tagLoving WivesMaking It Work Ch. 10

Making It Work Ch. 10


Keri met with Jen in NYC for an update. Launch was only a few days away. Four hours later, pleased with the progress of Jen's team, she dragged her young friend to a bar for a drink.

"How are things with you and Tom?" she asked with a delighted smile. "Still wonderful?"

"Freaking wonderful!" Jen gushed.

"And Mike is happy?" she asked.

"I think so," Jen said.

"So ... is Tom different from other guys you've known?" Keri asked.

Jen knew she was referring to Scott, Rickey and Colin. "I don't know," she said. Physically Tom was similar. Tall, handsome, great body, fantastic in bed. Like the others, Tom was confident, almost arrogant. She was attracted to guys like that, she couldn't help it. She liked it when a guy took control, a leader not a follower.

"He has a son Tommy, he's adorable," Jen said. That's what made Tom different. He was tender and kind around Tommy. She liked that, a really confident guy with a sensitive tender side.

"It's working this time for Mike?" Keri asked again.

"He has his ups and downs," Jen said with a shrug. "But even the downs aren't too bad this time. Like, the other day we went to happy hour and I paid a lot of attention to Tom -- but Mike practically raped me in the taxi home."

"In the taxi?" Keri asked wide-eyed.

"I know, right?" Jen giggled rolling her eyes.

"I guess Mike's really into the cuckold/humiliation fantasy," Keri said.

"I guess," Jen said. She thought of her recent fantasies. "Maybe I'm getting into it too."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know," Jen said truthfully. She didn't want to say anything more.

Keri gave her younger friend a long, intrigued look. Finally she said, "I think I know something Mike would like." She did a quick search on her Android and handed Jen the phone.

Jen's eyes grew wide as she watched the video. "I'd have to be really mad at Mike to do that to him," she said laughing.

"I bet he'd like it," Keri said a sparkle in her eyes.

"Would you do that to Jim?"

"No way he'd kill me," Keri said immediately.

"Okay then," Jen said with another laugh.

Jen and her team worked non-stop, and then finally their Google campaigned launched, going out in print, internet, TV, radio, all forms of media. This initial campaign targeted Google's new Android operating system, the new release of Chrome and new products like Google Glass.

Advertising critics, commentators and reviewers immediately touted the campaign as pioneering, innovative and cutting edge. A week later, ecstatic with the early returns, Keri threw a big party, renting out the exclusive NYC restaurant Per Se.

Everyone would be there, not just Jen's team, but all the partners; this was their company's biggest project in years. Lots of Google VIPs would be there too. For Jen it was like a coming out ball, she was being hailed as one of the brightest young marketing stars in the country.

Mike was invited and of course he went, this was Jen's big day. Keri immediately gave him a hug and kiss hello. "We finally meet," she said warmly, "I feel like I already know you." She took his arm and led him through the crowd. "Let's go find your lovely wife."

Jen was surrounded by all the bigwigs, everyone congratulating her. "Look who I found wandering around," Keri said to Jen.

Jen hugged and kissed Mike, and held his arm as she introduced him. Suddenly, everyone's attention focused on Mike. He was bombarded with questions about Sapphire, many about whether the fund was going to re-open soon for new inventors.

A little later Keri returned holding her husband Jim's arm and introduced him around. Mike and Jen were grateful for the opportunity to step away from the limelight. "I'm so proud of you," Mike gushed.

"I'm proud of you mister," Jen said beaming into his eyes.

"I can't wait until Cabo," Mike said. They'd decided to go to Cabo after the launch for a few days, to get away from it all and re-energize.

"Me too!" she agreed.

Keri approached and took Jen's arm. "Still a lot of mingling to do," she told Jen, smiling. She led Jen back into the fray, working the crowd.

Keri's husband Jim approached Mike and introduced himself. "How about a drink?" Jim said. Mike was happy to get away from the crowd, and sensed Jim wanted that too. Advertising people certainly knew how to throw a party, but this was a madhouse.

They found a semi-quiet table, away from the big party. Both ordered single malt scotch. "I've wanted to talk to you," Jim said. "Your wife is very lovely. I hope I'm not being too forward."

"No, that's okay," Mike said. Jim had fucked Jen after all, in a threesome with Keri. It was awkward to sit here and talk about it, but Jim wasn't coming on too strong. He reminded Mike of a good natured college professor. "Keri is beautiful too."

"Yes," Jim agreed, and gave Mike a knowing look. "It's a worn saying, but it's difficult to be married to such a beautiful girl."

"You have an open marriage?" Mike asked.

"I guess Jen told you our story?" Jim asked.

"Yeah ... hope that's okay," Mike said, feeling like he was prying.

"No worries," Jim laughed. "I know about your marriage too, I read Jen's file."

"The file?" Mike said confused.

"You know, the file Keri put together on Jen when she was being vetted for the project," Jim said.

"Oh yeah, that file," Mike said. Jen had never told him about any file, but he didn't want Jim to know that. He hesitantly asked, "How does your open marriage work?"

"Sometimes another person joins us, usually a girl," Jim said. "Like that time with Jen." He quickly added, "Does it bother you to talk about it?"

"No, that's okay," Mike said. Then he laughed, thinking how strange it was to have this conversation with a guy he just met.

Jim read Mike's mind and he laughed too. They ordered a re-fill on their scotch. Then Jim continued. "Mostly though, we play on our own. Keri travels a lot. She has a regular lover on her team, Byron. She has lovers around the country too. I do too. I know that sounds hedonistic ..."

"I'd be the last person to judge someone else," Mike joked, laughing.

"I guess so," Jim laughed back.

"Can I ask you something?" Mike said. "Don't you get jealous? Upset if Keri spends too much time with other guys?"

"Yes, I guess," Jim said with a shrug. "Like I said, it's hard to be married to someone so beautiful, Keri has a lot more suitors than me." He laughed. "But if I get lonely, I call one of my lovers, or find a new lover." Mike knew Jim would have no trouble doing that. While not the best looking guy, Jim was rich and powerful, both strong aphrodisiacs.

"Keri's with her lovers more than I'm with mine," Jim said with a laugh. "I think our wives are both insatiable. But it works for us, we're happy, and our sex life is always exciting."

"That's good," Mike said, nodding and thinking.

"Jen doesn't want you to sleep with other girls?" Jim asked. "If you don't mind me saying, that seems unfair."

"I really don't want anyone else," Mike said with a shrug.

"Still ... look, I like Jen, but she seems a little spoiled," Jim said.

"Just a little?" Mike said with a laugh, knowing Jen better than anyone, including her flaws. "I hear what you're saying. But I'm okay with the way things are."

"You've gone through some tough times?" Jim asked. He'd read Jen's file, so knew the answer was yes.

"Yeah," Mike admitted. "But it's better this time. I don't expect you to understand. No offense, but you either get it or don't. To be honest, I pushed her into this, and she's never done anything I didn't want, not really. It hurts sometimes, but that's part of it for me. I feel like we're closer now than ever."

Back in the main part of the restaurant, Jen managed to break away from Keri and was momentarily alone with Tom. "Hi," he said.

"Hey you," she said. She inconspicuously gave his hand a quick squeeze.

"Sure we can't get together tonight?" he asked with a raised inquiring eyebrow.

"You know that's not possible," she said. They'd talked about it earlier. She missed him, wanted him ... it'd been over a week, they'd been so busy with the launch. Her infatuation with him hadn't ended. But she had to spend tonight with Mike.

"This weekend then," Tom said.

"I can't, remember?" she said gently. "Mike and I are going to Cabo tomorrow."

"Jeez Jen," he said frustrated. "Then why not tonight? We can even go to your place, so Mike can watch."

Jen shook her head. "Try to understand Tom. This is a big day for me. Mike will want me to celebrate it with him."

"What do you want?"

"Don't go there, okay?" she said gently.

"So it's all about him?" he said bitterly.

"Tom, come on," she said. "He's my husband."

"Did I tell you how proud I am of you?" Mike said later at home, hugging and kissing Jen.

"Thanks," she said hugging him back. "I saw you with Jim. What'd you talk about?"

"Oh yeah," Mike said, pretending like he just remembered. He asked nonchalantly, "Keri ran a report on you?"

"Um yeah," Jen stammered. "You know, SOP stuff."

"Can I see it?" Mike asked. "Jim said it mentioned me and had a section on our marriage."

"Oh yeah sure, I think it's at work, I'll look for it," she lied. In fact, she had the thick report in her closet not 15 feet away. There were parts of the report she didn't want Mike to see, like its description of her no good dad and his effect on her, and how fucked up she was just before meeting him. He knew her history of course, but she didn't think he'd connected the dots on how close to the edge she'd been before meeting him. She knew her husband thought she was the best thing since slice bread, and was embarrassed he might find out how much of a fuck up she'd been before meeting him.

Later in bed, Jen moaned as she came on Mike's tongue. Yet even as the pleasure rippled through her body, she longed for Tom's long thick cock inside her. A few minutes later as she opened her legs and Mike entered her, she definitely missed the wonderful sensations of feeling completely full.

The next day Jen rolled her suitcase into the office. "I thought you and bubble boy were going to Cabo," Allie said. "We've got everything under control boss lady," she assured her.

"I just wanted to check on some things," Jen said. Allie left and she picked up the phone. She called Tom. During the early stages of the launch he was working in the office instead of his home studio. "Can you stop by?" she asked.

"What's up?" he said a few minutes later. He looked annoy and angry.

Jen locked the door. "Don't be mad," she said getting up on her tiptoes and kissing him. "I came in to see you, that's something right?" She rubbed his chest and kissed him again.

"Where's Mike?" he asked, bitterness still in his voice.

"I'm meeting him at the airport," she said rubbing his chest. "I don't have much time."

"What, you can't go off with your limp dick husband without a good fuck first?" he derided contemptuously.

"Don't be like that," she said kissing him again on her tiptoes. "I wanted to see you." She pressed her body against his. Despite his anger he was hard. He couldn't help it, he was just as infatuated with her as she was with him.

Fuck it, he thought. He'd have the satisfaction of sending her to Cabo with her pussy full of his cum. He shoved her onto the desk and yanked up her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties. Despite being wet, she grimaced as he rammed his cock in.

He fucked her angry, the way he used to. Jen groaned and her eyes rolled back into her head, loving every second! God she so needed this!

He ripped open her blouse, buttons flying everywhere. She wasn't wearing a bra either. He roughly groped her tiny tits, rubbing her nipples hard, making her writhe and moan.

He kissed her, then moved to her neck, sucking hard where her neck met her shoulder. He wanted to mark her, so her pathetic husband would see his mark all week in Cabo as she sat on the beach in a bikini.

Jen came, and he came soon after, filling her womb with his thick milky seed. They lay on top of her desk, panting, their bodies still connected.

"I'm gonna miss you," he said sad.

"I'm gonna miss you too," she said tussling his hair.

"Will Mike want you to play this "game" of yours in Cabo?" he asked, barely able to keep contempt out of his voice.

"I don't know," she said. "Maybe." He scowled. She brushed his hair again, and said gently, "You have to remember --."

"Yeah, I know, he's your husband," he said bitterly.

"Well ... he is," Jen said.

"So what am I, just a good fuck?"

"No Tom, you're way more than that, you know I care about you," she assured him.

"Then you've gotta do something for me," he said.


"Don't play Mike's pathetic game," he said. "I don't wanna think about you in Cabo fucking other guys. Your cuckold husband might like that, but I don't. Believe me Jen, real men don't want their girls fucking other guys."

"Mike's a real man, Tom," Jen insisted, although gently.

"Yeah right," he said contemptuously.

"I'll think about it, okay?" she said softly, then reached up and kissed him.

Tom pulled out and helped Jen to her feet. She pulled her skirt down. She tried to button her blouse but Tom had ripped off too many buttons. "I'm not sure what I'm gonna do about this," she said with a laugh, looking down at the open blouse.

"Sorry about that," he said sheepishly.

"That's okay, I've got a jacket," she said with another laugh.

He reached into her open blouse and ran a finger between her breasts. "No bra? No panties?" he asked with a crooked grin.

She stepped to him and moved his hands so they cupped her small perfect breasts. "Just wanna remind you how sexy I am, so you'll think twice before hooking up with a cheap floozy while I'm away."

"A cheap floozy?" he said with a laugh.

"I'm just kidding," Jen said laughing back. "You know I'm not jealous."

Tom's cock showed signs of renewed life. Jen got on her knees and went down on him. She worked her oral magic on him, and soon he was cumming. She pulled him out just as he ejaculated, so a jet of his jism splattered her face and hair, and then she put him back into her mouth as he finished. After he was done, she took him out of her mouth. Smiling with her eyes, she opened her mouth and showed him all his cum. He grinned, looking down at her cum splattered face as she used her tongue to swirl his cum in her mouth.

Watching her finally swallow his cum, he said admiringly, "You are one dirty girl."

"You like your going away present?" she teased with a crooked smile.

Two hours later in LaGuardia, Mike watched annoyed as his wife hurriedly approached the gate.

"Where have you been?" he said impatiently. "The plane's already boarding."

"I'm sorry, traffic was horrendous," Jen explained following her husband onto the plane.

They settled into their first class seats. "Ma'am, would you like me to take your jacket?" the flight attendant asked Jen.

"Thanks, but I'll keep it," Jen said.

Mike eyed his wife's chest. "Why'd you go to the office anyway?" he asked irritated. "I thought Allie could handle everything for a few days."

Jen didn't notice the irritation in her husband's voice. Grinning teasingly, she said, "I wanted to see Tom."

Mike's eyes narrowed. "You wanted to see him before our vacation?" he said disbelievingly. "Open your jacket" he told her. Despite keeping his voice low people were turning to look.

"I better not do that," Jen said looking around to see if people were looking.

"Do it!" he hissed.

Jen unbuttoned the jacket. She opened it slightly. While only Mike could see, it was clear buttons were missing from her blouse, and she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. He frowned seeing the hickey on her neck.

"You just fucked him?" he whispered disbelievingly.

She nodded. Still not sensing his irritation, she crossed her legs. It caused her skirt to hike up, and she reached down to pull it up a tad more. Her lacy stocking tops came into view. They were soaking with Tom's jism. She gave him a teasing smile.

"God Jen, before our vacation?" Mike said, as if saying "how could you?" Hurt and anger were in his eyes.

Jen's smile disappeared. Finally she saw his irritation and anger. But she didn't understand it. Yes she'd wanted Tom. But she'd thought it would turn Mike on, push his cuckold buttons, if she fucked him right before their trip.

She re-buttoned the jacket (she looked obscene with it open), and laid her head on Mike's chest. "I thought you'd like it," she said feeling like she fucked up, but also annoyed. Once again she felt confused, not knowing where her husband's fantasies began and ended. Mike was coldly silent, but at least he didn't push her away.

Jen's lush blonde hair was just below his nose. She'd cleaned up after Tom's facial, but his musky scent remained in her hair. Mike's cock had been hard since realizing she'd been with Tom. Smelling him in her hair pushed his angst into the background, his lust taking over.

"You didn't clean up?" he whispered.

She heard the excitement in his voice. She rose up off his chest and looked at him. She shook her hair. "I thought you'd want me that way," she whispered back.

"He came in your mouth too?" he whispered.

"Yes," she admitted.

Suddenly Mike pulled her into his arms and pressed his lips against hers, urgently thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He passionately kissed her like a man out of control, which at that moment he was. He reached into her jacket and blouse and squeezed her tit. The flight attendant politely coughed. Mortified, Jen pushed against Mike and he finally let her go.

Now it was Jen's turn to be annoyed. "You don't know what you want, do you?" she derided, feeling embarrassed as people stared at them.

The flight and taxi to their hotel were chilly. But it helped them both calm down.

"Sorry about that," Mike apologized in their hotel room. "I told Jim just last night I was getting better ..."

"I should have told you before I did it," Jen admitted. "I thought it would excite you --."

"Yeah, like you didn't enjoy it," Mike said playfully with a crooked grin.

"I did enjoy it," she admitted. "But it wasn't all about me and Tom. I was thinking about you too. That's what the game is about, right?"

"Yeah," Mike said eyes downcast, feeling bad.

Jen took his face in her hands, making him look at her. "Mike, do you want to keep playing the game?" she asked.

"Yes," he said immediately.

"Then you have to stop getting upset," she scolded him. "I mean, Mike, you're pissing me off." She took his head in her hands again. "That doesn't mean I don't love you. Okay?"

"Okay, okay, I get it," he said.

"And you have to control yourself," she said. "I thought they were going to kick us off the plane." She continued to scowl at him, but finally she gave him a crooked grin. "Okay then," she said. "Come on, we need to get ready for dinner, I'm starving."

She took off her jacket, revealing the ruined blouse underneath. "Tom was rough?" he asked rubbing her back and feeling the lack of a bra strap, his erection growing.

"Forget it," she laughed incredulously, pushing his hand away. "You might get some later -- maybe! -- but not now." She was no longer mad at him, but she still felt annoyed and the way he'd groped her in the plane had been sooo embarrassing.

She pulled off the blouse. Then she moved her hands to the side and unzipped her skirt, pushing it down her long legs. This left her in just stockings and high heels. Mike stared at her landing strip, matted from Tom's cum. He was practically salivating.

She saw him looking. Fuck it, she thought. He was her husband after all, she loved him, and they were on vacation. Looking at him with a crooked smile, she pushed him onto the bed. She pulled off his pants and straddled his crotch, then guided him into her.

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