tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaking Him Proud Ch. 01

Making Him Proud Ch. 01


"The guys are coming over tonight," you say as you kiss me. Just that phrase is enough to make me shiver. I love it when the guys come over, but not for the reasons that may seem obvious.

"Should I cook something for dinner," I ask you with only the tiniest tremble in my voice, "or just snacks and beers?" We discuss food briefly and settle on nachos and a couple of other snacks before I turn to go change out of my work clothes.

"Babe," you call out behind me, "behave yourself this time." I smile sweetly over my shoulder and anyone who didn't know better would think that I was agreeing with you.

As I slip into the shower I reminisce about the last time we had a guys night in. It was shortly after we moved in together and the first time I had hosted your friends. I got dressed and put on a little bit of make-up, cooked a meal, and chilled the beers. When we all sat down to dinner I was laughing and smiling and enjoying the compliments on the food.

After dinner the party moved to the living room and I started bringing fresh beers and trading innuendos with your friends. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. I remember catching your eyes a few times and you looked calm on the surface, but underneath you were raging. I was worried but figured you would tell me what was wrong after the guys left.

After a couple of hours they got ready to leave and you walked them out. I went to clean up and was in the kitchen when you returned. I called out and asked if you wanted another beer but you were suddenly behind me, spinning me around to face you and holding my arms almost tightly enough to hurt. I looked into your eyes and the calm control was gone. All that was left was the core of rage I had seen earlier. I realized then that you were angry at me and a spark of fear bloomed in the pit of my stomach even as my nipples tightened and my pussy throbbed. What had I done? Everyone was having such a great time and I thought it was a success. I just wanted you to be proud of a girlfriend that knew how to treat guests.

"Why didn't you just fuck all of them on the dinner table?" You practically spit it at me. "All of your fucking giggling and hair flipping and cock teasing, what the fuck were you thinking?"

"I was just trying to show your friends a good time," I said softly.

"You fucking sure as hell did that," you growled and twisted me around again. Now my hips were pressed against the counter and your hard cock was against my ass. "Every single one of them left here with visions of fucking you senseless floating around in his head." A small moan escaped my lips and I immediately regretted it when you went very still behind me. "Does that fucking turn you on? Do you want my friends to fuck you? Do you want me to line them up so they can take turns fucking your slutty cock teasing cunt?"

"No," I manage to whisper. You didn't say anything else so I tried to pull myself together, ignoring the waves of anger rolling off your body and the answering ripples deep inside my own. "I wanted them to see what you have. I wanted them to know that I belong to you and they can't have me. I just wanted you to be proud of me."

"You're fucking right you belong to me." I felt you step away long enough to unzip and free your cock from it's denim cage. Without looking I knew that our brief confrontation had left you dripping and for a moment I thought about dropping to my knees and sucking you into my mouth so I could taste you. My good sense intervened and I stayed exactly where you left me. Your hands reached around me and unzipped my own jeans, sliding them over my hips and exposing my black lace thong. With the other hand you pushed my shoulders down onto the counter.

Without hesitation you pulled my panties to the side and forced your long, thick cock into my pussy in a single stroke. You grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled my head back sharply. I was so wet that you slid in fairly easily, but it was still an intrusion and I moaned loudly. You claimed every inch of my slick wetness with your manhood on that first slow stroke. I knew that my body was yours as long as you cared to lay a claim to it. Then you started fucking me. Long strokes that were somehow still fast and hard and deep. I could feel the head of your cock hitting my cervix and I knew how sore I would be tomorrow. Somehow that thought flipped a switch in my brain and I was suddenly cumming, hard. You ignored my breathless screams and just kept fucking me, reminding me that my pussy was yours to do with as you pleased. Your hard steady strokes drew out my orgasm and it felt like I spasmed around your cock forever.

When it seemed like I was finally winding down you reached into the soaking front of my panties and pinched my slippery clit, shooting me into orbit again. With your fingers working my clit and your cock still pounding me like a machine I was suddenly in the throes of an orgasm that made the first look like a dress rehearsal. I was emitting a screaming moan that I had never made before and my eyes were rolled up into my head. I could feel the counter digging into my hips as you forced me forward in a quick rhythm. I could feel my own juices dripping down between my thighs. I knew how tawdry it looked from the outside: A woman that needed to be reminded of her place, bent over the counter in the kitchen where she had just recently prepared a meal and fetched beers, being claimed by the man that protected her and kept her safe, the man that loved her and she loved in return. All of these thoughts flashed through my brain in the space between orgasms as I screamed your name and begged you to stop and to never stop.

Suddenly you did stop, and pulled out of me completely. I felt so empty that I let out a disappointed moan and almost missed the command. "Down," was all you said, but I knew what you wanted. I turned away from the counter and ungracefully collapsed to my knees in front of you. I opened my mouth just in time to feel you shove the slippery bulbous head past my lips. My hands went to the thick shaft and together we pumped your creamy seed into my waiting mouth. When you finally stopped erupting I pulled my mouth away long enough to look into your eyes and show you that I had collected every drop of your cum like a precious gift. I swallowed it with a moan and leaned forward again to clean my juices off of you with slow, gentle licks.

When I was finished you helped me stand and arrange myself enough to walk to our bedroom. We undressed and slid into bed where you wrapped your arms around me and I planted light kisses all over your still-sweaty chest. As we were both drifting off I sleepily asked if we could invite the guys over tomorrow and your deep rumble of laughter carried me into oblivion.

I snapped back to reality in the shower with one hand rubbing my clit and the other pulling on my nipples. I toyed briefly with the idea of an orgasm or two before I got started on the food but pushed it out of my mind. I finished my shower quickly with images of what lay in store for me tonight flashing through my mind.

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