tagText With AudioMaking Her Cum on my Face

Making Her Cum on my Face


M and I found each other five years ago, simply on a whim. We met on a fitness website and one day she needed help with posting an article. I of course, was already intrigued with her, seeing her profile picture. So having an IT background, I quickly volunteered!

This resulted in a phone call to explain things with her, but I felt a connection with her right away. This lead to more phone calls, getting to know each other and of course the conversation turned to sex. We found out we were both in sexless, boring marriages. She was not as experienced as I was, and had never had an affair. We progressed to phone sex and then video chat sex. Eventually we met, realized the attraction was there and that started a beautiful, satisfying and loving relationship that still continues.

One of the things that has been the biggest surprise is the awakening she has had sexually. We both love trying new things. I introduced her to Literotica and we both are fans of the Text with Audio section, so she wanted to try submitting something in hopes all will enjoy it!

So this is our first submission! Audio of me pleasing her with my tongue (one of her favorite things). If the readers enjoy it, we will do more!

This audio was recorded the last time we got together at her house. It's a bit risky because she lives in a small town and her kids are home for the summer! Enjoy hearing my passionate and beautiful lover have a fantastic orgasm at my capable hands (er..tongue)!

* * * * *

Click Here to listen: .mp3 format or .ogg format. (4 min/mp3)

* * * * *

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by Anonymous

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More, please

There's a lack of good couples recordings on Lit of late. You're a breath of fresh air. Really sounds like she enjoyed herself, that you did her right...avidly waiting for more from the two of you.

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by Vikingboy07/13/18

I hope you give us more aural evidence of your love affair.

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