Making Him See Things My Way


"That was incredible sweetheart... you make momma proud.." I cooed softly as I slowly lifted myself off of him. As his cock flopped out of me a long stream of his hot cum followed, leaking out of my abused little pussy onto his stomach. I smiled down to him.

He looked back to me wordlessly, his mouth open slightly in clear awe. "Mom... I..."

"Shhh... not a word baby... Tomorrow night there won't be any belts." I said with a warm, motherly smile

"Tomorrow night..?" he managed to utter

"Oh yes sweetie, you're mommy's newest sex toy... Not a word to your father in the morning. Get some rest dear" I whispered as I lifted off of him. I untied him one limb at a time, leaving the silk belts on the floor beside his bed, offering him one last glance with a wink as I strutted out of his bedroom, leaving my robe on the floor beside my messy son's bed, making my way back to mine and Bill's bedroom with cum soaking my inner thighs, sperm still dribbling from my satisfied pussy.

Chapter 2, the day after


The next morning I woke before my husband, slipping into my red cotton robe and making my way to the master bathroom. I'd showered before joining Bill in bed for what would be better considered as a nap. Despite the lack of sleep, I felt more alive and awake than ever. Fucking my son against his will had made me feel young again. It didn't take me long to brush the bedhead tangles out of my long, silky blonde hair. I spent a little bit of time applying makeup as per my morning ritual, this time adding a coat of ruby red lipstick and smiling to myself in the mirror, feeling sexy and naughty. "I need more..." I whispered to myself in the mirror, feeling possessed by lust now that I'd had a taste of my child's youthful prowess, bound or not. I had thought that after weeks of fantasizing and carefully considering whether or not I should act on them that going through with it would satisfy my curiosity and allow me to move on with a dirty secret between my son and I, not to be mentioned or admitted... but I had never been fucked like that before, and all I wanted was more.

I was careful not to wake Bill as I crept through the bedroom. It was Saturday, and while he worked weekends, it wasn't until later in the morning, and he always got bent out of shape if I woke him up. Closing the door behind me gently I made my way down the hall toward the stairs. I could hear the shower from my son's bathroom running and smirked, wondering if he even slept at all. Resisting the urge to walk in and seduce him, I made my way to the kitchen to make breakfast.

After making a skillet of bacon and scrambled eggs and placing three plates full at the table I sat down at the head of the table and gazed out the window, reaching under the table to stroke my pussy absently as I daydreamed about the night before. I was nice and wet by the time Jake came walking toward the kitchen. I could still hear a shower and assumed Bill must be awake and getting ready for the day.

My son was beet red as he walked slowly into the kitchen, seeming completely flabbergasted and unsure of himself. I simply smiled to him evilly, my middle finger slipping in and out of me as I spoke. "Mmmm... Well good morning sunshine... sweet dreams?". I reached with the other hand to pat the table beside me, a gesture for him to have a seat.

"Something like that..." he mumbled as he sat down to my left, focusing vigorously on his breakfast, probably trying not to stare at the cleavage I allowed to present itself from my robe.

"Poor baby, you must still be tired. Maybe we can take a nap this afternoon after your father leaves for work."

I saw him swallow hard, clearly uncomfortable "Yeah... maybe mom... I have a lot to do today though.."

"Oh? what's on the agenda sweetheart?" I asked conversationally, my soaking fingers still at work between my legs.

Before he could answer Bill walked into the kitchen. He was dressed for work, clearly oblivious to the tension in the room as he sat at his end of the table. "Morning" he mumbled as he started on his breakfast.

"Good morning dear, sleep well?" I asked

"Like a rock. I'm still groggy though, kinda like how I feel when I take sleeping pills. Wonder if I'm getting sick or something." he responded.

"Well let's hope not, I'm sure you'll feel better after a cup of coffee" I said with a smile. "Jake was just about to tell me what his plans for today were" As I said this I traced my toes up my son's leg, finding my way to his pant clad cock to massage it gently as I looked to him expectantly "Well?"

His cheeks were flushed and he was starting to show sweat on his forehead "Uhm... well..." he stammered, obviously having difficulty thinking with his dick being fondled. "M..might go to Nate's or something.."

"Jesus kid, you don't look so good today either, maybe you aughta just stay in eh?" My husband offered in response, to which I smirked in my son's direction.

"A fine idea sweetie, I think you should listen to your father Jake, you look like you could use some rest" I added, feeling his cock begin to harden beneath my toes.

"Fine..." he muttered quietly like an reluctantly obedient worker.

"Anyway, I gotta get moving you two, see you tonight" Bill said after finishing his breakfast. He stood and walked to me, kissing me on the cheek and heading for the door. The whole time Jake hung his head, hardly having touched his breakfast. His cheeks were red and his cock was hard as my foot massaged it gently.

I simply watched my son as I listened for the sound of Bill's truck, grinning as I heard the engine and the crackle of asphalt as he backed out of the driveway. "Well..." I said in a much less sweet tone than I had been using in my charade in front of my husband. "I think that went perfectly, don't you?"

He didn't respond, only stared at his breakfast as the sound of his father's truck disappeared in the distance.

"After today you're going to stop pretending you aren't enjoying this or you're grounded for a week, do you understand me?" I said sternly.

He nodded after a pause, looking up to me finally and responding quietly "Mom, this is sick... Just because I enjoy it doesn't fucking make it right... I can't believe you.."

I narrowed my eyes at him, raising my voice only an octane with my foot merely resting against his penis "That's exactly what makes it right, and I'll be damned if I'll let my own son use that kind of language with me in that context. Just because you're mommy's new toy doesn't mean you get to be disrespectful."

".. Sorry." He said quietly, his eyes narrowed somewhat.

I grinned as a thought occurred to me "You don't look sorry, maybe you need to wash your mouth out with cum" I said, the last statement in a lower tone. I finally pulled my fingers from my soaked hole and raised them to his lips, forcing my glistening fingertips into his mouth. He grimaced and pulled back, but I dragged my fingers against his tongue as he did.

I stood as he scooted out from the table. Before he could stand I stepped over his legs and faced him. I drew the tie from my robe, which fell open, my nakedness only a foot or so in front of my son. My glistening pussy lips apart just slightly with the way I was standing over his closed legs. I looked to the bulge in his pants, placing my hands on his shoulders "Stay put." I ordered.

I backed up slowly, pulling him as I did, he slid his chair forward as I pulled him. My ass met the edge of the table and I slid up onto it only enough so that it would support me, my hands moving from my son's shoulders to the top of his head. I spread my legs open wide, my toes dangling about six inches from the floor. "Now be a good son and eat me out" I commanded, leaning backward and laying onto the table, pulling his head toward me as I did and groaning as his mouth melted against my soaked pussy.

He didn't bother trying to be rebellious this time and I moaned out loud as his tongue sunk into my cunt. I smiled with my eyes closed, whimpering softly as his tongue repeatedly plunged deep into me. "Oooh that's my baby boy, make mommy cum" I cooed as it dragged from inside of me out to my clitoris, twirling around there playfully. "That's it honey!" I cried. Here I was, a mother of one laid out on the kitchen table while her son made a meal of her sopping cunt. I couldn't stand it anymore! I groaned and started to shudder as I climaxed, juices gushing into my son's mouth which I held tightly against my vagina. My orgasm ran down his chin and dripped into his lap.

"Fuck me!" I cried as he swallowed and pulled his head away. I rolled around onto my stomach, placing my bare feet onto the floor, my legs spread apart enough so that I was bent at 90 degrees with breasts mashed against the tablecloth, my chin buried in their pillowy flesh, and my ass held out to my son. Jake removed his shirt and threw it to the floor. I shivered as I heard the zipping noise of his fly coming down followed by the sound of his pants and boxers landing on the floor around his ankles.

Jake was beyond words and resistance now, and I was grateful that he'd finally given in. He stepped toward me and I reached back to take his erection into my hand when he was close, guiding it to my hot opening. "Go on baby... all the way in" I moaned as it's head penetrated me. My son placed his right palm against the small of my back and moved his hips forward, shoving his cock into my hungry pussy. I groaned loudly as his cock stretched me open. Hot juices trickled down my legs when he slowly pulled his cock halfway out of me. I whimpered quietly in disappointment and then moaned aloud as he shoved himself back into me.

"Is this what you wanted mom?" he grunted as he buried his hard cock down to the base into my cunt.

"Oooh god yes baby, this is all momma ever wanted!" I cried, grabbing onto the edges of the table and bracing myself as he began to pound his dick into me harder. He kept the palm of his right hand on the small of my back, placing the other on my left hip and using both to pull me back against him each time he rammed into me.

We groaned with each thrust and I relished the constant lustful reminder screaming out in my brain that I was being ravaged by my own son. "That's my baby boy! Fuck mommy like a whore! Fill mommy's pussy up with cum sweeti-i-i-ie!" I screamed, trembling in ecstasy.

Almost on cue he groaned loudly, shoving his erection balls deep into his mother and exploding inside. I shuddered as hot cum poured into my womb, letting out a loud groan of pleasure. My hands both grasping at the table edges so firmly that they were as white as the cum my son was unloading into me. I rolled my eyes back, shaking with orgasm as he held me firmly against his hips, keeping his penis buried deep inside until every drop of semen was drained from him.

When my orgasm finished I collapsed against the table, all of my muscles relaxing in exhaustion. my tight pussy releasing it's milking grip on my son's cock. Jake had collapsed against my back, wet with sweat and panting into my ear. His penis began to slowly soften and eventually he stepped back from me. I smiled softly with my eyes closed as I felt the hot liquid draining out of me, dripping onto the floor with soft plopping sounds. "Good job..." I said softly, smiling still, resting.

My son and I now fuck regularly and shamelessly. It's the best sex I've ever had, and I've never been more happy. Bill later found out, having caught us in the act, but it hasn't stopped us. Sometimes I make an effort to be extra loud to ensure it wakes him up... something about knowing he can hear us makes me even more hot. Sometimes I even sit in the living room with Jake, riding him under a blanket with Bill in the same room, completely obvious to the whole thing... I'll have to give you more details on one particular occasion later.

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