tagIncest/TabooMaking Dessert

Making Dessert


Brian loved to cook. In his spare time he would just start baking things like Apple Crisp, Chicken Pot Pie, and even on occasion, Fudge Brownies. Today though, he was making Chocolate Chip Cookies. Not just because he could but because he was in charge of dessert. Although he never admitted it, he made some of the best cookies and ever one knew it including himself. Working hard to finish his cookies in time he didn't notice that the door open or even shut. A person was creeping up behind him. Then his eyes were covered by two petite hands. A voice called out "Guess who."

"Mrs. Claus?" Brian said jokingly

"No...guess again." The voice said

"Brittany...Spears?" He said randomly

Brian suddenly felt a hand slap the back of his head.

"No!" The voice yelled with a slight laugh to it.

"Uh....I give up. Who is this strange....peculiar....and random voice behind me?" Brian knew who it was, it was Jessie, but he just decided to be funny.

"Well, she has red hair, green eyes...her name starts with a J." Jessie said

"Uhm...Jessie?" He said while turning around to look at her.

"Yes, yes! You got it." She said with glee

Jessie's arms wrapped around his torso and started to squeeze

"How's it going Jess?" Brian asked gasping for breath.

"Not much. I just got back from work and wondered to myself 'what's Bri Bri up to?' so I decided to come over and visit."

Jessie released her grip

Jessica was a friend of the family for many years, her parents were to but unfortunately when she was 17 her parents passed away in a plane crash on there way back from a church mission trip to Africa. She was 25 now and had a job as a pre-k teacher. Jessie loved the kids and they adored her. I mean who wouldn't. Jessie stood at an average 5"7' with shimmering maroon hair. Her eyes were dark green with an alluring mystery to them. Her body was a crisp golden brown. Jessie loved the beach and spent most of her free time there, not sun bathing but playing volley ball or Frisbee, anything to entertain her. Jessie hated just sitting around and hated the girls who just sat around the beach all day soaking in the sun so boys would notice them. Brian has always had a crush on her but he couldn't stand a chance with her. He was 3 years younger than her, had no job, lived several hours away and was still in college. She had her job, her parent's house that she inherited, her own nice car and every now and then an occasional boyfriend.

"Aw, you just thought to come by and visit your good pall Bri?" Brian said in a sweet cuddly voice.

"Yeah, don't be silly, once I heard you were back for a while I wanted to come over and see you but I got held up with my job, friends and other life problems."

"Yeah, sure you did." Brian said while turning to keep making the batter for the cookies.

"I did!" Jessie trying to convince her friend, then she saw the grin in the corner of his face and hit him over the head again. Brian tried to duck down with a laugh. 'Oh his laugh' she thought to herself, 'I missed Brian so much, he's been gone so long I forgot what he looks like.' She continued to think.

Brian stood at 6"3'. He wasn't muscular but he was healthy and strong enough to have a six pack. He never worked out but he played a lot of sports and did some insane things that could tone his body just enough to make the girls go wild. He had dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. His skin was as tan as Jessie's because he also loved the beach. Jessie caught herself looking at his jeans and glanced down to the area that curved his ass. Brian was stirring the batter up so he never noticed. 'I can't believe this is Bri Bri. My Brian has all grown up and...has filled out nicely.' Jessie thought whilst looking up and down his body.

Brian stuck the cookie doe in the oven and set the timer for 7 minutes. After shutting the oven door he turned around and relaxed his body against the counter facing Jessie. "So, how's life Jess? Any new squeeze in your life?"

"No, no one at the moment, just living the single life." Jessie said back.

"Well I'm sorry that you are. Someone as beautiful as you should have guys gawking over you."

"Aw, thank you..." Jessie said as the dimples in her cheeks appeared." What about you? Any hot, young thing at FSU?"

"No, I'm afraid not." Brian replied with a sigh.

"Really?" Jessie asked in astonishment. This is the one guy that she always fantasized about; she didn't care if he was younger than him. She was always thing of him. She even had a wet dream about him once or twice.

"Yep, I really haven't been looking though. I kind of just want to be single."

"Why's that?' Jessie asked

"Well..."He began "I just...don't really care, and the only girl I do care for is way out of my league." He of course was thinking of Jessie at the time. He started to remember those nights in when he was in high school. He thought about her, dreamed about her, but never ever masturbated to her. Brian cared so much about her that he wouldn't spill his seed at her.

"Out of your league? Who is she? Some hot supermodel? Jessie asked with a laugh?

"No, not a supermodel, someone way more beautiful than a super model. Some one more...intelligent than a supermodel." Jessie started to laugh.

"Well C'mon. Spill the beans. Who is she?" She asked intently waiting for his answer.

"...You..." Did he just say that? Did he just say that she was his ideal woman?

"What?" She said in shock.

"...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that out loud. I jus...I just..." He could finish what he was going to say. Ah the hell with it! Jessie I am crazy mad in love with you. Always have been, and I just been hiding that inside me for so long it popped out. I never said anything cause I know that would say, 'oh Brian, I'm flattered but' blah blah blah. That's the truth and I am not ashamed to say it but don't feed me the line about I think of you as a brother or I just want to be friends, cause it is that kind of bullshit that crushes a man!" The timer for the cookies went of and Brian popped open the oven door grabbed a hot pad and took the sheet that the cookies were on out and set them on the counter.

Around this time Jessie was standing there stunned. Her eyes were on Brian pulling the hot cookies of the sheet but her mind was trying to compute what she jus heard.

Brian stuck another batch into the oven and turned around for a second to see her reaction. Noticing she was still in shock Brian headed toward the fridge, grabbed a soda and went off to his room "Just let yourself out the door when you want." His voice faded as he headed down the hallway corner. Brian sat down on his computer charge and started to twirl in it while thinking. "What was I thinking?" He said to himself. "Nothing, you weren't thinking." He said back to himself. "She must think I'm a fucking immature, little, idiot." Brian stopped twirling the chair, turned to the computer, and logged onto his msn to see if anyone was online that he could talk to. No one was online "Crap!" Brian said to himself. He slammed his laptop shut and started twirling again. The timer from the kitchen echoed into his room. Brian jumped up and head toward the kitchen. He expect a still stunned Jessie standing there but saw now one. "Most of gone home." He said with a slight sigh. Brian opened the oven door. He popped the cookies out and went back to his room. Sitting back in his chair he heard a crack in the hard wood floor. He turned to see Jessie sitting there on one of his old bean bags. 'You're here."

"Brian..." She paused for a second "Did you really mean what you said?" She never looked at him "I mean I understand if it was a joke but...are you serious about what you said?" She turned her head to face him.

"Jessie, I meant what I said. Every single word. Don't know why I said it but I did. I'm sorry." Brian laid back against the chair watching her dark green eyes. Her face was emotionless and then he saw something un-expected. Jessie started to smirk and those dimples returned to her face.

"Where are your parents Bri Bri?" She asked looking at him in an alluring, mischievous way.

"There...away for the summer." Brian said understanding her intentions

"The ENTIRE summer?" She asked with hope in her voice

"Bahamas, a second honeymoon as they put it." Brian said. The he felt something in his jeans react. He got a hard on. Now Brian was still a virgin, not because he couldn't get any but because he chose not to.

"Well, you have to house to yourself then. Car, cash, and all. All alone in this house won't do. I think I can stay away from my house a couple of weeks. What do you think?" She asked.

"Well, it would be a shame to leave me alone all summer. I think you should stay a couple of weeks."

Jessie realized that all this talking was making his cock bulge in his jeans. Jessie caught Brian looking at her looking at his bulge and grinned. "Am I turning you on?" She asked with those dimples on her cheeks again.

"I thin you are." Brian said smiling whilst looking down to his groin.

"Well we have a bit of a predicament then." She grinned some more.

"What's that?" Brain asked

"Well, your little friend needs some air." Jessie crawled out of the bean bag and slowly ventured over to her soon to be sex partner. She knelt down to Brian's pants, unzipped his jeans, went into the opening and unbuttoned the boxers that incased the cock of her friend. Brian's big, hard rock popped out. Jessie noticed Brian change his breathing, she spoke and said, "Well well. Looks like your little friend ain't so little." She immediately started to lick the bottom of his rod. Going up, across the pee hole, tasting the pre-cum, and then lunging onto his meat.

Brian felt so intoxicated by the experience. He never had a blow job before. He never had any sexual encounters before. He was a virgin, Jessie knew it too.

Jessie stopped for a second to take Brian's shirt off and to take her shirt of as well. Taking her shirt of revealing those gorgeous tits of hers. The weren't too big, they weren't too small, the were a perfect size. Jessie had been in a few situations where she had given blows before and even been eaten out but had never fully been with a man. It seemed as if these to young people were in fact virgins. Jessie slowly pulled down her tight pants, Brian saw a pair of dork green panties and a dark green bra. Brian quickly un-did the button that held his jeans together and pulled them down. Then quickly pulled down his boxers. Jessie laughed at his quickness and pulled him up. "Relax Brian..."She said in a calm smooth voice. "We won't rush. I don't want to have just sex with you; I want to make love to you."

"I'm sorry, I'm just..."Brian put his head down in shame "Nervous. I've never been with anyone before, and now I am with the only person I ever wanted to be with."

"I'll bet you're a pro at it. Relax and just go with my flow." Jessie said while pushing him down on his bed.

She put herself on top of him, looking down to see herself to line up with his cock. Then she slowly slid down onto him. He moaned within the seconds of the sliding. Jessie went slowly up and down. Slowly and calmly. She finally came down on him and without any warning she felt him cum in her. Felling his hotness in her made her cum to. Still having him in her she lied against Brian's chest. Brian's cock never shrank. She lifted her head and went up for a kiss. While moving up she slid of Brian and his cock still being hard popped when she was fully off of him.

They started to kiss. Passionate kissing for minutes and even more kissing. Then finally Brian got his confidence. He turned her over so she lay flat on her back. He started with a kiss on her forehead. Then on the nose, then on the lips and he even let his tongue slip into her mouth. Next he kissed her chin. Then her neck. Then he slid his mouth down her chest, never parting with her body in between her breasts. She felt an orgasm coming on. Brian then slid his mouth over to her right breast. She felt his mouth leave her body, then felt him take in her full breast into his mouth. He started to lick her nipple stroking it up on down with his tongue. It finally perked up. He lifted his mouth off her breast and started to play with her perked up nipple, flicking it, pressing it down and watching it pop right back up. He finally looked at her and saw her face. She looked at him as if to say "I enjoy what you're doing but continue your journey please." So he did.

His hands slowly pressed against the sides of Jessie's torso, Brian continuing his love kisses. He kissed her tummy then went down to her bellybutton his hands slid down her sides and Jessie started to giggle

"What's this?" Brian said with astonishment, "A tattoo?"

A tattoo was formed around the bottom of her bellybutton. The tattoo was a word, HONOR, the tattoo read.

Brian looked up at her, she smiled at him.

"Honor?" He asked.

"Yeah..." She began "Honor, one of the things I live for."

Brian's head went down again and continued his love kisses. Jessie started to fringe and her waist moved a little to the left.

"Nope." Brian said. "I am not going there yet."

He skipped past her wet area and went to Jessie's inner thighs. The kissing stopped and now he was gently bowing on her skin. She started to squirm a little bit and move her waist again. Brian went all the way down her left leg and started up her right. Now once he reached her sex door he looked up at her and nodded his head. He placed his mouth just before her wet pussy lips and then, the cookie timer went off.

"Wouldn't you know it?" Brian said. "Inches away and the stupid timer goes off."

"Go, get them before they burn doe boy." Jessie said with a small bit of emphasis.

Brian stood up, still naked and erect, walked out to the kitchen and shut the timer off. Brian grabbed to hot pads opened the oven door and brought the cookies out to cool. He grabbed one of the all ready cooled cookies and to a bite out of it. His mind was on the last 7 minutes. Did he really just have that astounding act of passion? Did he really, in all plain terms, have sex with his best friend?

Around that time his cookie was finished and he grabbed the spatula to take the cookies of the sheet. As he was doing so he saw a small hand try to grab a cookie from the sheet.

"No!" He said while slapping the hand with a spatula. "Have one of the cooled ones."

He grabbed a cooled cookie and handed it to Jessie. She shoved the cookie in her mouth. Brian turned around and looked at this goddess of a body stand in front of him. His limp member started to form again He saw her hair all messy from their previous engagement and thought it was so sexy. He glanced down to her tits and saw them perky. He immediately looked up at Jessie's face and saw her smirk with allurement.

"Got to tell you Jessie" Brian started "You naked in a kitchen eating my cookies is pretty hot.

"Is it?" Jessie said with a grin. "So how do you want me?"

"How do you want me to want you?" Brian said back to joke around.

"Well let's finish what you started." Jessie said and lifted her self on an empty part of one of the counter tops.

She slapped her legs twice to tell Brian to come to her. When she saw the masculine piece of flesh head over to her she spread her legs. Brian arched his back forward and dove into her groin, but before he could eat her she held him back.

"Slowly, like before...I was almost going to cum just from your pace"

Brian backed up and then dove down to her sex door slowly. Mouth at her door he started to lick. Slurping up her sex juices and fiddling with her lips with his tongue. She began to moan.

"That's....nnnggggh...it, that's.....uuhh, the...the....t-the.....SPOT!!" Jessie came right then and there, no warning what so ever.

Brian took his mouth of her skin and said "Cookie time."

He grabbed a cooled cookie and placed it on top of Jessie's left breast. He went over to start placing a new batch of cookie doe on the sheet. He pretty much had cookie making down to a science. Whilst he was placing the doe on, a head popped between his legs. He looked down and waved at the head. He then continued his science. Then he felt a sensation, his balls were being licked, his dick went fully erect then.

"What are you doing darling?" He asked with a smile, he didn't look down at her he just kept his process going.

"Well you gave me a glorious integument just a minute ago and so I wanna give you one"

"If you insist." He said with a sad sigh, then looked down and smiled at her.

She popped out from underneath his legs an. Brian turned around and grabbed the edge of the counter. Jessie started to hover around his pulsing member, examining it, admiring it, then started to lick the tip of it, stroking it slowly. She then formed her mouth around the rod. Slowly she pumped up and down, fondling his nuts. Brian grasped the edge of the counter and moaned a little bit. After several minutes and Brian still didn't cum, Jessie spoke.

"Where is it?"

"Where's what?" Jason asked catching his breath

"Your sperm, how come you haven't cum yet?" She asked shaking his pole as to find just a slight drop.

"Maybe you should try harder." Brian looked down with a smirk and one eye brow raised.

Jessie smiled back with those cute little dimples in her cheeks. The something happened that wasn't expected, he shot a load clear across the kitchen.

"Whoops." Jessie sad trying to catch it in her mouth but missed then went to get the rest that was spewing out. After she licked him clean off, Brian blushed a little. Jessie laughed.

"Funny" Brian said in sarcastic, disappointing way

Jessie's laughter turned into a small 'aww' look. Jessie stood up and put her chin against his chest and looked deep into his eyes.

"I'm sorry" She apologized

"So what's next for us Jess?" He asked

"What do you mean?" She asked stilled gazing into his eyes.

"What's gonna happen, we just did it, and it was amazing, but was this a one time thing or a every once in a while thing or is this something more?" He looked more serious now than his usual playful look.

Jessie stepped back and looked him strait in the face, "This is something more, you and me; we are a man and women in love."

She then went back to her previous position with her head against his chest.

"Good." He said in relief the started to stroke her back.

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