tagIncest/TabooMaking Daddy Mine Ch. 01

Making Daddy Mine Ch. 01


This is my first story so I hope you guys like it. I've been reading Literotica stories for over 2 years so I thought I should put my own story in. If enough of you like this story I'll make sure Part 2 comes out quickly enough. Please submit your comments and vote. Thanks.


My name is James and I live in New York. I have a beautiful wife named Lisa and a very beautiful 18 year old daughter, Keisha. My wife and I got married right before Keisha was born. We weren't ready at 18 but we had to do what was right. Keisha grew to look just like her mother. Both are 5'4, brown skinned, with long curly hair. I don't look too bad myself, I work out and have a nice cut body, no gray hairs yet at just 34.

I am the owner of my own clothing line. I've been styling clothes since I was 28. My wife works as a manager for an investment company and is on her way to being a VP which is why she's hardly around. My daughter is in high school, this being her last year, she says she wants in on the business and doesn't want to go to college. My wife, Lisa, disagrees but I don't give a fuck because I didn't go to college myself. I just started designing a female line and I've been using Keisha as my model, I guess that's how she got interested.

I was in the office one Friday afternoon after I let my staff go home early for the weekend. I just got the first shipment of the female clothes and I was sorting them out. I heard my sensor bell go off and looked up to see my daughter come into the shop. She was wearing one of my newest designs. It was a short denim miniskirt with a tight blue denim shirt.

"I thought I told you I didn't want you wearing that outfit," I said, "it's showing way too much."

"But Daddy I look too cute in it."

She did look amazing in the outfit. Even though Keisha was only 18 she had the body of a 25 year old woman. Being her father and her designer, I knew her measurements better than she did. Her 34 D breasts seemed to push through the tight material. Her small 24 inch waist was in a great contrast to her miniskirt around her 36 inch ass and it didn't seem to leave the fact that she wasn't wearing any underwear to the imagination.

"You're not even wearing underwear; don't tell me you wore that to school today."

"Yeah I did but only to pick up my underwear, besides I do have on underwear for your information." Keisha then proceeded to show me by lifting her skirt up and showed me the matching blue g-sting that seemed to disappear in her round tight ass.

"What the hell!" I said while my dick surprisingly jumped at seeing my daughter's ass. "Put your skirt back down."

"Why Daddy, no one is here," she said while pulling her skirt over her big round ass.

"I don't care, that's not what you do in front of your father."

"Oh please, you've seen me naked before."

"Yeah I know but that was 10 years ago."

"Whatever, I just wanted a ride home since I was in the area."

I turned around to put away the clothes. Why did my dick jump? I wondered to myself. I mean she's beautiful but that was the first time I responded to her in a sexual way.

"Ooh Daddy are these the clothes from the female line? Can I try this on?"

By the time I turned around Keisha took her skirt off and had her shirt over her head to take that off too. Oh my God, she doesn't have a bra on. My dick did more than jump this time, that shit got so hard I got dizzy. Her breasts were very round, so perfect they almost looked fake but I knew better. My mouth watered as I stared at them. Keisha then turned around and bent over to look at the clothes I had laying on the floor. I almost passed out as I saw her ass again, this time bent over begging to be fucked doggy style. The part of the panties that were supposed to be covering her pussy wasn't, and I then knew my daughter shaved her pussy.

Keisha quickly found a summer dress and put it on before I could scold her for being naked again.

"What do you think Daddy?"

"It's nice, let's go home." I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Thank God my jeans were loose so she couldn't notice my throbbing dick. I turned around and went straight the car. "I'll be in the car, hurry up."

I lay in my bed that night wondering why I was feeling that way. When I got home I went straight to my bathroom to take a shower, a cold one. My wife wasn't home yet so I asked Keisha if she was hungry to order some food and I went to my bed. I woke up to my wife coming out of the shower and putting her panties on. Her body was just as beautiful as my daughters but it didn't make me hard just then. I guess because I've seen it for the last 18 years. I closed my eyes and started to think about my daughter again. I saw her breasts in my mind, in my mouth. I wondered how it tasted. Then I started thinking about her pussy, not one piece of hair. It was so bald and looked delicious.

"Damn James, I still get your dick hard like that?"

I opened my eyes and saw my wife looking at my dick which seemed to have found its way outside of my boxers. I looked at her as she started to suck on the head and work her way down. It felt so good but I started to feel guilty as I imagined her being my daughter.

The next morning as I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, Keisha came downstairs.

"Where's mom?"

"She had to go to an early meeting today so it's just me and you."

Keisha was wearing a t-shirt that just covered her ass. My dick started to get hard again. Damn it, what's wrong with me? Will I always get fucking hard around my little girl? I'm such a fucking pervert. I kept my back turned so that Keisha wouldn't see my hard dick.

"So what are you cooking?"

She came up behind me to peak over my shoulder, which was hard for her to do being that I was 6'2. I felt her breasts pressing up on my shoulder. I moved away from her quickly and started putting the eggs I cooked on the plates on the table.

"Mmm eggs, yummy." She sat down and started to eat.

I quickly sat down and drank some orange juice and tried to think of baseball or whatever a man has to do to calm his dick down. Keisha started to talk about school and I started to feel better.

"Daddy you said to always tell you the truth right?"

"Yes baby, why what's wrong?"

"Louis asked me to suck his dick last night and I did, it was my first time."

I almost started choking on my eggs when she said that. I knew she wasn't a virgin because she told me that she lost it last year some time in the summer, but I never though she would get that graphic with me.

"Okay," I said carefully, "how do you feel about that?"

"Well I think I did it good because he kept moaning and everything but he didn't cum. I don't know if he even got close but he stopped me and just asked me to fuck him. I was so mad because I wanted to see if I could make him cum. I mean Chrissie told me that she sucked her boyfriend off and he came in her mouth and she said if a girl could do that, her boyfriend would never cheat on her."

My head started spinning as she told me the details of her date. I started to feel pre-cum forming on the head of my dick.

"Well first of all Chrissie is wrong about that. If a guy is going to cheat on you, nothing you do will stop him and maybe you should talk to Louis about that. I couldn't tell you why he did what he did."

"Okay fine Daddy, but if mom was sucking your dick, wouldn't you want her to finish?"

"Keisha, I don't want to talk about this anymore."

"Why not Daddy?

"No reason," I said as I got up to go upstairs, "I just don't."

I went upstairs and went into the master bathroom. I pulled my pajama pants down and saw my angry dick leaking pre-cum. I leaned against the wall facing the door closed my eyes and started jerking my dick off. I started thinking about Keisha sucking Louis' dick off for the first time. My mind started going in places I didn't want it to go to. I then started seeing her sucking my dick, her mouth wrapped around my huge dick while her tongue was teasing the head. I got so close to cumming that I didn't hear Keisha call for me. I didn't hear her knock on the bedroom door. I didn't hear her come into the bathroom or see her smile out the corner of her mouth as she saw me jerking off.

"Damn Keisha, you're such a fucking slut, suck Daddy's dick." I said to Keisha in my daydream with my eyes closed.

"Okay Daddy, whatever you say." My eyes shot open as I saw Keisha on her knees and getting ready to put her mouth over my dick.

"Nooo Keisha, don't!" My actions didn't go with my words as I pushed my dick deeper into her warm mouth. She sucked my dick hard while her tongue moved around my head like I imagined. I knew I was close to cumming as I felt my balls and legs tingle.

"Oh shit Keisha please, I'm about to cum." She could have taken that as please don't stop when I meant please stop. She kept on sucking as I started cumming. My hands shot to the back of her head while I started shooting deep into her throat. I just kept shooting load after load into her throat until she started gagging and she pulled away while the last of my load fell onto her lips and face. I looked down at my daughter who looked like a sexy slut licking my cum off her lips while on her knees looking up at her father.

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