tagRomanceMaking Love to Teresa

Making Love to Teresa


This was inspired by a wonderfully sexy, sensuous woman who brought me and mom many wonderful hours of tremendous pleasure.

We sat across from each other at Pauli's, a very nice restaurant on the outskirts of town. We sipped on house Merlot as we chatted. I wanted to know all about her. I ordered tenderloin, baked potato and a Caesar salad. We were going to share it in a most interesting way.

She was a BBW in every sense of the phrase. She was big. She was beautiful, and she was all woman. She radiated her femininity through her eyes, through her smile, and the way she carried herself. She was comfortable, she was proud, and she was very sexy. I scribbled out a note and pushed it to her as we talked.

"You're gorgeous," it said.

"Thank you. You have pretty eyes," she wrote back.

"They must have just gotten that way looking at you." She blushed a little.

"Liz, I mean your mother, doesn't mind us being out together?"

"Not as long as I fill her in on all the details."


"Everything that happens between us."

She smiled. "I may tell her myself. She's such a doll."

She told me about growing up in Canada, her family life with her parents and brothers and sisters. I told her about my years growing up in New York.

I passed another note to her. "I want to make love to you after dinner."

We talked about the kinds of things we did as kids. What school was like, our favorite subjects. We talked bout where we went on vacations. We laughed as we talked about our funny friends.

"I want to make love to you too," she wrote back.

"I've dreamed of this night for months," I wrote.

"You can't imagine how many times I've ... well, you know," she wrote back.

"How many times you've what?"

"Thought of you, and done things."

"I've done those things too ... many times. So has mom."

We continued our normal conversation, all the while passing our increasingly suggestive notes back and forth. There was an impenetrable wall between the two. In our table talk, there was no hint of the erotic events unfolding in our notes.

"What color panties are you wearing?" I wrote.

"Pale yellow. And you're making them wet."

"I'm so anxious to see them on you. I bet they smell divine, and taste even better."

Our salad arrived. I placed it between us. With our forks, we fed each other. As she fed me mine, I wrapped my hand around her fingers and lightly caressed them. She did the same with me. A little bit of dressing clung to her upper lip. She picked up her napkin to wipe it off. I stopped her. I reached across the table and licked it off. She smiled.

I wrote, "Your lips taste so sweet."

"Thank you. Do you want to taste my other lips?"

"You have no idea how much."

We finished the salad just as the waiter brought the steak and baked potato. I cut up the steak and put sour cream on the potato. We fed these to each other too. We touched each other as we did, and ate slowly and sensuously. She closed her eyes as I fed her the baked potato.

"So creamy and warm," she wrote.

"I love feeding you creamy and warm," I wrote back.

She fed me a piece of the steak. It was medium rare, tender and delicious.

"I love you feeding me this steak. It's so nice and pink in the middle," I wrote.

"So am I," she wrote back.

I fed her a piece of the steak. She opened her mouth to receive it and closed her lips over it in almost a sucking motion. The suggestion was unmistakable. My cock was like steel.

"You wouldn't believe how hard I am," I wrote.

"I can't wait to find out. You wouldn't believe how swollen I am."

I think we both were so aroused, we could have cum right there in the restaurant. You could see it in her breathing and her face was slightly flushed. I could just make out a hint of her hardening nipples.

We finished the meal with no conversation. But the body language spoke volumes – our eyes, our lips, our tongues, our hands and fingers. We savored each other. The anticipation was electric. I wanted this woman so bad.

"Are you shaved?" I wrote.

"Yes, completely bare. I love the way my panties caress my lips," she wrote back.

"I hope you'll like the way I caress your lips too."

"Let's go. I want to feel you."

She stood up and said, "I need to freshen up." She walked back toward the ladies room. Meanwhile, I paid the check.

When she returned, she took my arm and slipped a note into my jacket pocket. As we walked, I pulled it out and read it. "It took all my will power not to masturbate in the rest room. You have me on the verge of an orgasm." She smiled at me, took the note from my hand and put it back in my pocket. This was so arousing. All of our sexual talk had been through the notes. I knew when we got to be alone, our secret talk would erupt into the most erotic verbal kind. And I was ready. And I also knew that our first orgasm together would be swift and intense. It had to be. My cum was already boiling inside of me.

I opened the car door for her and she slipped in. Her skirt rode high up her ample thighs. They were gorgeous. As I stood there, she looked at the bulge in my pants and ran her hands down my legs, close to my crotch but not touching it. The desire in her eyes told me how much she wanted to touch me.

We drove back to her place. She sat next to me and played her fingers in my hair and caressed my neck. Her skirt rode higher and I could see the tops of her thigh high stockings. She knows how much stockings turn me on. I wanted to make love to her with them on.

Arriving at her place, I parked the car and we went in. As I closed the door, we grabbed each other and kissed hard, our tongues wildly dancing. She moaned and groaned as we kissed. I thought she might cum just from the kiss. We ground our pelvises together, trying desperately to feel each other through our clothing. We broke the kiss only slightly. Our lips were still touching as she said, "I want you so bad. I want you to fuck me hard." And then our mouths pressed into each other again.

I could feel her large breasts against my chest. I wanted to touch them, to take her large nipples into my mouth. She pressed her hips against mine. I could feel her heat. I know she could feel my cock. I wondered if she could sense my urgency, the desperate need I had for her. I felt like my cock was screaming at me.

I slowed our open-mouthed kisses. I wanted to taste her lips. My tongue lightly licked across her upper lip, then her lower lip. I ran my tongue under her lips sucking each into my mouth. I felt her moan into my mouth. She pressed harder against me. She was as close to orgasm as I was. But I wanted it to last longer, for me anyway. I knew she could cum over and over.

I whispered into her ear, "You want to cum don't you?"

"Oh my God, yes!" she said.

"I want to bring you to orgasm."

"Hurry baby, hurry. My pussy is on fire."

We kissed again as I undressed her. I may be rare in the male kingdom. Most men are in a hurry to get to the main event. Not me. I prefer to kiss, lick, suck, and talk to the point of desperation. I enjoy watching her arousal build. At this point, though, Teresa was already there. She was ready to explode.

I unzipped her dress and let it fall. But ever the considerate gentleman, I picked it up and draped it over a chair. She stood there in her bra, panties and stockings. Her large body filled out everything. She was absolutely stunning. I can't tell you the number of times I've masturbated looking at a beauty like this on line. But this was different. This beauty was standing in front of me in all her glory. In minutes her bra would be off, her panties would be down. I would be sucking on those beautiful nipples. I would be licking those gorgeous lips..

I reached behind her and unclasped her bra. I slowly removed it, watching as the flesh of her breasts was revealed. And then I saw those beautiful nipples, aroused and erect. I lightly touched them with my fingertips. She closed her eyes and moaned. She thrust out her chest to increase the pressure on her nipples. I pinched them slightly. "Oh God, that feels so good. It goes all the way to my pussy," she said.

I moved my hands down her tummy to her hips and caressed her panties. But I made no move to take them off. She looked at me with pleading, lustful eyes. "Please take my panties off."

"I will, but first I want to make you cum in your panties."

"Oh yes, baby, make me cum."

She took my hand and moved it down the front of her panties. I could feel that she had a pump prominent mound. She moved my hand between her legs. Through the satin material, I could feel the full swollen lips of her pussy. They felt large and wet. And I was glad of that. I caressed her lips, then pressed the material between them. I knew it was touching her clit. With my middle finger I rubbed her clit in circles, while my other two fingers stroked her lips. She was panting and moaning. I knew she was close to cumming. Her hips were bucking, trying to get me deeper into her. She grabbed me, kissed me, and moaned into my open mouth. Then suddenly shouted, "RICK, I'M CUMMING, BABY! I'M CUMMING IN MY PANTIES!" Her orgasm was strong. She grabbed my arm and held it, pressing my hand tighter to her pantie covered pussy.

As her climax faded, she relaxed the grip on my arm. She kissed me. "You made me cum so good. It´s been a long time since a man has made me cum that hard by touching me. Thank you."

I smiled and led her to the bed and she lay down. She watched me as I stepped out of my clothes. Her eyes were fixed on me as I dropped my briefs. My cock was hard and stood out straight from my body. She said, "Your mother was right. Your cock is gorgeous. I can´t wait to feel what she feels every night."

I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. Oh, that prominent mound, so fleshy and sexy. I was transfixed at the first appearance of her slit. She lifted her hips so I could slide them off her beautiful plump ass. Then finally those gorgeous full lips, completely shaved, swollen, aroused, anxious for my touch again. I could only stop and stare. Absolutely exquisite. I wanted them so bad. I knew in mere moments I would be tasting those lips.

I slipped her panties off. Then brought them to my nose and smelled the fruit of her recent orgasm. The scent was heavenly. I looked down at her. She knew what I wanted to see. She spread her legs to show me her pussy. She slipped her fingers down to touch herself. I stroked my cock as I sniffed her panties and watched her tease her pussy lips. ¨

"I love watching you sniff my panties and masturbate, but I want your cock in me," she said.

"I want to taste you first."

I climbed between her legs and stroked her beautiful full thighs. I kissed each one and started licking my way to the treasure between them. I licked where her lips joined with her thigh, on each side. But I avoided her pussy. And it was difficult. The big full lips begged for my tongue. She was breathing hard and writhing on the bed. She was pushing her pelvis against my mouth urging me. "Oh please baby, lick my cunt,¨ she cried out.

I kissed her lips. She moaned loudly. I licked between them. Her lips opened like a flower. I took each into my mouth and sucked. The full flesh of her labia quivered on my tongue. I sucked her inner lips into my mouth. I looked up. Her face was contorted in pleasure. She was clenching the bedspread. Her pelvis was thrusting. I knew she was seconds from a thunderous orgasm.

My tongue licked up her open slit and hovered over her clit. My tongue lightly touched it. "OH MY GOD!" she cried. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked it. She exploded in orgasm. "OH FUUUUUUCK, I´M CUMMMMMING!" Her pussy spasmed and she squirted in my mouth. I lapped up every drop. I continued to kiss her thick lips as she came down from her climax.

Panting, she said, "I've never cum so hard in my life.¨ I kissed her cunt one last time and lay down next to her. I took her face in my hands and kissed her gently. We looked into each others eyes. She grasped my cock and said, "I want you in me."


I climbed between her legs and positioned my cock between her open lips. I moved it up and down her slit. "Oh god, baby, fuck me," she cried. I slipped into her vagina, but just the head and slowly moved in and out. "Rick, you´re teasing me so bad. I can´t stand it.. I want all of you in my pussy now. I need to cum so badly."

I slowly slid the rest of my length totally inside her. I whispered to her, "Can you feel all of me?"

"Oh yes, I can feel all of your cock. You're so deep in me."

I started to thrust in and out of her. She was panting and meeting my hips with her. The velvet sheath of her vagina slid up and down my cock. She reached her hand between us to feel where we were joined.

"I can feel my lips caressing you," she said. I felt her fingers touch my cock. "I can feel your cock as you fuck me."

I moved my hand down to join her. Together we touched my cock and her pussy. Suddenly she started breathing harder. She reached to grab me to pull me deeper.

"Oh God, Rick, I'm gonna cum!" I moved faster in and out of her. Our bodies almost slapping together. I could feel the sense of urgency in her pussy. Then I heard it in her voice as she screamed out her orgasm.


She thrashed about as her orgasm took control of her. She pulled me in harder. She pulled my mouth to hers as we kissed hard and open. She grunted as her tongue sought mine.

Finally her orgasm subsided. "It's been a long time since I've cum that hard with a man's cock in me," she said. "You just inspire me baby," I said. My cock was still moving slowly in and out of her.

"You didn't cum, did you?"

"No. I wanted to completely experience your orgasm. I wanted to feel the contractions of your pussy on my cock without any distraction. I wanted to feel the ripples of pleasure as they coursed through your beautiful cunt. But now I want you to experience my orgasm. I want you to feel my cock as it swells in you . I want you to feel my cum as it spurts in you."

"Oh I do too, baby."

I started pumping faster. I was so aroused I knew I wouldn't last long. And I didn't want to. I wanted to cum so bad in her.

I looked deep into her eyes. I saw both love and lust.

"You have no idea how many times I've masturbated thinking of this very moment. All the cum I've shot, sometimes in mom's panties, sometimes in her, sometimes on her. She has no trouble with me fantasizing about you. And she has no trouble with me being inside you right now."

"She's a beautiful woman. And you can't imagine the number of times I've masturbated thinking of you inside me, fucking me, filling me."

My thrusts were now urgent. The semen was rising in my cock. I was seconds from an explosive orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum, baby. I'm gonna cum in your pussy."

"Oh my god, yes. Cum in my cunt."

"Unhhhhh," I groaned and thrust my cock as deep in her as I could. My semen exploded from my cock.

"Oh Teresa. I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your pussy!"

"Fill me baby. Fill my cunt. I can feel you spurting. OH MY GOD, I'M CUMMING AGAIN!"

She did cum again as I came inside her. Cumming inside her was second only to cumming in my mother. Her cunt milked every drop from my cock.

I knew I would be telling mom about this, but I also wanted her to experience first hand the pleasure from Teresa's pussy as I had. I wanted to see them coupled in exquisite pleasure, their pussies touching, their lips rubbing together as they came.

Afterward we cuddled. She draped her leg across mine with her pussy on my thigh. I could feel my cum leaking out.of her. She kissed me, touched my cock and said, "Fuck me again."

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