tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMaking Francesca Ch. 04

Making Francesca Ch. 04


The next four days progressed pretty much the same. Justin would wake him up, shower and dress him in his schoolgirl outfit. He would then spend the morning and afternoon practicing his cock sucking on progressively larger rubber cocks, until by the afternoon of the fourth day he was able to deep throat a huge 10-inch dong. After supper his lessons in bondage continued. Mistress Celia held him in position longer and longer. She also continued the nightly spanking sessions using bigger and bigger paddles and more stokes until she was giving him seventy swats at once. Mistress Celia would reward his good behavior each night with a little something nice. On the fourth night she let him sleep without his feet chained to the wall.

Through all of this, Frank found that little voice in his head gaining strength and he realized he was losing more and more of his masculine self. He was sitting in desk as ladylike as he could, considering his ankles and wrists were firmly attached to it. He began to blush whenever Mistress Celia would compliment his progress, and he even caught himself swaying his hips once as Justin led him to the bathroom. All of these little changes scared Frank, but he just could not stop himself.

As Frank sat at his desk on the morning of his fifth of training awaiting Mistress Celia, he was again engaged in thought about the changes he found himself undergoing. This had become his favorite pass time, and he spent every free moment he had on it. He was slowly witnessing that which was Frank disappearing, and that which was to be Francesca replacing it. Had he not been kidnapped by Mistress Celia and forced to undergo the change, he knew that he would have never embarked down a similar path on his own. Now that he was going down this path, however, he found that some part of him was actually enjoying become a girl, even if he was not overly fond of some of the methods Mistress Celia was using. His developing breasts, he now had a tiny amount of tit behind his puffy nipples, and emerging feminine mannerisms had him wanting to see what would happen next. He did enjoy wearing the wonderful lingerie, and even the schoolgirl outfit he wore each day excited him. He was not, however, thrilled with the bondage sessions and the spankings that accompanied each one, but what troubled him most about that part of the training was the implications it carried. He knew that when the training was over, Mistress Celia was going to send him off to an unknown Master or, maybe a Mistress, to be nothing more than a sex toy and he was genuinely afraid that this new person would treat him badly and not really care about him the way Mistress Celia seemed to do. In addition, he found that he was beginning to care about Mistress Celia a great deal. He was still thinking about he felt about her when Mistress Celia came down to begin the day's lesson and something of it must have shown on his face because she patted him on the head and mumbled something like, "Ah isn't that sweet," as she walked up to the blackboard carrying a manila folder in one hand.

"I have two treats for you today Frannie," Mistress Celia said as she turned to face him, "First, I have just gotten some new identification docomeents for you that say you are a girl."

She opened the folder and took a piece of paper that she placed on the desk in front of Frank. As he looked at it, he saw it was a birth certificate. The name on it was Francesca Marie Isabella Harris, and the date of birth was his own. It listed the parent's names as Robert Alan Harris and Lucinda Yaneth Nunez-Harris, and the place of birth as Norfolk Naval Hospital.

"You see Frannie, I have a couple of friends that help me create a background for my new girls, and some of your stuff arrived this morning by courier. In case you are puzzled by the names and place of birth, let me relate your new history for you. Your mother was Spanish and met you father while he was stationed in Spain as a young Naval officer. They wed in Spain right before he was reassigned to Norfolk Naval Base, and you were born there just over a year later. When you were three, your father was again reassigned, this time to the Philippines where you lived until you were six. Your family next moved to San Diego where your family was tragically torn apart when you were seven. Your father was by then embarked on what promised to be a wonderful career in the Navy, but that was cut short by a sudden shipboard fire during a shake down cruise for a new destroyer that claimed your father's life. To his credit though, he was killed while saving the lives of seven of his shipmates and was posthumously awarded the Defense Superior Service Medal for his heroism. You mother then decided to return to Spain, but left you with your father's parents in Montana until she could find a job and get settled in, but before she could send for you to come join her, she too was tragically killed. She fell victim to a bombing by the separatist ETA terrorist group, so you remained with you grandparents and grew up in rural Montana helping look after your grandparents ranch. After graduating high school you left Montana to attend college at the University of Michigan and studied business. In your third year, you grandmother sudden died of a heart attack, so you left college to go back to Montana to look after your grandfather who was suffering the effects of old age and the loss of your grandmother. Your grandfather passed last year, and you came here looking for a new start," Mistress Celia concluded. By this time she had placed his "father's" death certificate and service record, a high school diploma, a college transcript, and death certificates for both "grandparents" on top of the birth certificate. "Now all we have to do to complete your new identity is get you a driver's license, a social security card, and a passport, but we will work on that at lunch."

Frank's head was spinning with all the detail Mistress Celia had gone into with his "past". He did wonder how she was going to get him a driver's license though since he really did not see her taking him to the local DMV office.

"Now for your second surprise. I'm going to release your hands a bit so you can practice using them while you give head because I've decided it is about time to let you try out the real thing. After lunch, I'm going to let you use Justin as your training aid. I'm sure you will really enjoy that since Justin is possessed of a wonderful piece of man meat," Mistress Celia said as she attached a length of chain to each of Frank's wrists and the desk that allowed him about two feet of free movement.

Frank marveled at how wonderful it felt to be able move his arms freely for the first time a week, albeit with limitations. He sat there and moved his hand about for a minute or two as Mistress Celia watched and chuckled. Suddenly butterflies raced though Frank's belly as the full impact of what Mistress Celia had said sunk in. He was going to have a real cock in his mouth, and while he was nervous about that, he was also a bit excited. He was going to get to use all the skills he had been practicing the last four days and find out through an unbiased source if he was worthy of the praise Mistress Celia had given him while he worked on the rubber cocks. Mistress Celia broke his train of thought by replacing the documents on the desk with a 9-inch rubber schlong a told him to get started since they did not have all day for him to sit there day dreaming about sucking on Justin's cock. Through out the morning Mistress Celia instructed him on using his hands to stoke the cock while sucking on the balls and licking the head or fondling to balls while the whole cock was buried deep in his throat. The morning passed quickly and Frank was startled when Mistress Celia announced it was time for lunch. As always, Justin appeared with the tray of food and first set out Mistress Celia's lunch before turning to Frank. As he set out Frank's salad and diet soda, he winked at him, sending another flight of butterflies around Frank's insides. After Frank's lunch was set out, Justin stepped back to the side, and Mistress Celia spoke up, "Since you did so well this morning, I've decided that you can eat your salad on your own today. Besides, you do need to learn to eat like a proper girl."

Frank was overjoyed since this was the first thing was allowed to do for himself since coming here, and, trying his best to be dainty, started to eat. He soon discovered that eating like a girl was much different than he was used to, but watching Mistress Celia eat her lunch allowed him some pointers. When he was truly a man, he would have wolfed down the salad, but as it was, it took him almost 15 minutes to finish.

After he was done, Mistress Celia assessed his performance, "Not bad for your first try Frannie, but we will definitely have to work on it some more," gesturing toward a crouton that had fallen into his lap, "so things like that don't happen. Proper ladies don't spill on their laps so I'm afraid that I will have to reinforce that tonight during your bondage lesson. Now Justin, take away these dishes and get back down here quickly. We don't want to leave Frannie waiting to long for her next step in training."

Justin gathered up the dishes and was back standing beside Frank in less than five minutes. Mistress Celia then unchained Frank's hands from the desk and connected on of the chains between his wrists while Justin reached and removed the writing table from the desk. He then removed his shirt and stood facing Frank between his bound feet.

"Just think back to the video, and remember everything you learned and practiced so far, and I'm sure you do just fine. I'm sure Justin is hoping so," Mistress Celia said with a smirk, "Now get to it. I want to see you make Justin's knees buckle."

Frank's hands were trembling as he reached out toward Justin so he first placed then on Justin's well defined abs and started stoking, allowing himself a moment to calm down. He then slowly moved his hands down to Justin's thighs, lightly caressing all the way and from there worked his way inward toward Justin's crotch. After a moment or two of caressing Justin through his leather pants, Frank undid the button and slowly lowered the zipper, exposing the front of Justin's bikini briefs, and already growing bulge underneath. With his confidence growing with each passing minute, Frank slowly started to work Justin's pants down around his hips, and lowered then to Justin's ankles. Taking the cue, Justin then stepped out of them and pushed them aside with a foot. Frank then placed one hand on each of Justin's hips and drew him forward until their legs touched. Leaning forward, Frank placed a light kiss on the front of Justin's growing erection through the silky fabric of the briefs Justin still had on, and proceeded to trace the outline of Justin's cock with his tongue. Mistress Celia sat back in her chair grinning, obviously pleased with Frannie's performance thus far. As he was tracing Justin's balls with his tongue, Frank hooked his thumbs under the waistband of Justin's briefs and pulled them down just enough to expose the head of Justin's now rapidly swelling member. Frank reversed course with his tongue and was soon licking a drop of precome from Justin's slit. Taking a deep breath, to steel his fluttering nerves, Frank opened his lips and slowly sucked the head of Justin's cock into his mouth while pushing his briefs down to his ankles. Frank continued to suck on the head of Justin's cock while he fondled his balls with one hand. With the other hand, he lightly caressed the underside of the shaft using just the tips of his nails. The pleased gasp Justin made further emboldened Frank, so he slowly started to work more of Justin's now fully erect 9-inch mansicle into his mouth. He continued his journey down the cock until Justin's balls were touching his chin. Feeling a sudden inspiration, Frank began to hum with Justin's cock lodged deep in this throat. Justin moaned and began to buck his hips a little and Frank new that he had slow up a bit if he wanted to keep sucking on his first real cock much longer. As he backed off Justin's wonderful cock, Frank used his tongue to lick the underside of the shaft, and remembering something an ex-girlfriend used to do when he was close to keep it going, when he had only the head in his mouth, he sucked really hard, sending Justin into a fit of twitches.

He then released the cock from his mouth and licked under it down to Justin's balls where he spent several minutes licking each one before sucking it into his mouth. He alternated between Justin's clean shaved testicles before sucking both into his mouth at once, swirling them around with his tongue. All the while he was sucking on Justin's balls, Frank was using his hands to slowly jack his cock, not because he worried that it would go soft, but rather because he found that he liked the soft firmness of the penis on his hands. Finally Frank left Justin's balls behind since he just had to have that cock back in his mouth and wanted to make Justin come. He then attacked Justin's manhood with gusto, licking the shaft, taking the thing down his throat, and sucking on the head while his hands continued to caress Justin's smooth, muscular body anywhere he could reach. Frank kept him going for another 20 minutes until Justin's ragged breathing and moaning told him that he could not take much more. Frank let Justin's cock slide out off his mouth with a loud pop and, looking up at Justin's eyes, said "Come for me, Sir", as demurely as he could, and quickly took Justin's entire 9 inches down his throat. The sight of Frannie looking up at him was more than Justin could handle and he soon found the come building in his balls as she deep throated him. Frank felt Justin's cock head swell even more in his throat and knew Justin was soon to come. He slid the cock out of his throat and held just the head in his mouth swirling his tongue all around it. At the same time he used one hand to quickly jack on Justin's shaft while the other played with his balls. Frank was soon rewarded for his efforts as Justin arched his back, and shot the first of his load into Frank's eager mouth. As shot after shot of hot spunk hit his tongue, Frank swallowed as much as he could, but some of it inevitably leaked out around Justin's cock and started to run down Frank's chin. Not wanting to miss a drop of Justin's man chowder, Frank used his fingers to gather up the come running down his chin, and once he had milked the last drop from Justin's now deflating cock, Frank slowly sucked the come from his fingers and finished by licking his lips slowly and sensuously.

"Bravo, Bravo," Mistress Celia shouted as she stood clapping, "My but you certainly seemed to enjoy that Frannie. Justin how was she?"

"One of the best Mistress, one of the best," Justin said while smiling at Frank.

"So you rank her skills at cock sucking as among the best I've trained?" Mistress Celia asked.

"Actually, Mistress, I rank her as the best you've trained. When I said one of the best, I meant that she gave me one of the best blow jobs I've ever had," Justin replied.

"Wow, you should be really proud of yourself Frannie. Before Justin came to be in my service, he was a renowned lady's man and received hundreds, if not thousands of blow jobs, many from very skilled girls. Now I know a girl's first blow job is a very momentous occasion and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter," Mistress Celia said.

"Yes, Mistress Celia," Frank started, "At first I was very nervous since I wasn't sure if I'd be any good, and I didn't want to let you down after all the praise you gave me while I was learning on the rubber cocks. However, after Mr. Justin started to respond to my actions, the nervousness went away, and I just wanted to make it as pleasurable as I could for him. I also found that I was enjoying giving Mr. Justin head as much he was enjoying what I was doing for him. Before you brought me here, I would have never thought in a million years that I would actually like sucking a man off, but I guess I am becoming the girl you want me to be." As he finished speaking Frank lowered his head to hide the blushing in his cheeks, confident that, at least for the moment, Mistress Celia was pleased with him.

As Frank sat at the desk, basking in the glow of praise for his skills as a cocksucker, Mistress Celia snapped her fingers and said, "In all the excitement of Frannie's first time giving head, I almost forgot about her new driver's license. Justin run upstairs and get the digital camera while I touch up her face."

Justin turned and trotted off to the stairs, firm buttocks in plain view, as he was still naked. Frank watched him go and was surprised to find that he hoped that if Mistress Celia allowed him to suck Justin's cock again, he would be able to grab Justin's ass as he came in his mouth.

Mistress Celia quickly retrieved Frank's make up kit and proceeded to touch up the areas that had been mussed up during the recent session of oral sex. She also added a bit more eye shadow and applied a slightly darker lipstick to give Frank a more adult look. Finally she removed the bow from his hair and stood back to examine her work. At that point Justin returned with the camera and Frank found himself staring at Justin's lovely cock, definitely hoping he would get to use his newly learned oral skills on it again. This desire to have a man's penis in his mouth certainly bothered the masculine part of Frank's psyche that was desperately holding on for dear life, but the new, growing feminine side was quite comfortable with the idea. In fact it abruptly told the masculine side to shut up and enjoy the ride. This was something of a epiphany for Frank since it was the first time that the feminine side had won one of these internal power struggles, and as Frank leaned back in his desk, he realized that being a girl, even a partial one like he was becoming, might not be that bad. Frank was brought back to the world when Mistress Celia told him to sit up straight and smile for the birdie as she snapped a couple of pictures with the camera Justin had brought her.

" Now while I e-mail these off to my friend at the DMV who helps me out with these things, Justin will supervise you while you complete a task I have decided you can do. Since many of my clients also use their sissy shemales as maids, every girl that leaves here has a full repertoire of domestic skills. This afternoon, until suppertime, you will be cleaning the bathroom that you use, and from now on it will be your duty to keep it clean. I expect it to be sparkling, and will inspect it once I have finished my supper. Any major deficiencies in your cleaning will be dealt with during tonight's bondage training," Mistress Celia explained, "Oh and Justin, you can get dressed again. We wouldn't want that lovely cock of yours distracting Frannie as she goes about her chores."

Justin began to get dressed and Frank was disappointed that he could no longer gaze at Justin's naked body. Once dressed, Justin led Frank over to the bathroom, let him use the toilet, and then showed him the cleaning supplies. Justin also tied an apron on Frank to help protect his clothes and told him get started. Frank knew he did not have much choice, so he rolled up his sleeves, and got to work first cleaning the shower. Frank found it difficult to work with his hands chained together with only two feet of separation, but his desire to please Mistress Celia and avoid the punishment she promised for shoddy work helped him get past this difficulty. Frank spent the remainder of the afternoon scrubbing and polishing in the bathroom with Justin giving him instructions and pointers on the best way to get a certain area clean. When Justin announced that it was time for supper, Frank put away the cleaning supplies, feeling quite good about the job he had done.

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