tagInterracial LoveMaking Her Mine

Making Her Mine


I know I should have stayed away from Missy. I knew she was trouble the day I saw her in that little cheerleading outfit. God only knows why she was wearing it. She isn't a cheerleader, but she has the body of a demon slut, enough to drive any man crazy.

Her husband, he's nice. But you can tell he doesn't know how to keep a girl like Missy in line; not like how she needs to be kept.

I knew she liked having a black man for a neighbor, and boy did that bitch like teasing me. I coach basketball at the high school, so I leave for work a little late. Missy always used to make sure she was outside, wearing something that made me go to work with major blue balls. Now, she knows better. I've taught Missy a few things since her husband started traveling for business.

One Saturday she came knocking on my door at ten in the morning wearing a little black dress. That thing rode up just under her little ass and plunged all the way down between her round titties, all the way to her navel. Fuck.

She said "Morning Nate", and all I could think was how good she'd look bent over my couch in those high heels, with my black cock buried deep in her pussy.

She'd gotten me out of bed. I was wearing underpants and that was it. Anyone else, and I would of slipped on jeans. But I knew Missy wouldn't mind.

I looked her up and down real slow, saw the way the dress didn't have sides, just sort of came together in a little bunch right under her tits, and God, I wanted to touch all that pretty pink skin showing.

She stuck out a long leg, and said, "You think red shoes go with this dress?"

I looked in her eyes and said, "Depends. What you gonna do in the dress?"

She wasn't ready for that. I could tell by how she blushed. I was always real nice to her, but damn, she came on the wrong morning. I woke up with a hard on, and nothing but my hand to get some relief, and she interrupted me, so I didn't even get that.

I saw her swallow before she said, "Just out to dinner."

"Yeah?" I said, my eyes on her tits. "Then what?"

I loved how they came together under the dress, and how they stood up, all perky, without a bra. Her nipples were hard. I wondered if she was wet too.

"Nothing. Then we come home," she said, losing some of that cockiness she always came to my door with.

"You and your husband?" I looked at her legs. The dress ended real high up, and clung to her. It made me wanna grab her hips, and pull her inside my house.

"No. He's not back 'til Monday. Me and my girlfriends, we're going out tonight."

"Looking like that?" My eyes were back on her tits. I wanted to pull the dress back, set them free, twist her nipples, make her whimper.

She put her little hand on her hip. "Like what?"

"Fuckable," I said, looking in her eyes.

She turned so red, and got so pissed, I thought she was gonna slap me. "You can't say that to me."

I let my hand slide down to my shorts. Didn't touch my dick, but it made her look down and see how hard I was. "I just did."

It was the first time she'd seen my cock through anything but pants. I think she got scared.

"I better go," she said.


I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't take it anymore.

I reached out and grabbed her, pulled her into the house, shut the door and locked it behind me.

"Let go," she said, trying to pull her arm away.

I backed up her against a wall. "I just want a closer look at your dress." I was breathing hard, and my cock was aching to rip into her.

"Open the door," she said, but there was no real power in her voice. And her eyes fell to my cock. I didn't think she was too interested in going; not yet.

"I'll make a deal, Missy," I said.

Before, I'd always called her "Mrs. Harrington".

She gave me a shocked look. "What did you say?"

I leaned against the wall, so she was between me and the cool stone, and my hands were just over her head. "I'm gonna rub my hard black dick up against your hot little pussy. You don't move for two minutes, I'll open the door."

She tried to run, but I had her trapped. She couldn't move, not without rubbing that tight little body against me.

"That's okay," I said. "I don't mind. You can do some rubbing too if you want."

Looking right into her eyes, I pressed my cock into her, and started rubbing, real slow. She felt good. All soft and warm and I wanted to reach down and slide the dress up her hips and ride her hard and deep.

I looked up at my watch. Almost a minute, and she hadn't moved. But she was breathing hard and keeping her body stiff as a board.

"Gonna pretend you don't look between my legs every chance you get?" I said.

Ninety seconds, and nothing from her; not an inch.

I kissed her neck, whispered into her ear, "Gonna act like you never wondered how my black cock would feel, slipping into your wet, pink pussy?"

I humped her, moved like I was taking her, using her like she was mine.

She caved in, let out her breath in one long moan, and ground her hips into me, almost panting.

I watched her give in to me, saw how her whole body seemed to melt into me, offering whatever I wanted.

I rubbed harder, almost thrusting, nearly dry fucking her, breathing hard through my nose. I knew I'd come if I didn't stop.

I ran my hands over her bare back, over her ass, grabbed the hem of her little black dress and pulled it up. Even through my under pants, I felt the heat coming off her pussy.

"Gonna be my bitch, Missy?" I said, sliding my fingers around, finding her smooth, shaved pussy.

"I want you," she said, her hips grinding hard into me.

I dipped my finger into her wet pussy, slid all the way into her hole. She was tight and hot and I almost threw her to the floor and took her right then. But she wasn't where I needed her to be. Not yet.

I slid my finger in and out of her real slow. "Gonna be my cum slut? Gonna spread your legs and give me this pink pussy when I snap my fingers?"

"Whatever you want," she said, writhing on my finger, "please."

I looked down at her face, flushed with desire. Her whole body was tense with need. If I rubbed her clit two or three times, she'd come all over me. "Please what?"

"I want you inside me," she said.

I laughed a little, dragged finger tip across her clit, and watched her body jerk. When she tried to press into my finger and get more, my hand was gone. I slid her dress back so I could get a good look at her tits. Her little pink nipples were so hard, they must have ached.

My finger was still wet from being inside her. I ran it gently over her nipple. She arched her back, bit her lips. "You mean you want my black cock inside your pink pussy, fucking you, using you, making you my bitch?"

She tossed her head back, gasped, as if I'd slid into her and whispered, "Oh God. Yes. Please."

I kissed her soft lips, slid my tongue into her warm mouth, while I slid my finger back inside her sweet cunt. "Say it, Missy. Say, 'please Master Nate, fuck me and make me your bitch'. I hear you say that, and I'll slide my fat black cock into your pussy and make you come hard."

I smiled when she looked up at me, caught between what her body needed, and what her mind was telling her she couldn't do.

I pulled her dress down, pulled the front back over her tits, took a half step back. "You don't have to say it. You can go back to looking at my cock every chance you get, instead of getting it in every hole."

She bit her lips, looked down at the floor. "Please Master Nate, fuck me and make me your bitch."

Instantly I was back on her, pushing her up against the wall, humping her pussy through her dress. "Get over to my couch. Slide your dress up over your ass, bend over, spread your legs."

I grabbed her as she slid by me, and kissed her hard, pushed my tongue almost down her throat and rubbed her clit until she moaned against my lips, then I let her go.

I stood behind her, looking at her long legs in the high heels, how her ass was lifted, and her legs spread really wide.

"You look nice like that," I said, reaching between her legs to stroke her clit. "Just like a bitch ready to get fucked."

I was crazy for her pussy by then. I just about ripped off my underpants.

"Gonna make you my bitch, Missy," I said, and grabbed her hips.

I guided my cock to her soaking wet pussy hole and heard her moan as I sank into her, taking her in one long, deep thrust.

After that, I don't remember much. I know I fucked her hard, and she was bucking and writhing, and whimpering my name.

Her pussy was hot and tight and she pushed back at me. Every time I stroked deep into her, she lifted her head, arched her back, groaned and pushed back even harder.

I grabbed her tits, squeezed her nipples 'til she whimpered. Every time I pulled and squeezed her hard nipples, her pussy clenched tight around my cock until I couldn't take it anymore.

I grabbed her hips and told her, "Gonna fill your bitch pussy."

I rammed into her over and over, short hard thrusts, my aching balls slapping into her ass. I felt her buck hard and her pussy clenched tight around my dick. She called my name real loud, then I was coming, my aching balls letting go, emptying into her tight pussy. I clenched my teeth, and grunted, while I filled her pussy.

I pulled out of her, stood back and said, "I got a mess on my cock and balls. Get over here. Clean it up."

She got on her knees and crawled to me, and started licking. I ran my hand through her hair, felt her naked tits against my legs, and I knew I wasn't done with her.

Now, Missy looks forward to when her husband goes on business trips. She's turning out to be a real good girl, a real good trained little slut.

I gotta go. Missy's coming over soon.

Gonna teach her how to beg today.


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