tagIncest/TabooMaking Mom Happy Ch. 09

Making Mom Happy Ch. 09


Please read earlier chapters if you can, for full effect.


We all sat around the kitchen table eating not long after. We had a nice curry with rice, popadoms and a cucumber 'raita' (which is yogurt with finely sliced cucumber), one of my favourite indian dishes. Occasionally, in the past, mom and dad would have some wine with dinner and offer me some if I wanted. We all had a glass this evening too, and mom and dad chatted away as normal like they had always done. It still felt a little odd, though. You couldn't blame me feeling that way. Just a day or so ago, we all had sex together for the first time, and dad was ok with me doing it in front of him with mom! And mom – she was so hot too! It all seemed a little bizarre, but a real turn on too. My life a few days ago seemed a long distant dream.

The wine helped to relax us all. During dinner both mom and dad never mentioned anything about what me might do later. But my dick had been stirring thinking about it. And occasionally mom gave me a wink and a smile, probably to reassure me everything was ok. She also did once rub her foot up and down my calf under the table, which I found rather exciting, and it again caused my dick to stir.

After we all finished eating, I helped to put the dishes into the dishwasher, and we all went into the living room to let our meal digest and watch a bit of TV. Nothing more was said about what might happen later. We were the regular family at home watching a movie together!

The movie ended at 9.30pm. Mom who had be lying on the sofa with her legs stretched out sat up said, in a matter of fact way, "Now, Rasheed, have you recovered your strength?"

"Er...yes, mom," I replied, rather hesitatingly.

"One thing I wanted to say to you," she continued, " Was that, during the day we all become our normal selves, but during our sex game sessions, you have my permission to talk as freely and crudely as you like. You must know by now that when you father and I pleasure each other, we do talk quite obscenely, and that adds to our enjoyment. The change in our manner is quite natural, as the sexual impulse seeks freedom of expression, and as well as obtaining this freedom through our sexual acts, it is also done verbally."

"Yes" added dad, looking up from reading his paper, as he sat in his usual armchair. "Do feel free to talk in a way that you may consider to be 'dirty' or explicit. It will certainly add to our enjoyment."

"Sure dad " I said, blushing a little.

"Well, what do you think Manish?" said mom, looking over at dad. "Shall we do it in the living room tonight? It might add to our enjoyment."

"Good idea, Sheeza" replied dad, smiling back at mom. "We'll put some sheets and cushions down."

"You've both showered" responded mom, "But I still need to, and then change into something more appropriate," she said, grinning cheekily at us both. "Give me a while to get ready," and with that, she disappeared into the hallway.

"Rasheed," said dad to me after mom had gone, "Get some sheets from the linen cupboard, and cushions from the other room."

I got up and did as asked. On returning to the living room I moved the coffee table away from the centre of the room so we had plenty of space to put the sheets down. I had about six or seven largish cushions, which I spread on the floor. It looked pretty inviting by the time I had finished!

"Put on some music, Rasheed" asked dad. I went over the stereo and put on some background music, not too loud.

I sat on the sofa a waited for mom. Dad carried on reading his newspaper like it was a normal evening at home. My dick stirred again in anticipation.

Then mom called out from the hallway. "I want you both to sit on the sofa," she said, in a loud voice.

Dad put his paper down and came and sat next to me.

"Ok, Sheeza" replied dad. "We're both on the sofa now."

Then, after a moment, mom walked in, and my jaw dropped.

She came in wearing a lacy black bra and stockings and black high-heeled shoes, and nothing else! She was completely naked from the waist down, showing us her neatly trimmed pussy and lightly tanned flesh.

She sexily walked into the room, swinging her hips from side to side, and stood about six feet away, in front of both dad and I, as we sat on the sofa together, stunned by her sexy entrance.

My cock jerked up in my pants.

Mom had made up her face with make up, wearing deep red lipstick, and had brushed her hair so she looked really pretty.

"Nothing below the waist, just for you, Rasheed," she said smiling. "How do I look?"

"Wow mom," was all I could say.

"You look fabulous darling," added dad.

Then she gave us both a bit of a serious look and stuck her index finger into her mouth and sexily sucked on it, as if it was a prick. Then, after moistening her finger, she moved her hand down to her pussy, and inserted her finger in it, playing with her self, bowing her legs slightly as she did so, and then looked at us both, in turn.

After a moment, she put her hands behind her back and unclasped the black lacy bra, and teasingly let it fall away from her boobs and slowly onto the floor.

Her large, lightly tanned, ample boobs, which hung down a little, as they had lost some of their pertness due to her age, came into full view. She had large brown areole, and I could see the nipples were starting to become erect as she became aroused. Mom grabbed her boobs, one in each hand, and pointed them at us, and then let them go, bent forward slightly and swung her chest, so that they swayed sexily from side to side.

She now stood before us, completely nude except for the black lacy stockings and high-heeled shoes. I loved her shape, with full hanging boobs and still having an hourglass figure of sorts, although her body had 'filled out'. She could be best described as buxom. She was 51, but could easily have passed for 41.

She then put her hands on her hips and said, "Do I look slutty enough for you both?"

As I sat there and looked at mom's body, my dick was straining hard in my pants.

"Wow mom," I said, still a little lost for words, "That looks fucking great."

"Good" she replied, smiling. "Now tell me what you are going to do to me."

I guessed mom wanted me to talk dirty to her, so decided to oblige.

"I wanna fuck you in the ass, mom," I said. "That fucking ass of yours is so fucking hot, I'm going to ram my hard on right up there."

"That's right son," said dad encouragingly. "You're going to fuck your mom in the ass tonight, and from now on whenever you like. Fuck her good and fuck her hard. She loves it. And then you can fuck her in her mouth and pussy, and we can fuck her together in every hole. She's a real fuck slut, "Aren't you dear?" said dad, talking the most obscenely I had heard so far.

"Yes," said mom, replying to his lewd remarks. "Give me your hard cocks. Let me suck on them and then fuck me in every hole. I love fucking so much, and I love a hard dick inside me as much as possible. I live for dick. And the two men I love the most in the world are going to give me their hard cocks any time I want. Isn't that right?"

Dad and I both nodded back at mom.

Then mom said, "So, you want to fuck me in the ass, Rasheed?" she asked, teasingly.

"Er...yes...I do, mom" I replied.

"Then let me show you were you are going to put it," she said. Slowly she turned around and showed us her full, wide, ample butt.

It looked great. She wriggled her ass for a while as she stood on the spot, letting us see the flesh on her ass cheeks ripple and jiggle. For her age, her ass was extremely well formed and curvy, with very little cellulite, but a good amount of flesh on her butt cheeks, just the way I liked, so that it gave an ample and full fleshy mound to hold onto and play with. She made me feel incredibly horny, watching her ass flesh wriggle like that.

Then she parted her legs a little, put one hand on each ass cheek, bent forward slightly and pulled her buttocks apart, exposing her asshole and cunt fully.

"Look at my asshole and pussy" mom commanded. "See where you are both going put your hard pricks tonight."

My dick again responded, raging up in my pants, as mom exposed her glorious private parts and spoke to us so dirtily.

Then, still in the same position, whilst holding her butt cheeks apart, she wiggled her butt again, as if inviting us to it.

I couldn't hold back any more and stood up, undid my pants and pulled them down with my boxer shorts. My hard on shot out.

Dad, seeing me get up, did the same, and I could see he was hard also.

I pulled off my t-shirt so I was naked, and then walked over to where mom was still bending over. I knelt down behind her, grabbed the sides of her buttocks for grip, and then licked sloppily up and down her butt crack, letting my saliva flow as I did so. I then inserted my tongue into her cunt and lapped at it, enjoying the sensation of her flesh there, and tasting her pussy.

Mom responded, saying "Ooh...yes baby...lick me good."

I continued for a few moments satisfying my appetite for her ass with my mouth.

Then dad said, "Darling, kneel on the floor for us, so we can both enjoy your fabulous backside."

I stopped licking mom, and she put down a few cushions on the floor. Then she went on all fours, making herself comfortable on the cushions, and finally showed us her slightly raised wide ass, her buttocks fully open to our view.

She looked incredibly sexy in that position. I was still drooling at the sight, despite my earlier oral licking of her.

"Rasheed, you should know I just love showing off my ass and pussy in this position," said mom. "I can spend ages like this, loving the attention you can give me. Your father plays with me for a long time in this position normally, he loves it so much as me."

Her words were music to my ears. I couldn't think of a more sexy position to see a woman. It must have been in my genes. Like father like son! Wow, how amazing that mom loved to show her ass off like this!

"Kneel down so you are on one side of your moms ass cheeks," said dad, and I'll do the same.

We both positioned ourselves so that as mom was on all fours, I was on one side of her ass cheeks and dad was on the other.

"I'm going to pull the flesh of your mom's left ass cheek to one side and I want you to pull the right cheek, so we can see her asshole open more fully" said dad.

I complied. It was incredible watching as we did this. We pulled mom's ass cheeks apart in unison, which made her asshole and cunt almost gape open at us. Both holes looked delicious.

I was really hard by now, and so was dad, but I decided to follow dad's instructions for now, although I was dying to stick my cock into any one of mom's three holes.

"Lick your mom's asshole, instructed dad.

I bent my head down and licked the pinky-brown flesh there, and then inserted my tongue into her asshole, letting my saliva flow into it.

"Ooh...yes" said mom, responding. "That feels so nice."

"Now, my turn" said dad.

I stopped licking mom and then dad bent his head down, sniffed her ass, and inserted his tongue into mom's asshole, where mine been a moment ago.

"Yesss...Manish, lick me good and deep" encouraged mom.

As dad continued licking mom's asshole and sticking his tongue into it, I moved my self around to mom's face and presented her with my aching dick.

"Mom, please suck me, I'm dying to stick it in your mouth."

"Come, baby" said mom. "You poor thing, let mommy take care of it." I knelt down in front of her face and she took my prick into her mouth and started sucking and licking it.

"Ahhhh...." I said in relief, as she engulfed it, and felt her moist, wet mouth clamp onto it.

So there was dad with his tongue up mom's ass, and me with my dick in her mouth, face fucking her. This was great!

I didn't want to cum to soon, as I still wanted to get into mom's ass.

After a couple of minutes of this I said, "Mom, can I fuck you in the ass now?"

"Yes, baby, let dad show you how. Be gentle at first, until you get all the way in."

Mom stopped sucking me and dad took his tongue away from devouring mom's ass.

Dad got up with his hard on swaying in front of him, and grabbed a jar of vaseline from a corner table.

"Now, Rasheed, I'm going to lubricate your mom's asshole with this cream first."

Then, he knelt down behind mom again and putting his index finger into the jar, scooped up some of the cream and gently spread it over mom's asshole, inserting some into it with his finger as well. Watching the tip of his finger enter mom's asshole, made my hard on twitch even more.

"Oh...yes Manish, that feels so good" said mom in response.

I could see dad was being quite gentle. First, the tip of his index finger and then more and more of it went into mom's asshole, right up to the first knuckle joint. Mom had put herself on her elbows now so she could support herself full whilst allowing entry and she wriggled her ass in response to dad's prodding. Just looking at her like that, with her head slightly bent down at one end and her ass sticking up in the air with dad's index finger inside her asshole, was an incredibly horny sight!

"She's ready now" said dad, and pulled out his finger slowly.

"Position the tip of your cock in front of mom's asshole, and gently push in," he said.

I knelt down behind mom and did as instructed.

I could see mom's asshole ring was throbbing now in anticipation, the muscles there contracting and relaxing, showing she was highly aroused.

As my stretched back foreskin and piss-hole touched the star like ring around mom's asshole, I gently pushed my raging hard on in, forcing it into the hole which had already been widened by dad's prodding. As the head went in a little way, mom gasped.

"Yes, Rasheed," she said. "Now, all the way in, but gently."

I pushed in further and felt the walls of her rectum clamp onto my prick. It felt wonderful, feeling the pressure there, as it was so tight.

I pushed in further, and mom gasped again.

Now, I was three quarters of the way in and pulled back slowly, and then thrust forward again.

"Yesssss" said mom. "Now fuck my ass."

I started to thrust in and out, increasing my pace, and loving the sensation.

As I fucked mom's asshole, dad had moved around to mom's face, knelt down in front of her, and she took his hard dick into her mouth.

Dad and I both started fucking her holes. Me, in mom's ass, and dad fucking her mouth.

It felt and looked amazing.

We increased the pace of our motions, thrusting faster. Mom was pushing her ass back into me as I fucked her, and my balls slapped against her butt cheeks. I grabbed the sides of her buttocks hard, to gain a good grip as we fucked.

"Yea, mom, fucking your ass is so great. I love fucking you like this," I said.

Mom who had her mouth full couldn't speak, but dad said, "Go on Rasheed, fuck your mom good in the ass, she loves it like that. She's a real ass-fuck slut. Go on fuck her hard."

I was fucking now for all I was worth. As I had held back for so long before, I knew I would cum soon. I continued, thrusting in and out, forwards and backwards, feeling the sides of mom's rectum walls grabbing my cock and shouting obscenities at her, and then finally, after just another minute or so, I shouted out, "Mom, I'm going to cum...Ahh....Ahhh.....Ahhhhhh......." as I came inside her. The waves of cum spurted deep and thick inside her.

Dad, watching, lasted a minute or so longer, and spurted his spunk inside mom's mouth, which she swallowed greedily.

"Yes, Sheeza," said dad as he came. "Eat my cum, swallow it all, whilst your son cum's in your ass."

Mom licked dad's prick clean, whilst my dick plopped out of her asshole as it became limp, and we all collapsed on the floor, still uttering 'Oohs and 'Ahhs' of pleasure.

After a moment mom said, "Rasheed, would you like you watch your cum come out of my ass?"

"Er...yes, mom" I replied, not quite sure what she meant, never having experienced an ass fuck before.

She grabbed a towel from the table and placed it on the sheets on the floor. Then she said, "Watch", and went on all fours again. Her backside was towards us so it hovered over the towel, showing us her asshole and cunt again. After a few seconds, I saw my cum ooze out of her asshole onto the towel, slightly discoloured from the normal white creamy looking spunk.

"It always comes out like that afterwards," said mom, holding her pose and looking around at me and smiling. At first I felt a little disgusted seeing it, but the way she looked round at me, positioned on all fours again, with my cum leaking out of her asshole, looked incredibly sexy and it turned me on.

Dad had also been watching and said, "Isn't your mom just the sexiest thing around? Look at her on all fours like that? Just like a bitch in heat."

Mom wriggled her ass again at us, still on her hands and knees, and we all laughed out loud.

"I'm going to be ready again soon, if you carry on like that mom" I said cheekily, after a moment.

"Promise?" asked mom, still wiggling her naked, cum dripping butt at us.

To be continued...

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