tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMaking Leia Go Meee-WOW!

Making Leia Go Meee-WOW!


Shortly after the best ladder match in WCW history that featured 3 Count taking on the Jung Dragons, Shannon Moore is laying down on a bench in the first empty locker room her could find. Tonight was his first real chance to show what he could, and his body paid the price for it. Shannon is totally banged up and is drifting to sleep when the door of the locker room opens. Shannon doesn't bother to get up but he's forced to where he hears a female voice.

"What the fuck are you doing in here?!"

Shannon sits up in a shot, but his groans in pain, he looks at the new comer and sees that it's the manager for the Jung Dragons, Leia Meow, dressed in a leather halter top, black mini skirk and knee high boots. Leia has her arms crossed.

"I'm waiting for an answer!"

Shannon stands up slowly, "I'm sorry... I just needed to rest a bit and..."

Leia glares at him, but smirks as well, "You're lying."

Shannon holds his hands up, "No... really... I was totally sore from the ladder match that I needed to rest... I thought this locker room wasn't being used..."

"Well it is being used..."

Shannon cuts her off, "Sorry Leia... I'll leave now ok..." He starts to head to the door, but the small asian beauty steps into his path and slaps him hard across the face.

"Don't interrupt me!" Leia grins and licks her lips a bit. "Now... before you interrupted me... I was going to is this room is being used now..."

Before Shannon can ask what she means, Leia pushes him back down onto the bench and knees in front of him. She runs her hands over his bright orange pants, focusing over his crotch. Shannon starts to protest, but stops himself when Leia rolls up on the pant-legs. Leia reaches into his pants throgh the pant leg and fishes around for Shannon's cock which she finds easily. Leia smriks at how long and thick it is. She takes her hand out, then stands up.

"Let me see it... now!"

Shannon doesn't have to be told twice, as he stands up and takes off his orange pants, giving Leia an eye-full of his cock. Leia licks her lips as if she was a wolf looking at a slab of meat. Leia drops down on her knees and grabs his cock with both hands. She starts to stroke his dick and soon Shannon's cock grows to a size that's bigger and thicker than what Leia expected, standing at 15" long and 4" thick.

Leia looks up at him and smirks, "This is bigger than than all 3 of my boys combine..."

Shannon blushes, "Really?"

"Oh yea..." Leia says as she tries to take his cock into her small mouth. She gets the overside head into her mouth easily and starts to take more and more of his monster cock into her mouth. Eventually Leia gets 3/4's of his prick into her mouth. Leia starts bobing & turning her head along his shaft, letting her saliva smeer all over the areas of his cok can reach. She moves her head away from his dick and starts spitting on it. Leia uses her hands to completly cover his prick with her oral liquid.

"Ohh fuck..." Shannon says as he watches the usally dominate little asian whore her self in order to lube up his shaft. Leia continues to stroke his cock as she starts licking up and down the sides of his dick. She places a few soft kisses on the head of the cock. Leia opens her mouth again, takes the tip of his cock into her mouth a bit as she sits higher up on her knee and finally starts to drool down onto his cock. Leia's hands start making squishing downs as they, and Shannon's cock becomes more slick. Leia flicks her tongue a few times against the piss slit as she cups Shannon's heavy balls with the other. She gently crushes them in her hand as she looks up to see Shannon's facial expression. Leia grins as she lets go of his cock and then stands up.

"You look hungry... do you like asian food?" she asks with a smirk. Shannon nods which makes Leia push him to sit down on the bench. "Let me get it ready for you."

Shannon watches closely as Leia pulls off her top, revealing her decently sized breasts to him. Her nipples look as if they are as hard as diamonds, espically after she pinches both of them to the point where both nipples are red. Leia swivels her hips a bit as she unzips her mini skirt and lets it fall to her feet. Leaving her boots on, Leia spreads her legs apart and spreads her pussy lips apart to show it to Shannon.

"Tell me... does it look yummy?"

"Yeah... it looks really yummy..." Shannon licks his lips.

"Then come and eat..." Leia laughs. Shannon doesn't need to be told twice as he slides off the bench and kneels down in front of Leia. He places one hand on her hip, and the other on her ass as he brings his face close to her cunt. Shannon starts licking it slowly at first, but when Leia grabs his hair with both her hands, he starts eating her twat like it would be his last meal. He buries his tongue up her glory hole, catching her by surprise.

"Ohhhh my!" Leia says happily as she pulls on his hair. Shannon starts grinding his face against her twat, using his skull as a proverbal dildo. He clamps his mouth around Leia's clit and sucks on it as hard as he can, bringing the manager to a solid orgasm. Leia pushes his head away, and Leia can see his face has a bit of a shine to it, since it's almost completly in her juices. Leia runs her hands over his face, smeering her juices around, then places her hands on her tits, coating them as well. Leia kneels down a bit and holds her breasts together. Shannon grins as he sits up a bit more on his knees and licks Leia's tits clean. He circles her nipples with his tongue, and just as he's about to do more, Leia pushes him down on to his back.

Like a cat, Leia pounces onto him and quickly posistions herself over his cock. She smiles down at him then slowly lowers herself down onto his massive cock. Leia lets out a small scream as she feels her pussy being stretch apart in a way she's never felt before.

"Ohhhh fuck me..." Leia moans as she completly sits down on his cock. Shannon puts his hands on her hips as Leia starts to ride his cock. Leia places her hands on Shannon's Chest as she rocks back and forth slowly. Shannon starts to thrust up into her pussy, giving the woman a bit of an extra lift to her bounces. Shannon then changes things up by rolling over so he's on top of her. He starts to fuck her at a hard but slow pace. Leia wraps her legs around his waist and places her hands on his back. She grinds her pussy against his crotch every time he fully penetraits her pussy. Leia lifts her head up and kisses Shannon for a moment before she bites his lower lip. Shannon pulls his head in surprise and gives Leia a sharp thrust that makes her squeal.

"I... need to feel... that cock... in my ass..." Leia's follows up her words by breaking the hold her legs has on Shannon. The most talented member of 3 Count pulls out of the mistress of the Jung Dragons, then Leia rolls over and puts herself into the good ol' doggy style posistion. Shannon presses his monster cock against her asshole, then takes hold of her hips. He slowly pushes his rod into her ass, but Leia pushes back onto his cock, bringing almost all of Shannon's cock into her round backside. Shannon grits his teeth as he begins to fuck her ass, and has to fuck her harder and faster than he was fucking her pussy for Leia is pushing back onto his cock at an awesome pace.

"Mmm... that's it... fuck my ass..." Leia moans as she moves a hand between her own legs and starts to finger fuck herself. Shannon is now giving her thrusts that require him to use every ounce of strength he's got, as he tries to get his cock totally inside her ass. With an solid about of effort, he succeeds in jamming his dick in her butt. Leia lets out another scream, this one of pure bliss. Shannon pounds her ass for several minutes before Leia cums all over her own fingers. She licks her fingers clean then looks back at Shannon when his thrusts start to become a bit eratic.

"Are... you... gonna cum?" She asks as she wipes some sweat from her forehead. Shannon nods as sweat drips down his body. "Good... cum... on my face... and in my mouth..."

Shannon pulls out of Leia's ass and she quickly spins around, then gets up high on her knees. She opens her mouth wide and tilts her head back, giving Shannon a nice target. Shannon pumps his cock with his right hand as he places the other on her forehead. He starts to grunt a bit and soon starts to shoot a Peter North like load of cum. Streams of hot semen shoot out of his prick, alot of it landing in her mouth, but even more coat her face. As soon as he's done blowing his load, Shannon rubs the cum on her face deeper into her skin as if it was lotion. Leia litteraly purrs as he does this and when he's done, she stands up and places a kiss on his cheek.

"Mmmm baby... I think you and I... need to discuss somethings... in my hotel room..."

Shannon grins, "What time should I stop by?"

"How about... as soon as we get there?"


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