tagIncest/TabooMaking Mom Happy Ch. 06

Making Mom Happy Ch. 06


(Please read earlier chapters to appreciate best, although you may still enjoy it, if you don't!)

"I'll just have to play with myself until you're ready again," said mom answering herself.

I sat up and said "I'm sure I'll be hard again soon mom. Your body is so sexy and I haven't actually fucked you yet." I went a little red in the face, realising I had said the word 'fucked' in front of mom and dad like that.

"No you haven't" said mom, looking at me and smiling. "I do like it when you talk dirty. We'll have to get you talking more like that, as it does turn me on. Come and give me a kiss." With that, she put her arms out a little, beckoning me to her.

"That's right," said dad, who had been quiet up to now as he sat naked, watching us from his armchair. "Go on Rasheed, there's nothing like a long lingering kiss to get the old juices flowing again," he said, with a slight laugh.

I sat myself next to her, both of us still naked, and first kissed her on the cheek.

"On my mouth silly" she said, and for the first time placed her lips on mine. The sensation was fabulous. She inserted her tongue into my mouth and I responded. It was an electric feeling as our tongues swirled around each other and our lips engaged.

As we kissed, I couldn't help moving my hands up and down her body, especially feeling up her tits. I swirled my hand around her right boob, squeezing the mound of flesh there, and then up and down the front of it where I could feel the rougher area of the areola skin and the nipple in the middle. It felt wonderful. I let my hand wander down her rib cage, over her stomach and towards her butt, enjoying the feeling every inch of bare flesh. Then I slid my hand back up her body again towards her boobs, all the while kissing her passionately in a deep wet kiss. It felt fantastic.

My dick started to twitch again as it came back to life.

I felt her place one hand on my prick and she toyed with it, enticing it to grow as she fondled it.

After a few moments like this she broke off kissing me and said "Watch my fingers now," and with that, placed two fingers of her right hand in her mouth, moistening them with her saliva and then moved them down to her pussy. She opened her legs, showing me her pussy lips and opening there, and then inserted two fingers in, pumping them in and out.

My dick stirred even more.

"Let's see how quickly we can get you fully hard again" she said.

"Yes," piped up dad again. "I would really like to see you fucking your mom Rasheed, especially in the doggy position from behind. You'll like that, as you'll be able to see her wonderful ass cheeks as you enter her and get to feel them and give them a good slap. Would you like that?"

"Yea sure dad" I replied, getting really turned on by this talk now, "There's nothing I'd like to do better."

"Fucking your mom from behind is my favourite activity, apart from getting my dick sucked by her of course. Isn't that right dear?" he said, looking over at mom.

Mom was still playing with herself, her fingers moving in and out of her pussy.

"Oh yes darling" she replied, "In my pussy from behind or in my mouth. I like both just as much too, and now with Rasheed involved in our sexual games, I will be well looked after." She smiled over at dad and then me, and still playing with herself, opened her mouth slightly and poked her tongue out at me. as if she was licking some part of my body. Seeing her do that, with her legs apart and her tits dangling tantalisingly on her chest was an incredibly horny sight. My dick stirred again. I knew I would hard enough to fuck her soon.

Mom noticed the movement of my dick and said, "I'd like to hear you talk dirty to me some more Rasheed."

I blushed again, still not so comfortable with being so openly crude.

"Go on," added dad, "It's all part of the fun." He looked over at mom and said "Sheeza, you'll have to direct him a bit."

Mom looked at me, and still with her fingers pumping her twat, she said "Rasheed, tell me how much you like my ass and pussy? Tell me how long you've wanted to play with it, and now that you are allowed to, what you will do every day to me?"

Her words had the desired effect, charging up my inner lust.

"Ever since I started massaging you mom, I've wanted to play with your ass cheeks and to bury my face and tongue between them and lick your pussy and asshole. And now that you and dad have taken me into your confidence and allowed me to take part in your sex games, I will get so much pleasure feeling you up every day, and in giving you what you desire. I'm going to give you a good fucking every day and worship that ass of yours whenever you will allow me to. I will enjoy fucking you in front of dad and watching him fuck you as well. We will both fuck you at the same time, one of us in your mouth and one in your cunt and then cover you with our spunk, all over your body, and give you as much pleasure as we can."

As I had started to speak, the words just flowed, and I surprised myself which such a long speech.

"That was wonderful darling," said mom.

"Yes," added dad, "Now that you are in our confidence, sexually speaking, let there be nothing to hide between us. Feel free to suggest things, even those things that you might consider to be dirty or perverted, as we must share our innermost desires, and pleasure ourselves fully with our bodies" he added.

"But," continued dad, "Our sexual activities and games must never be discovered or discussed outside the three of us, as others may not understand."

"All this talk is getting me hotter and hotter" said mom at last. "My fingers can only do so much, but I can see you're getting harder and harder Rasheed. Now, I must do something to get you to that final stage when you can enter me."

She stood up, and with me still sitting on the end of the bed, sexily walked over to dad, swinging her hips and showing me her buttocks in their full glory as she walked. The sight of her butt flesh rippling and jiggling, and the curved beauty her big, wide, but well proportioned ass, had me mesmerised and I started to drool.

Dad's chair was directly in front of me, about eight feet away. As mom reached him she bent herself forward slightly towards dad, showing me the curves of her ass even more as she bent, kissed him on lips, and then turned around, presenting me with a full frontal view of her ample boobs and neatly trimmed pussy.

Mom shook her chest so her boobs swung from side to side, then she grabbed both tits and squeezed them together. My eyes feasted on the sight. Then she pushed her right tit up so the nipple stuck upwards and she put her chin down and stuck her tongue out, licking at her nipple tantalisingly. She looked at me and then at my dick, which was now sticking out, fully erect.

Then she did the same with her other tit, licking the nipple for several seconds and squeezing both tits together so they pointed at me. Then she bent forward ever so slightly, so her boobs hung down sexily in front of her and swung then from side to side again. It was incredible watching the show she was putting on for me and it had the desired effect on my dick, which started throbbing at the sight.

I decided to respond to her teasing by grabbing my aching hard on with one hand and moving it up and down the shaft, as if wanking.

Mom responded by saying "Oh yes, play with your dick Rasheed. Let mommy see how you like to play with it, and how hard it is. Oh yes, baby." She stuck her tongue out again teasingly, as if she was licking it. Fuck, this was so hot!

I stood up, pointing my dick towards her and carried on sliding my hand up and down my raging shaft.

Dad had not been idle whilst mom and I had been putting on a show for each other.

As mom had bent her self forward slightly, dad, who was sitting on the armchair behind her, with his head about level with mom's glorious ass, had spread her butt cheeks, and had been licking busily away at her pussy.

Mom turned her head around towards him for a moment and said, "Yes darling suck my pussy good. Stick that tongue in and out." She pushed her ass back into his face, and then turned back towards me. Whilst still bent forward slightly, and with dad's tongue buried in her pussy from behind, she swung her tits wildly in front of me again, watching intently whilst I wanked myself.

After a few moments of this, mom said to me "Honey, I want you to stick that hard dick in mommy's pussy now. What position would you like?"

I thought quickly, with my hard on still raging.

"Mom, how about if you turn around with your hands on the armchair, and let dad suck your tits, whilst I come at you from behind."

"Ok," said mom "That will be kind of nice, to have you in me for the first time, whilst your dad is still playing with me."

Mom turned herself around to face dad, and, before positioning herself as I had requested, bent forward slightly and pulled her ass cheeks apart, one with each hand, so I got a good view.

"Have a good look darling," she said, "At mommy's asshole and pussy. You're now going to stick that hard cock of yours in me for the first time. Fuck me good and hard."

That was it, I couldn't wait any longer. I walked over to her, with my dick bouncing up and down in front of me, aching to stick it in to her inviting, wet hole.

"You'll have to help me mom," I said, never having done this before.

"Don't worry" she replied, "I'll guide you in."

She positioned herself like I had suggested, bending forward in front of dad, her hands on the armchair's cushioned armrests and her boobs dangling enticingly in front of dad's face, which he had now started to lap and suck at. I thought I saw his dick twitch a little in response, but he was way off being fully hard so soon after cumming a bit earlier, which was understandable for his age.

I moved myself behind mom, and grabbing my fully erect dick, slapped it on her ass cheeks a few times, then up and down her ass crack. It felt fabulous, letting my dick slap against her flesh there and in the ass groove. I couldn't quite see the entrance to her pussy due to the fact that as she was standing, and the flesh of her buttocks still covered much of her ass crack. I spread her cheeks a little with my hands to get a better view, and then seeing her asshole and pussy lips, rubbed my cock up and down a few times, so it first touched her asshole and then her pussy.

It felt incredible, and my cock raged even more.

Finally, I aimed the tip of my cock between her pussy lips, which were by now hanging down, inviting me into her.

"That's right said mom," and I felt her hand guide me gently further in towards her hole.

Then I felt the tip of my cock touch flesh on either side.

"Push yourself further in now" said mom.

I pushed in further and suddenly felt a grip of what must have been her pussy wall muscles clamp onto my dick.

Pushing further, I adjusted my standing position closer to mom's ass and then thrusting harder, was in all the way up to my pubes.

Mom gasped. "Oh yes, darling" she said encouragingly, "You're all in now."

I was up to the hilt, and instinctively I withdrew a little, and then pushed in again. The feeling was ecstatic. Mom's pussy muscles welcomed me as I thrusted, clamping onto my dick. She moved her ass back in time with my pushing, so it slapped against my balls.

"Yes, Rasheed," said mom, "In and out now."

I started to increase the pace of my movements, in time with mom's. It felt amazing. The first ever fuck of my life and in my mom's pussy!

"Fuck me," said mom, urging me on. "Oh fuck, yes. Fuck me."

Her words spurred my lust and I increased my pace, now slapping myself hard against her fleshy ass cheeks and gripping her hips.

"Fuck, yes" continued mom "Fuck, fuck me hard."

"Oh yea", I said, now well into what I was doing, "Fuck, yea."

I let my right hand wander up mom's back and over onto her right boob. Dad had stopped his sucking of mom's tits, and was now helping support her as I thrust forcefully from behind.

"Fuck her Rasheed," said dad encouragingly. "Fuck your mom good. She loves it. Go on, fuck her hard!"

Dad's words fired me on.

"Fuck bitch" I said, now lost in this almost animal act, and slapped the side of her butt cheek with my hand. "What an ass, what a fucking ass. Yea, fuck" I continued, in the throws of my lust.

"Yes, fuck that pussy," said mom. "Cum inside me. Fuck me. Stick that hard cock inside me."

It was incredible watching the sight of my naked mom bent down in front of me, with dad encouraging me on, whilst I was fucking her. In all my wildest dreams I had never thought this would actually happen.

I felt free as I had never felt before, with my sexual urges being satisfied like this. It felt completely natural, with my prick burried in my mom's pussy, I was now totally lost in my burning lust. I carried on pumping her, in and out, harder and harder.

"Oh yes, fuck" I cried out, "I love fucking you like this mom."

"Yes baby" she replied, "I love it too. And next time you can fuck me in my ass."

That was it, her incredibly horny words, and the thought of fucking her in the ass, tipped me over the edge.

I felt the semen rise in my balls, and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer.

I carried on pumping, thrusting into her wet hole and slapped her ass cheek, and finally felt myself cumming.

""I'm gonna cum..." I shouted.

"Yes, do it baby, inside mommy's cunt. Fill me with your spunk. Come on, fill my pussy, now" mom almost shouted.

That was it. As I thrust forward deeply, I felt myself cumming and spurted deep inside her.

"Ahhh......Ahhhhhh...Ahhhhhh" I shouted as I came.

"Yes, baby, cum for mommy. Fill me with your hot, spunk." she replied.

The cum pulsations continued for what seemed like ages, and it felt like I had cum a bucket load inside mom's pussy.

Finally, I felt her pussy walls milk the final few drops of spunk from me, and I let my chest fall on mom's back, enveloping her with my arms. I kissed her back where my face touched her skin there, and then, as my dick became limp and fell away from her, I slowly staggered back to the bed behind us, and sat down with an enormous smile and feeling of well being on my face. That had felt wonderful.

Mom, in the mean time was now bending forward, kissing dad on the lips as he sat in the armchair with her legs still wide open, in the same position as she had stood whilst I had been fucking her. Looking carefully at her sexy butt, thighs and pussy area, I was sure I could see some of my spunk dripping down the inside of her legs, which was hardly surprising, as I had felt like I had cum loads.

That was incredible. My first ever fuck.

Finally mom turned around, smiling and sexily placing one hand on her hip said, "So how was your first ever fuck darling?"

To be continued...

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