tagInterracial LoveMaking Her Mine Ch. 06

Making Her Mine Ch. 06


Note: To everyone who wrote asking 'who's Nikki?' - she's a typo. Sorry. Nate.

I didn't see Missy for two weeks after that. She was busy. Some kind of project at her job, and her husband was home. We talked on the phone everyday. I let her cum with me on the phone. She sounded real hot, moaning and groaning for me, begging me to let her cum again. I only let her cum once a day.

Then things got right, and it was play time.

She came over, and I was in my favorite chair. She was wearing a real tight pink dress. Shit. Should be a crime for a girl to go out looking that fuckable.

It was all shiny, barely covered her tits, and only stretched a little past her round ass. The white high heels made her legs look real long, like they went on forever. I was rock hard just seeing her; wanted to bend her over the second she came in.

I snapped my fingers and watched her get on her knees, like a good girl, and crawl to me and kiss my feet before she knelt between my open legs.

"Really good to see you, Sir. Your little bitch missed you."

I could hear in her voice how desperate she was for my cock. Her nipples just about poked right through the thin little dress.

I leaned over and ran my hands over her hard nipples. "Yeah, baby? Show your Master how much you missed me."

My girl didn't waste any time. She kissed my cock and balls all over. The feel of her warm lips through my thin under pants drove me crazy, but I pushed her back, made her sit up. "Show me those tits I own."

"Yes, Sir."

She reached around, undid her little halter dress, and pushed it down. Then she arched her back, hands behind her, and her perky round tits stood up, pink nipples hard and swollen.

I bent over and sucked on one hard nipple, while my hand slid between her spread thighs and touched her. "You want your Master's black cock up your tight pink pussy?"

"Yes, Sir," she whispered, squirming. "Please, Sir."

"You know what you gotta do, baby," I said, sliding my finger all along her wet slit. "Let me hear you."

"Please, Sir," she said, writhing on my finger. "Please fuck your slut. Slide your fat black cock up my pussy. I need it real bad, Sir. Please."

I slid my shorts down. "Get on all fours and lick my cock. Don't suck, or I'll hold you down and fuck your ass real hard, like I been wanting to all week."

She got on all fours, ass up and buried her face between my legs. I felt her silky hair tickling my thighs. Her hot tongue on my hard cock felt real good. I moaned and ran my fingers through her hair, watching my girl lick my cock up and down.

I reached down and twisted her nipples slowly back and forth. She moaned. "Good bitch. You want me to fill your throat first, or your pussy?"

"My throat, Sir." She licked all over my balls. Her tongue was everywhere, making me hot as hell for her.

"My little bitch needs her face fucked by a thick black cock?"

She licked all over my cock head. "Yes, Sir. Please. Fuck your slut's face."

I smiled. "Good girl. Master's gonna make a deal with you. I'm gonna fuck that hot pussy. You don't cum, and I'll fill your throat."

She bit her lips, looked scared.

I stroked her face. "What is it, baby?"

"Sir, if your slut cums with your cock in me, will you punish me?"

"No, baby. I'll just cum up your pussy and you'll have to get me hard again if you want your face fucked."

Her eyes slid away from me. "Yes, Sir."

"Come here, baby," I said, pulling her closer between my legs. "Talk to me. What is it?"

She knelt back, twisting her fingers together. "I know I'm just your slut, Sir."

I stroked her hair, waited for her to tell me what she had to say.

"But I was wondering if I could ask for something, please?"

I leaned down, kissed her neck softly, whispered in her ear, "What does my little slut want?"

She licked her lips, her face turned deep red, and her nipples swelled even harder. "Please, Sir, your bitch wants her ass fucked."

I had to decide quick, or I knew I'd hurt my girl's feelings. I was horny as all hell. If I took Missy's ass for the first time today, I could hurt her real bad. "Look at me, baby."

She looked up at me like she was scared I was gonna do something to her for asking me. "I'm real glad you asked for what you want. You're my bitch. You do that any time. Alright?"

"Yes, Sir."

"My balls are real full, baby, and my cock's hard as shit. You sure you want me fucking that ass?"

She spread her legs even wider. It was one of her little ways she let me know she was hot as hell, and I could do what the fuck I wanted. "Please, Sir. I want your cock in my ass so bad."

I reached over and played with her hard nipples. She moaned and squirmed, bit her lips. "And you're gonna take it like a real good bitch?"

"Yes. I'll take your fat black cock up my ass real good, Sir. You'll see."

Little slut had my cock throbbing and aching. "Get up to my bedroom. I'm gonna fuck that tight little virgin ass real good."

Upstairs, I made her take the dress off. "Get naked, baby. I don't wanna feel nothing but your fucking slut body when I take that ass."

She pushed the dress down, and I made her stand there in her high heels legs spread wide, hands behind her head, like she was a suspect and I was a cop about to frisk her.

"Close your eyes."

She licked her lips, and I saw second thoughts fly across her mind, but she took one look at me and knew it was too late. She closed her eyes and waited.

I got out the lube she'd brought to the hotel and lubed my cock real good for her little hole.

Standing behind her, I reached one arm around and twisted and played with her hard nipple, while I found her tight little hole with my other hand. I kissed her neck real soft, whispered in her ear, "Real hot for your Master's cock, baby?"

She moaned and pressed her ass back when she felt my finger slide into her. "Yes, Sir. I want your cock up my ass." She whimpered. "Please."

"How come?" I said, sliding my finger in and out of her, real slow.

"Cause I'm your slut, Sir."

I slid my hand from her tit down to her pussy, and circled her throbbing clit, real light. "You know how sluts get fucked, baby?"

"No, Sir."

By now, she was breathing hard, and her hips were rocking, trying to rub her clit into my hand, and push back on my finger at the same time. "Head down, ass up," I whispered, stroking her clit. "Legs spread real wide."

With her eyes closed, I knew all she could think about was how my hands felt on her, in her, and what I was gonna do to her.

My cock was throbbing and swollen. I played with her asshole, pressed another finger against her tight little hole, and eased it into her. She moaned, pushing back, taking my fingers inside her. I felt her ass, pulsing and tight, and oh shit, I knew I was gonna fill my girl's ass real good. "How you want me to fuck you, baby?"

"Like a slut. Please, Sir. Make me your little fucktoy."

I see that in girls all the time. Doesn't matter what I do to them, they don't feel like my total bitch 'til after I take their ass. I slid my fingers in and out of her nice and easy. "My little bitch wants her Master's fat black cock pumping her virgin ass?"

She was practically humping my fingers now. "Yes, Sir. God. Please."

I slid my fingers out, and slapped her ass hard enough to make it sting. "Eyes open. Get on the bed. Show me you're ready to get fucked like a slut."

When she got on the bed, I couldn't take my eyes off her. First she was on all fours, then she sank down lower, pressed her cheek into my dark blue sheet, lifted her ass real high, and spread her legs so wide, I could see her pink virgin ass hole.

Fuck. My cock twitched. I wanted to rip my girl's ass wide open. I took a deep breath, got myself under control, and went over to her, caressed her soft ass. "Good bitch. You look real fucking hot like that, baby."

I pressed my hard cock up against her little hole, ran my hands over my body. She was shaking, but it was different this time. Missy was like a hot engine on idle. Her whole body was vibrating, and I suddenly knew she'd take it as hard as I gave it to her today.

Moving my hips real slow, I pushed my swollen cock head into her ass, and at the same time, I grabbed her tits, caught her nipples between my fingers, and squeezed.

She whimpered, lifted her ass even higher. "Please, Sir," she said, breathing hard, "use your slut. Take my ass."

I slid into her, just my cock head. Oh, Jesus. She had the tightest, hottest hole I ever fucked. I stopped, letting her get used to me stretching her hole. I reached down to her pussy with one hand, and teased her rock hard clit.

Her hips bucked when I touched her clit, and my cock slid in a little deeper. She hissed in pain. "Easy, baby." I played with her nipple, rubbed her clit. "Relax. Don't fight it."

"No, Sir. I'm not. I want it. So bad." She pushed back, and then froze, letting out a little scream.

Christ. I slapped her ass hard, grabbed her hips. "Don't fucking do that. You'll get hurt."

"Sorry, Sir. I just want you so bad."

I stayed like that, rubbing her ass, my cock halfway inside her. "Easy, bitch. I'm gonna give you all the dick you want."

When she saw I wasn't pissed, she relaxed and I eased into her another inch, feeling her sweet ass stretch around my throbbing cock. Oh my fucking God. For a second, I came real close to grabbing to her hips, and ramming my cock into her so hard, the goddamn neighbors would hear her scream.

Breathing hard, groaning, I slid into her slow, easy. Her ass stretched and pulsed around my fat cock, 'til I was balls deep inside her.

I reached down and rubbed her clit. She writhed on my cock, feeling my balls against her ass. "So good, Sir." Her voice was barely above a scratchy whisper. "My ass feels so full."

"You ain't no virgin no more, baby," I said, pulling out of her. "I'm gonna fuck this bitch ass real good."

I slid back into her real slow, and she moaned, arched her back, lifted her ass. I reached between her legs from behind and slid a finger into her pussy hole. She groaned, a low animal sound that went through me, all the way to my full balls.

"Oh fuck, baby," I said, sliding into her again. "You got a sweet ass."

I rode her deep and slow, 'til her hips followed my rhythm, then I picked up speed, a little at a time, 'til I was giving it to her in long hard strokes. She moaned and whimpered, her little hole turning red from the fucking she was taking.

I was close, but I wanted to feel my bitch come hard with my cock deep in her ass. I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her ass right up against my balls. Like that, didn't matter how hard I gave it to her, she wasn't going nowhere. I reached around, pulled back the hood of her clit, and stroked her naked little clit.

She went crazy, bucking and writhing, while I fucked her deeper and harder, my arm around her waist keeping her real close, so she was getting it real deep. "Go on baby. Come like a good slut. Come with your Master's fat cock pumping your whore ass."

I felt her ass clench, and knew she was on the edge of coming. "What are you, baby? Tell me. Say it."

"Your fucktoy, Sir." She bucked against me. "Your fuck slave." Her hips jerked in my grip. "Your fucking slut."

She cried out and came hard, her ass clenching around my cock. I grabbed her hips and sank deep into her.

My aching balls spasmed. "My fucking whore bitch," I said between clenched teeth, and flooded my girl's ass with hot come while she was still jerking and bucking against me.

"Squeeze that ass, bitch." I stroked into her. "Get every drop."

She clenched tight around my cock, and I moaned, feeling myself drain into her.

I pulled out, let her go. She collapsed onto the bed, breathing hard. I lay down next to her. "Goddamn." I pulled her to me. "Your ass is a sweet fuck."

"I wanted it so bad." She rubbed her little hands over my chest. "Thank you, Sir."

I stroked her face softly. "You did good, baby. Clean me up."

She moved down between my legs, and licked my cock and balls softly. I looked down at her ass. Her hole was a deep, deep red, the color of a used slut's ass.

I laid back and relaxed, my eyes closed, stroking her ass, feeling her hot little tongue licking, lapping up my come.

I smiled. I had all weekend with Missy. It was only Saturday afternoon.

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