tagNovels and NovellasMaking Aria Sing Ch. 01

Making Aria Sing Ch. 01


This is a first submission for me, and it covers a lot of different areas - fetish, anal, light BDSM - that are fantasies of mine. While you may not be as drawn to certain parts of the story, I hope that you find the overall work to be enjoyable. -- SecretlyWild


"Hello, my kinky little cunt..."

Every time Aria signed into her messenger, she was greeted with the same five words. However, it did not matter how many times she read them. She had chills run the length of her spine each and every time.

Jon had found her through a website several months ago and their correspondence was getting hotter everyday. To add to the sexual tension even more so was the fact that they'd finally agreed to meet up. Though distance had seemed to be a problem at first, Aria and Jon had been determined to see one another in person and begin enjoying the process of acting out the fantasies that they had been sharing with each other over the length of their conversations.

Aria was a mystery. Save two or three people, one being Jon, no one knew about her hidden, kinky side. The man she'd been married to for years had become very predictable in bed. He had been the only man to ever know her intimately and now, with the passing of time, she was beginning to wonder what all she had missed out on. Her husband was not open-minded regarding sex and as time had gone on Aria had become increasingly interested in experimenting in new things. After trying to bring up a handful of things to try with her husband and being rejected, she had finally stopped telling anyone. Anyone but Jon, that is.

The emails had started casually enough. The fact that she wanted to be "roughed up" during sex had caught his eye, and he'd casually asked when one would know that the time was right to be rough. From there, and very quickly, the emails got more erotic and eventually just flat out kinky. He'd casually mentioned cheating and wondered if the thought of being fucked in the bed she shared with her husband was arousing for her at all. Aria had been shocked when she realized just how hot the idea had made her. Just the mention of it had soaked her panties.

And now, after months of suspense and build up, she was just 24-hours from seeing him face to face.

They chatted for a bit, discussing the final travel plans and confirming the time his flight would be in the following day. Their roles would assume immediately - he the dominate and she the submissive - so she was given a very specific list of what to wear (and not wear) when she arrived at the airport. After saying goodbye for the night, she laid out the clothing she was to wear. It was all chosen to his desires and specifications from the color of her lipstick all the way down to the specially ordered lingerie that he'd had sent to her. Aria sank into the down comforter on her bed and sighed. Even more than the butterflies in her stomach she felt the familiar ache and throb of her pussy. It was the same throb she always had after talking to Jon and she reached down slowly to relieve the ache. Quickly she pulled her hand away and his words echoed in her head.

"You are not to touch yourself, except to bathe and dress. I will be the next hands you feel on or in your cunt. You may not cum at all until I allow you to do so."

She knew the next seven days would be ones she would never forget.


She arrived at the airport exactly 30-minutes before Jon's plane was scheduled to arrive. She'd worn exactly what they'd discussed, and while it wasn't all that revealing it was still so out of the norm for her that Aria felt her face flush as she exited her car for the valet. He'd obviously liked what he'd caught glimpse of as she swung her legs around to get out of the driver's seat. The thigh length leather skirt had naturally climbed her legs as she prepared to stand and had flashed the satiny, purple and black, zipper-crotched thong she was wearing. When she bent slightly at the waist to adjust her skirt to its proper position, her breasts had all but fallen out of the matching satin bra she wore beneath the tight red halter top Jon had requested. She had to admit that just the clothing itself, paired with a 4 inch pair of black patent leather pumps, made her feel unbelievably sexy. She'd never have told anyone, but she wouldn't have had to. It was obvious by the way she carried herself when she walked past the valet and let her fingers brush along his arm as she handed him her keys. Anyone who knew her would have notice the difference in her attitude.

After checking the incoming flights to make sure that Jon's was still on time, Aria slipped into the bathroom to touch up her face. She'd always been one for wearing makeup, though she much preferred more subtle enhancement than she saw on her face now. Intense red lips that matched her shirt perfectly made her lips seem even more pouty than they naturally were and the dark, smoky liner and shadow at the corners of her eyes gave her both added sex appeal and a sense of mystery. She tousled her blonde, shoulder length, shaggy hair cut and drew in a deep breath. She wanted to do this, right? Of course she did. She would never have made such detailed plans in the first place had she not been serious about going through with them. Her husband was out of town on business for at LEAST the next 9 days and since they were newly moved into the area, no one knew them well enough to care what did or didn't go on at their home. In fact, in the short time they had lived here, she'd seen her neighbors fewer times than she could count on one hand.

She checked her lipstick one more time before pulling on the black leather biker style jacket Jon had finally agreed she could wear if she felt too uncomfortable while in public. He'd quickly reminded her that once they were together it'd have to come off, as well as anything else he told her. She smiled nervously at her reflection. She had been concerned that strangers she saw in passing would be able to "read" her motives, but now she realized that she just looked like a confident, mature woman. Despite how she might feel, she did look every bit the part.

Aria strolled coolly into the main terminal again and paused at the incoming flights monitor. Her eyes had just fallen on the information for Jon's flight number when she felt strong hands grip her firmly from behind. One found its way around her neck, holding just tight enough to slightly close off her air and cause her to draw her breath in a bit quicker. The other closed around her waist and pulled her back against a tall, hard body with an obvious bulge in just the right spot. Her first inclination was to panic, but she immediately began to breathe a little easier when she felt hot breath on her ear.

"Good girl..." Jon quietly growled. "Mmmm fuck...your pictures don't do your body justice at all, my sweet cunt." He buried his face in her hair and inhaled deeply. "I managed to get a connecting flight that came in early. I wanted to see how well you truly follow directions. You've done beautifully, slut."

Aria couldn't believe the affect his words had on her body. They had discussed that she thought being called names would turn her on, but this was ridiculous. Her knees had gone weak and were trembling, and her pussy was gushing. Had Jon moved the hand on her waist any lower at all, she was sure she would cum immediately. Instead, he spun her around quickly and pulled her back closely to him. With one hand he palmed her ass, groping it unashamedly, and with the other he gripped a handful of her hair and pulled back slightly, turning her face up to his. He simply stared at her for a moment, taking in the mix of fear and lust that burned in her blue eyes. He tugged again on her hair, smiling lightly when he heard a sharp gasp escape her throat and felt her grind against his now erect cock. He pressed down against her ass, pressing her tighter to him, and captured her tongue between his lips when she moved to lick at her own response to his twitching member's reaction to her warm body. Another gasp passed her lips, straight into his mouth while he sucked and nibbled her tongue. Before she had a chance to return the lusty kiss, Jon pulled away, took her by the and and started toward the baggage claim

Everything happened so subtly that to the average passerby, they merely looked like a couple reunited after a long while apart. It would have been easy to explain the flushed and hasty appearance Aria wore as excitement. Indeed, she was excited, but not in a way that anyone assumed. Anyone other than Jon, that is.

After retrieving his bags, the pair made their way to the parking area. Aria dug through her handbag for her ticket to give to the valet, but before she could hand it over, Jon took it from her hand and stepped up take charge. To her surprise, Jon merely asked the valet for the keys and handed him a handful of bills to keep special watch over her car for the next seven days. The younger man assured him that the garage with valet service also had round the clock security and they regularly had patrons leave their cars there for extended periods of time and her car would be safe. Jon accepted and pocketed the keys then turned to smile at a very confused Aria. Before she could utter the question resting on her lips, he placed a finger to them and shook his head. Hailing a cab, he held open the back door for her and, after placing his luggage into the trunk, slid in beside her much closer than necessary. Leaning forward to give the driver the address, he slid one hand up Aria's thigh and under her skirt, playfully toying with the zippered crotch of her now soaked panties.

"You had a question, pet?" He smiled slyly and pressed his thumb harder against the zipper causing Aria to gasp.

Glancing at the driver, who seemed to have not noticed, she nodded and tried to gain her composure. "We're just leaving my car here?

Jon's only reply was to unzip her panties and slide a finger into her throbbing pussy. He could tell she was fighting to not push his hand away. She was so afraid of being caught. Good thing he didn't care and the possibility did nothing but make him more hot. He leaned over and bit at her earlobe, eliciting a moan from his secretly wild fucktoy. He pressed his lips to her ear and spoke loud enough that he was certain the driver would hear. "You won't need your car. I don't plan on letting you leave the house, or possibly even the bedroom, for the entire week." As he spoke the last word, he pressed his thumb hard against her clit. "Don't you DARE cum, pet."

Aria bit her lip, stifling a cry, and did everything she could to try to not focus on his assault on her pussy. She was grateful when she looked out the window and realized they were nearing her house. The cab slowly pulled to a stop and Jon withdrew his fingers. She blushed furiously when he brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply. He was obviously putting on a show for the cab driver now and even went so far as to hand him the cab fare with his still wet hand. He came around and opened the door for Aria, offering his hand when she moved to stand, then quickly raising the back of her leather skirt to rest at her waist and expose her ass and the slightest peek at her dripping pussy. She knew better than to pull the skirt down and proceeded to the door while Jon collected his bags and was given and enthusiastic thumbs up by the cab driver before he pulled away.


They'd barely entered the house before Jon had Aria pinned against the wall and was violently groping her. His hands kneaded her perky tits through the flimsy material of her shirt and bra and he ground his throbbing cock against her crotch. She didn't mind. Her hands were ripping at his clothes, and her nails were digging into his ass, desperately trying to press him to her in just the right spot to bring relief from the tension she felt in her pussy. Jon stopped suddenly, grabbing her hands and slamming them back against the door.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" His eyes burned into hers.

Aria wasn't sure what to say. She'd been caught. He'd made it clear she could only cum when he allowed it and she'd clearly crossed the line with trying to make it happen without his permission. "I--I'm sorry..." she stammered.

He caught her chin in his hand and made her look at him. "You know what happens to dirty sluts who don't follow the rules, don't you?" He slapped her pussy hard with the other hand, grinning at the sight of tears in the corners of her eyes.

"They have to be punished..." she whispered.

His grip on her chin became more aggressive. "They have to be punished....what?" In contrast to the hard grip on her face, he began to lightly, almost gently, caress her pussy again.

"They have to be punished....Daddy."

Jon chuckled and dipped two thick fingers into her pussy again. "That's right, cunt. They have to be punished. Shit...being treated like a whore makes soak doesn't it?" He withdrew his fingers and put them to her lips. "Open."

Aria greedily suckled his fingers. Her eyes locked on his as she rolled her tongue over, around and in between Jon's fingers. Fuck...the taste of her juices was making her even more wet. She shuddered when he tugged his fingers from her hungry mouth and uttered a ragged, "Please..."

Jon's eyebrows rose a bit in response, and a slow smile started across his face. "Why don't you show me where our bedroom is?"

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