tagLoving WivesMaking It Work Ch. 05

Making It Work Ch. 05


Mike went down on Jen. She panted and clutched at the sheets as he brought her to orgasm.

Jen got on top of Mike and put him inside her. They made love and he came inside her.

They showered together, then Mike packed. He had meetings in London about Sapphire, starting with a dinner meeting that night. Jen saw him off, still in her fluffy cotton robe.

Jen got back into bed, hugging her robe around her. She felt something was missing. Her body ached to be filled with a big cock and fucked really hard, fucked and treated like a cheap slut. She felt ashamed of these desires but couldn't help it.

The threesome in Vegas with Keri and Jim had been two weeks ago. That had been exciting, but Jim couldn't give her what she needed. If anything, Jim was a lot like Mike. And her sex with Mike was, well ....

Sex with Mike was always gentle and caring and she loved that. But sometimes she didn't want to make love, she wanted fucked really hard and treated like a whore. It didn't help Allie gave her almost daily reports about how Scott and his big cock were rocking her world.

She opened the robe and stretched out on the bed. With one hand she played with her clit, with the other she rubbed her nipples. She closed her eyes and fantasized about Scott fucking her really hard like a slutty whore. She fantasized about Scott ramming her in the ass, and then pulling out and making her go down on him without cleaning himself.

In her fantasy Scott asked, "Would you do this for Mike?"

Jen: "No way."

Scott: "Who fucks you better?"

Jen: "Who do you think?"

Scott: "I saw you looking at my crotch when I sang Hot Legs."

Jen (nodding): "I sooo wanted to fuck your brains out."

Jen came thinking of Scott sucking hard on her neck as he ruined her pussy with his big thick cock, cumming inside her. Afterwards she hugged the robe around her, feeling guilty.

Mike's dinner in London ended around 10. He called Jen to check in, and then watched TV. He felt edgy. Mike's fantasies involved Jen with well-hung arrogant men, bulls. Jim didn't fit that at all. Also for Mike, a big part of the thrill was Jen developing feelings for her lover, but she wasn't interested in Jim, and would never betray Keri anyway.

Someday Mike would like to see Jen with Keri. That would be thrilling, but he knew it wasn't what he really desired.

Impulsively he decided to go out. He checked a few cuckold sites for meat markets in London. He found a hot wife bar called Allure that was famous (notorious) for young guys picking up married cougars. There were posting about how Allure had swapping key parties, where husbands put their car keys in a hat. They went home with wives who picked out their keys. But Mike didn't want to swing. Instead he wanted to see some married girls get picked up by horny guys. He'd done this before, going to clubs like this to watch.

The club was crowded. It was mostly a meat market of single guys picking up single girls. But he saw a few married couples. Mike watched the husbands, not the wives. He focused his attention on couples where the husband paid more attention to the guys walking around than the wife.

There were a few couples like that. Mike focused on one white couple in particular. They looked to be late 30s / early 40s, both professionals. He looked like an accountant. She was beautiful with an alluring hourglass figure. What drew Mike's attention was the person sitting with them, a large fit black man. It looked like the black man was flirting with the woman while her husband watched (almost salivating). Mike watched with interest, his cock hard, as the black man hit on the white man's wife.

After a few minutes the black man turned, as if sensing he was being watched. Mike's heart lurched. The black man was Darren! Their eyes locked and Darren smiled, recognizing Mike. He whispered something to the woman and got up, walking over to Mike.

"How are you Mike?" Darren said with his British accent.

They shook hands. "I didn't know you lived in London," Mike said.

"I split between my firm's London and New York offices," Darren explained. He smiled. "How's your pretty wife Jen?"

"She's fine," Mike said.

"When are we getting together again?"

"We'll see," Mike said noncommittally.

Suddenly Darren's British accent disappeared and he took on his hard ghetto persona. "Listen man, I know you want my black cock in your wife's pussy again, so don't bullshit me."

Mike almost recoiled by his sudden ferocity, feeling like he'd been attacked. "It's up to her," he said managing to stay calm.

Darren frowned. Then he smiled and motioned over his shoulder. "That's Barb and Todd, tonight's their 25th wedding anniversary. I'm fucking Barb tonight."

Mike's cock leaped in his pants. Darren saw it in his face and smiled knowingly. "White dudes wanna see their wives fucked by big black cocks." He paused then added with an arrogant smile "Ring a bell?"

"How often do you do it?" Mike asked, trying to keep his voice sounding normal.

He shrugged. "Whenever I want. I could have white married pussy every night if I wanted, but I'm selective." He nudged Mike in the side. "You remember what Jen said? Her pussy's mine. Her body's mine. And that's after just one fuck." He laughed. "Give me a week and your sweet Jen will be all mine, heart and soul."

"You're crazy," Mike said, amazed he was able to keep his voice level. "She just said that, she didn't mean it."

"Yeah, you believe that," Darren scoffed sarcastically. "Did she tell you I called and she told me again she was my white bitch and her pussy belonged to me?"

Had Jen said that? Mike thought. She'd told him they'd talked, but hadn't provided details other than she brushed him off.

Darren smiled seeing the doubt in Mike's face. "You ask her, she'll tell you," he said confidently. "Then you call me." He dismissively flipped his card at Mike's face. He got up and went back to Todd and his wife Barb.

Mike had a hard time concentrating, but his meetings that week went okay. He flew back Wednesday and Jen met him at the airport. On the way home (in the firm's limo), Jen said "Is something wrong?"

Mike raised the privacy screen so the driver couldn't hear. "I ran into Darren in London," he said.

"You did?" Jen said surprised.

Mike had already decided to come clean. "I went to a bar to watch black guys pick up white wives," he said. "Sorry about that ... I was pretty horny. I only went to watch."

"That's okay honey," she said squeezing Mike's hand. His urges were nothing like hers. If anything, his minor indiscretion made her feel less guilty about her recent fantasies.

"Darren said he called you," he continued in an unemotional voice. "You told him your pussy belonged to him."

Jen squeezed his hand tighter and pressed up against him. "It was right after we hooked up," she explained, "It didn't mean anything."

"He said you'd be his, heart and soul, if he got together with you again."

"Oh my god Mike that's total bullshit," she said with an incredulous laugh.

Then Jen noticed the look on Mike's face. He was beyond excited. He was keeping his voice unemotional to hold in his lust.

"Would you like me to see Darren again?" she asked.

Mike didn't answer, but Jen could practically hear his heart pounding wildly in his chest. Her heart pounded too. The thought of being with Darren again made her shiver. Her pussy ached for a big cock like his!

She put her hand on his thigh and moved up to his crotch. He was rock hard. "Would you like to see Darren try to make me all his?" she ask rubbing his cock.

"Jen ..." Mike groaned.

In their apartment they quickly undressed. Mike got between Jen's legs and went down on her. Jen rolled her head back, she so needed this. Mike worked his magic and soon she arched her back in orgasm.

Panting, she pulled her husband to her. "I need you inside me," she said urgently. Mike was rock hard and he pushed into her.

"You want to see Darren again don't you?" Mike growled.

"Yes!" she admitted.

"You want his big black cock don't you?"


"My cock isn't big enough, I'm not strong enough, you need bigger cocks, stronger guys, don't you, don't you?"

"Mike ..." she said. She couldn't tell if he was playing the game, if he was hurt or not.

"Tell me!" he growled, grabbing her wrists and pinning her arms above her head. "Tell me the truth! You need bigger cocks don't you?! You need better men who can fuck you hard? Don't you? Admit it!"

"Yes I do!" she admitted. "I'm a slut! I'm sorry, I can't help it!"

Mike covered Jen's lips with his and fucked her hard, and moments later he lurched and came.

They took the next Friday off. They made a picnic and walked to Central Park. They held hands walking through the zoo, laughing and talking and holding each other. It started raining and they ran to a tree, holding hands and laughing like little kids. They kissed and hugged under the tree and then held each other as they watched the rain come down.

They opened their picnic box. Simple food, just some cheese, fruit, bread and wine. They talked about their dreams, starting a family and moving out of the city, maybe someday getting out of the rat race and living a simpler life, maybe moving to a beach somewhere and opening up a bed and breakfast. A life something like today, with long walks and picnics and running through the rain. That night they kissed, but didn't have sex.

Saturday morning they lazed around. They went to their favorite little bistro for lunch. When they got back they took a nap, again abstaining from sex. Later Jen got ready. They were seeing Darren that night.

Darren arrived at 8, a knock at the door. Mike saw the nervousness and excitement in Jen's face. He opened the door and Darren walked passed him like he owned the place.

"Looking good Jen," Darren admired, eating Jen with his eyes. She wore an off-the-shoulder top and the mini-skirt. She wore black stockings and high heels.

"Come here bitch," he commanded, putting his hand behind her head and pulling her into a kiss. He kissed her long and hard, forcing his tongue down her throat. When he finally let go she panted for breath.

Darren roughly pushed Jen down onto her knees. He pulled out his cock. He was only half hard but still it looked like a large black python. "Suck it slut!" he ordered.

Jen looked uncertainly at Mike. Both were surprised at how fast this was happening, no conversation first, no drinks, right to fucking. Jen looked nervous and uncertain, but she had her cum face on. Mike nodded at her.

Darren laughed seeing Mike's surrender. He pressed his cock against her lips. "Come on sugar, show me what you can do."

Jen opened her lips and took Darren into her mouth. He was so thick she could swallow only his cock head and a little of his shaft. She wrapped her hands around his shaft and she stroked him, her head and hands bobbing back and forth on his cock.

"Pathetic," Darren ridiculed her. "That's the best you can do?"

Jen took him out of her mouth. "Fuck you," she said defiantly.

"You don't say that shit to me!" Darren roared angrily. Suddenly he grabbed her blonde hair and yanked her up to her feet, making Jen yelp in pain. Then he roughly threw her face first onto the sofa.

"Jen?" Mike said moving to her.

Darren pushed Jen hard against the sofa. Once again he grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. "What did you say to me?" he hissed.

"Fuck you asshole," Jen said through clenched teeth.

"FUCK YOU BITCH!" he growled. Darren yanked the skirt up around her waist and ripped off her panties. "Cheap whore like you needs to learn her place," he said in his ghetto voice.

Then he took off his belt. Holding the belt in one hand, Darren ran his other hand over Jen's firm shapely behind, the skin perfectly smooth and unblemished. He grinned menacingly at Mike. "Your wife's fine ass ain't gonna be as pretty when I get done with her."

"Stop!" Mike yelled leaping from the chair. As he did Darren whipped Jen's ass with the belt!

Jen cried out in pain.

"Jen!" Mike cried moving to her.

Darren grabbed Jen's hair and yanked her head to look at Mike. "Tell your cuck husband to sit down!" he growled.

Jen held her hand to Mike, stopping him. "It's okay," she said to Mike, tears of pain rolling down her cheek.

"That's right Mike, sit down like a good cuck," Darren said taunting him. He squeezed Jen's ass. "Who owes your ass slut?"

"You do," Jen said.

"Yeah, I own this fine ass," Darren said caressing her. Then suddenly he whipped Jen's ass again with the belt. Jen screamed in pain.

"You deserve this whipping don't you slut?" Darren growled.

"No," Jen whined.

"Beg me to hit you again!"

"Don't make me," she sobbed.

"Beg me!"

"Oh god," Jen said, grimacing for the pain to cum, "Please Darren, please whip me again."

Darren whipped her again, and then again. Her ass was red with whip marks.

"Who owns your ass?" Darren shouted whipping her again.

"You!" Jen yelled grimacing.

"Who do you belong to?" Darren yelled with another whip.

"You! I belong to you!" Jen cried.

"Not Mike?"

"No, I belong to you!"

Darren tenderly caressed her ass. He looked at Mike and smiled, looking triumphant. "See? She's mine, and I haven't even fucked her yet."

Darren roughly pushed Jen onto the floor, onto her knees, and he sat on the sofa, his legs spread wide. "Suck me," he commanded her. As she lowered her head, Darren roughly pulled her hair to look at him. "Do it better this time bitch!"

"I will," Jen promised, fear in her voice.

Jen lowered her head. As her lips touched his cockhead Darren grabbed her hair and violently shoved her face down, stuffing his long thick cock into her mouth and down her throat. Jen flailed her arms and gagged. Darren held her head down, then after almost a minute he let her head up. She gasped for air, her spittle running down and off her chin. Then he shoved her head down again. This time he lifted his hips to force more of his cock down her throat. She gasped again when he let her up, her chin, neck and front of her blouse wet with her spit.

"Enough!" Mike shouted.

"I'm fucking sick of you man!" Darren yelled. He yanked Jen's head to look at Mike. "Tell this cuck to shut up!" he ordered.

"Mike ..." Jen said.

"No bitch!" Darren screamed. "Say 'cuck shut up'!" When Jen hesitated, he shouted "Say it bitch! 'Cuck shut up!' Say it!"

"Cuck shut up," Jen said looking down, not able to look into Mike's eyes.

Darren laughed at Mike. "Hear that Mike, your pretty wife knows you're a cuckold." He jerked Jen's head forcing her to look at Mike. "Tell him bitch, tell him he's a cucky boy."

Her eyes downcast, Jen said "You're a cucky boy."

"Mike, when I'm done she ain't gonna have no respect for you!" Darren said laughing. He pushed Jen away. "Strip bitch!" he yelled.

Jen stood up and quickly took off all her clothes.

"Nice," Darren said, admiring Jen in just black stockings and black high heels. He took her into his arms and they kissed. He fondled her as they made out. When he pulled away Jen was panting, her chest heaving, her nipples rock hard.

Darren pushed Jen onto her back, on the floor next to Mike. Jen flinched as her abused ass was pushed onto the floor. Darren uncaringly threw Jen's legs apart and pressed his monster black cock against her pussy lips.

"Put on a condom," Mike said.

"Fuck that," Darren said.

"Put on a condom or get out," Mike insisted.

"Fuck you man!" Darren yelled. "I did it once but I ain't gonna do it again!" He got up as if to leave. "Fuck this shit!"

"No wait!" Jen said grabbing the black man's arm. "You don't have to wear a condom," she said pulling Darren back to her.

"Jen!" Mike yelled.

"Mike please!" she pleaded. "Just sit there and watch, okay?"

Darren smiled smugly at Mike. "I told you, she's mine," he said triumphantly.

"Tell him Jen," Darren continued. "Tell your pathetic husband he's nothing, you belong to me."

"I belong to Darren Mike," Jen said.

"Tell your pathetic husband he's nothing," Darren insisted.

"You're pathetic Mike, you're nothing to me," Jen said obediently.

Darren laughed derisively at Mike. "Now do you understand Mike? She's mine now. You should never have let me be with her again. She's all mine."

Darren looked back down at Jen. On her back, her long blonde hair tussled around her pretty face, she wore only stockings, her legs spread wide, her heels flat on the floor. Darren was between her legs, his thick black cock rock hard and barely an inch from her bare pussy lips.

"Take my cock, guide me into you babe," he said.

Jen reached between their bodies and took his rod, guiding him into her.

"Oh yeah," Darren grunted, pushing into Jen. "Your white pussy is so tight!"

"Ugh god!" Jen groaned. It felt like he was splitting her in two, but it felt so good!

Darren fucked Jen hard and fast. His stamina was amazing. She came at least twice, both orgasms soulful and mind blowing.

Finally Darren's muscular body tensed and he cried, "Fuck I'm cumming!" He bore down on Jen, pushing even deeper inside, and then he shot his virile black baby sperm deep into her fertile womb. "I'm gonna make you fat with my black baby!"

"Yeah yeah, cum in me! Make me pregnant with your black baby!" Jen cried wrapping her long legs around him.

Darren left soon after, grinning and slamming Mike on the back as he left. As always Mike felt hurt and disoriented after his wife's coupling with another man. He treated her gently though, bathing her and then gently rubbing lotion on her raw ass. Her ass was red but otherwise not marked; Darren had used only a fraction of his strength whipping her.

Jen was too sore for intercourse that night, but she knew Mike needed release, and reassurance. Lying on her side (not her sore ass), she kissed him and stroked his cock. "I didn't mean what I said," she said

"It sounded like you did," Mike said.

"It was just play, you know that right?" she said. "I think that's Darren's thing, he role plays. I was just playing along."

Mike smiled. Darren's act had been so outrageously BBC, it could only have been role playing. "So your pussy doesn't belong to him?"

"No, and I'm not gonna have his black baby," Jen joked, giggling.

"But the sex was good," Mike said.

"Well hello!" Jen said rolling her eyes. "It was freaking amazing!" They both laughed.

On Monday Mike had to go to work early. Jen got up and looked at her ass in the mirror. It looked normal again, smooth and unblemished, the red marks gone. Darren's whipping hadn't left a mark. She hadn't thought it would, his whipping stung but even as it was happening she could tell he wasn't hitting her too hard. But it was a relief to see no marks. She was proud of her ass, she worked hard to keep it looking perfect.

Keri was in town and invited Jen to lunch. Keri ordered a bottle of expensive champagne. "I really shouldn't," Jen said.

"Believe me, Johnny won't mind if you get a little buzzed at lunch with a potential big account," Keri assured her.

Keri reached under the table and squeezed Jen's thigh where a garter strap would be. "Just checking," she said with a smile. Jen laughed. She'd worn thigh high stockings but not a garter belt.

They laughed and talked like old friends. "Are you here with Jim?" Jen asked.

"No," Keri said. "Byron's with me."

"Oh," Jen said embarrassed.

"We don't always hook up," Keri said laughing. "He's a good aide you know."

"Oh, okay," Jen said sheepishly, feeling even more embarrassed.

"So how's your friend Darren?" Keri asked with an excited glint in her eye.

Jen smiled back, feeling like schoolgirls trading kissing stories. "I saw him this weekend," she began, and told Keri the story.

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