tagBDSMMaking Her Say It

Making Her Say It


Talon walked into the house, surprised to find that she was alone. Wonder where everyone is she thought. She went into the bedroom to have a shower and change clothes, and there on the bed she saw a small package and a note. Opening the note she read:


Dress in these things only,

putting on the top piece each time.

Make SURE you are ready.

Talon went into the bathroom and had a quick shower wondering what was in the present. Then after she had dried she went back into the bedroom and over to the bed. Untying the strings, the paper fell open easily and Talon did as she was bidden and started to dress in the first thing she saw.

First were straps of leather that took her a moment to figure out were meant for her tits and she giggled a little at how silly it looked before she wrapped the leather around her and clasped the buckles at the front. Her small tits were not hidden from sight but sticking up perkily as if standing to attention. She noticed a metal ring attached to the halter and Talon's body for some reason started to tingle.

Next was a photo of a hairstyle and her hands were shaking as she attempted to muss her blonde hair. Another photo, this one of a woman in makeup, deep red, soft purple and black made up the combination and she did indeed feel like a slut with the hair style and makeup and her stomach started to turn in tight knots. Talon was growing nervous.

Reaching into the package once more she pulled out a black eye mask with tiny slits for the eyes and Talon could barely see for the black mesh that covered those slits. She tied the knot at the back fumbling a little because her fingers suddenly didn't want to obey her.

She felt the package again and this time touched cold metal steel. Two circles of cold metal steel with a chain in between. Ahh she knew what these were. By now she was smiling and as she linked one cuff around her wrist she brushed the other against her breasts. Then quickly she snapped the steel around her other wrist.

After that things became harder for Talon, as it was difficult to see through the mask, and the cuffs around her wrists impeded her movements. The next thing to be touched was the tiny; barely there knickers and she struggled into them.

Nearly finished she thought and pulled out the thigh high stockings. She was struggling to slip one of the pair on when the front door opened. Hearing strong footsteps coming up the hall she tried to hurry, but failed miserably and jumped when she heard Him speak.

"I told you to be ready." Disappointment was audible, and Talon could just see through the slits, a scowl was forming on His face.

"I'm sorry, I was just tr-," she tried to explain.

Telling her He had no time or desire for excuses, He insisted that she should continue to get ready.

Talon's fingers were shaking visibly and His presence made it even harder for her until finally she had put on the high heels and stood in front of Him waiting for His inspection and approval.

He ordered her to turn around slowly so that He could see how she looked from all angles, to bend over so that her arse was inches from His face as He inspected Talon every which way He could. He loved looking at her perfect arsehole and her hairless pussy.

Finally He said, "There is something missing".

With that He led her to an iron ring that was attached to the wall. That wasn't there this morning, he must've done that through the day, she thought. Undoing one of the restraints He slid the cuff through the ring and reattached her wrist to the steel restraint. Talon's back was facing Him and she was vulnerable to His moods and desires.

Her own mood was that of excitement, desire and curiosity to see what would happen next.

"Very nice," He murmured in her ear.

His breath blowing against her ear lobe sent delicious chills coursing through her body. She felt His hand rubbing her backside and then she felt a hard sting where His caress had just been. Talon hissed in surprise and tried to swing her head around to look at Him but He was standing outside her view. Talon felt Him caressing her backside again but this time she was prepared for the hand that followed leaving behind it a red handprint against her white skin. Eight more times this happened to Talon and each time she moaned and bucked, with pleasure and pain. Her arse at first a mass of stinging sensation was now burning.

Suddenly He grabbed a handful of her hair and thrust her head back so that His soft toned voice was filling her ear.

"That, my love, is my warning to you to behave. Understand?" He asked.

She nodded her understanding not speaking, not knowing what to say.

"Who owns you?" He asked.

"You do," Talon answered.

Without warning two fingers were inserted up her dripping core.

"And who am I?" he asked.

"All that I am," came the breathless reply.

"Very good."

His fingers were still buried inside her and Talon opened her legs to give Him better access. His other hand reached around her and gently He took her left breast in His hand.

She sighed deeply enjoying the sensations coursing through her body. But her sigh was interrupted as fingers tightened around her breast and squeezed hard enough for her to cry out in surprise.

"Who told you to spread you legs?" He asked.

"I-it ju-," she stammered.

He withdrew His fingers while maintaining pressure on her tit.

"Close them now," He commanded.

At once she closed her legs and tried to stand on wobbly knees now that He had withdrawn His aide in supporting her.

"Do you want my fingers back inside you?" He asked in her ear.

His fingers had now released her breast and He was dragging the palm of His hand lightly across her nipple, barely touching it until she ached for Him to touch her nipples harder, suck them, squeeze them, anything but this barely there caress!

She nodded but it wasn't enough.

"Tell me, say it." He commanded. His voice a contradiction to His hands as they continued their soft touches.

"Yes," Talon said.

"Yes what? Tell me what you want." His hips were grinding against her sore backside and she could feel his hardness.

"I want your fingers," her tongue ran over her lips as she spoke, "Inside me."

"Inside where?"

"In my, in my pussy," Talon whispered. She couldn't stand much more of this. The hands were starting to mimic His hips. The hardness combined with the softness was starting to unglue her.

"I can't hear you," He replied, "In your where?"

"My pussy, inside my pussy!" she breathed louder, faster. She just had to have something, anything inside her!

He rubbed her anus and she moaned. "Here?"

His hand moved around lower.

"Here," He said with certainty. "You are so wet, my fingers are dripping already."

His hand moved to her throbbing clitoris, and although Talon tried to keep her legs closed she knew soon, soon she wouldn't be able to.

"Baby I need to -," she gasped, her knees buckling again.

"No." He replied and His hands disappeared from her body leaving her feeling tense, empty and unfulfilled.

She wanted, no, needed to cum soon, she just couldn't stand the tension inside her. His arms came around her again and Talon saw Him holding the ring on her halter. Then He had it joined to a leash. He let her arms down, rubbing them to help the blood return. The chains were kept around her wrists and using these and the leash He directed her to the bed where He sat her on the edge.

"Open your legs," He said.

Talon did, gratefully, eagerly, expecting Him to take her now but instead He stepped between her legs and brushed His hard 7-inch cock over her face. He traced the outline of her face leaving a wet trail as He went. His hand moving up and down as He masturbated in front of her. He rubbed His hardness over her mask, down her nose until all she could smell was His pre-cum. Lower He went running His length over her lips, knowing she loved to suck his cock, but He prolonged it making it that much more agonising for her.

Talon had always been in control and for just once it was His turn and He loved it. He intended to draw this out, not rush it.

Talon groaned as her lips became wetter and wetter. She wanted to lick them, run her tongue over the rim of His beautiful head, she wanted to close her mouth over Him and draw Him all the way down. She wanted to-.

Her thoughts were broken as fingers probed her pussy once more and then He was rubbing those fingers over her mouth, mixing their juices together. Then He bade her to lick her lips, lick them clean. Talon did this eagerly savouring the taste of their mixed essence.

He brought her upright saying, "So nasty aren't you? A decent girl wouldn't lick her own pussy juices. A Slut would. Is that what you are? A little slut begging to be fucked?"

He waited for her answer. But He didn't get one. Talon's head was bowed as her face burned a bright red.

He gripped Talon's blonde hair and pulled her head back. He took the mask off her to look into her eyes. Pushing her back down on the bed, He lightly spanked her face with His hard cock. Had it ever felt this hard before? She was trying to remember and more and more she wanted to suck, to lick, to deep throat that baby like there was no tomorrow. Talon wanted to beg, but could not do it, she still felt embarrassed.

Talon had not lied when she said He owned her. She loved Him with all that she was, just as she had said. These words had been part of their wedding ceremony and she knew that He remembered them.

This teasing, the lack of control, the feeling of being dominated and punished was something she had always wanted to try, He was giving her her fantasy. Talon also knew that she would have a problem calling Him Master. That too had been part of her fantasy. That she release all control. That she be taken completely in every sense of the word.

So, the words stayed inside her as she moaned and tried not to squirm, hoping that He would get the hint and give her what she wanted. Every time His cock brushed across her mouth it was all she could do not to open her it. God but this was getting hard for her. How could she not move?

She was getting close to saying something, and then remembered the spanking she had gotten. Perhaps it might be worth it though. She just had to suck his cock.

So instead of saying something or moving her head the next time the cock brushed across her lips, Talon opened them and tried to get Him to enter her mouth.

But, He had expected it, had hoped for it.

As much as she could say there many things she could do, there were others that His beautiful strong wife couldn't do. He had always loved her strength. Her never give in attitude. When she wanted something she went for it until she got it. And to give credit where it was due, Talon really had lasted longer than He expected.

When her mouth tried to close over His cock it leaped of its own accord trying to go further down inside that hot wet mouth. In fact, He was fairly sure it was trying to get down her throat. He had to go slow or this wasn't going to last long at all.

He pushed her away from Him and Talon fell back in surprise on the bed. She tried to rise and look at Him. Her blonde hair had gotten mussier. Her lipstick was smeared over her mouth and cheeks from where He had rubbed His dick across her face. She looked so dirty. He couldn't believe this was His wife He was seeing.

"I said not to move, but you couldn't help yourself could you? Well, you asked for it." His voice was harsh, his anger pronounced.

With that He got between her legs and with His hand He started to smack the inside of her thighs, then across her clit, then her thighs, then her clit, He started to time the smacks to the clit so that her pussy the impact as well, and He was pleased every time Talon hissed and writhed on the bed. He did not expect her to keep still after each smack, instead He allowed her to feel each one individually.

His smacks hitting her pussy and engorged clit were sending her wild. Already deeply turned on it was becoming harder not to want something inside her pussy. Talon had always been into penetration more than anything. She loved the feeling of being full. It didn't matter if it was fingers, dildo or cock. So here she was hoping that He would do this for her, she was so close to cumming. She was becoming more desperate.

He stopped smacking her, and moved away from her pussy. She was crying from need, as much as the stinging sensations that had coursed though her body. She wasn't coping. Pretty soon she knew she would be a blubbering mess if this didn't stop.

Talon was looking up at Him, pleading with her eyes but no voice, He knew she was nearly there but it would take a little more. He had to push her to do what He wanted.

"I know what you want, My Slut, but you have to ask for it. You know what you have to say. I want to hear those words coming from your mouth, not just your eyes." His voice was cold, unyielding.

She shook her head. She just couldn't. She was practising in her head, but the words wouldn't come out. It went against every instinct she had.

"Come on, you can do it, you know you can," He tried to coax her, this time almost playfully.

His fingers were roaming around her cunt as His other hand played with His cock. Talon watched His hand wishing it were her mouth that was moving up and down slowly over that hard knob. She moaned out loud and tried to move His hand down by pushing her pelvis up, but He just moved away.

He moved over the bed until He was on top of her chest, kneeling just above her tits so He wouldn't crush her. Then He continued to masturbate in front of her. His cock was so close to her mouth that Talon could smell and see cum dripping from the eye of His shaft.

"Is this what you want Baby?" He asked.

"Yes," she breathed.

"Tell Me," He said. "Tell Me you want it". His voice was gruff, demanding.

He rubbed His cock against her mouth, forcing her lips open, to let her feel and taste Him. She was groaning loudly as He pulled away quickly.

"Tell Me," He said even rougher.

"Tell Me you want My cock, say it. Say – I - want – to – suck – Your – cock - Master. Say, I want You to fuck me Master. Say, I want You to make me cum Master. Say it!" He was commanding now. No more niceties, no more gentle pressure. He was in charge and she was going to know it!

His fingers went back to her drenched femininity. My god she was sopping wet. Had she ever been this wet before? He wanted to be inside her sloppy wet heat so bad. But first she had to say it!

So he played. He toyed. He teased. He drove her to the brink and when she was at the edge He moved away and left her there. When Talon realised He wasn't coming back she lifted her head to try to find Him. She spied Him standing in a corner just watching her, playing with His cock. Up went His hand, running over the top of His knob, then back down again. This continued as she watched and she didn't know what to do. She was so god damn horny!

Suddenly she knew. Talon got up and walked towards Him then sank gracefully down on her knees in front of Him with her head bowed.

"Have you something to say to me Slut?" He asked.

Talon nodded.

"I'm waiting."

This was the hardest part. Of her own volition she was to give up control. Capitulate. Concede. Beg.

Talon swallowed trying to find the words and said in a quiet voice, lifting her head to look into His eyes, "Please will you," she licked her lips and said very fast, "fuck me?"

"I didn't hear you. You'll have to do better than that." He stood with his arms crossed.

"Please will you fuck me?" She said quickly and a bit more loudly.

"Please, what? You aren't doing very well here." His foot started to tap right next to her knees. "I'm growing more annoyed by the minute. Now what do you want to say. Speak clearly, and loudly."

"I want you to fuck me, I want you to put your hard cock inside my pussy and fuck me hard! I want to feel you cum in me! I want to suck you and lick you! I want you to fuck my mouth and show me what you are going to do to my cunt! Please! Please!" By the end of this Talon was almost babbling. She was screaming, barely hearing that these crude words were coming out of her mouth.

"PLEASE WHAT?" He shouted down into her face.

"MASTER! Please Master! Just fuck me please!" She shrieked.

Without warning she was silenced by a hard dick that slammed into her mouth. It touched the back of her throat and made her gag but Talon didn't care. Nor did He.

"You like this Slut? You like being fucked like this? Is you're pussy ready for my cock? I'm gonna fuck you so hard."

With each question He slammed harder into her mouth. Her eyes were streaming tears and she was gagging repeatedly. At one point he put His cock deep in her throat and left it there while she struggled not to panic at being breathless.

He pushed her roughly away and told her to turn around. Talon turned her arse to Him and He thrust deep inside her wet heat. She screamed at the feeling of something in her pussy finally after all this time!

"Master, Master! I- I- ohhhhh, yessss, Master, cum cumin- for you!" She gasped.

She couldn't believe how fast it had been! He was pumping deep inside her. She could feel Him so deep that it was a painful pleasure. He didn't stop fucking her while she came. He was enjoying the way her pussy clutched His shaft in orgasm.

But, He was close.

He gathered together a strip of material and put it around her waist. He used this material as a set of reins and pulled her hard against Him. Deeper inside than He had ever been before. "It's not possible." He heard her breathe, and knew that she felt it more deeply too.

"You're pussy is so wet. Play with your clit." He directed her.

Talon's hand reached out to her engorged clit and began to move in circles as He started to pound back into her cunt. She felt the cord pulling her stomach. Felt her self being drawn closer to The Man and her hand on her clit increased its frenzied movement.

"Oh Master, I'm going to cum again. Please let me cum for you," Talon pleaded desperately.

He felt a surge of fierce pride pierce His chest. She was trying to maintain some control but she was fast approaching her limit. Her chest was heaving as she panted. Her tits were bouncing and He reached around and cupped a breast in his hand and started to pinch and twist her nipples. He was very proud of her and gave her His permission telling her to cum all over His cock. Ordering her to cum now.

Talon had given everything to Him. She had given her love years ago, she had given Him His children and today she had given Him her soul and control, and she didn't stop now. Talon came in spasms, drowning His thoroughly wet cock, constricting His engorged member. She screamed loudly with her head thrown back, her eyes closed. Fully caught up in the moment He joined her with one quick hard thrust and shot His seed straight up and into her womb. He rocked back and forth, enjoying the feel of her still clenching slit.

He removed Himself from her and watched as His cum dribbled out and onto the sheet. He knelt in front of her and Talon gently sucked His penis into her mouth, cleaning off the mixed essence of themselves.

It had been a learning experience and one that Talon knew she would ponder over in moments of quiet. Never before had she felt such powerful orgasms. Never before had she felt such trust. Never before had she felt such love.

He too had lots to think about.

Things like; what to do next time. Things like; how nice that arse looked as He took her from behind. Things like; how great it felt to be Him.

Yes there were many things to think about.

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