tagLoving WivesMaking It Work Ch. 13

Making It Work Ch. 13


The door opened. Jen forced a smile. "Hi," she said.

"Hi," Tom said with a big grin. He moved to the side of the doorway, inviting her in. Jen heard Tommy in the background.

Jen took a step back. "Can we talk out here?"

"Why?" Tom said still smiling. "Come on in Jenny, Tommy will want to see you."

Jen didn't want to see Tommy, not at that moment. She took another step back. "Please Tom," she said.

Tom's smile disappeared. He stepped out and closed the door.

"I can't see you anymore Tom," Jen said, getting right to the point.

"Jenny, come on," he said looking alarmed. "Let's talk about this." He moved to hug her.

Jen stepped back. "No Tom. I'm sorry. I like you. But I love Mike."

"Okay, okay, forget what I said," Tom said. "We'll go back to the way it was."

"We can't Tom," Jen said. "After what you said – we can't go back after that. And I need to work things out with Mike."

"So it's always about Mike, right?" Tom said bitterly.

"Tom, he's my husband," she said. "You knew that when we started this."

"Come on Jenny, we're great together," he said pulling her close to him.

She stepped out of his arms. "Sex isn't love Tom," she said. "I'm sorry. We had fun, but it's over now."

"I get it, you lead me on, then dump me," he said bitterly.

"I didn't lead you on," Jen insisted. "We both had fun. But it was only a game, you knew that. It wasn't permanent. I kept reminding you. Remember? I kept telling you not to go there."

"What about Tommy? He loves you."

"I'm sorry Tom," she said painfully. "The last thing I want to do is hurt him."

"You WILL hurt him!" he said bitterly. "Did you think about that?"

"What can I do?" she said spreading her arms.

"Stay with me Jenny," he pleaded. "Give us another chance."

"I can't Tom," she said, taking another step back. "I can't stay with you, just for Tommy."

At home, Mike sat on the sofa. Jen walked up to him, stopping just a foot away. They both felt raw, a mix of emotions, anger, hurt, jealousy, love.

"I broke it off with Tom," she said.

Mike nodded.

"I should have ended it at the beach, when it got heavy," she explained. "I guess I got mixed up about Tommy. You know, Tom's son? I got close to him."

"I get it," Mike said.

Jen sat down next to Mike. Suddenly she started crying. "Mike, I really messed up," she sobbed.

"What?" he asked, automatically putting his arm around her. "Tommy? I'm sure he'll be okay."

"Not Tommy," she sobbed leaning into him and shaking her head, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Then what?" he asked. When she didn't answer, he said gently "Tell me what's wrong."

"Tom might've ... I might be pregnant," she finally admitted. "I'm sorry Mike!" she wept into his chest.

When Mike didn't say anything, she raised up and looked pleadingly into his face. "Mike?" she asked looking like an afraid little girl.

"Tell me what happened," he demanded.

Jen told him. At the end, she said "I think he did it on purpose."

"Tried to get you pregnant?" Mike asked.

"I think so," she said.

"To make you his?" Mike said.

Jen clutched her husband's hands. "I swear Mike, the baby's yours, no matter what," she promised.

Mike brushed Jen's long blonde hair from her pretty face. Then suddenly, he was on top of her, yanking up her skirt, ripping off her panties, jerking her legs apart! He was out of control, a madman, as he'd been in the taxi and plane, frantically ramming himself inside, wildly fucking her. This time though, she welcomed him inside her, wrapping her arms and legs around him, hugging him tight, kissing him, urging him to take her, to take what was his. He came moments later, filling her up with his seed, and she hugged him even tighter, holding him inside her, not letting him go.

"I'm sorry Mike, I'm so sorry!" Jen sobbed into his chest. "Please don't leave me!"

Mike unbuttoned her blouse and pushed up her bra, revealing her small perfect breasts. He cupped her tits and then ran his hands over her firm flat tummy.

Surprisingly, he got hard again. He pressed his lips against hers, urgently pushing his tongue down her throat. He fucked her again.

The next day Jen went into Allie's office and closed the door. "Thanks for sending the photos," she said, only part sarcastically.

"I had to do something to get you off your ass," Allie said with a knowing smile. "Mike's a demented geek, but he's the right guy for you." She knew Jen's history. Tom was just another Colin, another Scott. They weren't good for her. She knew Mike was the best thing that ever happened to Jen.

"Yeah," Jen agreed. She couldn't help smiling. "I'll tell Mike you said that."

"Don't," Allie said immediately. She grinned. "It's more fun if he thinks I hate him."

"God Allie," Jen said with a laugh. Then her face turned sad. "Tommy --."

"You should never have gotten close to him," Allie chastised.

"Yeah ..." Jen agreed, her voice filled with melancholy.

"Sometimes you're a dumb blonde," Allie teased with a laugh. "But don't worry about it. Tommy's young, he'll get over it."

"Yeah," Jen agreed. She knew her friend was right.

Allie studied her best friend. "What's wrong?" she asked, sensing something amiss. "You made up with bubble boy, right?"

Jen shrugged slightly, looking uncertain.

"Is it that Jasmine chick?" Allie asked. "Does Mike have something going on with her?"

"I don't know," Jen said. "I don't think so."

"You didn't ask?" Allie said incredulously. "You didn't kick his ass about the pictures?"

Jen shook her head, looking scared.

"What's wrong Jen?" Allie asked again. She was seriously getting worried.

After a few moments, Jen said "Tom and I ... the last time we did it ..."

"Oh my god!" Allie groaned looking up into the air. "Let me guess, you forgot to take the pill again. How long?"

"I don't remember" Jen admitted.

"God Jen!" Allie said, slapping her hand against her forehead. "And you're ovulating, right?"

Jen nodded hesitantly.

"You really ARE a dumb blonde sometimes!" Allie said scornfully. "What did Mike say?"

"If I'm pregnant, it could be his, we had sex right after Tom," Jen hurriedly said.

"You'd need a blood test to know for sure," Allie said.

"I'd never do that, it's Mike's no matter what," Jen insisted. "I'm sure it's Mike's," she added, as if trying to convince herself.

"This just happened?" Allie said. "So you can do a test next week."

"Yeah," Jen said her eyes downcast.

Allie studied her friend again. "But you know, right?" she said. "You think you're pregnant?"

Jen took a long time to respond. Finally she nodded and said "I think so."

"God Jen," Allie said shaking her head. She sat down next to Jen and hugged her. Jen began to cry.

~~ The End ~~

(Jen and Mike's story continues in "Consequences")

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I've read 3 of these series and I believe you can be in a cuckold relationship and get caught up ...not three times in a row I can't read about Jen not caring about his feelings series after series andmore...

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