth of blow job, I'm done."

She stood up and put on her sequined bra. Clutching the money for stripping and the extra $100 for the blow jobs, she grabbed her tape player and left the room, on her way to her next job. The five business men continued to laugh and drink the night away, only Bill sat quietly in a drunken stupor, guilty about "cheating" on his wife.

When he got home from the convention Bill acted very strange. Sally couldn't help but notice. After a few days of Bill being quiet and sullen Sally asked him what was bothering him. Straight arrow Bill, unable to lie to his beautiful and honest wife, foolishly spilled his guts.

"I have to confess something to you my love. I am so sorry."

He told his wife and life mate the whole story about his co-workers, the stripper/hooker, about everything.

Sally was hurt. Tears streamed down her face.

As she cried and ran to their bedroom locking the door. It was her turn to be quiet and sullen. Finally, after a few days of the "silent treatment", Bill and Sally sat down for a long "heart-to-heart" talk.


"I have never been with any man but you Bill, ever. I don't want to be with anyone else."


"I am so sorry."


"Don't you find me attractive anymore? Do you still love me?"


"You are the only woman I have ever loved and I always will." He truly meant it.

"It was stupid mistake, caused by alcohol and peer pressure. I am so sorry, I will do anything to have you forgive me. I can't live if I loose you and my family."

She forgave him, but said that it would take her some time to get over the fact that he had betrayed her and broken his marriage vows.

Bill took her out for a wonderful romantic dinner. That night they made love and it was good. The same missionary sex as always, but good. What Bill didn't know was that a knot of jealously and hurt was still in Sally's heart. A knot that was growing day-by-day until tonight when it would strangle them and change their lives forever.

That very morning, a month after Bill thought he had been forgiven by his wife, he awoke to find himself bound to his bed. While he slept Sally had cleverly restrained him. Despite his plea's she wouldn't let him up. All day he laid there begging her to let him go.

She never responded to his pleas except to say, "this was the only way I can get past your infidelity Bill."

Sally took their son to a playmate's home to spend the weekend. She cleaned the house and generally did her usual Saturday chores. During the day she often entered and exited the bedroom doing chores.

Ignoring Bill's pleas for release, she at least did slip a bedpan under Bill when he complained that he needed to use the bathroom. She knew if Bill got loose from the sturdy four poster bed that had been her grandmothers, she wouldn't be able to get him restrained again.

Bill begged and cried for forgiveness, but to no avail. Sally knew that he would be begging more later that night.

At about 5 o'clock Sally rigged up the TV and video camera. This really puzzled Bill, but Sally just said she didn't want him to be lonely while she was out of the room.

After rigging the camera Sally got some things from her makeup table and their closet. Then without saying a word she walked to the door. At the door she looked back and gave Bill a hard look, which turned into a look of almost pity, finally a small smile formed on her beautiful mouth. She pushed the bedroom door closed as she left. The video cable keeping it open a crack.

Sally wouldn't be back to her bedroom and see her helpless husband until after midnight, although a couple of other people would be dropping by as the night progressed.

After a while Bill heard the shower in the guest bathroom running.

Bill gave up struggling, as he watched Sally pour herself another glass of wine. She looked absolutely stunning. Her soft brown hair framed her face and even on the TV Bill could tell she was heavily made up. She only weighed a few pounds more than when they had gotten married. But if anything the extra weight made her more sexy. Her hips and buttocks were round and fleshy and her breasts had grown from a B cup to a C cup.

Sally didn't drink much and Bill knew two or three glasses would give her a pleasant buzz. Plus wine usually put her in a romantic mood. Bill assumed that Sally was almost done punishing him and after a while she would come back to the bedroom and they would pledge their love to each other and make beautiful love as a happily married couple.

Bill had to admit Sally had made her point. This had been one very uncomfortable day for him. He hated feeling helpless.

All those thoughts were pushed from his head when he heard it. THE DOORBELL…

Bill was shocked when he heard the doorbell ring. He could hear the sound both over the TV and through the slightly cracked door. He struggled in panic. What if it was a robber and he was stuck here helpless? He had to protect his wife and home. He struggled mightily but was unable to get loose. He only managed to have the hard metal of the handcuffs dig into his wrists and tear the skin. A small amount of blood trickled down his forearm. Bill stopped struggling and screamed for Sally to come let him loose.

In the living room, Sally gulped down the last of her ‘third' glass of wine. She seemed to float in her white gown out of the picture towards the front door. Bill continued to scream to be let loose.

The helpless husband relaxed when he saw Sally re-enter the picture, followed by Jim. Jim was Bill's boss. Bill stopped screaming and was relieved that it hadn't been a stranger or robber at the door. Thank God! But what was Jim doing here on a Saturday evening. They never socialized. Bill didn't even like Jim very much as a person. He was an OK boss, but always seemed a bit sleazy to Bill.

Bill realized that he could hear the conversation between Sally and Jim over the TV.

"Is that Bill I heard screaming?" asked Jim.

"Don't worry about him," Sally cooed at Jim, "I have him locked in the bedroom. I have been punishing him for being a bad boy with you at the convention last month."

Jim looked serious, "punishing him? Don't give my wife any ideas Sally she won't punish me she will divorce me and take me to the cleaners on a settlement. I'm mad at Bill now, he wasn't supposed to say anything. Shit all of the guys at the convention are married.

That idiot Bill, what was he thinking, telling you?"

"Don't worry Jim, I won't say anything to the other wives, but I want you to promise me two things. First, that you won't send my husband on any more conventions."

Feeling like he was dodging a bullet Jim said, "Sure no more conventions for Bill. He doesn't need to go. I just use them as a reward for employees working hard. He can have those days off to spend with you if you want." He would promise anything to keep his wife from finding out.

Sally continued, "The second promise is that you must tell me exactly what went on that night."

"OK Sally, if you won't tell my wife, I promise no more conventions for Bill. And I'll tell you everything. It wasn't that bad really!"

"I'll be the judge of that," snapped back Sally.

In the bedroom Bill thought to himself, "So that is what this is about. Sally is just going to make sure that nothing like what happened last month will happen again." He smiled to himself realizing how much his wife loved him.

Sally steered Jim to the couch and poured him a drink. "Now tell me all about what went on at the convention Jim."

"Boy you look beautiful Sally, I always thought Bill had the best looking wife."

Sally gave him a dirty look…

Jim not wanting to make Sally mad, despite how sexy she looked said, "Ok… OK, I'll tell you..."

The doorbell rang again.

"Wait right there Jim," said Sally and she left the room only to return with the other 3 co-workers of her husband's who had been at the convention.

Jim was startled by the new arrivals, but Sally explained that she wanted to be sure that Jim told the truth. She wanted the men to corroborate each others stories. She wanted to know exactly what went on, so she could forgive her husband. Her husband who was being punished in the bedroom.

Once Sally pledged not to tell their wives, all three men relaxed and fixed themselves drinks from Bill's liquor cabinet. They even joked about poor Bill being stupid enough to tell his wife. One of the men thoughtfully poured Sally another glass of wine.

"OK Jim tell me exactly what happened. My husband Bill didn't go into precise detail, I want a specific description of the events, beginning when the whor.... "

She couldn't make herself say the word

"When that woman entered the suite. I'll be asking the rest of you to let me know if Jim is telling the truth. If I think any of you are lying, I'll tell your wives about the convention.

The men murmured their agreement. Jim began telling the story.

"As a reward for the guy's hard work, I called a strip-o-gram company and asked for a dancer to entertain the men. When she arrived we all were more than a little drunk. She came in and after I paid her $100 for a strip tease. She turned on her Boom-box and began stripping... "

Sally stopped him, "Wait a minute Jim, I want more detail. What was she wearing? What kind of music?"

"Well it was a slow song and she had on a coat over a sequined bra and panties," replied Jim.

The other men quickly nodded in agreement.

Sally exasperated, demanded, "where was she? At the door in the middle of the room? Where you guys sitting or standing, What?"

The men all tried to answer at once.

Sally finally said, "This isn't going to work, look, lets act this out. You guys pretend that you are in the room and I'll pretend to be the stripper."

Up in the bedroom Bill was becoming concerned.

In the living room you could hear a pin-drop.

Sally moved to the stereo and a slow rock ballad came on. The men quickly shifted to the relative positions they had been in on the fateful night.

Jim explained the couch was where the bed had been and that Bill would have been sitting in the chair in front of the bookshelves. He pointed to the space between the men and said that was where the stripper had danced.

Sally took that position and began swaying to the sensual music. The four men glanced at each other, but didn't say a word.

Jim finally said, "Yeah it was just like this, first the stripper took off her long coat."

"Like this?" asked the swaying Sally.

She untied the string of her gown and unbuttoned it all the way down. She paused for a moment and looked at each man in his eyes. She let the white silk slide to the floor. She began to sway once again to the music. The four men sat still in disbelief. Sally was beautiful in bra and panties. She had a great body and her smooth skin was flawless.

Bill began pulling at his bonds again, but only managed to cut himself some more. The pain soon caused him to stop.

"You boys aren't saying much. What happened next?"

"Well she danced for a while, then she took off her top and tossed it over there to Frank," exclaimed Jim.

The other men said, "yeah, yeah."

"What were you all doing during this time?" asked Sally.

Frank chimed in, "we were chanting, take it off, take it off!?"

"OK, you guys act just like you did, and Jim you direct me," said Sally.

Sally began swaying to the music once again, the three men began chanting, "Take it off, take it off," cautiously at first then with confidence.

In the bed room Bill pleaded at the TV screen, "Please stop Sally, I love you please stop, I'm so sorry, Please don't... " Tears welled up in his eyes.

Jim began, "she placed one arm across her chest, then she reached back with the other and unhooked her top. Once it was unhooked she held the cups in place with her hands and teased us by flashing one tit, um.. I'm sorry Sally, one breast at a time."

"That's OK Jim I want to know just how you and Bill treated this woman. Use the words you would use with her. I won't be offended I want an accurate recreation."

"She flashed her tits one at a time then tossed the bra to Frank, like I said."

Sally swayed and did as Jim described. She went around the room flashing one tit at a time.

The four men couldn't help but notice Sally's hard pink nipples.

Finally she stopped. Facing the bookcase and the camera she threw her bra to Frank. She stood proud in her white, high cut satin panties, shoulders back and erect nipples thrust forward and stared at the camera.

Her womanly breasts were fully exposed to the four men in the room and the one restrained in the bedroom. She stood taller than her usual 5 foot 7 inches, in her 3 inch heels. Curves in all the right places, 125 pounds of real woman!

A huge roar of anger and pain could be heard in the living room, from the back of the house. Everyone froze for a second. Then Sally said, "don't worry about that noise, It's just Bill, he is mad because he wants to be here with his buddies who like to watch strippers and have extra-marital sex."

With a defiant look into the camera she said, "Go on Jim what happen next?"

Thus began a narrative by Jim. Whatever he said, Sally would do! She turned up the stereo to drown out the roars of pain from the back of the house.

"Step between each man's legs and shake your .. er.. tits in his face."

She was moving a bit mechanically, and the men could tell that her balance wan't great because of all the wine. But she was doing it

"Stand between each of our legs and grind your ass into the lap of each man."

…and she did…

"Spread you legs and bend over in the middle of the room."

…and she did…

"Take a tit in each hand and lick your nipples."

…and she did…

Every instruction was followed by Sally and all of the men had raging hard-on's from watching their friend's beautiful, sexy and before tonight, demure wife put on the show.

Sally, pouring herself another glass of wine said, "This stuff is pretty lame."

Downing the wine and swaying from the alcohol she added, "Is that it?"

Cocking a hip to one side and placing her hand on it she continued, "This is all a stripper does?"

Her sexy pose and the bouncing of her chest and ass as she spun around looking at each man was so erotic that several of the men actually trembled in lust at the sight.

"Well Sally I didn't want to tell you everything, I was embarrassed," said Jim, with a sly wink to the other three men.

"I told you I want to hear every detail," Sally said as she refilled her glass. "Tell me or I'll tell your wives." Her speech was starting to slur and her eyes seemed to be a bit unfocused from the alcohol.

"OK, OK don't do that, the guys will agree with what I say. Here's what happened next," said Jim.

Jim figured that Sally was acting out some kind of revenge thing on Bill and he decided that he would enjoy it. Particularly since she seemed hell bent on getting shit-faced.

He would find out just how far the pretty wife of his employee was willing to go. God knows she had a great face and body. In fact, she was a hell of a lot better looking than the stripper he had hired at the convention.

Jim knew that actually not much else had happened. The stripper asked if they wanted blowjobs for $20 each. They had lined up, gotten sucked off and that was it. Hell, Bill hadn't even had an orgasm. The stripper had never taken her g-string off, and hadn't let the men take off their clothes or touch her. She just had them hang their cocks out of their pants. It was almost clinical, not very sexy at all. The whole thing lasted about 15 minutes. But he wasn't about to tell Sally that.

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