tagRomanceMaking Decisions Pt. 02

Making Decisions Pt. 02

byDG Hear©

Chapter 3: Waiting for the right girl to come along.

I was sitting on the porch at my dad's one morning and I saw that cute gal Kim ride by; she waved and honk the horn. Dad hadn't come out yet so I waved back at her as she drove by. A few seconds later I heard a big bang, almost like a gunshot. I hurried to the road and saw Kim's car pulled over to the side. I headed towards it; it was only about a hundred yards down the road.

As I approached the car I saw her for the first time. She was opening the trunk when I approached the car. She then started kicking the tire and yelling at her car. It was the first time I really saw her and I have to say she was a looker. She stood maybe five feet tall and very petite; she looked sexy as hell. Let me try to explain: she was sexy, but not slutty, adorable but yet beautiful and that was what I saw in my first five seconds.

People always ask what you notice first when you see someone. With Kimmy, it was everything. Her eyes, nose, mouth, body, hair, she had it all.

"Stupid tire, stupid tire, dumb car! I'm so mad at you," she kept repeating as she continued kicking the tire.

I was just glad that it was a blowout and not gunfire. I was almost laughing and I know I was smiling as I approached the car. "Can I be of any help to you?" I asked this cute, beautiful, pretty young woman.

"Stupid car has a flat tire. I finally have an interview for a job in half an hour and the stupid tire blew out," she said to me.

"Let introduce myself. I'm Jim Burke. I think you know my parents..."

"I know who you are. Your dad talks about you all the time. I'm Kim Morrison; my friends call me Kimmy."

"Well, Kimmy," I smiled hoping she would consider me her friend. "What say we get the spare out and change this tire so you won't be late for that job interview?"

"Sounds good but the stupid spare is flat too. I'll never make it to the interview," she said sadly.

Even mad and sad she was the sweetest looking girl, or I should say woman.

"Look, wait here and I'll go get my truck and give you a lift to your interview. I don't want to see you lose the job."

"I don't have it yet. It's just an interview but I would be grateful."

I went and got my truck and pulled up along side of Kimmy's car. I got out, grabbed the spare tire out of her trunk and threw it in the back of the truck. "While you go for your interview I'll stop by the service station and get your tire repaired."

"You don't have to do that. Just taking me to the interview is more than enough. I don't want to put you out," she smiled.

"First off, Kimmy, you're not putting me out. I've wanted to meet you ever since I saw you waving to my dad. Besides, if I didn't help you, dad would skin me alive. I think he thinks of you as his daughter," I smiled again.

"I love your parents. I've been talking to them for years now. At least when I'm home. I graduated from college last year. I want to help children in pre-school. I finally got an interview for that position."

"Don't take this wrong but if they don't give you the job, they are both nuts and blind," I smiled.

Kimmy smiled as I pulled up in front of the nursery school. "Thank you again for the ride. I really do appreciate it."

"I'll be back in about an hour and a half to pick you up and take you back to your car, unless you would prefer to walk," I laughed.

I know she wanted to thank me again but she had to go in for her interview. While waiting for her I went and got her spare tire fixed. It was just low on air. I had time to take it back and put it on her car. I drove her car back to the service station and had a good used tire put on the rim of the blown out tire then drove back over to the nursery school and waited for Kimmy. I was hoping I wasn't late getting back.

She came out about fifteen minutes later looking for my truck. I honked her horn and she came to her car smiling. "So, how did it go?" I asked.

"You got my tire fixed and put on the car. You didn't have to do that. What do I owe you?" she asked.

"Right now, an explanation! Did you get the position?"

She gave me the most beautiful smile. "Yes, I start Monday. I'm going to help teach the pre-school kids. From ages three to six. It's a great age for kids. I'm so happy." She was smiling.

There was no doubt in my mind that she would get the job. It's kind of hard to say no to an angel. That's what she seemed like to me. I drove back to my parent's house where I left my truck. I told Kimmy that I picked her up a used tire as a spare.

"What? I have to pay you back. I can't have you paying for things like that," she said.

"I'll make you a deal. Go out with me Saturday and we'll call it even."

She looked down in her lap. "Jim, I have a date Saturday. I'm so sorry."

Damn, that hurt. I thought I'd try again. "Okay, then go out with me next Saturday."

"I can't. I have a previous engagement that Saturday also. I'm so sorry."

I figured I was beginning to understand. "It's okay. If I were you I wouldn't want to go out with me either," I said rather solemn.

"No, I want to go out with you," she butted in very quickly. "I do have a date Saturday and next week I promised my brother and sister that I would take them to the amusement park. Kings Island is less than two hours away and they are each taking a friend; I can't disappoint them."

"Do you have a friend that you are taking?" I asked.

"No. Are you saying you will go with me? Do you really want to be around four teenagers?"

"Yes, but I'll be riding the roller coasters with you. Is it a date then?" I asked.

She smiled back at me. "I'd love for you to come with me. It's been awhile since I've been to an amusement park. I wish I didn't have that date Saturday now," she said.

She told me a man that comes into the store she works at had asked her out a number of times. She had always refused but decided to give it a try. He was a couple of years older than her and worked in an office near where she worked. She did tell me after a lot of discussion that his name was Alan Smith.

She drove off and I told her I would see her later. I sure wish she wasn't going out with this Alan guy. I was already jealous and I hardly knew her. I was going to see what I could find out about Alan Smith.

I had to go to work and figured I'd find out what I could about this Alan guy tomorrow. Not much I could do about it anyway. I had trouble keeping my mind on my job. My mind kept thinking about Kim.

I got up the next morning and went over to dad's and helped with feeding the animals. Afterwards we sat on the porch and talked. He thanked me for helping Kim the day before. He cared a lot for her and was glad I helped her. She had stopped over in the evening and she talked with mom and dad about me.

I told them that I was going to Kings Island with her and her siblings next week. Dad smiled; he said she told them about me when she started junior high. I asked dad what she said and he just laughed. "She'll tell you if she wants you to know. You take care of her, Jimmy. She's not just a piece of tail; she's our friend too."

I knew dad was serious and I told him that he had my word that I would never hurt her in any way. I really meant it. For some reason I was falling for this girl that I knew for such a short time, was it even possible?

"Jimmy," my dad said. "A man is only as good as his word. Your word is good enough for me."

To some people that might not mean much. To some of us sons out there, we want to please our dads and get their approval. It could be at any age. To me this was my dad saying, "I believe you, son. Your word is good enough for me." I got my dad's approval and that means so much to me. I think I might have even shed a tear.

Later that day I went to see Clay. I really hadn't talked to Ellen since the two of them had been a couple. I knew that one day I would have to face them together. I went to the auto dealership and Clay and I went outside and talked a little. He told me his life was so much better since he and Ellen had been dating. He really felt that the two of them belonged together. I felt good for him but at the same time I did have to wonder.

I asked him if he knew this Alan Smith. I didn't know why it bothered me so much but it did. Clay kind of laughed and said that I had met him. I never remembered the name or remembered seeing him.

Clay said, "Do you remember the swingers party, last year? I know you remember the only other young couple besides us."

"Yes, it was that cocky white kid with the good looking black girl. I definitely remember her," I laughed. 'She gave the... oh, never mind, I know you know."

"That guy was Alan Smith. He usually finds younger women and takes them to the swingers party. Of course I haven't been to any since Ellen and I have been together. Like I told you, I don't want to share Ellen with anyone," he smiled.

A deep depression came over me. This guy was the one Kim had a date with tomorrow. I wanted to stop it but how could I? She and I never dated. Oh, God, maybe she knew about his past. I was really upset now. I had to go to work and wouldn't get a chance to see her. I called her house first thing Saturday morning but was told she went shopping with her sister and was expected to be gone all day.

Shit! Piss! Fuck! I was uptight now. That evening I drove by her house and her dad said she went out that evening. I apologized for bothering him and told him I would call her tomorrow.

"You're Jim Burke, aren't you, Ed Burke's son?" he asked.

"Yes, Mr. Morrison, I am. I met Kimmy the other day when she had a flat tire."

"She told me about that. You saved the day for my little girl. Drove her to her job interview and fixed her car besides. I want to thank you for that."

"No problem, Sir. Glad I was able to help. If you don't mind, please tell her I stopped by and will see her tomorrow."

"You're welcome here anytime, Jim. Thanks again for helping her."

I gave my respects and went home. All I could picture was that bastard putting his hands all over her. I know she wasn't the type - at least I hoped she wasn't. I was falling for her and it really bothered me.

I stopped by dad's Sunday morning and we talked about life in general. After breakfast I told him I was going over to see Kim. I don't know if he knew about her date the night before and I sure wasn't going to tell him. I did tell him that the following week I was going with her to Kings Island. I hoped it was still in play. Hard to tell since I didn't know how her date went.

As I drove over to her house I thought about what transpired between us so far. I saw her drive by and honk the horn at my dad and mom's. I helped her by giving her a ride and fixing a flat tire. I knew she had a date yesterday and I somewhat invited myself to the amusement park next week. Other than that, everything I thought about her was in my head. I knew she looked and talked like a precious angel. But, was she? Dad and mom loved her and she came from a nice family. Maybe I was going a little too fast here; at least in my head.

I pulled up the lane and before I got out of the truck she was at the front door smiling.. It was all it took to make me rethink my position. Since when was I so easily swayed?

She came up to my truck . "Hi. Dad said you came by last night to see me. You knew I wouldn't be here; I'm interested to know why you stopped by."

She didn't look mad but at the same time I could tell she was serious. I tried to weasel my way out by telling her that I hoped her date might have been canceled. I then asked her how her date went, hoping she would tell me the guy was horrible and she kicked him in the nuts.

"It was fine," she said. "I'm not in the habit of discussing my dates with future dates. Our date is still on for the amusement park next Saturday, isn't it?" she asked.

"My God, yes!" I exclaimed. "I'm really looking forward to it."

We were now sitting on the porch. She had on jeans and a blouse. Her hair was kind of a pixie -- hell, I don't know hair-do's; it was short and on her head. She just looked so damn cute. She told me her brother and sister were really looking forward to next week also. Her brother was nineteen and her sister was seventeen. They were the ones going with us. They were each bringing a friend; their best friend from school. Kim also had a brother who was two years older than her; he was married and had two kids of his own.

We were talking when her sister came out on the porch. Kim introduced me to the pretty girl. She was almost as cute as Kim. The nice personality must run in the family. Sharon, Kim's sister, said she was glad to know that Kimmy had someone to be with at the park. Everyone was looking forward to going.

I spent a couple of hours at their house. She showed me around and I met Zack, her brother that was going with us. Kim told me a little about their small farm and her life in general. She was somewhat sheltered but yet seemed to be very intelligent.

We took a walk and saw my mom and dad on the porch. I told Kim I didn't want to stop so we just waved and walked by. Damn, I was falling for this woman and wasn't sure why. Beautiful, great personality, easy to talk to, but I still didn't know a lot about her.

Anyone who just saw my old friend Dee and talked to her for a few minutes would think she was wonderful too. It took awhile to know what Dee was all about. I was so hoping it wasn't the same with Kim. I wanted her to be the way I felt in my heart.

Other than waving on her way to her new job in the morning I didn't see much of her. Dad told me she stopped over almost every evening during her walk. She was looking forward to Saturday. She never mentioned her date with Alan to dad, but why would she? I guess I was just a bit paranoid.

Saturday finally arrived and I was at Kim's house first thing in the morning. Mr. Morrison told us we could use his van seeing it seated six people comfortably. I drove and Kim rode shotgun. Everyone was talking about what they wanted to ride and see. The boys had girls on their mind also. The girls were a little quieter about what they wanted to do.

Everyone was supposed to pay for their own ticket. I went before Kim and asked for two. I looked at her and said, "You're my date. I can buy your ticket."

She reached up and kissed me on the cheek. Of course the kids laughed and made "Woo-Woo," type noises. We had a ball at the park. We all stayed together for about three hours and went on the rides together. After that we all went our own way and set times to meet up. I loved riding the differnt rides with Kim. On the flume rides (water rides) she would always sit in front of me and I would wrap my arms around her. She didn't seem to mind. A couple of times I'd bite her ear lightly or kiss her neck. She would always start laughing and said it tickled. God, how I loved being with her.

We held hands most of the day. I put my arm around her on different rides. I didn't make any passes at her or touch her inappropriately. I can't say I didn't want to, I said I didn't do it.

We stopped at the souvenir store on the way out of the park. I told Kim to pick something out for a keepsake of this day. She picked out a little figurine of a pug dog. She told me she collected dog figurines. I asked her if she wanted more and she told me she didn't need souvenirs to remind her of this day, but she was going to keep the pug.

Zack asked if he could drive on the way back. No one had any problems with it so we all got into the van. Kim and I got in the rear. Sharon said she didn't want to see any kissing going on back there because it wouldn't be nice doing that in front of the kids, meaning them.

Everyone laughed as we headed back. I put my arm on the back of the seat and Kim was leaning against me. She must have dozed off. She looked so pretty and innocent. I almost got pissed at Zack when he turned his music up loud and it woke Kim up. She told him to turn the back speakers off. She apologized to me for falling against me. I told her she could do that anytime.

Sharon turned in her seat and told Kim that she liked me a lot more than that Alan guy she went out with last week.

"He was so arrogant and stuck on himself. I don't know why you didn't tell him to get lost," said Sharon.

"That's enough, Sharon," said Kim. "I don't think Jim cares to hear about Alan."

"I'm sorry, but he was such an a-hole. He walks in acting like Mr. Stud and says, 'If all goes well I have a special party to take you to next month," said Sharon.

"Sharon, please, that's enough. I don't want to hear anymore about him," replied Kim.

It sure threw a wrench in my evening. I didn't know what to think. Should I come out and tell Kim I want to discuss Alan. What the hell would I say? What did she already know about him. I knew she could tell I was a little upset. She changed the subject and talked about maybe going to the zoo one weekend. Of course It didn't change the thoughts I had in my head. She did let me kiss her goodnight. It felt really good but we didn't kiss passionately.

The next day I went over and visited Kim and her family. Her parents were so nice to me. I actually felt like part of the family.

I wanted to tell her about Alan Smith and even a little about my past. I figured it was too early to tell her too much. I sure didn't want her dropping me. I didn't see her the rest of the week but she did stop in the evenings and talked with my parents. Damn, I needed to get on the first shift, so I could see her more often.

On Wednesday, I headed into town and talked with Clay. He told me his life couldn't get any better. He and Ellen were getting along fine. He asked me about my love life and I told him a little about Kim. I mentioned to him that she did go out with Alan one time and it bugged me. I wanted to bring it up but didn't want to mess-up the relationship we had started.

"Clay, I know I've only known her for a couple of weeks, but she could be the one."

"Holy Shit!" said Clay. "I didn't think any woman could bring down Jim Burke. Congrats, Big Guy."

"I hope it all goes well. I'd hate to find out she was a Dee, if you know what I mean. I'm really falling for her."

Unbeknownst to me Clay told my story to Ellen. It was two days later when I got a call from Ellen.

"Jim, I made a really big mistake."

"No, you didn't cheat on Clay, did you? That man is in love with you."

"No, I would never cheat on Clay. I really love him, Jim. This is about you and Kim. I really screwed up."

"Kim, how do you know about her? Oh, Clay told you about my dating her, so what's the problem?"

"Ok, don't hate me but Kim is my cousin. We never hung together because of the difference in our ages. When Clay told me about Alan Smith I was worried about Kim so I called her."

"Did you tell her what an asshole he is and that he would try getting her into swinging?"

"Worse than that, Jim. She didn't want to hear about Alan. She said she knew he was an asshole an hour after their date started. She wanted to know everything about you. I'm so sorry, Jim."

"For Christ's sake, Ellen! What did you tell her? Does she know we've been together? What did you say to her?"

"She's my cousin, Jim. When I heard you two were dating I thought for sure you told her about your past. You've always been so honest and up-front about things. I figured she was just verifying what she was already told."

"Please tell me you didn't tell her about the swinger's party?" I asked with a nervous stomach.

"I mentioned it, Jim. I did tell her you only went the one time. God, I feel so awful. I could tell she really cared for you. Why didn't you tell her the truth, Jim?" asked Ellen.

"We haven't been seeing each other that long and I was afraid of losing her. I was going to tell her everything in due time. I guess it's probably over. Damn, damn, damn! Ellen, I want to blame you but as my dad would say, 'I made my bed and now I have to sleep in it.' I just wish you wouldn't have told her everything."

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