tagRomanceMaking Love Under A Waterfall

Making Love Under A Waterfall

byprime of life©

I want you to close your eyes for a minute and clear your mind... I'm going to take you to a very special place, my favorite we are going on a picnic. It's real deep in the woods, there is a beautiful water fall, the water is cool but not cold. Behind the water fall is a open flat landing.

You and I get there early one morning , we are hot by the time we get there so we decide to cool off. Both of us strip and dive into the water taking the cooler with us. We are going to have our lunch behind the water fall. We are standing under the water, as we kiss the water is cascading over our bodies. As cold as the water is we are getting so hot. I push you back on the landing, your cock is already so hard. I lay out a blanket from the cooler and gently push you onto it. You think we are going to make love now but we aren't.

I reach over and pull out a couple of scarves, you get a little worried but you let me do what I want to do. I take one and gently tie your hands together over your head. I pull the other one thru my hands, you are thinking what the hell is she going to do with that one. I start kissing your face, eyes, mouth. I slip the scarf over your eyes blindfolding you. You keep asking me what I'm going to do to you, I don't say a word. I just start kissing your chest. I back off looking at you I almost wish you could see my eyes, the look of pure lust and love I am giving you but you can't see that all you have is a feeling of anticipation of what is to come. I don't want you be able to touch or see me, for once in your life I just want you to feel.

I take a ice cube out of the cooler and put it into my mouth then go back to your nipples sucking and gently biting them they are almost as hard as your cock. I can feel you shiver as I run my nails up your sides and the underside of your arms, putting little butterfly kisses all over you as I work my way up to your hands. I put your figures into my mouth and suck on them one at a time. Your are begging me to suck on your cock instead!

But I just roll you over and start rubbing your back kissing it all over, moving down to your ass. I love your body I could spend hours just looking and tasting you. You are beautiful I take my tongue and run it down the crack of your ass, as I do I reach under you and start playing with your balls. You arch your ass up to my mouth, I'm laying on my stomach in-between your legs, sucking on your ass running my tongue around your hole and sucking on the small area under your balls. You are going nuts!!!! I roll you back over onto your back and start kissing the inside of your legs, I put your cock in my mouth sucking on the head for just a second then move off,I hear your say O My God don't stop! I get a piece of ice to cool my mouth off, then I go back down on you. As I move your cock in and out of my mouth your are begging me to untie your hands so you can touch me.

But I no intention of doing it. As much as you want to touch me I'm so enjoying this. Somewhere in the back of my mind I realize if you really wanted loose you could get loose, but you realize I'm enjoying the feeling of control. Just the though of having a man like you, so perfect in every way, trusting me like this is in it's self a turn on for me. I have never loved any one like I love you.

I gently scrape my teeth up and down your cock, it doesn't hurt I then suck real hard on the head of your cock enjoying the taste of your pre cum. As I'm sucking on your cock my tongue is playing on the underside of it, one hand on your balls rolling them in my hand. The other hand is playing with your nipples, you keep asking me to stop, you want to fuck me but I don't stop. I want you to cum in my mouth, I need to taste you, all of you. As I squeeze your nipples and suck on your cock you let go...and cum, it seams to last forever. I don't think you have ever cum so hard in my mouth as your cum hits the back of my throat time after time.

I love it, you taste salty but great as you cum I reach down and put my finger inside my pussy feeling the wetness, I then put my finger to your nose, you can smell the sex, the need I have for you. You open your mouth I slide my finger in and let you suck on it. You tell me how sweet, like nothing you have ever tasted.

After you relax a few minutes you start begging me to untie you again. You don't know it yet but I'm not finished with you. I move off and open the cooler reach inside and take out some stuff, first I open a bottle of wine taking a drink then filling my mouth with wine, I start to kiss you, you think but instead you find your mouth filling up with cold wine. Your thirsty and as you drink from my mouth it starts to turn you on. I watch as your cock starts getting hard again. I start feeding you, I don't tell you what I make you tell me what I am putting into your mouth. In between feeding you I'm running my hands over your chest playing with your nipples, rubbing my tits all over you. I take some chocolate syrup and pore it on my nipples letting you eat it off. God it feels so good I don't know how much more I can take.

By now your cock is rock hard again and I still haven't touched you. Your begging me to let you loose so we can fuck, I'm telling you how much I want you inside me. As I move over you I reach up and take off the blindfold letting you watch me as I slide my pussy over your chest. Moving down to give your cock one last kiss before I untie your hands. I want to look into your eyes as you slide into me. As I slip my tongue into your mouth your cock is slipping into my pussy, I'm wet, hot and tight...before I start moving on you I whisper into your ear, " You have no ideal now much I want and need you, you are mine as I am yours. You reach up and caress my tits as I start moving on your cock your telling me how great it feels to be inside me at last. Holding me down on your cock I can feel myself starting to climax, it feels like the top of my head is coming off. I can feel my body tremble as wave after wave of pure pleasure washes over me.

Somewhere I hear you telling me Baby I can't hold on much longer. You cradle my face in your hands as you explore my mouth. I can feel your kisses to the core of my being. All of a sudden you slide one arm around my ass and we roll over together never leaving my pussy you land on top of me and start sliding in and out of me real slow letting me feel every inch of your cock. I hear a pop as you slide out of me, I start to rise up but you push me back down. With one last kiss you start moving down my body, setting me on fire again. I can feel your hands sliding under my ass, squeezing me in your hands. As I move my legs apart you kiss each thigh blowing gently on my skin teasing me.

This is pay back in the best way, making me wait. I can feel your breath on my pussy then finely thank god I fell your tongue as you lick my pussy lips. I think I have died and gone to heaven as your mouth and hands start working there magic on me. I can feel my climax building up as I try to get you to start sucking on my clit all of a sudden I feel you push your middle finger inside me. You know exactly where my g-spot is and when you find it I feel your mouth latch on my clit. My ass comes off of the ground as I try to push your mouth into me holding your head against my pussy as I climax again. You start gently licking me as I start coming down leaving a trail of wetness as you move up to my mouth. You slip your tongue into my mouth letting me taste what you have been tasting. You back off a little grinning and tell me how much you love the way I taste. I can feel how hard your cock is as you slide into me and start moving in and out of me. I hear you say "Baby tell me what you want?" I want you to fuck me hard I say.

You turn me onto my hands and knees, I can feel your cock on my ass, I reach between my legs and grab your cock gilding it into my pussy. You start slowly pushing your cock all the way in then pulling out until just the head is still inside me. I reach under me grabbing your balls playing with them for a second. You tell me your almost ready to cum. I can feel my own climax building up as I tell you to fuck me harder. I can feel your cock growing as you hold on to my hips slamming into me. As you hit my ass I can feel your hot cum squirting inside me. OMG I go off, my climax is so hard all I see is stars.

As you fall on to me you roll us over onto our sides still inside me. We are both so hot I feel you pull my hair up and blow onto my neck to help cool me off. You whisper "I'm so happy" and you are because you are where you belong, with me together..."The measure of life is not the number of breaths that we take, but in the number of moments that take our breaths away" and this one just did.

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