tagInterracial LoveMaking Her Mine Ch. 03

Making Her Mine Ch. 03


I sat back, running my hands through Missy's silky blonde hair. I loved seeing her on her knees between my legs, her tits hanging out of her sexy yellow dress, her hot tongue lapping up my come.

With her, it wasn't enough to empty my balls down her throat. I wanted to see her play with that wet pussy.

"You look pretty, baby." I pushed her hair back from her face, then leaned closer and whispered in her ear. "Wanna come for me?"

"Yeah," she said, "please, so bad."

I pressed my face against her neck, inhaled the sweet smell of her smooth as silk hair and whispered into her ear, "Beg, baby."

"Please," Missy said. "I want to so badly."

Getting real close to her flushed face, I kissed her parted lips. "That was good." My hands found her nipples and tugged and pinched, just a little. "But I like it better when you say, 'Please Master Nate, can your bitch come?"

She squirmed when I ran my fingers over the tips of her hard nipples. I bent even closer, kissed and sucked on her neck. "Think you can say it like that, baby?"

"Please Master Nate, can your bitch come?"

Hearing her beg like that made my dick stir to life. Seeing the way she looked up at me, all hopeful, her whole body aching for me to give her release - it was almost too much.

"You begging like that, know what it makes me wanna do to you, girl?"

She shook her head, her lips on my balls, kissing and licking.

"Makes me wanna flatten you into the floor, rub my dick on your hot little ass, 'til I'm real hard, then spread your legs and take that virgin ass."

Missy tried to dip her head lower to hide the blush that lit up her cheeks, but she wasn't fast enough. I saw it, and I knew real soon, she was gonna be ready to beg for my black cock up her ass.

I patted the couch next to me. "Get up here baby, put that ass up, spread your legs."

She got on the couch, knelt beside me, her hands on the back cushions, her ass up.

Standing behind her, I ran my fingers over her smooth skin. I loved how my dark hands looked against her white ass. "Reach back and play with your pussy."

Obeying me, she moaned real soft, hung onto the couch with one hand. I was getting real hard watching her. "Move that ass for me."

As soon as my girl's pretty ass started moving in hot little circles, I took her hips in my hands real light, and rubbed my cock up against her ass. I got harder by the second, feeling her rubbing up on me like that, hearing her moan and pant, feeling her whole body shake. I knew she was almost there.

Pressing my cock into the crack of her ass, I held her hips a little tighter. "That's it, baby. Come for me on all fours with your ass up."

Just like I knew she would, right before she came, she pressed back into my cock. I had to fight to stand still and let her squirm and wriggle, instead of grabbing her and sinking into her tight ass.

For a little while, I watched her, enjoyed seeing her helpless, breathing hard. Then I leaned over, grabbed her tits, massaged them real slow, thumbed her hard nipples. "I just let you come baby, what do you say?"

"Thank you," she whispered.

I kissed the side of her neck, flicked her hard nipples and whispered in her ear, "Thank you, Sir."

"Yes, Sir." She rubbed her ass into my hard cock. "I like how you feel."

"Yeah?" I pressed my cock head against her little hole, real light. "You think you'd like how it feels better inside your ass?"

She tried to pull away, but I held her tight, pushed a little harder. "Don't do that, baby. You're mine. You'll get it if I give it to you."

Letting go, I went around in front of her, grabbed a handful of her soft hair and pulled her head up a little so her face was in my crotch. She didn't do anything, just inhaled my scent. "Good girl. You don't do anything 'til I tell you. Lick my balls."

Her tongue went to work on my balls, and I could feel they were getting all heavy again, ready to cum all over my bitch, or up inside her. "You wanna cum with my cock inside that hot bitch pussy, baby?"

"Yes." She licked and sucked my balls, sucked them into her warm mouth, pulled back. "Yes, please."

Reaching down, twisting her nipple gently I said, "Yes what?"

"Yes, Sir," she said immediately. "Please, Sir."

I stepped back, ran my cock head over her mouth, wiping pre cum all over her soft lips. "Pull your dress down. Put it back so it covers your tits. We're going out."

I got my jeans on, grabbed a t shirt and slipped on shoes. Right before we went out, I pushed her up hard against the door, grabbed her hands, pinned them high up over her head. Then, grinding my hard dick into her, I kissed her long and deep, humping her like I was fucking her hard and fast.

Feeling her body shaking, quivering with need, I kissed the side of her neck. "I'm gonna fuck you like my bitch today, baby, on all fours, and make you cum real hard."

When I let go and stepped back, she was smiling, blushing, breathing hard. She looked so damn sexy. That yellow dress hugging her ass, that split in front all the way down past her tits and those high heels showing off her long legs, all made my bitch look very fuckable.

She got on her knees, looked up at me, real shy. I nodded to her. She kissed my cock, real soft, didn't try to do anything else, just kissed me and looked up. Seeing how much she loved every second of being my bitch nearly drove me crazy.

I wanted to push her head down to the floor, mount her from behind, and hump that tight pussy; maybe slide my thumb up her virgin ass right before she came.

Instead, I pulled her to her feet, took her in my arms, and kissed her lips real soft. "Good girl," I whispered. "You don't need permission to show your respect." I kissed her again, slipped my tongue between her lips, felt her press even closer to me.

Pushing her back a little, I said, "Let's go, before we don't make it out of here."


"What, baby?"

She blushed and I saw her nipples get even harder, push against her dress. "I like how it feels when you rub your cock against me like that."

I kissed her cheek, squeezed her ass. "Good girl."

Outside in my car, halfway down the street, Missy said, "Where are we going?"

"Pull up your dress, I wanna reach over and play with that pretty pussy I own."

"Right here?" she said. "In public?"

I got real serious, knew I had to show her I wasn't fucking around. "Do it, baby. Or I'll turn around, go home, get you on all fours, and show your bitch ass my belt."

She turned red, looked real pissed, like she wasn't gonna do it. I pulled over, stopped the car. "Last chance to do what I say before I turn around, Missy."

Slowly, she reached down, took the hem of her dress in her little hands, and pulled it up, until her bare ass was touching my leather seat.

Reaching out to touch her smooth, shaved pussy, I kissed her neck real soft, so she'd know I wasn't pissed. "Good bitch. Sit back. Spread your legs."

We drove around like that, Missy with her legs spread wide open, touching her pussy when I told her. At first, she looked pissed. But after a while, I could tell she was real hot.

"Ready to go back to my house, baby? Ready to beg me to fuck you on all fours and use what I own?"

She bit her lips, like she didn't wanna say nothing. I reached over and touched her pussy. My little slut was soaking wet. When I slid my finger over her swollen clit, she jerked her hips, moaned soft and low.

"You ready, baby?"

"Yes," she said, grinding into my leather seat. "I wanna go back. Please, Sir."

I made her play with her clit almost all the way home. When I got to our street, I let her pull her dress down. Her face was all red, and her nipples were so hard, they just about poked through her little dress.

She got out of the car first. I followed her up the little path to my front door, watching her pretty ass the whole time.

When we got inside, first thing I did was pull her dress back and play with those hard nipples. Then I pressed her up against the wall, and rubbed my hard dick against her hot pussy. "Beg for what you want, baby."

"Please," she said, breathing hard, "please Sir, fuck me."

"What if I told you I was gonna call my friend?" I slid the tip of my finger around her clit in little circles. "What if I said you had to wait for him to get here, and you couldn't come 'til you took him up your ass while you suck me?"

She blushed, looked down, but she kept grinding her hips into me, didn't stop rubbing her tits all over my chest. "Please, Sir."

I laughed, pointed at the floor, snapped my fingers. "Get on all fours, spread your legs."

Missy got on the floor real fast, lifted her pretty little ass.

I got on my knees behind her, guided my cock to her soaking wet pussy and pushed just my cock head inside her. I loved how she looked, her ass up, her pussy lips wrapped around the tip of my dark cock. "Beg for it."

"Please, Sir. Fuck me."

She kept trying to press back, get more of my cock inside her, but I held her hips real tight. "Not good enough, baby. Tell me how come you need to get fucked on all fours like this."

I reached under her and stroked her clit, just one time, just enough to drive her crazy. She whimpered.

"I'm your bitch, Sir. Your white slut. Please, Sir, fuck your bitch."

She was a whole lot stronger than she looked. Even in my grip, her hips were trying to buck, trying to push back onto my cock. I let go, and she slid right onto my cock, all the way up to my damn balls. Fucking hot slut.

I fucked deep into her, but mostly I let her ride my cock. She'd been good, earned it. "That's it, girl. Fuck that little pussy on my cock. Take it real deep."

It didn't take her long. Her pussy was good and ready. "Please, Sir. Please. Can I come?"

I smiled, grabbed her hips tight. "You wanna come on all fours with your black Master's cock pumping your hot cunt?"

She bucked against my grip. "Yes, Sir. Like your little bitch. On all fours for you."

"Then you know what you gotta say, baby."

She knew alright, and she said it real fast.

"Please Master Nate, can your bitch come?"

It was so fucking hot seeing her like that, helpless, so desperate she'd say anything, do whatever I told her, just so she could come.

"Yeah, baby. Come for me. Real hard."

She pushed back and forth, her ass going in little circles, her breath coming in short pants.

Her pussy clenched tight around my cock, and her whole body shuddered, and she groaned, lifted her ass higher, and pushed back on me for all she was worth. My cock was swollen and throbbing. I wasn't ready to come yet. I was just wanting to feel my girl's hot pussy come all over my hard dick.

Little by little she calmed down. I stroked her ass, slid my cock in and out of her real slow, then I pulled out, sat on the couch.

I snapped my fingers, pointed to the floor between my legs. "Come here, baby."

She crawled to me, knelt at my feet, kissed my crotch, real soft. Her warm lips felt real hot on my cock, after she just came for me like that, on all fours, writhing like she was in heat for black cock.

I stroked her hair, pressed her head down so she resting on my leg. "Good girl."

"Thank you, Sir," she said. Her voice was low, almost shy. "I came really good."

"You earned it," I told her. "You always get what you earn with me." I patted the couch next to me. "Come up here. Lie down, head in my lap."

When she was lying down with her head on my legs, I sat back, let her get comfortable, stroked her soft ass.

"You like being my slut, baby?"

She laughed a little, rubbed her soft cheek against my hard cock. "Yes, Sir."

"Good. 'Cause I love fucking that little bitch pussy I own."

I let my head fall back, stroking my girl's ass, thinking about what I was gonna train her to do next – take my cock up her little ass? Or maybe I should start teaching her to crawl for cock.

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