tagIncest/TabooMaking Dad Cum with My Hand

Making Dad Cum with My Hand


"Damn I'm bored. I would prefer to be with my boyfriend."

"Why don't you come over and have lunch? A bunch of us are going to hang out at the mall."

"I can't, I have stuff that I want and my allowance only goes so far."

"Sherry, you're 18 for Pete sake, you're a senior in high school. Why don't you ask for a larger allowance or find a way to earn some money?"

"I have to go."

"O.K., call me if anything changes."

Sherry lay back on the bed and watched her cell phone go dark as the call ended. "I miss my boyfriend." Sherry sighed and realized that she was talking to herself only out loud. "If I were with him I know what we would be doing. He'd probably get me alone and touch me here." Her hands moved over her shirt front. "He'd touch me and want to get his hands under my shirt." Sherry smiled. Would I let him? I'd feel his fingers on my breasts through my shirt and bra. My nipples would start to feel tingly. I would look around to see if anyone is watching us and pull my shirt out of my jeans. I'd take his hands in mine and put them on my stomach. "Why don't you go under the shirt?"

Her hands moved under her shirt, shifted up, and move her shirt and bra up and out of the way, not in a clumsy boy filled with desire way but in a gentle wanting to give satisfaction girl way. With her head on a pillow she saw her pink nipples surrounded by their pinker aureoles. "You are a lucky guy." I have a pretty face with dark green eyes, I have long dark hair that shines at it reflects the light, a sexy figure with large breasts, and I like to fuck.

"Mmm," her nipples started to react to the gentle caress of her hands. My boyfriend would never be able to do this, at least not the same way. Her nipples were standing out from her breasts, hard as rocks, trapped between the finger and thumb of each hand. "Mmm, that feels good." She kicked her shoes off as her hands pushed her jeans and panties off. I would reach for your soft cock my fingers would close around the shaft. Her fingers found her pussy.

Sherry's fingers opened her labia exposing the clitoris. "MMmmm," Her finger sliding over it felt so damn good! Her boyfriend would be rougher, his own passion making it impossible for him to be this gentle.

My fingers have made your cock hard. I love the way it stands out from you. I want you, I want you now! You turn me away from you and I bend over. Your hands guide your hard cock to my pussy.

Her finger slid into her vagina. I would feel your hard cock sliding deep into my pussy. "Mmm," Sherry's pussy was wet, her fingers got slick. "Mmmm," Your cock would make my pussy feel s.o.o.o...good.

Her free hand reached for her nipples even as she made a second finger also slide in and out of her. Your cock is going to make me cum. She raised her legs and spread them wide. "MMMMM!" Her fingers rubbed her clitoris each time they slid in and out of her pussy. She used the flat of her hand to rub her clitoris in a circular motion; it felt so good when she did that!

"Umh" Her fingers went in deeper. "Mmm." Her fingers went in harder. Yeah baby fuck me! She was oozing and shoved her fingers harder and faster inside of herself!

"I'm cumming!" She practically jumped off of the bed. Your hard cock is making me cum! Her body was practically moving the bed with her orgasm. Waves of pleasure coursed through her as she continued to give pleasure to herself. Her fingers, legs and pubic hair were drenched. "Shit!" She lay there and the only sound was her trying to breathe.

She forced herself to roll off the bed and drug herself and her clothes into the bathroom. She grabbed a washcloth, got it wet, and gently cleaned the evidence of her orgasm from her pussy and legs. She sprayed some air freshener in her room, just in case.

Sherry turned on the television and tried to find something to watch. She found some stuff but she just wasn't interested so gave up. Leaving her room, she walked down the hall and bounced down the stairs. Hearing her dad on the phone she instantly went into silent mode and froze at the bottom of the steps. She didn't want to interrupt him in case it was important, but that didn't mean she couldn't listen in without him knowing it.

"No, of course not, I still love my wife, but our sex life is boring."

Sherry wondered who the hell he was talking to?

"I don't think either of us even enjoys it anymore so we have just stopped doing anything."

She didn't know that he and mom were having problems.

"We still go through the motions sometimes, but it's hardly satisfying."

She wondered if her mom was getting satisfaction from him.

"I find my wife very attractive."

Sherry thought her parents needed a second honeymoon so they could just relax and rediscover that sex was fun.

"I tell you what, I wish there was some way I could find a woman to give me a hand job."

She tried not to giggle as she pictured her mom getting her dad off with her hand.

"Hell, I'd pay $20. Talk at you later."

She confronted her dad as he hung up the phone. "Dad, you would let another woman do that to you for money?" She couldn't help herself, she giggled at her dad reacting to her being there.

"You scared the hell out of me."

"Answer the question."

"Yes, I guess I would."

"I can't believe I'm hearing this."

"Well it would be better than your mom and I going separate ways."

"Do you still love her?"

"Of course I do. It's just that I'm so frustrated I can't even think straight anymore."

"Why don't you and mom just talk about it? You know, stop keeping stuff that bothers you inside.

"I wish we could."



Sherry took a deep breath. She could help their marriage and earn a little extra cash too. "I will get you off with my hand anytime you want for $40. That way you can keep trying with mom until you two work things out and you can also get some relief. You don't have to worry about getting caught by mom this way either.

She saw him hesitate; his face says he hadn't made up his mind yet. "Come on dad, it's a good solution."

Dan took a deep breath, "All right, let's do it."

They walked up the stairs to her parent's bedroom. She had been in there a million times but never for anything like this. She saw him walk over to his side of the bed and sit down. They just stared at each other without saying a word. This was making her feel awkward.

"Dad, we should probably get started." She saw him take a deep breath, stand up and undo his belt. "Unh-uh, that will be $40 please."

Her father laughs which helps ease the situation; he took his wallet out and removed two $20 bills.

She took the money, "Why thank you sir." She saw him kick his shoes off and drop his pants and underwear. She stared at his soft cock as he lay back on the bed.

She moved so that she could sit next to him and took her dad's soft cock in her hand. Sherry definitely felt weird doing this; she had never had a sexual thought about him in her life. Her hand explored and he started to react. She made sure to be very careful touching his balls; she didn't want to hurt him.

As her dad started to get hard, she realized that he was a lot like her boyfriend. Sherry felt herself blush as she wondered what it would be like to have his cock in her. She knew she shouldn't think things like that but his cock getting hard in her hand wasn't exactly something a daughter did either.

She saw some of her mom's hand lotion and moved away to reach for it. Squirting some in her hand she set the bottle back down. She stared at his hard cock and her tongue licked her lips. Her dad was a lot bigger than she realized and he wasn't completely hard yet! She would love to have a taste.

Her fingers wrapped around the shaft and the lotion made her hand slide. Her hand slid down and when she got back to just below the head she squeezed. His cockhead turned a deep red; she loved that she could make a cock do that.

The lotion has made him slippery as her hand traveled up and down his length. She thought that he was bigger than her boyfriend. She was starting to get wet! How could she want him in her? She had never thought things like that before.

The veins of his cock were bulging and she wondered what his cock would feel like inside of her? How would he react if she just bent down and put his cock in her mouth?

His cock was slick in her hands and she could stroke it easily. She loved doing this to her boyfriend but it always led to fucking. He would never just lay there and let her do this until he got off. She liked watching cum as it shot out.

Sherry knew what they were doing was wrong, but she didn't care. She almost hoped that her mom and dad kept doing the same thing. She loved his hard cock, and she loved the way it felt in her hand. She reached out with her other hand and placed both around his cock and stroked. One day she would feel him inside of her. She would taste his cum and she would feel his cum in her pussy.

His breathing was getting hard; she knew he was going to cum. She squeezed the head again and it turned purple. She loved the way a cock could be so hard and soft at the same time. She started to go faster so he would cum before her hand got tired.

Dan arched himself a little, "Sherry, I'm going to cum."


Even if he hadn't said anything, she knew her dad was close because she could see something starting to ooze out of the end. His cock erupted! She was amazed to see it shoot out; it must have shot out several inches straight up! He kept pumping her dad's cock and shot after shot of his cum went all over her hands? Damn dad, do you always cum this much? It's fucking everywhere. She wasn't sure if she could swallow all of that.

It was still coming out! First because of the lotion and now because of his cum, Sherry couldn't even get a grip at all anymore. She concentrated because she meant to get every drop out of him. Aw, dad you're getting soft again. She wondered if she gripped it tighter if she could get more cum. Nope, he was too slippery. She liked the way her fingers slid all over the place. She wanted a taste.

Dan watched Sherry bend down and using her hand she pushed his cum into one big puddle on his stomach, then she used one hand to push the liquid into her other hand.

"I'm going to go the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean you up dad."

He watched her get up and head for the bathroom. "I think that is a good idea honey."

She loved the taste of cum; it didn't taste like anything else. Her tongue snaked out and into the puddle of cum in her hand and drew some back into her mouth. Um, a little salty, she wonder what he would think if her dad saw her lick his cum off of her hands?

After a few minutes, Dan saw his daughter return with the wet washcloth. She sat on the bed and gently cleaned him up.

Sherry wished it was her tongue getting him clean. Maybe next time or maybe the next time they would do something else. There were plenty of ways for her to make her dad cum.

Dan felt wonderful. He watched his daughter finish cleaning him up and head back to the bathroom. He heard the water running and figured she was cleaning the washcloth.

"I'll put this in the dirty laundry dad. I'm going to the mall to hang out with my friends."

"O.K. honey, thanks for helping."

"I didn't mind dad. Let me know when you need me again."

Sherry got into her car and headed out. She hit speed dial on her cell phone.


"Hey are you still going to the mall?"

"Actually we're there now."

"Good, I'll be there in a few minutes."

"I thought you said you didn't have any money?"

"Something cum up."

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