tagLoving WivesMaking Him Watch

Making Him Watch


My panties weren't wet, but soaked. They were practically melting away. Mmm... What would John do to me when I untied him? Daniel's hand slid from the small of my back to my ass and stole a quick squeeze. Mmm. A single drop of my arousal escaped the confines of my panties and trailed down my leg. My eyes closed briefly, and I caught a slight whiff of Daniel's cologne. I pushed Daniel against the wall, hard. His eyes barely had time to register his shock and confusion before I leaned in. His lips opened to speak, but I kissed him. As my lips parted, my tongue danced roughly with his own. My mind returned to John even as my body engaged Daniel.

...I suppose I should explain, shouldn't I? John is my husband, and he is tied to the wall in our bedroom, naked. I've always been the more dominant in our relationship. He wasn't receptive at first, but in time he seemed to bend to my will with greater ease. He did, regardless of his claims, enjoy it. To be tied up and teased or to be denied access to my body... He found a thrill in giving in to my will, and I must admit that I found great pleasure in his acceptance. Still, it was he who blushingly introduced the idea of a threesome. Being typically male, he acted with the assumption that it would, clearly, be two females. I was surprised by his nerve, but not unwilling... That said, I informed him if he wanted that he would first have to accept another man in our bedroom. He seemed appalled, and certainly backed down easily enough. Ah...but I wanted to punish him, and to make him realize some part of him desired to see me taken against his will. And so, this night I began teasing him and playing with him. When I wanted to tie him up, he was all too willing... Once he was firmly at my mercy, I gagged him.

And then I ignored him. I showered slowly, shaved my legs and my pussy carefully, and prepared for the night. Hmm, the simple black dress that ends far to high on my thigh? Perfect. And a matching red, lace bikini and demi bra, to finish the package. As I stood before the mirror putting on just the smallest bit of makeup, he made some muffled sounds of confusion. I...well, I should be honest. His confusion teased me even more than his lack of control. I glanced myself over again. Long black hair, just past my shoulder blades. Grey eyes, like a morning mist. Lips tinted a crimson shade from lipstick, barely parted and ready to steal a kiss...or maybe a bite. My breasts weren't exceptional, but they fit my frame well. 5'4 with a quite full b cup. And my ass, well...John liked to beg for the chance to spank it, and who could blame him? So I went to a strip club, picked a random cute guy, and convinced him that a free beauty to pleasure him was better than the costly views he'd never touch. ...and so we entered the apartment, and my thoughts couldn't drift from John.

Daniel's hand planted itself firmly on my thigh, and quickly worked its way up. I made no effort to stop him, and even went as far as to encourage him to push farther by engaging his tongue more readily in our kiss. As his hands reached the lace-clad confines of my ass, he squeezed roughly. I felt a moan leave my lips, but was to drunk on lust to pay any real attention to it. And yet, I pulled away. I turned my back to him and removed my dress with practiced ease. His barely murmured sound of desire teased me all the more. I walked, without need for words, to the bedroom. Ah, John... John's cock went from limp to full attention in a matter of seconds after his eyes took in the body that was only separated from his view by the smallest bits of a lace. Some gagged-sound could be heard, but no sense could be made of it. Ah, and then Daniel entered the room, and quite different sounds were leaving John's gagged mouth.

Daniel glanced from John, who was firmly tied to the wall, to me, who was laying on the bed and quickly removing my bra. John had relatively long blonde hair, blue eyes, was in fairly good shape, and had a lovely, and very erect, six inch cock. Not remarkable, but certainly up to the task. It was amusing that even as John tried to protest despite his gag, his cock still stood at attention. Indeed, it throbbed with desperation and need. And what did Daniel do? John glanced around with confusion and panic. Daniel seemed uncertain, but not put off by the rather surprisingly development. Daniel was Indian, with short dark hair and the lightest of scruffy beards (maybe two brief days without shaving). Maybe 5'11? Ah, but he was in excellent shape, and best of all had the slightest of British accents as well.

"Care to explain, Tiffany?"

"Certainly!" My bra was off, and cast to the side as a lost thought. My fingers slipped under the waistband of my panties and began pulling them down my shapely legs. Daniel's eyes, and John's as well, seemed to follow the lace material as I slid it down, but then focused on my completely shaved pussy. "Well, this is John. John is my husband. He enjoys being used and demeaned, so I tied him up and decided to let him watch a real man pleasure me. He might learn more of how to pleasure a woman, assuming you can deliver."

Daniel's eyes, so dark and aloof, seemed to sparkle with understanding. Hmm. I had done better in picking him than I had dared to believe. It was just a feeling, but I sensed that he knew what it was to demand submission from a partner. Did he know the pleasures of enforcing such submission? He had been wearing simple jeans and a blue dress shirt. I left the bed, naught covering my curves, and approached Daniel. As I went to work unbuttoning his shirt, his hands went to work claiming the flesh now revealed to him. He wasn't gentle. Truth be told? I didn't want him to be gentle. He was rough, and few thoughts of John entered my mind as Daniel's hands explored. Daniel's shirt was cast aside, revealing a fit, but not overly muscular, chest. My fingertips ran along the muscles of his chest, loving the solid feel and the slight movements with his breathing. I unzipped his jeans and, before even trying to slide them down, reached inside. Mmm. He was thick, and long. Eight inches? No, more...nearly nine. I stepped back and, while Daniel clearly wanted the pleasures of my body given to him, he also understood that part of his role was to diminish John.

"I can see why you have to bring home men behind his back. He doesn't exactly have much to work with."

John made some noises, and fought against his restraints. His noises didn't translate well into words, and his fighting didn't lead to his freedom. I giggled wickedly. I fell to my knees, and let my hands gently caress Daniel's growing erection. I intended to tease him, to make him beg for pleasure (and make John wordlessly beg for me to stop), but...Daniel wasn't patient. That was a bit disappointing, but still -- I had no problems following instructions as long as John had to watch in misery. Daniel's hand moved behind by head. He ran his fingers through my hair momentarily, before forcibly guiding my mouth to his cock. I would have preferred a slower pace, but fair enough. I enveloped his cock in my mouth, struggling slightly to avoid gagging. I've had bigger fill my throat, but since marrying John I hadn't been able to practice. Daniel continued, forcing a quicker pace. His cock was soon slick with my saliva and his pre-cum. I felt the combination of the two dripping down my cheek as I struggled to keep pace with his demands.

"Your wife knows how to suck like a pro. I'm surprised she can handle my cock after marrying you and your, well, lesser tool."

I rewarded Daniel's words with greater efforts, increasing my pace even past that of his insistence. Still faster, my tongue caressing the underside of his cock. My hands even made efforts to toy with his balls. And then I felt the telltale twitch in his balls. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, opened my mouth wide, and continued stroking Daniel at the pace previously used by my throat. Within moments he sprayed a rather thorough load over my face. Most strands of his cum landed in my mouth, collected by my tongue. A few, minor strands coated my cheeks and hair. I stood, walked over to John, and stuck out my tongue for him to see Daniel's thick cum collected on my face and tongue. And, after being certain he saw, I swallowed every glorious drop (something I rarely agreed to do for John, even!). John's eyes reflected three things: pain, desperation, and lust. Still, before I could speak Daniel grabbed my hair and threw me back towards the bed.

"A little blow job might be a fun start, but I intended to give you the pleasure of a real man's cock now. Pity, your husband might not be able to satisfy you when I'm finished..."

Mmm. I had done well in picking Daniel.

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No loving wife here just another hateful heartless Cunt wife and another loser wimp husband. Boring!

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Just another heartless Cunt wife and a sissy faggot husband

Total shit! You should just kill yourself and save tell oxygen for us humans

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