Making Hay


Mike was the first to finish eating. He repacked his trash and went around to the far side of the truck to put his cooler away. He paused a moment to lean on the side of the truck and stared openly at Jan. He licked his lips several times. When Jan smiled, he grinned and turned to walk off into the woods.

He paused by a tree and Jan figured he had to pee. She watched him from the corner of her eye. Of the three guys, Mike was about the wild and craziest. After a moment, he took a step forward so he was behind the tree from the other guys. Then he turned around.

Jan tried hard not to grin. He had his dick out and it was standing up hard and proud. He ran his hand up and down the shaft several times and then stuck his tongue out and wiggled it suggestively. Jan laughed and then stifled it as everyone looked at her.

"Has the heat gotten to you?" Bubba asked suddenly and loudly. At Bubba's voice, Mike turned and hurried deeper into the trees. This made Jan laugh even harder than before.

Bubba stood up frowning. "Are you laughing at me?"

Jan shook her head but she continued to laugh. Between Mike's childish behavior and Bubba's jealousy, she was out of control and it showed in her laughter.

"Get your ass in the truck while I get your clothes bag," Bubba yelled at her.

The laughter cut off as if it was on a switch. "Fuck you Bubba Carter, you don't own me. I'm free, white, and damned near twenty one, so you can just fuck off," Jan yelled back.

Bubba's mouth dropped open, he had never heard Jan talk that way. "What the fuck's got into you? You're my girl, you don't need to be showing everything you've got to this bunch of assholes."

"They haven't seen anything yet," Jan, said standing up. She whipped her t-shirt off over her head and threw it at Bubba. The shirt hit him in the face. Her shorts followed quickly.

Bubba stood there with his mouth open in a stunned silence. Jake, Todd, and Mike's mouths also hung open but not for the same reason. Jan stood on the back of the flatbed completely nude except for her tennis shoes.

"Holy shit!" Todd whispered slowly.

"Uh huh," Jake said.

"Get the hell down from there and put your clothes on," Bubba yelled.

Jan glared at him and simple said, "No."

Bubba suddenly charged the truck like a linebacker on Saturday night. As he started up on the side of the truck, Jan executed a perfect high kick, catching Bubba on the side of the chin. Bubba hit the ground, out cold.

Jake and Todd looked down at Bubba and then they both looked up at Jan. Both were grinning. Jan was hopping around on one foot. Seeing them grinning she yelled, "I think I broke my fucking foot on his damned hard head."

Jake laughed as he walked over and checked Bubba's pulse. "Good thing he has that hard head or you could have killed him."

"It would serve him right. I'm tired of his jealousy and bullshit. He thought he owned me, well, I showed him."

"Yeah, and the rest of us at the same time," Mike said from the far side of the truck, a big grin on his face.

Jan stopped hopping and grinned. "It'll be a hell of a lot cooler driving the truck this way."

"For you maybe," Todd muttered to himself.

Jan laughed and then winced as she put her weight on her right foot. She walked to the front of the truck bed, turned, and walked back. The ankle hurt but it was offset by the thrill of three sets of eyes on her nude body. A shiver ran up and down her spine.

"Would someone toss me one of the sweat towels so I'll have something to sit on." Jan said as she squatted down next to her lunch. She had her knees wider than she would have normally allowed them to open, but she was having fun teasing the guys and herself.

Mike picked up a towel and tossed it toward Jake. It hit Jake in the shoulder. He grabbed it before it hit the ground. He tossed it up to Jan and grinned as she turned more toward him to catch it. Her legs spread wider as she did.

She held that position as Jake's eyes stared straight between her legs. Mike and Todd both stared as well. Mike licked his lips a few seconds later, as did Jake. Jan shivered and dropped her hand down to stroke her outer lips lightly. They were slippery to her touch. She turned to face the three men, her legs now spread as wide as they would go.

Her fingertips caressing her sex made her shiver harder. Three sets of eyes followed her fingers as she rubbed her sex more firmly. She wanted to masturbate while they watched but she lacked the nerve. Her middle finger slipped between the folds and brushed against her swollen clit. She moaned softly and jerked her hand away.

"It's all right," Jake said softly. "Go on, you know you want to and you know we want to watch you. Just relax and go for it."

Jan whimpered softly as her hand returned to stroke her outer lips.

"That's it, just do what makes you feel the best," Jake whispered.

Jan's middle finger slipped back between her pussy lips and rubbed up and down in the slippery damp cleft of her sex. She moaned as her fingertip touched her wet hot opening. She was so wet. She could not remember being this wet before. Not even the first time Bubba ate her pussy and she had been plenty wet then.

She dipped her finger inside her opening. It felt so good that she pushed it in even farther. Three sets of eyes watched as she fingered her pussy. On a sudden urge, she pulled the finger out of her sex and moved it down to tease her asshole.

With a loud gasp as her finger slipped into her anus, Jan's hips jerked up and down, fucking her asshole on the finger. Their eyes had her horny but this show she was putting on had her almost out of control. She was having little mini orgasms, one right behind the other.

Jan could feel her stomach muscles rolling and twitching as an orgasm built in her lower pelvic region. She wanted to draw it out but her body wasn't having any of it. She left the finger in her ass, dropped the towel, and rolled her clit around with a finger on her left hand.

That was all she wrote. Jan came with a gush as her legs slammed shut on her hands. She fell forward onto her knees as her stomach and hips jerked in rhythm with the pulsing pleasure of her orgasm. Her eyes were tightly shut and all she saw was bight flashes of color and light.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, a little voice was cheering her on. That orgasm was better than anything Bubba had ever given her. At the thought of Bubba, her eyes opened and she looked down. Bubba was lying on the ground but his eyes were very wide open, as was his mouth.

Jan smiled at him and flicked her clit with her finger. She moaned as a small surge ran through her belly and her eyes closed again.


A while later, Bubba sat on the tailgate of the truck and looked at the ground. Ever so often, he would glance at Jan and frown. Todd and Jake leaned on the side of the truck and watched Jan eat her lunch. Mike had disappeared into the woods once again.

The thought of Mike jerking off while watching her made her shiver and smile. The bulging ridge in the front of Jake's levy's made her quiver inside. The tent in the front of Todd's shorts was impressive enough that she could not keep her eyes away from it long.

She was forcing herself to eat slowly to draw out the pleasure of them watching her and her alone. She had never been the center of attention before, especially the sexual center. It was thrilling and made her feel powerful and in charge. That was something else she had never felt.

Jan had let life flow around her. She had never stirred the pot, so to speak. Life had always controlled her. Bubba, school, this job, they had all just fallen into her lap and she had went along. Sitting here naked eating her lunch in front of four men was the first truly wild and independent thing she had ever done.

She felt in total control of the situation and she was ready for more. "Who has condoms?" She asked suddenly.

Bubba glared at her and Mike yelled, "I do."

She grinned at Bubba and said, "I know you do. Do you have one or two?"

"One." Bubba said and looked away.

"I have two." Mike yelled from the woods.

"Get your ass over here and quit jacking off." Todd yelled at Mike.

Mike stepped out to where Jan could see him. He had his dick in his hand and was slowly stroking it. "I'm stroking, I ain't jacking off. I've got other plans," Mike said with a laugh.

Bubba jumped up and Jan yelled, "Sit your ass back down, it's no longer your problem and you don't have anything to be jealous of any longer. I was a connivance and a trophy but I'm not anymore."

Bubba glared at Jan but sat down.

Jan looked at Jake and Todd. "Who wants the condom and who wants a blowjob?" She asked in a strong quiet voice as a shiver of anticipation ran up and down her spine now that what she wanted was out in the open.

"Can I have both?" Mike yelled from the woods.

"Shut up Mike," Bubba growled.

"That makes you last, Bubba," Jan said, giving him a hard look.

Looking at Jake and then at Todd, she said, "You two decide and get the condom from Mike."

She ate the last bite of her sandwich and drained the last of her soda. "I'm driving the truck just the way I am for the rest of the day. We have four runs to make. Todd at the end of the first one, bring me a couple of cold water bottles. At the end of the second, Mike, you do the same. Jake if you would bring it on the third, that would be nice."

"What about me?" Bubba asked.

"What about you?" Jan replied. "You'll get yours when we leave tonight."

She had her small lunch cooler packed and tossed it to Todd. She held her arms out toward Jake. "Help me down. The sooner we get started, the sooner we'll be back here and on top of the hay pile." She grinned and winked at Jake.

Jake shook his head but he was grinning as he helped Jan down. He gave a jerk as she grabbed the ridge in the front of his jeans. "Keep that thought," she whispered. "It feels delicious."


The first run went quickly as always. Jan had her eyes on the guys as they lifted and tossed the bales in the side mirror and stacked them in the rearview mirror. Sweat glistening bodies, lean hard muscles, and the thought of Todd with his head between her legs at the end of the run.

She was hot but not just from the heat and wet as hell. She would shift her butt on the towel and feel her pussy lips slip, and slide against each other. Her right hand stayed on the steering wheel but the left kept wandering over her slick chest.

Jan had the truck parked in the shade and had barely gotten it shut off before Todd opened the door to hold out two cold water bottles. Jan had felt worlds cooler driving naked. Sweat still rolled down her body but it felt sexy and sensuous.

With a grin, Jan turned in the seat to face Todd. Her spread thighs were right on eye level with him. She took the water bottles and tossed them on the seat behind her. She was much more interested in the way Todd licked his lips.

"I hope you eat pussy," she whispered as she slid forward, spreading her legs even wider.

With a grin, he moved forward and planted his face in her sex. Jan gasped loudly and arched her hips up. Bubba had always just licked her from her opening up to her clit, only to go back down and start over. Bubba's tongue was wide and strong but boring.

Todd's on the other hand was long, flexible, and agile. He plunged into her depths and stirred them thoroughly. Jan found it hard to catch her breath for several minutes under his attack. When she did finally exhale loudly, Todd ran his tongue up her slit and started to give her clit the tongue lashing from hell.

Jan couldn't breath again. Her hands went to his head to push him away but ended up pulling him tighter instead as a strong orgasm suddenly washed over her. She heard herself moan loudly as her stomach muscles jerked and clinched. Electric sparks flew along her nerves.

As her clit became too sensitive, she pushed at Todd's head and lifted her knees. Todd released her clit and lifted his head. The next thing Jan knew he was licking her asshole and pussy. This brought an even deeper moan as her orgasm held its intensity for that much longer.

She had to push his head away again. This time he stepped back. Jan groaned as she lowered her legs and lay back in the seat. "Damn!" she whispered between ragged breaths. Even the cold water bottles under her side didn't faze her.

"Are you alright?" Todd asked a moment later.

"Oh yeah, I'm just peachy keen," Jan whispered and then giggled hoarsely. "You sure do know how to eat pussy."

"I haven't had a lot of practice." Todd admitted.

Jan giggled again. "I can fix that and I plan to."


Jan was still in a bit of a daze as she drove back across the field. She watched the guys and sipped at the water. Once she poured some of the cool water over her breasts and shivered as it ran down her belly and between her legs. It cooled her off somewhat and seemed to wake her up.

Todd's oral skill had surprised her. She wondered if Mike would be as good and then she thought about Jake. For the first time, she wondered if she could handle what she had started. Two more orgasms like that last one and she would not be worth a shit to drive.

The end of the second run came much quicker than usual. Jan wasn't sure if it was anticipation, daydreaming, or the guys were working faster. She pulled to a stop in the shade and shivered as she opened the driver's door. Mike was there an instant later.

He held up two water bottles but his eyes were locked on Jan's sex. She dropped the water bottles in the console and slid forward until her ass was right on the edge of the seat. Mike seemed to be frozen on the spot, his eyes wide, and his mouth hanging open slightly.

With a grin, Jan put her hands on the back of his head and pulled forward gently. With a jerk, Mike looked up at her face. "I... uh... I...." He stammered and then he blurted out. "I've never done this."

"Just lick, I'll guide you to the best spots," Jan whispered as she pulled on his head again.

Mike let her pull him forward and then he stuck out his tongue. Jan gasped at the first touch of his tongue on her slit. It was a tenitive, uncertain lick but it was his first. Jan felt power surge through her as he took another lick, a firmer stronger one up her slit.

She guided him to her clit and her stomach jerked as he licked it firmly. Then he was trying to suck on it and flick it at the same time. Jan moaned softly and rocked her hips against his mouth. It was so different from Todd or Bubba. Less experience and more enthusiasm.

Jan rocked her hips controlling the pressure of his licks. When she pushed down on his head he moved down along her slit to her opening. His tongue wiggling inside her made her groan and her hips jerk. As his tongue went deeper, she moaned louder.

When he curled the end of his tongue and pulled his head back, Jan groaned. He fucked her pussy slowly with his tongue, his beautiful long flexible tongue. Jan's breathing got faster as he rubbed and touched something she had never felt before. An orgasm was growing with incredible speed.

It wasn't as intense as with Todd when it hit but it was long and drawn out as Mike kept working his tongue in and out. Jan finally had to push his head away. With a groan, she closed her legs, and lay back on the seat.

"Did you.... Uh.... You know?" Mike asked in a breathy whisper.

"Oh God, yes," Jan whispered back. "I never knew your tongue was so long."

Mike grinned and rolled the full length of his tongue out. The tip was well past the bottom of his chin. Jan giggled and shook her head wildly. "Holy shit! No wonder I was coming my brains out."

Still grinning, Mike turned and walked away.


Jan finally found the energy to sit up and had finished half a bottle of water, when Jake showed up at the door. "Are you all right?" He asked with concern in his voice.

Jan grinned and nodded. "Never better," she answered and then sipped on her water.

"Ok then, lets get a move on," he said. He shook his head as he turned to walk toward the back of the truck.

Jan started the truck and turned it around. She lined up on the row of bales and headed out. This side of the field was partially shaded by the sun getting lower and the tall trees along the edge of the field. It should be a little cooler.

This run was slower as the guys had to stack the hay higher but the shade helped with the heat some. Jan had to stop once as a bale got away from Jake and Mike and fell back to the ground. One missed bale in six and a half runs wasn't bad when you consider the number of bales.

She could hear Todd ribbing them as they climbed down to retrieve the bale but he helped them toss it up onto the top of the pile. Bubba stood back looking at the cab of the truck with a frown on his face. He did not look happy at all. Jan felt a pang of sorrow for him but it was his own fault. She hoped he would learn something in the end.

Jake and Mike climbed back up onto the bed of the truck and Jake yelled, "Roll it out."

Jan let off the brake and applied the gas. The truck started to move and they were back to work. The rest of the run went smoothly and it wasn't long before Jan shut off the truck at the end of the row. The thought of Jake bring her water and eating her pussy had her hands shaking as she opened the drivers door.

Turning in the seat to face the open door, Jan drained the last of the left over warm water and tossed the plastic bottle on the floorboards. This run had been cooler with the shade and she wasn't sweating nearly as much. The thoughts of Jake eating her pussy had kept her pussy very wet.

She rocked from side to side and then back and forth. A grin spread across her face as she felt and heard the wet towel squish under her ass. She wondered how much of that was sweat and how much was from her sopping wet pussy. She would definitely have to remember to clean the seats in both trucks.

Jan giggled softly. For the first time ever, she was thankful for vinyl seat covers. Jake clearing his throat, made her look down. With a smile, she took the two bottles of water and put them in the console.

"How are you doing?" Jake asked softly.

With a grin, Jan replied, "Never better. I've had three of the biggest orgasms of my life and I found out Todd has hidden talents I never dreamed of. Not to mention, Mike's extremely long tongue and totally virgin status in that area."

Jake chuckled. "So you got Mike's cherry for eating pussy, huh."

"It kind of surprised me from the way he acts and talks."

"Yeah, the brashness and bluster of youth is something that takes time to get over but this will be something he'll remember the rest of his life."

"Me too," Jan whispered and then giggled.

"Drink some water and rest, I'll take a rain check on the oral until we finish." Jake told her and then winked. "I like to take my time and do the job right."

Jan giggled and said, "If you do the job any better than the last two then I'm going to die or at least sleep for a week."

"With age comes experience and that's something I have in spades," Jake said with a grin.

"That sounds interesting," Jan, whispered as Jake turned and headed for the back of the truck.


The last run was hard work for the guys as usual but the shade helped, along with a breeze. At the end of the last row, Bubba and Mike hopped up onto the truck and Jan headed for the starting point by Jake's truck. Now, it was time to rest and cool off before tarping the loads and heading out to deliver the hay.

Jan parked by the first truckload and shut the motor off. The guys were all sprawled out on the hay as Jan got out of the truck. She grinned at the slick shiny dampness on the seat cover. She used the one dry edge of the towel to dry it off. The rest of the towel she could ring out.

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