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Making Miley Mine


Hello it's me Jessica Hampton...again. My new career as a television star is really taking off it's going super here. So while still acting on CSI I decided to take a risk and audition for a movie. Since I wasn't a huge star yet I figured even if it was flop I wouldn't be the number one star so it really didn't matter, I just hoped it wouldn't tarnish my career. It was a lot of money and a chance to be seen on the big screen and that was my main concern. Maybe if I did a good job it might lead to more roles. I will admit CSI does have a very demanding schedule, now if I was strictly a movie star I could pick roles I want and not work all the time.

I set up my audition and went in to the address at the time they told me. There were lots of girls and guys there maybe about 20, I was surprised, I guess a lot of people were looking for a shot. I went to check in with receptionist there. "Hello I am Jessica Hampton, I am here for my 2:30 audition."

She looked up at me from her desk. "Ahh yes Ms. Hampton, here you go," she said as she handed me a clipboard with a pen and an application, "please wait in the room over there." she said pointing to another door.

I walked over to the door opened it and went inside the room. To my amazement there were lots of other girls and guys that I recognized from television and movies. Megan Fox, Anna Paquin, James Marsden and Sean William Scott among other famous actors and actresses were also there. I guess they wanted to separate the stars from people who weren't. Everybody looked up at me as I entered. Seeing them I was almost sure I wouldn't get a part not with these actors and actresses also reading for parts. Nervously I sat down and Megan Fox stood up walked over to me, sat next to me and extended her hand. "Hi I'm Megan I'm a big fan of yours."

I was in shock. Was Megan Fox actually telling me she saw me and noticed me. "Ummm, thank you, I uhhh.." I was stunned "I'm Jessica....and I loved Transformers." Dammit, that was bad Transformers came out five years ago, but I couldn't think, I couldn't come up with anything better.

"Thank you," Megan replied and she looked down and looked back up smiling at me, and it appeared she was blushing. Oh my gosh did I just make Megan Fox blush. "I love your character on CSI, I always loved that show but since you've been on it I never miss it."

"Thank you."

"Now don't act surprised but I heard the star for this movie has already been picked. I heard it is Miley Cyrus but not sure it's just what people are saying." I wasn't even listening I was still in awe Megan Fox was actually talking to me. "Well good luck," she said as she stood and went back to the seat she was at before.

I shook my head as I snapped back into reality and kept filling out my application. I wasn't waiting long only about 20 minutes before I was called in. I was given a script and was reading with one of the people at the panel that consisted of three men and two girls.

I stopped off to pick up an answering machine on my way home. I didn't want to miss any important phone calls while I was on the CSI set. I wasn't really counting on getting a call back, to see well accomplished Hollywood stars and maybe there were looking for a new star from the other group of applicants. I mean yes Megan Fox knew who I was but I never had anybody stop me in a shopping mall or anywhere asking me for my autograph.

After about 10 days of hearing nothing I pretty much gave up and just kept working on CSI. The next day I came home and saw the light flashing on my answering machine that I had a message. I assumed it was just my mom or somebody from CSI calling to let me know something. I pressed the play button and listened.

"Ms. Jessica Hampton this is Jarrod McKillip. I was reading with you on the panel at your audition and normally we would have call backs but you blew the entire panel away and we would like to offer you part in the movie named Kentucky Kiss. Please call us back at 825-6119 to let us know if you are still interested and if so ask for myself."

I quickly picked up my phone and was so excited I dropped it at first. I quickly dialed the number and waited for an answer.

"Casting Society of America," the receptionist on the other end answered.

"Hello my name is Jessica Hampton could I speak with Mr. Jarrod McKillip please."

"One moment please."

I spoke to Mr. McKillip for about 15 minutes and he did confirm what Megan had told me earlier that Miley Cyrus was indeed the star. I told him I still had to tell the crew of CSI that I will take some time off to do something with my character. We set up payment and he told me the dates and locations of shooting. My part wasn't a huge part I was the fifth star so not bad I thought. A good start, I don't want to be first star and screw up. My name in the movie was Marsha Brown, I was the next door neighbor and best friend of Miley's character (Kelly Anderson).

I met Miley the first day of shooting. Miley is now 19 years old but wow she looked like a girl in her mid twenties. Not in a bad way, she just looked so grown up and very mature looking. Definitely not what I was expecting. "Hi I'm Miley," she came up to me smiling and extending her hand.

"Hello Miley I am Jessica," I replied shaking her hand.

"Yes the CSI girl I've seen you on your show a few times, very good. I figured we should hang out and get a feel for each other since we are together a lot in the movie. We are neighbors and best friends."

"Yes they told me."

Most of the first day was just set up and checks and stuff no shooting but they wanted the whole cast there to get acquainted.. Some other members of the cast were Michael Cera, Anna Paquin, Dakota Fanning and Taylor Lautner, all very established, I was honored to be in their company. Miley and I walked around and just talked about what she is doing and what I am doing stuff like that. We walked to the set where the houses were. Looked like out in backwoods somewhere very similar to the Dawson's Creek set. All the houses were equipped with electricity and plumbing. Miley and I got along great she is not the teeny bopper girl I was expecting and she was CUTE. Even though the movie is entitled Kentucky Kiss we were not filming in Kentucky at all, too bad never been to Kentucky but would love to go sometime.

The first few days of shooting went pretty smoothly the whole cast got along well and the script was good I thought it would be a good movie with a lot of big names. Miley and I hung out a lot and got very close. "Let's see how close" I thought to myself. We decided to meet one day after shooting (we met most days anyway) and told me she'd be in her set house in her room to meet her there. I walked right in and up the stairs to where you room was the door was closed gave a few quick knocks then walked right in, I should have waited for an answer I saw Miley quickly turn off the computer screen. She was dressed in blue jeans and a beige plaid shit.

"Oh my gosh Jessica you are here already that was fast."

"What are you looking at why did you turn the screen off so fast?" I questioned her as I walked over beside her chair that was seated at the desk with the computer on it. I looked down and saw her jeans were unbuttoned. I turned on the screen and saw she was reading a sex story on the Literotica.com web site. Not only that, a lesbian story.

"Miley..." I began to her "do girls turn you on? Are you a lesbian?"

"W...w...what ummm no...no," she stammered "I mean was just...like...you know looking...curious."

"Really," I laughed "is that why your jeans are unbuttoned?"

She looked down at her unbuttoned jeans and her face went red immediately. Now I caught her and she knew it. I tried to put her at ease and make her feel less embarrassed, being that she was the star and she could probably get me fired from the movie if she wanted and I didn't want that. I knelt down so I was at eye level with her. "It's okay Miley," I started to explain to her "you are not only girl in this room who likes other girls."

She looked at me with a bit of shock and surprise on her face, her mouth a little open. It looked like she wanted to say something but didn't know what. I slowly wet my lips moved in closer to her and softly kissed her on the lips for about three seconds before I pulled back. She still had the same look on her face so I leaned in and kissed her again this time I felt her returning the kiss so I slid my tongue into her slightly open mouth licking around inside. I stood her up and finished removing her jeans, then I stood up to face her and began kissing her lips again as I gently rubbed her pantie covered crotch. I took a step back and lightly ran my hands over the front of her shirt, her breasts were amazing I couldn't wait to see them. I began to unbutton her shirt and she just stood there looking at me biting her bottom lip. I opened her shirt and slid it off her shoulders. She was wearing a sheer white front clasp bra that really accentuated her breasts that were already so full and firm. I lifted my hands to lightly squeeze her breasts through her bra as she let out a soft moan. I slid my sundress I was wearing off my shoulders revealing a matching pink bra and panties. I reached behind me to undo my bra and let it fall revealing my 34C chest then slowly lowered my panties showing my neatly trimmed landing strip. Miley was frozen stiff I just hoped she was getting aroused and that I wasn't scaring her. I positioned her to sit on the bed then lay her down. I leaned down between her legs and started removing her panties with my teeth, then ran my hand up her flat stomach unclasping her bra her breasts were like gifts from the Gods, her nipples instantly hardened. I saw her eyes close I knew then she was getting into this. I attacked her breasts licking, kissing, sucking and gently biting her nipples.

"Oh God," Miley moaned out. Her hands went to my head her fingers running through my hair.

I sat up straddling her waist my hand running down her sides over the sides of her now naked breasts to feel their fullness again as I leaned down and began kissing her on the lips again, then moving to her neck. "Oh Jessica I had no idea you feel amazing. I thought I was the only one. Let me look at you." I sat up again and Miley sat up as well and began to softly and tenderly kiss my breasts as I cradled her head, my nipples were as hard as diamonds I thought they were gonna pop.

"Lay down Miley, let Jessica taste your sweet nectar."

Miley smiled at me and she laid back down and spread her legs. I slid down her body getting to her neatly trimmed pussy. I gently spread her lips and slid my tongue inside as far as it would go.

"Holy shit," Miley screamed as she grabbed my head tightly and held it to her pussy and she thrust her midsection upwards. Great, I knew I was doing a good job by the way Miley's body was reacting to my tongue inside of her love hole. I started rubbing her clit and I began to lick the outside of her pussy. Her breathing quickened and her body started the thrash on the bed. I slid up her body and started to grind against her. Her legs wrapped around my wait as her midsection shot upwards once again. "I'm cumming, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Miley screamed as she collapsed on the bed totally spent.

"Oh don't you give up on me now lover." I slid up her body my knees on both sides of her head as I lowered my pussy onto her waiting mouth. I could tell she was inexperienced but her enthusiasm made up for it. My hands grabbed her hair and I held her tightly to my pussy as I tried with all my might to push down on her without hurting her to get her tongue deeper inside me. My body started to shudder as I released a wave of my juices inside her waiting mouth. "Oh yeah here it comes swallow it my lover, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssssssssssss."

We laid in the bed for a good 30 minutes covered in sweat and coming down from our orgasms. I fell asleep and awoke to see Miley getting dressed. She smiled down at me. "I'll see you tomorrow on the set, maybe we can meet after again," she said as she leaned and kissed me on the lips. "I had a great time and look forward to more."

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