tagIncest/TabooMaking Friends at Lake Como Ch. 10

Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 10


It was late when we left the group meeting.

Lisa and I went home and Richard, Jennifer and Dina went to their house as I figured they wanted to be alone and talk about what happened tonight.

The next morning, Richard came over and told us what happened after we left.

Richard said that he and Jennifer talked to Dina about her performance last night. They told her she was terrific and that he and Jennifer were proud of her and they were glad she was accepted in the group.

Richard said he told her that she could join them in having sex and if she wanted to have sex with anyone else from the group, she could, but only with members of the group.

She agreed to the conditions and immediately asked if she could call Lisa. I told her she should go over to see her instead.

Richard did admit Dina was a great fuck and is looking forward to fucking her a lot more.

Richard thanked us for everything and told us to enjoy Dina, smiled an left.

As Lisa and I were getting ready to go to the pool, the door bell rang. It was Dina. I invited her in and called Lisa.

Lisa came out and gave Dina a big kiss on the lips and a big hug. I gave Dina a kiss as well.

Lisa invited her to sit down as we were getting ready for the pool.

Dina looked a little nervous and we asked her what was on her mind, even though we already knew. Dina looked at us and said she had a great time last night in every way. She then said that Richard told her she could have sex with any member of the group and she wanted to know if she could have sex with us.

I looked at Lisa and she gave me her approving look.

Lisa stood up and took Dina's hand as I got up. Lisa led her to the bedroom and looked at Dina and asked if she wanted to now. Dina nodded her head yes and Lisa took her to the bed and laid her down, with her in the middle of us.

Just then the phone rang. It was Richard and he wanted to know about Dina. I told him she was in bed with us now and if he and Jennifer wanted to come over now. He said yes and hung up.

I told Dina that her brother and wife were coming over now to join us. She smiled and said ok.

While we waited, Lisa wasted no time in playing with Dina's tits. She got lost in sucking her nipples and never stopped when Richard and Jennifer arrived and entered the bedroom.

I pointed to Lisa sucking Dina's nipples and Richard and Jennifer both told Lisa to fuck her, and laughed.

Lisa looked up and smiled and went back to Dina's nipples. Dina looked up at her brother and Jennifer and told Richard to get his cock ready and asked Jennifer if she had a supply of milk.

Lisa finished sucking Dina's nipples and turned her over to me. I mounted her and pushed her legs apart as I slipped my cock in her wet cunt. As I did, I looked back at Richard for his approval and he nodded his ok. I got my cock fully seated in her young cunt and started fucking her.

In the meantime, Jennifer came over and place a full tit in Dina's mouth. Dina wasted no time in sucking it as I was pounding her cunt.

I could see milk squirting into Dina's mouth and all over her as I was about to cum. When I was ready, Dina held my cock in her as I shot my cum in her and filled her up.

Jennifer switched tits and Dina kept sucking until she was dry.

Dina then called Richard over and asked him if he wanted to fuck his little sister. Richard got on the bed and told her to get on all fours. Dina did, but she looked nervous.

Lisa and Jennifer lubed up Dina's ass the best they could to prep her for Richard's assault on her ass.

Richard then told Dina that she wouldn't be able to take all of him and she told she could. She said she would bet him anything she could take him all.

Richard told her that he would bet her.

Lisa and I were hysterical laughing, as was Jennifer.

Richard said that if she took his cock in her completely to his balls, her sex restrictions would be off and she could fuck anyone and everyone.

He then said that if she didn't take his cock in her entirely, she would only have sex with the four of us while she staid here.

Dina agreed.

Dina's ass was well lubed and Richard's cock was at her entrance. He started pressing his cock head in her ass slowly. Dina was squirming a bit but she was taking him in.

Richard asked Dina if she wanted him to stop and she said no. He pushed in further, as her opening stretched. Once again, he asked her if she wanted to stop and she grunted a no.

Richard's cock was in her ass halfway now. She started pushing back as he kept pushing his cock forward. Her grunts were getting louder and her hands held the bed sheets firm in her grasp but her ass was sucking Richard's cock up. He was almost completely in her now and had an inch or so to go before his balls touched her ass.

Richard was ready to give his cock one last push and it would be completely in her ass. He looked at us and gave his cock one last push until his balls hit her ass.

Dina yelled out that she won. Then she told het brother that she would forget the bet if he came in her ass right now.

With that said, Richard started pumping his cock in her ass and it didn't take long before he flooded her ass with his cum. Even with his cock as a plug, his cum was flowing out of her ass as he kept squirting his cum.

Richard finally stopped cumming and pulled his cock out of her ass and a floodgate of cum poured out.

Richard and Dina fell to the side, exhausted.

As brother and sister rested, Jennifer, Lisa and I discussed Dina. We figured the best thing for her is for us to keep her near us all the time and if everyone agreed, for her to be a part of our sex lives as long as she is here. We all agreed.

We let them sleep, while the three of us went into the other bedroom and fucked the rest of the night.

Look for Chaptet XI

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