tagLoving WivesMaking It Work Ch. 09

Making It Work Ch. 09


Making It Work -- Part 10

The kick-off of the Google campaign was less than a month away. Keri ordered a big team meeting at the Venetian in Vegas, to finalize the campaign.

"You're bringing Tom?" Mike asked as he watched Jen pack.

"Yeah, his part of the campaign is really important," she said. "I'm bringing a buncha other people too, not just Allie and Scott." She hesitantly asked, "You're okay if I hang with him?"

"Yeah, he's your boyfriend right?" Mike joked.

Jen pressed her body against his. "Is this working for you?" she asked, putting her arms around his neck.

"Yeah," he said putting his arms around her waist. "I think it's working this time. What do you think?"

"I think so too," she said affectionately tussling his hair. "Maybe we've figured out how to make it work."

The next day when Jen arrived at the Venetian, Keri called and said "Come to my penthouse for a pre-meeting."

"Hi Keri," Jen said stepping out of the private elevator.

"Come here," Keri ordered pulling Jen into the bedroom. She threw Jen onto the bed. She pulled up her slim pencil skirt and straddled Jen's face. Keri wasn't wearing panties, and her pussy lips glistened with excitement.

Keri rubbed her hairless pussy against Jen's face. "Make me cum sex toy," Keri ordered. Giggling, Jen licked Keri and got her friend and mentor off.

Later Keri and Jen sat in bed, naked and drinking champagne, gossiping and giggling like school girls. After Jen had made the sexy older woman cum with her tongue, Keri had returned the favor with a dildo and vibrator.

"I can't believe all the sex I'm getting!" Jen gushed, laughing.

"Are you getting enough?" Keri asked smiling.

"Never!" Jen joked.

Keri stroked down Jen's flat tummy to her pussy. "Your pussy is so pretty, like a high schooler's."

"God Keri!" Jen laughed.

"I'm not kidding, the lips are so thin and tight."


"Really," Keri teased. "I wish I had a cock to fuck you."

"Oh my god!" Jen laughed. "I need a cigarette after that," she said reaching for the Virginia Slims in her purse.

Jen lit 2, and they both enjoyed a long drag. "Tom's your lover now?" Keri asked with a delighted smile, blowing out smoke. "He's a cutie."

Jen nodded. "More like my boyfriend if you ask Mike," she said with a laugh.

"Mike's dealing with it better this time?"

"I think so," Jen said.

"Tom's here this trip?" Keri asked.

Jen nodded. "I've got to run too, he's waiting for me." She got out of bed and hurriedly dressed. Keri was fun, but she wanted Tom's big cock.

Keri thought about asking Jen for a threesome. But while Jen might share her own body, she didn't like sharing her men. Keri was okay with that. She liked Jen a lot, and anyway Keri had her choice of hunky men (and pretty girls too).

Keri took a shower and got into PJs. Then she pulled out her files to prep for tomorrow. Fun was over, this was going to be a long week.

The meeting lasted a week, grueling 12 hour days. But when they weren't working, Jen and Tom were fucking. Tom had his own room in the Venetian, but he spent most of his time in Jen's room and eventually started sleeping there too.

During the meetings Jen was all business, in charge, super prepared and brilliant. Keri, also all business in the meetings, was very pleased with the progress of Jen and her team, and felt they were ready for the launch.

Outside the meetings, Jen let her hair down. For her, it was great to have so much time with Tom. It was constant fun and partying. Jen's team maintained some decorum by partying separately from Keri's Google team, but otherwise it was like a never ending happy hour.

In addition to Tom, Jen had brought Allie, Scott, Calvin, and 5 other team members for the meeting. When the team was together, Jen played it cool with Tom. But everyone knew she and Tom had a thing going, it was a well-known secret. It was pretty obvious they were together. They didn't make out or hold hands, but they were always together, always sitting next to each other, always talking and laughing, and Jen seemed to hang on Tom's every word. You'd have to be blind to not see they were a couple.

As team leader, Jen spent an obligatory amount of time socializing with her team, but otherwise left the team to their own partying. Of course, whenever Jen wasn't there, neither was Tom.

Jen and Tom weren't gamblers, so they spent their alone time on other Vegas attractions. They fucked a lot of course. A lot! But they did the things couples do in Vegas, like going to shows, eating at great restaurants, exploring the Strip. They rode the fake gondola at the Venetian, the roller coaster at New York-New York and went to the fun but not-so-sexy Zumanity show. Away from the rest of the team, they held hands constantly and kissed a lot. Jen left her wedding rings in her purse. Whenever Tom put his arm around her she melted into him.

Jen knew she was falling hard for Tom. She decided to let it happen, to let herself be carried away with it. She loved the thrill and excitement of a new romance, all that NRE! She was having a ball with him, and he rocked her world sexually! He was freaking amazing in bed! She also felt good helping him get over his bad marriage with Adria, and she adored little Tommy.

She tried not to feel guilty or concerned about Mike. To be honest, other than calling him once a day in the morning (as she'd promised), she didn't think of him too often. For one, she was too busy with the meetings. For another, she was too infatuated with Tom and having too much fun.

Tom and Jen were in bed. They'd just had another mind-blowing fuck session, and Jen was on her stomach beside him, sleeping. She was working way harder than everyone else -- impressing everyone, including him -- and when not working they were playing and fucking non-stop. Exhaustion had finally overtook her and she dozed peacefully next to him.

Her face was turned towards him. God she was so pretty! With her blonde locks falling around her face, she looked like an innocent angel. He carefully pulled the sheet from her body. Although he'd just cum, he felt his cock stir at the sight of her. She had a fantastic body! So tight and firm, yet soft and shapely in all the right places. Her ass and legs were amazing, even her feet were pretty.

He was beginning to appreciate the virtues of tiny tits. Sure, he couldn't tit fuck Jen like he could Adria. But Adria's had begun to seriously sag, and the last time he'd seen them (over a year ago), they didn't look nearly as nice as when they started dating over a decade ago. Part of that was due to breast feeding Tommy, but a lot of it was due to gravity. Tom had a feeling Jen's small shapely breasts would look as perky and perfect for a very long time, even after she started having babies (if that ever happened).

He gently ran his finger along the slope of her tight shapely ass. She'd be even more perfect if she had some ink. "Something right here," he though running his finger tip on her lower back just above her ass. He was a biker at heart, and he liked tattoos, he had a few on his arms. He'd convinced Adria to get a tramp stamp, and one on her ankle. That's exactly what Jen needed, a black tribal right above her fine ass.

Tom was fully hard now, and thinking of waking Jen up for more sex. Just then her phone rang. The caller ID said it was her husband Mike. He debated whether to answer. Finally he shrugged and answered.

"Yeah?" he said.

Mike hesitated, and then asked "Is this Tom?"

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Where's Jen?" Mike asked.

Tom looked at the swell of Jen's tight shapely ass. "She's sleeping."

"Oh," Mike said. "You're with her?"

"Of course I'm with her dumb shit, I've got her phone don't I, what a stupid-ass question," Tom thought. He had no respect for Mike. What man would allow his wife -- especially a wife as stunning as Jen -- have sex with other men? He didn't care how smart Mike was, how rich he was, Tom had no respect for Mike, he was a pathetic loser.

But Tom didn't want to start trouble, as that might get back to Jen. So instead he simply said, "Yeah."

"Ask her to call me, okay?" Mike said.

"Sure," Tom said and hung up.

Jen stirred. "Baby who was that?" she said sleepily.

Tom handed her the phone. "Mike, he wants you to call."

"Okay," Jen said taking the phone. Somewhere in her sleepy head Jen realized she'd forgotten to call Mike that morning. But she was exhausted. "I'll call him later," she said, then fell back to sleep.

Tom was annoyed as he looked at the blonde beauty lying next to him. Yeah, Mike was a pathetic loser, a pathetic cuckold. But Mike was her husband. She was his. Tom was temporary, he only had Jen on loan. Even worse, it was the cuckold Mike doing the loaning. The thought frustrated and angered him.

They had some time before dinner. He decided to get a drink, so he dressed and went down to the bar. He was on his second beer when Scott sat next to him.

"Trouble in paradise?" Scott asked, motioning to the bartender for a beer. Scott of course knew Tom was Jen's new lover. At first Scott had been pissed about getting dumped. But fucking the gorgeous Allie was a decent consolation prize.

Tom knew Scott and Jen had a thing in the past. He asked, "What's the deal with Jen and Mike?"

Scott shrugged. "He likes to watch her fuck other guys. Frankly I think he's a closet homo."

Tom laughed. "Did he ever come on to you?"

"No," Scott admitted. "But he was always looking at my dick. His pecker's so small, no wonder Jen fucks around."

"I don't get why she's with him."

"Never figured that one out either," Scott said. "He's got a lot of money."

"Yeah, Scott, but he's a perv," Tom said. "What guy lets his wife fuck other guys?"

"Hey man, you're preaching to the choir," Scott said, clinking bottles with Tom. "To me, Mike's a loser. I don't know what she sees in him."

Tom nodded. "So, do you think she's gonna dump him?"

"I don't know man," Scott said shrugging. "You'd think so. She wouldn't fuck around so much if she was happy with him." He looked at his watch. "Gotta bolt, I'm meeting up with Allie."

"That's some nice ass," Tom said grinning.

"Yep," Scott agreed. "Good pussy too." But he envied Tom, because he'd rather be fucking Jen.

When Tom returned to the room Jen was up and getting ready for dinner. They kissed. Tasting the alcohol on his breath, she joked "started without me?"

She'd showed and done her hair and makeup, and was in a bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and heels. She looked good enough to eat! Seeing the lust in his eyes, Jen giggled "don't even try, we're meeting everyone in 30 minutes, you need to get in the shower."

Ignoring her, Tom picked her up and threw her on the bed. Jen squealed but didn't fight, she'd woken up horny. They fucked and by the time Tom came (20 minutes and 2 orgasms for Jen later), her hair and makeup were a mess. They both needed showers! They decided to stay in and order room service. They picked a romantic comedy to watch on the TV, and Jen snuggled into Tom's arms. They fucked again after the movie ended, and they fell asleep, with Tom spooning her as she slept on her side (her favorite position).

Jen completely forgot about calling Mike back.

The next morning Jen slowly rode Tom's cock. She'd woken up feeling Tom's erection pressing against her ass. He was still asleep, but like most guys he got a morning boner. Tom's was very impressive. In fact, everything about him was impressive, his gorgeous looks, his hard well defined body, his beautiful penis, his intense personality, his wonderful son Tommy.

She gently rolled him onto his back, and went down on him. Tom woke up to the wonderful feeling of his cock in Jen's soft hot mouth.

"Hey sleepy head," she said to him with bedroom eyes, her blonde hair tossed around her pretty face, his cockhead pressing against her lips.

"You look good," he said grinning.

From this angle, Jen saw his long thick cock, his wash board abs, his well-defined chest, his ruggedly handsome face. "You do too," she gushed, and went back down on him.

She wanted him inside her, and they didn't have a lot of time. She got on top and guided him into her. She rocked back and forth. He rubbed her nipples, and she rolled her head back with pleasure. "I'm cumming," she groaned, and her body tensed and then shuddered as another intense orgasm washed over her.

Tom rolled her over and fucked her hard. He no longer fuck her angry, but he still fucked her good. Jen didn't cum again -- she'd already had so many orgasms that week -- but it felt soulful being pounded so hard and relentlessly.

They quickly showered (together) and dressed, and made it to the meeting on time. Jen briefly thought of Mike. She hadn't called him in two days. She vowed to call him at the first break, but she forgot when Keri pulled her aside to talk about the marketing segmentations.

The day flew by, and then Jen and her team went to happy hour. Jen and Tom discreetly broke away, as they had tickets to the Blue Man Group. Afterwards they had dinner at the trendy Social House for sushi and sake.

They reconnected with the team for drinks and dancing at Tryst at the Wynn. By then everyone was beyond tipsy, so Jen and Tom were more touchy than normal. After Tryst they took a cab back to the Venetian. They sucked face and Jen was so horny by then she half hoped Tom would take her in the cab. Finally in their room, they had a long glorious fuck.

It was 3am in Vegas, 6am in NYC when Jen's iPhone rang. It was Mike. Jen was riding Tom's glorious cock. She answered the phone, panting, and said "Not now Mike, I'll call you later." She hit "end" and then leaned down and stuck her tongue down Tom's throat. They passed out after cumming.

The next morning they flew home. Jen and Tom woke up and had a quickie. They showered together, and Tom got hard as Jen soaped his body. He fucked her again smashed against the tile shower wall.

Jen knew Mike was probably mad and upset, but there was nothing she could do about it until she got home. She decided not to think about it until she had to. She and Tom flirted and laughed the entire flight. Jen worried about Mike, but she tried to put it out of her mind. She and Tom held hands or he had his arm around her. At one point, the flight attendant smiled and asked "Newlyweds?"

After landing, Jen held Tom's hand as they walked towards baggage claim.

"Do me a favor," Jen said to Tom. "Let me go first. It'll be worse if Mike sees us walk out together."

"I don't get it," Tom said frustrated. "I thought he was okay with us together."

"I promised to call him."

"So you missed a couple of days," he said contemptuously. "Is he that insecure?"

"It's more complicated than that," Jen said. "Just let me go first okay?" She reached on her tip toes and kissed him. "I'll see you, okay?"

Jen hurried away. She stopped, reached into her purse and put her wedding and engagement rings back on. She'd not worn them in Vegas. If people had noticed , they'd not said anything.

She saw Mike as soon as she entered baggage claim. A dark cloud was over his face. "Hey baby," she said kissing him.

"Hi," he said. He took her bag and they walked out, not talking. He didn't say anything in the cab home.

Finally at home he said sarcastically, "What happened, your cell phone run out of power?"

"Mike, I'm sorry, we were really busy," Jen said.

"Yeah, you were working really hard when I called last night," he mocked.

"I'm sorry Mike, it was our last night together," she said.

"I get that," he said angrily. "I get you were busy. I get you were having fun. But you said you'd call once a day. Is that too much to ask?"

"I missed two days," Jen said frustrated and getting angry herself. "Two days." Remembering what Tom had said, she lashed out, "Really Mike, are you so insecure you can't live without talking to me for two days?"

She regretted it as soon as she said it. She reached for his hand, saying "Mike --."

"I got it," Mike said, pulling his hand away. "I got it." He walked away.

"Mike ..."

"You're right, forget it," Mike said. "I told you to hang with him. I'm fine, forget it."

Jen knew Mike was anything but fine, but she didn't know what to do. Part of her wanted to hug him. But part of her wanted him to get over it, after all, he HAD been okay with it, and it HAD been only TWO days. What did he think, she and Tom weren't going to have fun together?

That night they didn't have sex. Neither tried to start their usual pillow talk. In bed they slept apart, not touching. They were separated by only a foot, but it seemed like miles.

Jen couldn't sleep. She didn't like arguing with Mike, or going to bed angry. She felt terrible, this "entitled" thing wasn't all it seemed to be. She wanted to make it up to him, but she didn't know what to do.

All her life, she'd gotten out of trouble relying on her pretty looks. So, as the sun rose, she reached into Mike's shorts and pulled out his penis. She lowered her head and swallowed him. As with Tom the other day, Mike woke up with the wonderful feeling of his cock in his wife's sweet mouth.

Mike still felt raw, and tried to push Jen away. "I want to," she said, and went down on him again. Having not had any physical contact with Jen for a week, Mike gave into it. In moments he came in her mouth.

"I'm sorry," Jen said later. "I was wrong, I should have called."

"You need to understand. I want this, it turns me on, but I need to connect with you," Mike said trying to explain. "If I don't talk to you ... I guess I am insecure."

"No you're not, I get it," she assured him. She knew his fantasy was almost an obsession, but emotionally it took him to dark bad places too. She couldn't judge him harshly; her fantasies and desires were just as strong.

She kissed him. "I love you Mike. I'm lucky you let me do this."

Mike gave her a reluctant grin. "You had fun?"

"Yeah," she said cautiously. "Do you want me to tell you about it?"

"I've got a meeting this morning," Mike said. "Can we talk tonight?"

"It's a date!" Jen said smiling.

Later at work Tom stopped by her office. "Everything okay?" he asked closing the door.

"I guess," Jen said with a shrug.

"Wanna get together tonight?" he asked smiling.

"Probably not a good idea."

"Later this week?" he asked.

"Maybe this weekend, okay?"

Tom looked disappointed. He'd had her all to himself for an entire week, and he was already seriously missing being with her. "You're going to happy hour Wednesday, right?"

"Yeah but ..." She rubbed his arm. "I probably won't be able to go with you after."

He scowled. "All this because you forgot to call twice?" he said scornfully.

"Come on, don't be mean," she said gently. She gave him a crooked smile. "That doesn't mean we can't have fun." She got on her knees in front of him.

Jen invited Mike to happy hour on Wednesday. He felt awkward. Surely her co-workers must know she and Tom were having an affair. But after not seeing her all last week, he didn't want another evening without her. So not going wasn't an option.

When Mike arrived Jen was laughing and talking with Tom. They were in a group of about 6 people, but clearly Jen's attention was on Tom. When he approached Jen immediately went to him and took his hand, pulling him into the group. It was awkward though, as people had gotten used to Jen and Tom together, so Mike felt like an outsider even as Jen held his hand.

Being considerate to Mike, Jen sat them as far away from Tom as possible.

Bars in New York were non-smoking. Many were lax and let people smoke inside, despite the law. This bar was strict thought, and people had to go outside to smoke. "Anyone feel like a smoke?" Tom asked after a while, getting up. A few people got up.

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