tagFetishMaking Her Feel Pretty

Making Her Feel Pretty


This is a continuation of the story I started in My Pretty Woman Moment. Read that before reading this.

In the days after our group sex encounter with sexy store clerk Tyler, my wife Jess and I were a little dazed. We are not, after all, some wild swinging couple. We're Republicans, damn it, and while we have a definite streak of libertarianism three-ways with strangers in a store dressing room are not, in any way, a routine part of our relationship.

What worried me most was the potential for my wife regretting what amounted to me having sex with another woman right in front of her (though said woman had her face buried in my wife's vagina at the time). I love my wife, and while that sort of a sexual encounter is just about any man's fantasy, I'd not want any part of it if it strained relations with my wife.

But we both seemed to be coming to grips with what had happened, and we seemed to be mutual in our agreement that it was a positive development in our relationship opening up broad new horizons of sensuality for us to explore.

But one thing was bothering me: I had shot my load in Tyler's pussy, and as she left she even commented about keeping my load inside her. What were the implications? Could Jess and I keep it together if I fathered a love child with Tyler? Had Tyler been using any sort of birth control? I hadn't been able to ask.

It was on my mind, and when things are on my mind I can't work. So while I thought the issue through I decided to leave my home office and visit my favorite book store which serves as a sort of sanctum for me. The coffee. The comfy chairs in quiet corners of the big, dusty store. Even the pretentious hipsters, walking about hoping someone will notice the book they're reading and think them intelligent, are part of the charm.

I went into the store, grabbed a book - a copy of Milt Friedman's Free to Choose - from a shelf on my way back to my favorite corner where I plopped down in an overstuffed chair and proceeded to pretend to read the book. After a bit I realized that I hadn't gotten myself anything to drink, so I set my book down and went over to the coffee bar and got in line.

On the way I saw a pretty young girl in a stocking cap with black braids sticking out the bottom down to her shoulders. She was wearing a green hooded sweat shirt and jeans, and when she turned I could see that the front of the sweat shirt was pulled tight over a baby bump. The lightly tanned skin of her pregnant tummy peeped out just under the sweatshirt and above the waist of her jeans.

Seeing this radiant and obviously pregnant young woman got me to thinking about my predicament again, and soon I realized the girl was looking at me.

I'd been staring.

I smiled, then turned and placed my order a bit embarrassed. I took my drink back to my corner and let my mind turn to other matters.

An undetermined amount of time later I was jolted from my brooding again by someone clearing their throat.


Looking up I saw it was the girl in the sweatshirt again. And I'd been staring, lost in thought, at her pregnant belly. Again.

"I'm sorry," I said giving her a sincere look.

"There's no need to stare guy," she shot back peevishly. "I know I look funny."

"Funny?" I got up and took a couple of steps toward her, and in response she took a step back.

"I'm used to guys looking at me because I'm attractive, but I'm not used to being a freak show. I'm sick in the morning, I waddle around and now I've got strange guys treating me like a walking, public sideshow."

"No," I said taking another step forward this one not reciprocated with a step away by her. "I think you're radiant."

"That's movie bullshit," she said tearing up. "That's the bullshit asshole script writers put in retarded romantic comedy movies. Nobody thinks that way."

"I'm serious, you've got me aroused," I said with a vague gesture toward my crotch.

At this she blushed and narrowed her eyes before she turned on her heel and stormed off.

"Way to go, Rob," I muttered to myself. "You just told a strange pregnant woman she was giving you a hard on."

What a douche I am.

I sat down again for a moment, then decided to leave before an angry husband or miffed store clerk came back to find me. The last thing I needed in my marriage now was for my wife to have to bail me out of jail for making lewd comments to a pregnant woman.

I put my book back where I found it, finished my drink and tossed the empty container in a garbage can on my way out to the parking lot. It was snowing lightly and very dark, only illuminated by the light from the store window. The lot had been quite a bit more crowded when I'd arrived, and was emptier now. I had parked toward the back behind some landscaping that partially hid my car from view when looking from the store.

As I walked through the lot, I saw my new "friend" sitting behind the wheel of a minivan with her head down. I could only see her shoulders and the top of her hat above the steering wheel, and while I quickly averted my gaze not wanting to be caught gawking again, I thought I saw her shoulders shuddering.

I felt terrible, but what could I do? She was beautiful, but clearly couldn't see that for herself. I didn't want her to feel ugly. That being said, trying to make amends was only likely to make the matter worse, so I continued on to my car.

As I was walking around the landscaping, I dropped my keys on the ground in front of me and promptly kicked them with my step under my SUV. I uttered a mild profanity, then got down on my stomach to reach the keys. As I was scrabbling for them I heard someone walk up.

"Just a minute," I said.

"No hurry," a girls voice said.

Shit. It looked like I wasn't going to be able to avoid another altercation with the emotional woman. I felt for her. Clearly being with child was making her a bit moody, and my dickish comments hadn't helped.

I stood up and brushed the snow off my pants and jacket then walked around to the back of my SUV where she was standing.

"Listen, I..."

I was silenced by the crush of her lips on mine as she put her hands around my shoulders and ran her gloved fingers through my hair.

After a moment of shock, I pulled back.


"Do I really turn you on?"

"Well yeah, but..."

"That was like a breath of fresh air. The asshole who did this to me," she said indicating her bulging mid-section "now can't stand the sight of me."

So maybe I wasn't the biggest douche she'd ever met.

She sighed blowing her cute little-girl bangs up with a sigh and filling my face with the fog of her sweet-smelling breath. "I'm so god damn starved for attention that a stranger all but telling me I give him a chubby makes me want to kiss him."

I tipped my head back and laughed. "I wasn't that bad, was I?"

"I'm guessing it wasn't your smoothest moment," she said showing her white teeth in a gleaming smile.

"You guessed right, and I must say I meant it. You're gorgeous, and 'asshole' doesn't even begin to describe your boyfriend if he won't touch you now."

"Well I'm 19, pregnant and lonely but he doesn't even seem to notice."

I hugged her then, not sure what I could say. She wrapped her arms around me hugging back and burying her head in my neck. A moment later I could feel her start to softly kiss my neck. It set me to blushing,and I pulled back.

"As flattered as I am, I've got a girl of my own. I'm married." I pulled off my glove to show her my ring.

"I know, I saw it in the store, but please," she said looking up at me through those girlish bangs. "I need this. I need to be loved right now."

Her hat and sweatshirt were gleaming with the light reflected from the melted snow flakes that had settled on her. The warm light made her lightly-tanned face look so warm and inviting. I opened the hatch on my SUV then sat back down and opened my arms to her. She smiled, dazzling me and making my heart thud in my chest, and stepped into my embrace.

I ran my now-ungloved hands from the cold air outside her clothes to the warmth of her skin under her sweatshirt and t-shirt. She was soft, and I pushed her sweatshirt up to get a good look at her belly.

It was firm, tanned light brown and bathed in the glow of the lights. Her skin was unblemished, and I bent my head down to kiss her skin. Then I looked up into her eyes, noticing for the first time that they were green, and said "You're beautiful."

She smiled and gasped out a happy sob, then pushed me into the back of the SUV and pulled the tailgate closed.

It was dark inside, the windows being obscured by frost and snow on the outside and, quickly enough, by fog from our breath and warm bodies on the inside. It was a little cold, but at this point I didn't care. I, rather unexpectedly, had a beautiful young goddess with me who thought she was too ugly for anyone to want her any more and I was going to prove her wrong.

I laid her out on a blanket I'd had folded in the back, and then leaned over her and kissed her nose.

"Pregnant is beautiful," I whispered to her as I reached down and undid her pants. She helped me slide them down her legs, but before they were all the way off I was already between her legs with her underwear and pants, still stretched between her thighs, pressing against the back of my head.

"Oh, won't you think that's gross with me being preg..."

I shushed her, then began to kiss her pretty little pussy. She had a small amount of pubic hair, trimmed neatly, above hairless lips. Whatever her she may think about her desirability, she'd clearly been taking care of herself. I kissed her thighs, then her lips before running my tongue up and down her slit.

She bucked her hips up at my face, and I used the opportunity to slide a hand under her ass. I cupped her firm cheek and began to lick her in earnest giving her wet, sloppy kisses then burying my tongue.

I lapped for her sweet spot, and she squirmed to help me reach it, but I couldn't quite make it. We didn't have the best angles while jammed in the back of that truck. So I settled for kissing her hooded clit and moved my other hand up to put a finger inside her.

Once she felt my finger at her entrance she held still. I eased it in, and she eased out a long sigh. I moved it in and out a couple of times before adding a second finger.

I turned my wrist so that my hand was palm up then moved my fingers in and out of her putting light pressure upward toward her spot. She came almost instantly, which wasn't surprising. She'd told me she was being neglected in the love department, and the eroticism of this chance encounter was undeniable. I ground my hard on into the floorboard of the truck, crazy with lust as this gorgeous young woman came on my fingers.

When she was done panting I pulled out my fingers and got up on my knees, fumbling at my fly having trouble as my hands shook with excitement. Soon she was there, now somehow down to wearing only a pink bra above her jutting tummy and her cute-as-a-button hat. She quickly had my cock exposed to the cool air.

But not for long. It was in her mouth almost as soon as it was out of my pants, with one hand circled around the base and pumping while she wetly worked my shaft with her tongue. The feeling was unbelievable. I felt like I was going to come within seconds, but managed to hold on. I steadied myself with my hands on the roof of the truck and admired the view. With her sweatshirt off I could see she had a narrow waist - she was carrying her pregnancy all in front - which flared into shapely hips and a heart-shaped ass.

Who was this moron who had gotten her pregnant?

She was using her whole body to stroke and suck my cock, rocking forward and back, and I reached a hand down to undo her bra. It was cold, sure, but she'd voluntarily taken everything else off. That bra couldn't have been keeping her very warm, and I wanted to see her breasts.

Of course, I couldn't see them right away, but I could feel them and did. I reached down and mauled her tits eliciting a muffled moan from the area of my cock.

I had closed my eyes, enjoying the lips on my dick and the feel of hard nipples on my fingers, when I felt one of her hands on my ass. At first it was simply pulling me into her face, but then I felt a finger snaking its way to my asshole. Before I knew it, I had her finger up my ass. I was a little shocked...but it felt amazing.

Soon, before I could give any sort of a warning, I was coming but this amazing woman didn't miss a beat. She sucked me dry, finally letting me drop from her mouth when my cock shriveled.

She sat back on her knees and grinned at me, a bit of my come running down her chin. She wiped it off while I oggled her breasts.

They were large, swollen in fact, and capped with large dark-brown nipples sitting above the oval curves of her stomach

She shivered a bit, and I snapped to action reaching up between the front seats to turn on the truck and warm the car. Then I spread the blanket out over us and snuggled in next to her with her head on my chest and her taut belly pressing against my hip and leg.

"That was hot," I said.

"Yeah it was."

We were quite for a while as the truck slowly warmed, and soon I felt her finger nails brushing up my leg. I felt a stir in my groin, and I turned my head to her to kiss.

We turned toward each other...and soon found things a little awkward. Her tummy was keeping me from getting close enough for some primo smooching.

"I can fix this."

She pushed me back, and got on her knees with her elbows resting on the back of the SUV's middle row of seats. She wiggled her ass and looked back at me invitingly.

"Ready to go again, big guy?"

Boy was I. I grabbed her hips and pushed myself into her relishing the feel of my hard cock has it slid into her already wet pussy. Soon we were fucking hard enough to make the whole truck rock, and I slipped my hands up to hold onto those gorgeous, bouncing titties. I pushed my cock all the way into her, burying myself in her up to my balls, and pulled out again and again.

I looked down and saw her cute little asshole winking at me. I grinned, thinking back to just fifteen minutes or so before, and slowly started to run my rough thumb over her pucker.

"Oooooohhhhhh goddddddd," she moaned in a guttural voice so different from the soft-pitched melody of her speaking voice. She slowed, inviting me to push my thumb in further.

I did, and soon had my cock and thumb both buried deep in this writhing beauty.

Her hat had come off and I looked at the part in her raven hair between her braids which hung and flopped down by her tits as I pushed into her over and over.

I felt her pussy tightening and throbbing. I quickly popped my thumb out of her ass and pushed two fingers into her in its place. It was like throwing a match into a gas can.

Her yelps and gasps ricocheted in the confined space of the truck, and she then went still like a statue while her pussy and ass squeezed my cock and fingers almost painfully. I soon felt my own orgasm building in my hanging balls, then come shooting out the end of my cock.

For a moment I was startled. Here I was shooting my come into another strange woman within the space of a week, and how irresponsible is that? Then I relaxed. You can't knock up a girl who is already pregnant, right?

I closed my eyes again and we both were still together letting the waves of our orgasms wash over us. My muscles were so tight they began to ache.

Finally, with a gasp, I collapsed back pulling myself out of her. I noticed red hand marks where I'd been holding her hips as I came.

"I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" I asked indicating the marks.

"I didn't feel anything but that orgasm," she laughed back jiggling her ass. I saw my come dribbling out of her pussy and quickly guided her back down on the blanket and buried my head between my thighs.

She had a quick, after-shock orgasm as I slurped away and when I raised my head she looked at me with eyebrow arched.

"Enjoy that, did you?"


We lay there for a moment, my head on her thigh inches from her wet pussy and her head rested back on the blanket, until we heard a car door shut outside and we were jolted back to the present.

"I suppose we should get going," she said apprehensively. "I don't know how we didn't get caught."

"Neither do I," said gathering up my clothes.

Soon, after dressing awkwardly in the back (I helped her into her bra, taking extra care to ensure her breasts fit into the cups as she laughed), we clambered back out into the cold.

"I love you," she said leaning in and kissing me before turning and walking away.

Shocked, I called after her.


She turned, looking back with a small smile looking angelic while lit from the back by the lights of the store in the falling snow.

"What's your name?"

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