tagLoving WivesMaking It Work Ch. 11

Making It Work Ch. 11


A couple of Saturdays later, Mike was at home trying to keep himself busy. Jen was sleeping over with Tom. In the past, Mike would have spent the entire evening fantasizing and jerking off. But then he'd get upset and depressed after cumming. He no longer did that. Now, he kept himself busy, trying not to think about Jen and what she was doing with Tom. The sexual tension was always there in the background, and it kept him perpetually hot and hard. But by not masturbating, his lust pushed his hurt and jealousy into the background, keeping him from getting into bad hurt territory. He knew his back-and-forth moods were driving Jen crazy. He was trying to get better.

Cabo had been a disappointment. He'd hoped they'd play the game. Nothing too intense. A little dancing with a guy who caught her eye, some flirting, maybe even some kissing and petting. It didn't have to include sex, although he certainly wouldn't have objected if Jen wanted to. He wanted this because it excited him. But also because he wanted distance between her and Tom. Jen's dating and having a boyfriend were fine, he got off on that, but he was hoping she'd move on from Tom and find a new guy.

Their conversation in Cabo bothered him. How could she use the game as a measuring stick of how well he took care of her, protected her? Yes, he let her fuck other guys, encouraged her even. But that had nothing to do with his caring and protection of her. He treated her like a goddess! Jim was right, she WAS spoiled, but a lot of it was because HE spoiled her. He gave her anything she wanted. ANYTHING!

And it was more than just being a good provider. He thought of that time in college, just after they started going out, when Colin made trouble. He shook his head. How could she not think he took care of her, protected her, do anything for her?

He found himself getting annoyed with his wife. While he'd always been clumsy around girls, especially pretty blondes like Jen, he had a quiet resolute confidence about his smarts and talents. The success of Sapphire proved that. A lot of people were paying attention to him now, including a lot of pretty girls like Jasmine Kelly. Mike understood himself better now. He was less willing to put up with Jen's drama. Yes, she was still the prettiest, hottest girl who ever walked the earth (in his opinion). But if this was going to work, she had to get better too, it wasn't all on him.

The phone rang. It was Mike's mom. When he answered it sounded like she was crying. "Mike, honey," his mom said. "Joe's had a relapse."

Damn!, Mike thought hanging up the phone. Joe, his older brother, was a cancer survivor. But now the cancer was back.

He called Jen. No answer. Her cell was probably out of power again. Jen often forgot to plug it in – she called it her blonde moments – but he couldn't blame her really, iPhones were notorious for running dry.

He took a taxi to Tom's brownstone. Approaching the front door, he looked in the window. It was dark outside so he had a clear view of the inside.

Jen sat on a sofa, between Tom and a young boy, no doubt Tom's son Tommy. Well-used board games were on the coffee table, but at that moment Jen was reading a book to Tommy. Tom had his arm around Jen, a big smile on his face as she read to his son.

Anyone looking at them would assume they were a happily married couple spending an enjoyable evening with their young son. In fact, Tommy had blonde hair, so he could easily pass for Jen's son.

Jen got up to get another book from the bookcase. She wore a long shirt and cute fluffy ankle socks. She reached on her tiptoes for the book, and once again Mike admired his wife's long, perfect legs, now tanned as if airbrushed from their Cabo vacation

As Jen turned, Mike saw the shirt she wore was a Michigan State football jersey. The back said "Mason," Tom's last name. Mike realized she was wearing Tom's old football jersey.

His head spinning, Mike knocked on the door. As the door opened, he heard talking and laughing inside. "A young happy family," he thought to himself.

Tom's smile disappeared when he saw Mike. Sensing the sudden tension, Jen appeared in the doorway, Tommy in her arms.

Jen's smile disappeared too. "Mike, what?" she said.

Tommy, unaware of the sudden awkwardness, gleefully said, "I'm Tommy, what's your name?" He tugged his father's jersey, the one Jen wore. "This is Jenny, my daddy's girlfriend."

Mike smiled. "Hi Tommy, I'm Mike." He tussled the boy's hair; the toddler WAS really cute. Then he looked at Jen. "Your daddy's girlfriend is really pretty."

Tom asked Maria to put Tommy down. Tommy insisted on a hug and kiss from Jen before he would go.

"What's wrong?" Jen asked Mike. Tom stood off to the side, giving them some space, but close enough to hear.

"Joe's had a relapse," Mike said.

"Oh god no," Jen said her hand going to her mouth. She hugged Mike.

"Mom and Dad are taking him to Mayo Clinic," he said. "I'm flying up tonight. I'm just going to say hi, you know? I'll be back tomorrow. You don't need to go. I just wanted to let you know."

"Of course I'm going," Jen said. She hurried upstairs to get dressed.

Tom followed her upstairs. "You don't need to go," he said. "Mike said that."

"Tom, he's my brother-in-law," Jen said on the verge of tears.

"Okay, I'm sorry," he said holding her. "I'm gonna miss you."

"I'll miss you too," she said hugging him back. Feeling like he deserved more of an explanation, she said, "Joe's more than my brother-in-law. He's my friend."

"I get it," Tom said. They hugged again and kissed. Tom couldn't keep his hands from roaming her body. She felt herself getting wet, and his renewed erection pressed against her stomach.

She reluctantly broke away. "I've gotta go." Walking back down the stairs, she put her wedding rings back on.

"Are you okay?" Jen asked holding Mike's hand in the plane.

"Yeah, I'm good," Mike said. But he wasn't. Seeing them in the window acting like a happy family bothered him. And she'd been flushed and her nipples hard coming down the stairs. And of course he was worried about Joe.

Jen could tell he wasn't okay, and she knew it wasn't all about Joe. By now she could read his mind. She said "I wear his jersey when I sleep over," she said, part explanation, part admission. She joked, "He's my boyfriend, right?" When he didn't smile, she squeezed his hand and said "You want it that way."

"You want it too, I can tell."

"I guess so," she admitted. "I like him. That's the point, right?" She could tell this conversation wasn't helping. She hugged his arm. "You're upset about Joe. Let's talk about this later."

They arrived at the hospital. There were tears and hugs all around. Mike broke down and hugged his big brother. Mike had always looked up to Joe. Joe was his protector, mentor, best friend. He'd been his best man at their wedding.

Fortunately, they'd caught the cancer in time. The doctors were confident Joe would make a full recovery, like last time.

With great relief, the family went to dinner to celebrate. Jen sat between Mike and Joe, giving Mike's brother a lot of hugs.

Later in their hotel room, Jen snuggled into Mike's arms. She'd always liked Joe, and she cried tears of relief as Mike held her. After she was cried out, she asked "are you okay?"

"Yeah. Joe should be okay." Mike's voice was filled with relief, but Jen could tell he was still bothered.

She wiped away the last tears and sat up, sitting cross-legged next to Mike on the bed. "We should talk about earlier."

"I'm okay Jen," Mike insisted. He was trying to get his jealousy under control.

"No you're not, I can tell," she said. "You're mad I wear his jersey." She saw his hard-on and cupped his cock over his boxers. "Mad and turned on," she said with a giggle.

"You know me," he said with a sheepish smile. "It was weird seeing you with Tom and his son."

"Tommy's a sweet boy," she said.

"I can see that," Mike agreed. "Tom must be a good father."

"Yeah, he really is," Jen said.

Mike didn't say anything. Finally Jen added, "Just cause Tom's a good father doesn't mean I'm falling in love with him. I like him, we have fun, that's all."

Mike didn't answer immediately. Finally he said, "Jen, just cause I like seeing you with other men doesn't mean I don't protect you."

"Is that still bothering you?" she asked. "Baby, I didn't mean anything. I know you protect me."

"I'd do anything for you."

"I know that," she assured him, snuggling back into his arm. They were silent for a few minutes, just hugging.

"Sorry I pulled you away tonight," he said.

"That's okay," she said. "This is way more important."

"Did you guys have a chance to ...?"

"Once," Jen said. "When I got there. Tommy was taking a nap."

"Do you guys usually do it again?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, usually, after Tommy goes down for the night."

"You two blow away that thing about sex ending after kids," Mike joked.

"Yeah, I guess," Jen said laughing back.

"Do you always wear his jersey to bed?" Mike asked hesitantly.

Jen saw he was hard. She reached into his boxers and wrapped her hand around his shaft. "Yeah, he likes when I wear it," she said, kissing his chest and stroking his cock.

"Does he spoon you when you sleep?"

"Yeah, or I snuggle into his arm," she said. "You know me, I like that."

"Yeah," Mike said.

"What else do you want to know?" she asked with another kiss on his chest, continuing to stroke him.

"Do you guys really sleep?" Mike joked with a laugh.

"We sleep a little," she said. "Not a lot, you know how tired I am when I get home."

"Are you sore now?" Mike asked.

"No," she said still stroking him. "Do you want it that way?"

"No, that's okay, this feels good," he said. "You probably wouldn't cum anyway," he added, half question, half statement.

Jen said honestly "probably not, not now." As Mike was about to say something, she put her fingers on his lips. "Don't go there, okay?" she said gently in a soft voice. "You make me cum all the time when you're inside me."

After a moment she giggled and said "God you're so obsessed with that."

"You're obsessed with orgasms too," he joked.

"I guess I am," she conceded with a laugh.

"What does it feel like to have a big cock inside you?"

"It feels good," she admitted. "Tom has these two big veins that run up his thing. He stretches me so much I can actually feel them."

"Does my cock stretch you like that?" Mike asked. He knew the answer, but liked hearing his wife say it.

"Not so much baby," she said gently, kissing him on the chest. "Wanna know another thing that feels good?"


"He cums really hard. His cock jerks around inside me, and when he cums I can feel it, like jets hitting inside me."

"That's really hot," Mike said, panting now. He was close to cumming. "He always fucks you bareback?"

"Yeah ... I mean, we talked about that right?"

"Yeah ... I'm just asking."

"One time I made him wear a condom," she said remembering. "I'd forgotten to take my birth control pills a few days."

"God Jen, he could have gotten you pregnant!" Mike said alarmed.

"I was probably safe anyway ..." she said, continuing to stroke him with her soft delicate hand.

"Jen?" he said on the verge of cumming.


"Next time ... don't make him wear a condom," Mike said, his words coming out like a moan.

"That's what you want?" She moved his hand to her flat tummy. "You want me to grow big with Tom's baby?"

"Ugh god!" Mike yelled as he came, his cum covering Jen's hand and shooting onto his chest.

A few weeks later at Tom's house, after another great fuck, Tom said "I'm taking a few days off, taking Tommy to the beach."

"Sounds fun," Jen said.

"Why don't you come with us? I'm renting a 3 bedroom condo and taking Maria to babysit at night, so we'll have a great time with Tommy and have a lot of alone time too."

"Hmmm, I just got back you know," she said uncertainly.

"You're the boss lady right?" he said grinning. "You can do anything."

"Doesn't exactly work that way," Jen said smiling back.

"You know Mike will be okay with it, 4 days of his wife fucking another man," Tom joked.

"You might be right," Jen said grinning.

"Just make sure you call him once a day," he teased her.

"Be nice!" she said playfully hitting his chest. "Okay, I'll ask Mike."

Jen told Mike the next morning, after she got home from Tom's. He looked bothered.

"It's only 4 days," she said. "We went away a week last month," she added referring to Cabo.

"We're married!" Mike said, not believing she just said that.

"That's not what I meant," she said conciliatorily, rubbing his arm. "I'm just saying it's not that long." In the end, Mike reluctantly agreed. Jen left with Tom and Tommy two weekends later.

During the day they played on the beach with Tommy. The toddler loved making sand castles with Jen. He loved stepping into the waves, with his dad and Jen on either side holding his hands. During Tommy's afternoon naps, Maria babysat as Tom and Jen got some alone time. The first day they fucked. But the rest of the trip they used the afternoon free time to take long walks on the beach, their heads close together, holding hands.

They left the beach in the late afternoon and played board games and read books with Tommy. After an early dinner, Tommy insisted Jen read him more books. Jen didn't mind, in fact it was a highlight of her day. She loved it when Tommy fell asleep in her arms, it felt so good to cuddle the toddler as he slept.

Tommy went down early, so Jen and Tom had the entire evening for alone time (with Maria at the condo babysitting the toddler). They had the best time at the trendiest restaurants and night clubs. Afterwards they fucked late into the night, and into the early morning. Twice they sat on the beach snuggling under a blanket, watching the sun rise. Fortunately they were able to catch catnaps on the beach, with Maria watching Tommy.

At dinner the first night, Tom said, "You and Mike are so different."

"Opposites attract I guess," Jen said.

"How'd you get together?"

"I met him in college ...," Jen said, her voice trailing off.

"And?" Tom prompted.

"I'd gone through a bad breakup," Jen explained uncomfortably, not liking thinking back to her time with Colin. "My grades sucked, they pulled my scholarship. My parents had no money. I had drop-out written all over me. It was bad." She grimaced remembering the low point of her life. "Mike saved me. He tutored me in math, in everything. He paid my tuition until I got my scholarship back. I worked summers and eventually paid him back, but still ... he helped me get my act together." She laughed remembering. "My grades went up so fast my teachers thought I was cheating."

"So you married him," Tom said.

"Yeah," she said. "Don't go there Tom, okay? I love him."

"Do you love him because you love him?" he asked. "Or do you love him because he saved you?"

Jen frowned. "Isn't it the same thing?"

The second night at dinner, Tom held Jen's hands. "Tommy really loves you," he said kissing her hands.

"I love Tommy too, he's adorable," Jen gushed.

Tom squeezed Jen's hands and looked into her eyes. "I think I love you too," he said.

Jen flushed and looked down. Finally she looked back at him. "Let's not go there, okay?" she said.

Jen called Mike each morning. "Having fun?" Mike asked the next morning.

"Yeah, the weather's perfect. Tommy's so adorable."

"How's Tom?"

"He's good," Jen said hesitantly.

Mike heard something in his wife's voice. "Are you okay?" he asked.

She was bothered by Tom's use of the L word. She always talked to Mike about stuff that bothered her. He was her best friend in addition to being her husband. But she knew telling Mike over the phone would be a bad move. "Everything's good," she finally said.

That night Jen and Tom avoided any heavy talk at dinner. They decided to go for an evening swim.

During the day Jen wore sexy but not outrageous bikinis. But now she put on a tiny bikini she'd bought for the trip. The string top had tiny triangles that covered her nipples and areolas but not much else. The bottom was just as revealing. It had a small patch of cloth that barely covered her pussy and small landing strip above, and her ass cheeks were completely exposed with a string snug in her crack. It was definitely a bedroom only suit and she'd never wear it in public, but at night with the beach mostly deserted, she decided to give Tom a treat.

Jen stood on the beach and gazed at the moonlight reflecting off the ocean, which at that moment was smooth like a lake. Behind her, Tom admired the view. She looked achingly beautiful, the revealing string bikini somehow making her even more sexy than if she had been nude.

He walked up and ran his hand down her back, lingering just above her ass. "You need some ink right here," he said caressing her lower back. She'd admired the tats on his arms, so he knew she was into tattoos.

"Maybe someday," she said smiling, turning to him and putting her arms around his neck. They kissed and were soon making out, and then they were on the sand, the bikini thrown to the side, his hard cock inside her.

They'd fucked twice already today, but they were still hot for each other. They were so sexually compatible, it was like they were addicted to the other's body. They fucked sitting up, moving slowly but urgently back and forth, his long thick cock deep inside her. They hugged as they fucked, their lips close, looking into the other's eyes.

Jen felt a massive orgasm building, like a tidal wave peaking. Tom said, "I love you Jenny."

Then her orgasm hit, the tidal wave of pleasure and release breaking and crashed down. "I love you too Tom!" she moaned urgently as pleasure flooded her body.

Later in bed, Jen looked out the window as Tom softly snored, spooning her. "Fuck," she lamented under her breath.

The forth night at dinner – their last night – Tom said "We need to talk about last night."

"Do we have to?" Jen asked with a nervous laugh. "Tom – listen – I like you a lot. But I'm married."

"You said you loved me," he insisted.

"Tom, honey, think about when I said it," she said gently. "I do care for you, I like you a lot, but let's not use the L word. Let's not go there, okay?"

"Jenny, Adria and I met in college, opposites just like you and Mike," he said. "Most times it doesn't work out when you get married that young. The thing about opposites attract is bullshit, it wears off."

"Tom, stop okay?" she said. "What do you want? We're having fun --."

"Fun's not enough," he said. "I've got Tommy --."

"You know I adore Tommy," Jen said.

"I know that, and he loves you too," Tom said. He tried to gather his thoughts. "I'm just saying ... I want ... I'm asking you to give us a chance."

"What do you mean? I'm here with you."

"That's not enough," he said frustrated. "I need to know you're gonna be there. I can't do that seeing you only two nights a week. I need to see you more."

"Tom ... I'm married."

"You said you cared for me."

"I do," Jen insisted reaching over and squeezing his hand.

"Give us a chance Jenny," he urged her, squeezing her hand back. "I get Mike helped you in college. I admire him for that. But you can't stay with him out of a sense of obligation."

"It's more than that Tom," Jen said.

"Spend more time with me Jenny," he urged her. "With me and Tommy. Then make your decision. That's all I'm asking."

Despite their heavy conversation, they had sex that night. They couldn't keep their hands off each other. But their love making, although still pleasurable, was sober and less frantic than usual.

Jen was exhausted the next day when she got home, both physically and emotionally. They fucked as she told her husband the sexual highlights. Mike especially liked the sex on the beach story and insisted she model the string bikini for him. He almost came from the sight of the dried cum caked on the string of the bikini bottom.

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