tagFetishMaking Him Happy In Hose

Making Him Happy In Hose


When Annabeth first saw Vera come through the front door of the café, she could immediately tell there was something wrong. She was certainly more nervous than usual, which was saying something for a girl that always looked like she was ready to hide in a corner at the slightest provocation.

The two had made it a habit ever since they left college to get together for a nice lunch downtown. There was a strange bond between them, and despite being much taller and more elegantly built than her companion, Vera tended to rely on Annabeth's knowledge and opinion on all matters personal.

Recently, things had actually started to go very well for Vera, which is why Annabeth was so surprised and concerned to see her friend so visibly out of sorts.

"So, tell me what's the matter already. It's not like I have all afternoon to guess."

Vera quickly glanced around to make sure no one was eavesdropping before finally coming clean.

"Stephen mentioned something to me after we... well, last night. He said that, um, he really really wanted to, um..."

"Come on, girl, spit it out," Annabeth said impatiently. "You two fucked, and then he said what?"

Vera blushed fiercely, unable to look her friend in the eyes.

"He said that he had a thing for nylon, like pantyhose," she finally explained. "He said that he wanted to do things with me while I was wearing them, you know, in bed."

"Neat," Annabeth nodded. "I'd never have guessed he had such a kink."

"It's not just a kink," Vera complained, balling her fists on the table. "I mean, it's a fetish, isn't it? Doesn't that make my boyfriend a pervert?"

"A pervert," Annabeth laughed, making Vera cringe. "The only thing that would make him a pervert is if he were the one wearing the hose, and even then, I wouldn't kick him out of bed for trying."

"But it's weird," Vera insisted, confused by her friends inability to see her point. "I don't want a weird boyfriend. What other secrets could he be keeping from me? I've been living with him for over a month, and only now do I find this out!"

Annabeth shook her head, but tried to look sympathetic.

"Listen; if he's telling you this, it only means he's come to trust you enough to share this hidden part of himself," Annabeth told her. "It's a good thing, believe me. Stephen is a great guy, and I don't believe he'd do anything bad to you. If you ask me, it really couldn't hurt just to go along with it for a bit and see what he wants to do. There's every chance you might enjoy it too –and if it turns out you don't, shoot that boy my way, because I'd fucking dress up like a French maid or anything else he wanted for a man that good looking."

* * *

Could Annabeth be right? Vera wasn't one to casually dismiss the advice of her best friend. Despite her initial aversion to this new side of Stephen, maybe it was true she should try and have an open mind about it. Standing before her open dresser, Vera picked up a fresh package of pantyhose, fingering the smooth plastic wrap as she turned it over in her hands.

"What is it about you that could so fascinate him," she wondered aloud, ripping the package open. "Not much more than a big pair of translucent socks, if you ask me."

Nevertheless, Vera changed out of her clothes and into an outfit she guessed might appeal to her boyfriend's sensibilities –a snug black mini-dress, open-toed heels, and a pair of ivory colored pantyhose. If nothing else, it was a simple outfit that showed off her legs to good effect, and she didn't feel weird at all about meeting him at the door like that. The only question in her mind is what he'd want to do after...

Thankfully, she didn't have to worry about that for very long. She could hear the front door open, and as she sat nervously on the edge of the bed, she called out to him.

"Hey kitten," he greeted her, stopping short just past the doorway when he noticed how she was dressed.

"Um, you know what we talked about before," she explained, looking down at the floor. "Well, I kind of decided that it was O.K. I mean, I will... or that, I'll let you... I just mean, it's alright, and I want to make you happy."

Stephen was clearly at a loss for words. He swallowed hard, eyes glancing from her face to her legs; apparently unsure this wasn't some wonderful nocturnal fantasy he'd wandered into.

"You're serious," he asked, kneeling down beside her and taking her hands in his. Vera realized with embarrassment that he looked as if he were about to propose marriage, when in fact she was about to consent to an entirely different kind of proposal.

"Yes, of course," she smiled, trying not to blush. "I know I was a bit freaked out about it before, and maybe I still am, but I'm willing to at least try."

Unable to form a coherent sentence, Stephen expressed his joy and appreciation by leaning forward and placing his lips on hers in the most passionate kiss he could muster. Vera could feel her anxiety melt away, reminded of how safe and loved he always made her feel. Even has his hands began to fondle her nylon sheathed knees, it didn't occur to her to feel the least bit nervous –at least, not until he broke the kiss and turned his entire attention to her legs.

Kneeling on the floor as he was, he pressed his face close to her thighs, gently moving them apart as he continued to caress her calves. He lifted one leg in the air, placing warm passionate kisses along the inner surface of her knee and thigh. The way his fingertips slid over the surface of her hose, she could tell how much he loved the texture against her skin.

"You have such amazing legs, you know," he whispered, looking up into her wide uncertain eyes. "I could spend all day covering them with kisses."

"Don't let me stop you," she replied, reclining back onto the bed.

Stephen awkwardly unbuttoned his shirt with one hand as he continued to devote his attention to her right leg. He nuzzled the nylon fabric against his cheek, like an affectionate cat, before pressing his lips and letting it with his tongue. Vera knew from past experience just what a talented tongue her boyfriend had, and she could feel her pussy start to get wet in hopeful anticipation.

As if reading her thoughts, Stephen moved in even closer, moving her legs wide apart to make room. Pushing up the hem of her short shirt, he exposed the entire front part of her waist, up to the waistband of her sheer white hose.

"No underwear at all," he marveled, hands automatically moving to the mound of her pubis. "I hope you didn't go out like this."

"Of course not," she assured him. "I changed especially for you when I got home."

The favor was definitely not going to waste. As Stephen pressed and rubbed through the thin material covering her privates, he was hitting all the right places, creating the most wonderful friction. When he lowered his head and began to lick her, it felt exquisite against her clit, and the wet spot on the gusset only got larger.

Vera lay back and closed her eyes, arms thrown up over her head as she let him have his way with her. As his hands continued to stroke her thighs and underneath to her buttocks, he kissed and licked all along the length of her cunt, drinking in the scent of her arousal. Biting with his teeth, he made a small hole in the fabric and proceeded to make an opening just large enough so he could access her naked clitoris peeking forth from its hood.

Her feet rising from the carpet of their own accord, Vera felt the pleasure continue to mount, her breath broken and labored. She loved it whenever Stephen pleasured her this way, though they'd never done it while they were both almost fully dressed. It didn't even occur to her to wonder if that wasn't very kinky or perverse –being licked towards blissful orgasm erased such petty worries.

"Please don't stop," she softly begged, glancing down to the top of his head. "I'm so close, please..."

She didn't have to worry. Stephen was like a man possessed, intent on nothing more than the feeling of hosiery beneath his fingers and the ridge of her clit beneath his tongue. There was no mistaking her body language, or the way her increasingly desperate gasps suddenly gave way to open grunts, announcing her climax as plainly as if she'd ejaculated.

Vera might have been momentarily sated, but Stephen's cock, imprisoned within his slacks, demanded some attention of it's own. Rising up from Vera's sopping cunt, he quickly shuffled out of his open shirt and pulled down his slacks. His cock, stiff and red with suppressed arousal, was finally allowed its freedom. As he stood up to fully undress, Vera couldn't help but stare at that impressive erection, her cunt still tingling and ready for action.

In fact, he had something else in mind. Taking each leg in hand, he removed her heels and placed her stocking feet against the surface of his broad chest. Closing his eyes, he moved her soles back and forth, reveling in the sensations. He took each foot in turn and kissed and sucked on her toes through the nylon, which Vera found unnervingly arousing. His hands glided along the undersides of her calves and thighs, moving her legs stiff up in the air so that they rested completely against this body.

Hugging her hose clad limbs close to his chest, Vera watched with fascination as he proceeded to thrust his cock in the space between her thighs. Stephen's face was one of unadulterated rapture as he fucked her thighs, and Vera stared at the obscene sight of his engorged glans appearing and disappearing from between her legs.

"Does that really feel good," she asked, unable to look away.

"You have no idea," he rasped; sweat breaking out on his skin as he moved his hips ever faster, creating the most intense friction on his cock from the pale white nylons.

Vera felt mildly helpless, like a doll in the hands of a child. She didn't know if she should be doing anything or saying anything, but clearly, in this single breathless moment, nothing more was required of her than to lay back and let him make love to her inner thighs. He nuzzled and kissed her feet, then held her legs firm once more as he redoubled his efforts, the smears of pre-cum wetting the pantyhose an unmistakable testament to the level of his arousal.

"Are you going to come like that," she asked with a quivering tone.

"God, yes," he said, shortly before biting into the fabric of her hose and thrusting his hips hard into her thighs.

He remained frozen like that, and as Vera stared at his red tinged glans pointing towards her, he ejaculated. He was literally standing on his toes, riding each wave of his orgasm clasping her legs to his chest, shooting long streams of slick warm semen onto the body of her dress and finally tricking down the insides of her legs.

There was a long silence as Stephen recovered himself, letting go of Vera's limbs and awkwardly coming to lie on this back on the bed beside her. For herself, didn't know what to say, and remained lying exactly as she was, his wet seed soaking into her clothes and tricking down her skin.

The tension was broken when he turned to the side and smiled, nearly laughing when he saw the state he'd left her in.

"Sorry about that," he said, giving her a reassuring kiss. "I promise to pay for the dry cleaning."

"I should hope so," she gently chided him. "I don't mind ruining a pair of hose, but my good dresses are a completely different matter."

They shared another, much longer kiss. Vera still didn't know exactly what to think of it all, but at the very least, she was no longer afraid of what it mean to have a perv for a boyfriend.

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