tagInterracial LoveMaking Her Rounds

Making Her Rounds


Valentine's Day weekend and I should be taking my girlfriend out for dinner, dancing and possibly a hot evening of sensual sex. But, as luck would have it, I lie here in a hospital bed, bored to tears, watching talk shows and thinking of ways to escape; that is, until she walked in. My timely nurse, just making her rounds for the evening, was an exceptionally well built black lady with the sweetest demeanor and bright, beautiful smile that complimented her pretty face. She looked to be about 10 years my junior wearing baggy scrubs which did little to hide the sensual curves of her voluptuous full figure. She busied herself at her tray turning to afford me a full view of her wonderfully shaped behind and well-rounded hips. But her greatest asset by far was the largest set of boobs I've ever seen in real life. With each step she took you could tell they were large and heavy as they shifted and swayed so erotically under the material of her top. I was mesmerized and fixated. It was like watching a slow-motion scene from the beginning of a campy R-rated movie where the sexy nurse comes in to "really" take care of the patient.

She cleared her throat, "Hmmm, hmm. Mr. McKelvy," she said giving me a knowing look with raised eyebrows. I was busted as I looked up. Guilty of staring a bit too long at her protrusive chest.

"I am nurse Ann and I'll be with you for the rest of the night," pointing at her homemade heart embellished name tag.

"I see you need your meds and I have to draw a little blood from you to check your sugar levels," she said handing me a glass of water and my pills. I gazed into her soft eyes as I gulped them down and handed her my empty glass.

She collected her needle and tubing, "Now to draw some blood, Mr. McKelvy."

Now me being a bit older, wiser and cunning, or so I thought, not to mention having a raging libido, I quickly conceived a plan asking her to take the blood from my left arm even though she was standing to my right. Laying that arm across my stomach I figured I could get her to stay put forcing her to lean over and above me to do her duty. I thought I might get a close-up view of what lay hidden under her smock and to my surprise she did just that. Giving me a sideways glance and a smirk she leaned forward holding my hand and thumping my arm to find a vein. Lucky me could see the back light push through the material of her smock creating a silhouette of her large breasts as the fabric of her shirt and bra strained to contain the heavy mass. Being just inches away from me, her womanly scents crept into my brain and I barely noticed the pain of the piercing needle.

Even though I was not feeling 100% I knew I was on the upswing of my recovery. That was all too evident as my scent-saturated brain began to kick into its normally horny state sending uninterrupted signals to my awakening erection. It didn't take much to bring it to life as I had been down and out for three days. Coming from a 45-year-old with overactive hormones who lives almost every day with a constant woody and a need to drain it, I can tell you that the three days' worth of backed up semen in my scrotum was beginning to stir at the sight of my buxom nurse Ann. I drew up my right leg to conceal my hardening member causing her to shoot me a glaring look to be still. I knew my effort was to no avail feeling my cock strain against the taut sheet. I waited for her scolding to immediately follow but instead she pulled out the needle and bandaged my arm as if nothing was wrong.

I looked her in the eye determined to get a "read" on what she was thinking. Did she or didn't she see it, I asked myself? I'm not hung like a pony but you can definitely tell if I had an erection under the sheets.

Nurse Ann smiled a bright, beaming smile, and turned to her tray, "Now you behave 'til I come back in a few hours for another blood sample. You better get some rest and get your strength back or you'll be here another three days."

Behave? What was that supposed to mean? She was on to me. She had to be. She knew I was looking at her boobs and I bet she saw my hard dick. Wonder if she'll tell the other nurses, "Watch out for that guy in 420B. He's a nasty one! He was starin' at my boobs and then he got an erection, the pig!" I bet they all had a good laugh at the nurses' station.

Throughout the evening I thought often about my good fortune to have such a pretty, well-built nurse and how nice it could've been if we had met under different circumstances. Maybe we could've hooked up and who knows what after that. I could've been taking her out for Valentine's Day and steamy sex if I wasn't stuck here.

It must've been around 3:00am when my door opened and in came nurse Ann with her needle again. I had finally fallen asleep despite my snoring roommate who kept me up late. I was trying to come out of my deep sleep as I saw her draw the curtain around my bed turning on the small headlamp above the bed. She leaned over, to my surprise, and picked up my left arm. I swear her big hanging tits came to rest on my chest as she reached over me. My eyes were like slits as she drew my blood. Being so groggy and cloudy I hadn't realized that while sleeping I apparently had an arousing dream and sure enough an erection to match pointing straight to the ceiling. Reality set in, my eyes widened and I started to pull up my leg to hide it when she stopped me placing her hand on my thigh. I lay frozen, scared to move, the warmth of here hands penetrating the sheet. She removed the needle from my arm, placing it on her tray and then put a band-aid on my arm. She kept her eyes on mine as much as she could and I was nervous until I saw a slight smirk form on her pretty lips.

Nurse Ann looked straight into my eyes and without saying a word, gently pushed my leg back down against the bed. My cock had softened somewhat but still formed a tent beneath the bedding. Ann smiled sweetly reaching under the covers grabbing my half erect dick in her tiny hand. I thought I was dreaming as she slowly started stroking and me under the sheets, my hot flesh warming her hand. She pumped new life into my cock becoming instantly hard as she continued stroking, standing beside my bed. Still smiling and keeping eye contact she loosened a few buttons on her smock and reached in with her free hand to pull one of her big tits out of her bra. It hung enormous and heavy over the rail of the bed. Her erect nipple and areola were large as well and a deep dark chocolate color. My eyes were wide with excitement and shear disbelief. I looked down at the moving sheet to see a wet spot forming as her slowly stroking hand squeezed out the drooling precum from my cock head.She continued stroking and smiling at me never breaking her stare. She would occasionally bite her bottom lip like a naughty schoolgirl feeling guilty but loving it anyway, stopping for nothing. She had me so worked up with her big, firm boob exposed I figured I had the green light to touch it but she pushed my hand away. I don't know why but at the moment I didn't care because my raging erection was seconds away from unloading a huge 3-day backlog of cum.

She knew from my half-lidded eyes I was close so she worked back the sheet exposing her hand wrapped around my bright red cock pulling it parallel to my stomach. I could feel my heavy balls bouncing up and down as she pumped me faster knowing exactly what to do. She moved her free hand into position just in time to catch my cum as thick, hot ropes geysered from the tip. I pushed my hips up as my blotted cock swelled and convulsed in her clenched pumping fist. I did my best to stay quiet as the waves of sweet orgasm rolled through me. The thick cream ran slowly poured from my softening cock as the spasms subsided and we both looked at the huge, creamy load I just shot into her hand. It glistened so white against her palm. I looked up at her with my blue eyes and she looked deep into them as she smiled and blew me a kiss. She pulled a small towel out of nowhere and wiped her hand and cleaned my glistening penis. Her naked boob, still out, jiggled and swayed as I watched it, still in disbelief.

When Nurse Ann finished cleaning me, she pulled up my sheet, put her boob back into her bra and buttoned up. She leaned over close to my ear and I could feel her hot breath as she whispered, "Happy Valentine's Day Mr. McKelvy," placing her heart-shaped name tag in my hand.

She gave me a soft, sensual kiss on the cheek and smiled so warmly at me. Then with a wink of her eye she turned off my headlamp and slid open the curtain. She gathered her things and quietly left.

I laid there with raised eyebrows watching her silhouette sashay out of the room thinking I must be dreaming. Maybe I was dreaming of that campy teen movie after all. You know, the one with the nurse who really does know how to take care of her patient's "needs".

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