Making Music


Despite my emotions screaming to the contrary, I pulled my penis out of her vagina and said, "No marriage, no loving."

"Don't be so silly, Daniel, we don't have to be married to make love."

"No, and you don't have to be married to have a baby, as we know, but I mean it; no marriage, no loving."

"Are you just being honourable?"

"No, I'm saying I love you and want to marry you."

"All right, Daniel, if you really feel that way, but I won't marry you yet. Wait until after the baby is born, then ask me again. Would you like to come and live with me?"

Realising that I was not going to get all I wanted, at least for the time being, I said I would like to live with her.

"Can you stay the night with me? We can say goodnight properly...and for goodness sake, put you penis back in me its feeling empty in there."

I ejaculated into her and then stayed joined to her. We did go to sleep like that, but some time in the night we parted.

In the morning there was much explaining to Marion about how "Mummy and Daniel love each other and Daniel is coming to live with us."

"Yes, I thought he would," said the knowing little devil, "I could hear you in bed together."

And we thought we'd been so careful!

For those who like a happy ending I might as well write the rest.

Halushka had another daughter, and calmly announced to me that we must "Have another try for a boy." Now, eighteen months after the arrival of Annette (dark hair and green eyes), Halushka is looking forward hopefully to a son.

The musical was eventually performed in the church hall by the church youth group, with more enthusiasm than skill. The music was good, the dialogue doubtful, and I decided to stick to my intended profession as a radiologist.

As for my sexual prowess, it I true Halushka runs me somewhat ragged at times, but when, as they say, I don't seem to be able to "get it up," we have devised a method whereby Halushka can be at least partially gratified. This consists of my sucking her nipples while stimulating her with my fingers until she comes. Fortunately this substitute often brings about an erection, and so we end up copulating in the normal manner.

As for the goodnight, penis in the vagina attempts. We still haven't managed to get through a whole night so as to awaken in the morning still united, but we keep trying.

It has taken a long time, but we are to be married next month. To the last Halushka was doubtful, but finally decided on the flattering basis that she might not find anyone else who could satisfy her as I can. If that sounds a bit calculating then I must add that she does frequently assure me that, "I really do love you."

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